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Volume 3: The Newton County, Texas Stark Families

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Volume 3 has been somewhat formatted as it appears in a volume entitled "The Newton County, Texas Stark Families," self published by Clovis LaFleur and Pauline Stark Moore. This publication is dedicated to the ancestors and descendants of the siblings named William Hawley Stark, Sarah Mariah (Stark) Lewis, Prudence Jane (Stark) Herrin, and Esahl "Asa" Lafitte Stark, all early residents of Newton County, Texas. They were children of Daniel R. Stark and Nancy Hawley and grandchildren of Asahel Stark of New York and Indiana. This publication documents their migration from New York, to Louisiana, and to their eventual homes in Newton County, Texas by 1836.

Following Books of Newton County Stark Familiy published as PDF files for Free Downloads

Book 1: Our Early Connecticut Ancestors (1.63 MB)

Book 2: The Revolutionary War to the Republic of Texas (1.74 MB)

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Page i

Volume 3

The Newton County, Texas Stark Families

Compiled by Pauline Stark Moore - Authored & Edited by Clovis LaFleur





Newton County, Texas Courthouse

William Hawley Stark


Martha C. Whitman

Asahel "Asa" Lafitte Stark



Wm. Hawley Stark Home, Bon Wier, Newton Co., TX

Located on the West Bank of Sabine River
Family Cemetery among Pine Trees in Background

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Page ii

Copyright © 2003

Self Published

by Clovis LaFleur & Pauline Stark Moore

All Rights Reserved.

By posting this copyright it is our intention to date this material. Reproduction of portions of this text will be discouraged by the authors if they do not receive credit and credit is not given to those, past and present, who have made major contributions to our knowledge of the Stark Families presented in this text.

About the Authors



Clovis LaFleur

Descendant of Prudence Jane Stark who married William "Bill" Herrin. They had a son named Edward Herrin who married Georgian Zachary. Their daughter was Maude Mae Herrin who married Oakdale, Louisiana Pentecostal  Pastor, Rev. Robert L. LaFleur. Their son was Clovice LaFleur, Sr. who married Eva May Russell who are the parents of Clovis LaFleur.

Pauline Stark Moore

Descendant of Asa Lafitte Stark who married Matilda Donaho. They had a son named John Lawhorn Stark who married Mary Martha Zachary. Their son was Oliver Eugene Stark who married  Cynthia Melinda Marlow. Their son was Clarence M. Stark who married Bertha Mae Hunter who were the parents of Pauline Eugenia (Stark) Moore.



There are many researchers, past and present, who contributed to the family histories compiled for this publication. Contributors to the Colonial Years in Connecticut were Gwen Boyer Bjorkman, Donn Neal, Neal Lowe, and Mary Stark. Sharon Reck, Gwen Boyer Bjorkman, and Donn Neal supplied much of the information which proved Asahel Stark of Indiana was the son of Christopher Stark (Junior); born in Groton, New London County, Connecticut in 1728.

And one must give credit to past Stark Family researchers like Charles R. Stark and Helen Stark. Their early research into the Aaron Stark Families of America were the starting point for most of our research and provided us with data and material which enhanced our understanding of the times and places where our ancestors lived. Their early research is truly remarkable when one considers the complexity of compiling their family stories 100 years ago.

Without the research of Neal Lowe, we would not know today that Daniel R. Stark ¾ resident of West Baton Rogue Parish, Louisiana who died in 1820 ¾ was the father of our four Newton County, Texas siblings and further proved Daniel was the son of the above Asahel Stark. 

Contributors to our research in Newton County were the Newton County Historical Commission, Stark Family Association of Texas, Mary Stark, Bonnie Smith, Gladys Zachary Skinner, Floyd Boyett, Ruby Burkett, Lena Hughes, and many others. Finally, we are sure we have overlooked other major contributors to this publication for which we sincerely apologize.

Clovis L. La Fleur & Pauline Stark Moore

November 4, 2003

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Charles R. Stark


Charles R. Stark (Photo Left) wrote a book entitled “Groton, Conn. 1705 - 1905” which was printed in 1922 in Stonington, Conn. by Palmer Press. Chapter VII has an extensive history of the First Baptist Church of Groton, New London County, Connecticut  founded by others and our ancestor, William Stark, Senior in 1705. He also published a book in 1927 entitled “The Aaron Stark Family, Seven Generations” which was a compilation of the descendants of Aaron Stark, an ambitious undertaking for 1927.

Although there were several inaccurate placements of the ancestors of our four Newton County siblings, his publications contributed to the Colonial Years material presented in our book. This book is dedicated to him and all of the past and present Stark Family researchers who contributed their time, research material, and family histories to be found in this publication.


Stark Family Association of Texas

These pages are also dedicated to past & present members of this association who contributed much of the genealogical data and family stories presented in this publication. Many have passed on while many are still living. By providing the information on these pages, the Association hopes to preserve and make available to the public, all of the many hours of research these dedicated members have contributed to our knowledge of this branch of Aaron Stark's descendants.

In 1981, Mary Burns Stark and Pauline Stark Moore were on a field trip to a cemetery in Franklin, Texas looking for information on their relatives. While there, they met a couple of women visiting the cemetery. During their conversation, Mary and Pauline enquired about the Stark family members they were researching. These women told them there was a one armed man who lived near Hearne, Texas named Otis E. Stark. When Mary and Pauline located him, they found the descendents of David Dewitte Stark (son of Asa Stark and his 2nd wife, Hester Ann Ford). Mary and Pauline were invited to join them in their next family reunion in Hearne. As a result of this reunion held In 1982, the "Asa Lafitte Stark Family Association of Texas" was founded and for several years thereafter, the reunions were held at the Fireman's Hall in Hearne. Many reunions were held until 1999. That year, the newsletter was published; but a reunion was not held due to illness and old age of the members.

At about the same time of the cemetery encounter, Pauline and Mary met descendants of William Bennett Stark and met for the first time, Inez Stark Wilson, a resident of Waco, Texas. Inez became the source of considerable information about Asa Lafitte and contributed this photograph of Asa to the Association. Inez died in 1992, just four months short of her 100th birthday.

The organization's original members were descendants of AsaLafitte Stark (Photo Left). Organized similar to the  National Stark Family Association founded in August of 1895 by the descendants of Aaron Stark of Groton, Connecticut, they met for social exchange and discussion of the family history and stories. At a later meeting, the name was changed to "The Stark Family Association of Texas" to distinguish it from the National Stark Family Association..

Asa'sbrother, William Hawley Stark, who married Elizabeth Zachary, was the first to arrive in Jasper County, Texas around 1836, (In 1846, the area where they settled became part of Newton County after Jasper County was divided.) followed soon after byy Asaand then later by his sisters Prudence Jane Stark who married William Herrin and Sarah Mariah Stark who married John Taylor Lewis. In the year 2000, descendants off AsaLafitte Stark's siblings joined with thee AsaStark Descendants to form the present day Association, all descendants of Daniel R. Stark and Nancy Hawley, arriving in Louisiana about 1816 from New York State..

Research by thee AsaStark descendants discovered Daniel R. Stark was the son of Asahel Stark of New York, who was the son of Christopher Stark, Jr. who was the son of Christopher Stark, Sr. and Joanna Walworth, who was the son of William Stark and Elizabeth, who was the son of Aaron Stark (1608-1685) and Sarah, all of Groton, Connecticut. This is but one branch of a number of descendant branches of Aaron Stark.Stark descendants discovered Daniel R. Stark was the son of Asahel Stark of New York, who was the son of Christopher Stark, Jr. who was the son of Christopher Stark, Sr. and Joanna Walworth, who was the son of William Stark and Elizabeth, who was the son of Aaron Stark (1608-1685) and Sarah, all of Groton, Connecticut. This is but one branch of a number of descendant branches of Aaron Stark.


Asa Lafitte Stark

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This publication is a compilation of the ancestors and descendants of four siblings with the surname Stark who moved to Texas in 1836 and settled in an area that became Newton County when Texas was admitted to the Union on the 28th day of December 1845. Their names were William Hawley Stark, Sarah Mariah Stark, Prudence Jane Stark, and Asahel “Asa” Lafitte Stark. They were seventh generation descendants of Aaron Stark {1608-1685} of New London County, Connecticut who migrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony from England around 1630 and was among the first who settled along the Connecticut River near Hartford, Connecticut in 1636. In 1669, he settled in an area which became known as Groton, New London County, Connecticut in 1705.

Two other families with the surname Stark, neither related to Aaron Stark, arrived in America around 1720 to 1725. Aaron was not related to the family of General John Stark of Revolutionary War fame for this family did not arrive in America until around 1720 and settled in New Hampshire. Around 1725, James Stark arrived in Virginia from England. As the descendants of these three families with the surname Stark began to move west, they settled in the same areas which caused considerable confusion for Stark family researchers. However, it is important for future researchers who might use this book to know these three American Stark families can trace their origins to either Connecticut, New Hampshire, or Virginia and the research of the families to be discussed in this book have been proven to be descendants of Aaron Stark of Connecticut, the earliest to arrive in America with the surname Stark.

 Those who have participated in the Stark Family Y-DNA Project have been found to be descendants of many genetically unrelated families having the surname Stark or one of it's derivatives.  The majority of the participants are descendants of families that settled in New Hampshire, Virginia, and Connecticut. Contrary to the beliefs of some earlier researchers, the Stark Family Y-DNA Project has confirmed the descendants of Aaron Stark are not  related to the descendants of the New Hampshire and Virginia families. A known male descendant of Asahel Lafitte Stark (Project Member #78078) having the surname Stark has been genetically confirmed to share Aaron Stark [1608-1685] as a common ancestor with other known descendants of Aaron in the project genetically tested. 

The four siblings mentioned were not related to John Thomas Stark, born December 19, 1821 in Preble County, Ohio and who died September 23, 1893 in Orange County, Texas. He was Captain of the Dreadnaughts, Company H, 13th Texas Cavalry and became well known in Newton County as a result of his service in the Civil War. John Thomas moved from Ohio to Missouri with his parents and the family eventually arrived in Texas around 1840. They first settled in San Augustine County, Texas and then moved to Burkeville, Newton County, Texas in 1853, many years after the siblings arrived. Careful research by descendants of John Thomas Stark has proven he was descended from the above James Stark of Virginia.

Volume 1: The Aaron Stark Chronicles / The First Three Generations has biographies for the following (Click on The Item to go to the web page):


Chapter 2: The Life & Times of Aaron Stark [1608-1685]

Chapter 6: The Life & times of William Stark, Sr. [1664-1730]

Chapter 12: Christopher Stark, Sr. [1692-1777]

Chapter 13: Christopher Stark Family In The Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania


The great- grandfather of the Newton County Siblings was Christopher Stark, Jr., born September 27, 1728 in New London County, Connecticut, the  son of Christopher Stark, Sr. and Joanna Walworth. Christopher, Jr. died between 1781 and 1785 in Albany County, New York. Christopher Stark, Jr. had a son, Asahel Stark, who was the father of Daniel R. Stark. Daniel was the father of the above Newton County, siblings.

Daniel R. Stark and Nancy Hawley moved to Louisiana from Genesee County, New York in 1816 and were married before 1809 in New York. She was the daughter of Samuel Hawley, a veteran of the Revolutionary War from Massachusetts and a descendant of one of the early Hawley families who lived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Their oldest son, William Hawley Stark married first, Elizabeth Zachary, sister of Bennett Hiram Zachary, and second, Martha C. Whitman, daughter of Adam Whitman and Dorothy Richard. There youngest son, Asahel “Asa” Lafitte Stark, married first, Matilda Donaho, daughter of Daniel Donaho and Nancy Larimore, and married second, Hester Ann “Hettie” Ford, daughter of David Ford and Courtney Caraway.

Their daughter, Sarah Mariah Stark, married John Taylor Lewis, who was the son of Samuel S. Lewis. They were living in Texas as early as 1835 where they were listed in the census that year in the Mexican District of Bevil. They had a daughter named Nancy Jane Lewis who married James Herrin, descendants of this Herrin family being well known in Newton County. 

Daniel R. Stark's youngest daughter, Prudence Jane Stark, was the second wife of William “Bill” Herrin and the above James Herrin was William’s son from a previous marriage. Prudence had a son named Edward Herrin who married Georgian Zachary, the granddaughter of Bennett Hiram Zachary. Many members of this Herrin family lived in the Devils Pocket region of Newton County until about 1908, and were living in Leesville, Louisiana by 1909. Other notable families to be discussed in this book will be Dougharty, Donoho, Zachary, Inman, Davis/Moore, Whitman and many others who married descendants of the four siblings.

The Authors make no claims all that will appear in this publication is accurate. We have strived to provide reliable sources when available and in many instances have had to rely on information and family histories supplied by others, which may or may not be correct. We hope the reader will recognize when we have speculated where the evidence was insufficient or circumstantial but could lead to the logical conclusions presented.


Clovis L. LaFleur

November 4, 2003


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Page 1


Volume 3 Table of Contents

Title Page / Copyright / About the Authors / Dedication

i thru iii


Part 1: The Early Newton County, Texas Stark Families  2 thru 17

Chapter 1: Origins of the Newton County, Texas Stark Families

2 thru 14

Chapter 2: Who Was Who Named Christopher Stark

15 thru 17
Part 2: The American Revolution Generations 18 thru 33

Chapter 3: Historical Introduction; America Revolution in Up State New York

18 thru 23

The Military Evidence Relevant to Christopher Stark, Jr.'s Family


Chapter 4: Biography of Christopher Stark (Junior)

24 thru 26

Chapter 5: Biography of Asahel Stark

27 thru 33

Part 2 Appendix Documents  


Asahel Stark Family Group Sheet

Asahel Stark Will (Scanned copy of original)

Sarah (Dark) Stark Probate Record (Transcription)

John R. Stark Declaration of Insanity Document (Scanned copy of original)

John R. Stark Purchase of Property from Christopher Stark (Scanned copy of original)

Part 3: From New York to the Republic of Texas 34 thru 52

Chapter 6: Family Migrations

34 thru 35

Chapter 7: The Years Before The Republic of Texas

36 thru 46

Chapter 8: Daniel R. Stark & Nancy Hawley

47 thru 52
Part 4: The William Hawley Stark Family 53 thru 73

Chapter 9: Biography of William Hawley Stark

53 thru 66

William Hawley Stark Family Group


Chapter 10: More Civil War Years

67 thru 73

Part 4 Appendix Related Articles


Scrapbook & Photo Album William Hawley Stark Descendants; Daniel L. Stark Family

Lewis M. Stark Family

The Stark, Hawley, Donaho, Larimore, Dougharty, and Carraway Families; by Neal Lowe

Benjamin Zachary & Elizabeth (Odom) Zachary; Parents of Elizabeth (Zachary) Stark

David Chapin: A Forgotten Casualty of the Civil War

Part 5: The Sarah Mariah (Stark) Lewis Family 74 thru 80

Chapter 11: Biography Sarah Mariah Stark & John Taylor Lewis

74 thru77

The Samuel Lewis Family, From Virginia to Texas

77 thru 79

Sarah Mariah (Stark) Lewis Family Group

Part 6: The Prudence Jane (Stark) Herrin Family 81 thru 86

Chapter 12: Prudence Jane (Stark) Herrin and William "Bill" Herrin Biography

81 thru 83

Prudence Jane (Stark) Herrin Family Group


Prudence Jane Stark Family Scrap Book & Photo Album

85 thru 86

Part 6 Appendix Related Articles


Clovis LaFleur & Hopie Taylor

Rev. Robert L. LaFleur; In His Own Words

Rev. Maude Herrin; Her Early Years

Robert LaFleur & Maude Herrin

Part 7: The Asahel "Asa' Lafitte Stark Family 87 thru 93 

Chapter 13: Asahel "Asa" Lafitte Stark; a Biography

87 thru 90 

Asahel "Asa" Lafitte Stark Family Group


Asa & Mary Matilda Stark Family Scrapbook & Photo Album


Asa & Hester Stark Family Scrapbook & Photo Album




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Other than that work created by other acknowledged contributors or sources, the articles presented were authored and edited by Clovis LaFleur and the genealogical data presented in this publication was derived and compiled by  Pauline Stark Moore; Copyright © 2003. All rights are reserved. The use of any material on these pages by others will be discouraged if the named contributors, sources, or Clovis LaFleur & Pauline Stark Moore have not been acknowledged.


This publication and the data presented is the work of Clovis LaFleur & Pauline Stark Moore. However, some of the content presented has been derived from the research and publicly available information of others and may not have been verified. You are responsible for the validation of all data and sources reported and should not presume the material presented is correct or complete.


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