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Volume 1: The First Three Generations of Aaron Stark's Descendants in New England

Appendix 1: William Stark (Senior) Probate Records

Transcription by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman


Source William Stark, Sr. Probate Records; FHL Microfilm Film #1025051, Connecticut; New London County Probate Packets, Year 1730, Packet #5070. The following was extracted by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman from the original located on the above microfilm. Deposited in Connecticut State Library [printed card]. Items in the packet were 1 Will, 1 Inventory, 2 Accounts of Administration, 17 Receipts, consisting of 21 Total Documents

Last Will & Testament of William Stark, Sr.

In the name of God Amen the seventh day of February 1726/7 I William Starke of Groton in the County of New London and Colloney of Connecticut in New England Farmer being of perfect Mind and Memory Thanks be to God. Therefore calling to mind the Mortallyty of My Body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to dye do Make and ordain this my last will and testament, that is to say princaply and first of all I recomend My Soul in to the hands of God that gave it and My Body I Recomend to the earth to be buried in Christian Burral att the Discrestion of My Exers nothing doubting but att the generall Resurection I shall Recive the same by the Mighty power of God and as touching shuch worly esteat as it hath pleased God in this Life to Bless me with I give demise and dispose of the same in following maner and forme

Imprimis. I give and bequeath unto [blank] my dearly beloved wife one-third of my Real Esteat during her natural Life and one-half of my moveable Esteate Except husbandray Tools att her own Dispose for ever

Item. I give and Bequeath unto William Starke my Eldest son all my weareing apparill he haveing had his full Duble portion all redy of my Lands as may appear by Record

Item. I give and Bequeath unto my son Christopher Starke one-half of my husbandray tools as carts plows hoes and so forth he haveing all Redy had his full portion of my Lands as may appear by Record

Item. I give and bequeath unto my son Daniel Starke all my Lands to the South of the Countey Road bounded as May appear by a Deed of Exchange from Christopher how ever otherways Bounded on Record and half my husbandray Tools

Item. I give and Bequeath unto my Daughter Phebe Wallsworth one-half of my Moveable Esteat except husbandray Tools

Item. I Do here by Make ordain and constitute My Loveing son Christopher Starke and my Trusty and beloved friend Thomas Chipman of Groton aforesd My Law full Executors of this My Last Will and Testament Ratifiing and confirming this and no other to be My Last Will and Testament in wittness here of I have here unto Set my hand and Seal the day and year above written

William Stark (Seal)

Signed Sealed published pronounced and declared by the said William Starke as his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us the Subscribers Ephriam Collver

Jonathan Collver

Timothy Collver

N London Septembr ye 21st 1730. Ephraim Collver & Timothy Colver appeared in a Court of probate & made Solem oath that they Saw Mr. William Starke the Testator Sign & Seal this Instrument and declare the Same to be his Last Will & Testa-ment & that at the doing thereof he was in ther Judgments of Sound mind & memory & that they together wth. Jonathan Colvor Set their hand two as Wittneses in the presentts of the Testator.

Test Richd. Christopher Clerk Recorded in the 6th book of wills for ye County of N. London, Folio #61, Octor.3d 1730. Pr Richd. Christopher Clerk

The Last will & Testament of William Stark Late of Groton, Decd, Sep. 21. 1730

Oct 3 1730; Recorded Book C page 491


Inventory of ye Estate of William Stark of Groton Deceased, Presented 16 Sep 1730 [did not copy]. Inventoried by Joseph Belton & Hodson Speringer.

N London. Sept. 21st 1730. Christopher Stark, one of the executors on the estate of Mr. William Stark Late of Groton decd appeared in a Court of probate & made oath that he made a ?? presentment of the Estate of the decd to the appriser according to the best of his Knoledge & that if anything else appear to be his estate that is considerable he will add it to this Inventory. Test Richard. Christopher, Clerk

Recorded in the 6th book of wills for this County of N. London, Folio #61, October 3d 1730,

Pr Richd. Christophers Clerk

Reverse side An Inventory of the Estate of Wm. Stark Late of Groton Decd

21 Sep 1730, 3 Oct 1730. Recorded Book C page 492

Accounts of Administration

My charge aproving my fathers (Christopher Stark Charges) will with some other charge

1) To the Cort (Court), 0-8-0, (0 pounds, 8 shillings, 0 pince)

2) To the prisers (appraisers) of the estate with some other probet?? (Probably probate), 1-15-0

3) Two witnesses 0-8-0

4) To Mr. Chipman attending the cort (Court), 0-8-0

5) For swaring the prisers (Appraisers), 0-1-0

6) For serige? And other charge, 0-8-2

7) For wine and other thinges in my fathers ?????, 0-6-0

8) Payed to Robard Borrows, 0-6-0

9) Payed to Daniel Lamb 0-5-0

[Note: The above were the cost to Christopher Stark for the probate of William's estate, paid to Christopher from the estate. Clovis La Fleur, July, 2001]

Receipts of Money

Recepts of mony paid Out of the estate of Wm. Stark, Late from Groton, and by the Executor, 1732

Cash probate Aprill 10 1732; Christopher Stark of Groton Executor [copy]Last will & Testamt of Wm. Stark Late of sd Groton decd his acct of paymt ??? & charge on sd Estate pr ??? & c &

1) Legacys To pd to Eliz. Stark, widow, as her Legacy, 36-13-6 upon? by her Resyt to pd

2) Thomas Walsworth part of his Legacy pr Resept 36-9-6 to pd

3) Jno Smith pd Pcd 16-16-11

4) pd Jno. Wilsin 2-8-0

5) pd Jno Walwoth 15-13-11 pr Resept 18-01-11

6) pd to Jno Williams 4-5-0

7) pd to Jno Ledgyard 1-2-8 pr Respt 05-7-8

8) pd Jno Ashcroft 10-6

9) pd Elisha Gard 7 pr Respt 00-17-6

10) pd Jann? Ashbe 7-2

11) Pd Edwd Robinson 13-1 pr Resept 01-0-3

12) pd to Mary Walsworth 12-4-6

13) pd Nathan Smith 5-5 pr Resept 12-9-11

14) pd Robt Allyn Constable 5-6

15) pd Wm. Stark 9 pr Resept 00-14-6 To Charge?

16) Pd by the excutor to the Cout & Clerk 8 00-8-0

17) To the men yt prixed (appraised) the Esta. 1-15-0

18) the Wittnes to ye wil 8 02-3-0

19) mr. Chipman Judging at Court probate to present will 00-8-0

20) [hard to read] the priz? ? & Judgmt ????

21) the Wittnin? 0-8-2

22) Charge in the decd Sickness 6.

23) he Cofing & grave 11 0-17-0

The above acct & payments wth and? Resept the sd C. Stark made oath to 59-12-10 the Excutr made an adition to the Inventory. In debts recd due to sd Estate wch amounts to the sum of 33-10-0 The Inventory of sd Estate taken before amount to the sum of 107-2-2??? Inventory now amounts to the Sum of 140-12-2 The Executor pd in Legacys to the Children & widow and of the personal Inventory [hard to read] 82-10-11[hard to read]

To Charles Chamben Esqr.

Att Charlestown

Pr post

Serjt. William Starke D. (due) To John Ledyard [copy]

1729 Octo 26 To ? yds Sayloom L 0-11-2

1730 Aug 24 To 1 pair Cards 0-11-6

Total= 1-2-8

July ye 4 Day 1731; Then Recevid of Christopher Stark upon his fathers a Count (account) Seven Shillings and 2 pence I Say Receivd my me James Ashbye.

Total= 0-7-2

Groton, September the 22d 1730; Then Recived of Christopher Starke and Thomas Chipman as Executors to the Last will and Testament of William Starke Late of Groton, Deceased, the sum of Thirty Six pounds, nine shillings, and Six pence, which is part of the Legesy given to me in said will I say received by me as Wittness my hand the Day and year above said, Thomas Wallworth

In presence of us, Jos. Belton, Dn Stark

Total= 36-9-6

[Note Thomas Wallworth was the husband of Phebe Stark, daughter of William Stark. Thomas would have been William's son-in-law. Clovis La Fleur. July 2001]

Received this 15th of January 1732/3 of Mr. Christopher Stark the full Sum of two Pounds, Eight Shillings, it being for my Tendance & Medicines For his Father William Stark deceast I say Received by me in full of All Accompts from the Beginning of The World to this Day. John Wilson

Total= 2-8-0

1731 Augs 2 day then received of Christopher Stark on his fathers account 15-13-11 which is in full of all accounts I say received by me John Wallsworth

Total= 15-13-11

May ye 22 1731; Then I William Stark received of Christopher Stark the sume of nine pound mony and goods I say received by me William Stark received upon the acount of mony that was dew from William Stark desesesed.

Total= 9-0-0

Groton, Octobar the 16 day 1731; Then Received of Mr. Christopher Stark Exsetor to his fathers William Starks ???? the Sum of Sixteen pounds, Sixteen Shilings, and a Leveny pence, which was ?? tome from Mr. William Starke to ballonce ?? accounts. I say received by me. John Smith

Total= 16-16-11

Groton September the 22d A.D. 1730; Then Recived of Christopher Starke and Thomas Chipman as Executors to the Last Will and Testament of William Starke Late of Groton, Deceased, the Sum of Thirty Six pounds, 13 Shillings, & six pence, of Which is part of the Legacy given to me in said will I say Recived by me as Wittness my hand the day and year as above sd Elizbeth Starke

[Note: Elizabeth Stark was William Stark, Sr.'s widow. Clovis La Fleur, July 2001]

In presence of us Jos Belton, Daniel Stark

Total= 36-13-6

March ye first 1732; Then resevid of Christopher Stark the husbandry tulls (tools) that was given me which is 2-10-0 resevid by me. Daniel Stark

Total= 2-10-0

N. Londn Feby 7, 1731/2; Recd of Christopher Stark thirteen shillings, Pr me in full of What is due from ye Estate of his Father Will Stark decd Pr. Edwd. Robinson

Total= 0-13-0

Reseved this 30th of May 1731 of Christopher Stark the full sume of twelve pound, foore shillings, and six pence, reseved it upon his fathers acount I say reseved by me. Mary X Wallsworth her mark

Total= 12-4-6

Norwich, Fabuery ye 2 1731/2; Racaved of Christyphor Start of Groten, fouer pound, and five pence on acompt of Mr. William Starts Dabt Dacesed in full of said acompt I say Racaved by me. John Williams

Total= 4-0-5

March ye first 1732; Then reseved of Christopher Stark seven shillings upon his fathers account reseved by me, Elishe Gard, February ye 28 1732 then resevid of Christopher Stark upon his fathers acount ?-10-6I resevid by me

John Ashcrafts

Total= ?-?-?

Groton, May the 25 1731; Then Received of Christopher Start five shillings and six pence upon the acount of his fathers Contry Rate Pr me Robert Allyn Constable

Total= 0-5-6

Groton, January ye 5, 1731/2; Resevid of Christopher Stark ye sum of 0-5-5 upon ye acoumpt of his fathers rate deseased Resevid by me Nathan Fish Collector

Total= 0-5-5

I William Stark son of William Stark desesed have resevived all the waring aparill which was given meby will which amounts to the sume of 6-17-11 say received by me. William Stark

Total= 6-17-11


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