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Volume 1: The First Three Generations of Aaron Stark's Descendants in New England

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The web page publications in Volume 1 are dedicated to our patriarch, Aaron Stark [1608-1685], and the first three generations in America. The pages describe the life and times of the first three generations of the Aaron Stark Family. Included are biographies of Aaron Stark [1608-1685], Aaron Stark (Junior), William Stark (Senior) [1664-1730], and other accounts of their children and grandchildren. Volume 1 PDF File. File size is 1.9 megabytes.



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Volume 1

The First Three Generations In New England

By Clovis La Fleur; Editorial Assistance Provided by Donn Neal




Map Revealing location of Pequot Fort, Mason Land Grant, and approximate boundaries of Aaron Stark's Homestead in Groton Township, New London County, Connecticut. Source: Connecticut, from actual survey / made in 1811 by and under the direction of Moses Warren and George Gillet, and by them compiled ; engraved by Abner Reed.


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By Clovis LaFleur

Editorial Assistance provided by Donn Neal

Copyright © 2006-2009



All Rights Reserved.

By posting this copyright it is my intention to date this material. Reproduction of portions of this text will be discouraged if I do not receive credit and credit is not given to those, past and present, who have made major contributions to our knowledge of the Stark Families presented in this text.



Charles Rathbone Stark (1848-1931)



This publication is dedicated to the memory of Charles Rathbone Stark, whose 1927 publication entitled “The Aaron Stark Family, Seven Generations”, was the beginning of this journey into the past. His compilation of the descendants of Aaron Stark — an ambitious undertaking for 1927 — was instrumental to my research and contributed to much of the material to be presented. I further dedicate these pages to past and present Stark family researchers who contributed to this publication. May future Stark family researchers improve on these pages — already obsolete as they are being written — producing research of their own which will surpass these humble efforts to preserve the history of Aaron Stark and his descendants.


Clovis LaFleur

September, 2009






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Table of Contents




Part 1: The First Generation In New England

Chapter 1: Historical Introduction by Charles R. Stark

Chapter 2: The Life & Times of Aaron Stark

Chapter 3: Aaron Stark: Common Genealogical Myths, Mistakes, & Misconceptions

Part 2: The Second Generation; Children of Aaron Stark [1608-1685]

Chapter 4: Aaron Stark (Junior) & Mehitable Shaw

Chapter 5: John, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Anna Stark

Chapter 6: The Life & Times of William Stark (Senior) [1664-1730]

Part 3: The Third Generation; Children of Aaron Stark (Junior) & Mehitable Shaw


Chapter 7: Aaron Stark (3rd) and Margaret Wells

Chapter 8: Aaron (3rd) and Margaret; Who Were Their Children and Grandchildren?

Chapter 9: Stephen, Abiel, & John Stark Timelines

Part 4: The Third Generation: Children of William Stark (Senior)

Chapter 10: William Stark (Junior) & Experience Lamb Timeline

Chapter 10 Appendix: Nancy Ann (Stark) Marthers: Daughter of William Stark & Ann Appleton? (PDF File - 4Mbs)

Chapter 11: Ancestry of Isaac Lamb, Father of Experience Lamb

Chapter 12: Christopher Stark (Senior)

Chapter 13: Christopher Stark (Senior) Family In Wyoming Valley, PA

Chapter 14: Phoebe Stark & Daniel Stark Time Lines

Chapter 15: Three Daniel Starks in Groton, CT 1753-1758, by Ralph M. Stoughton

Part 5: Aaron Stark [1608-1685] Three Generation Descendants Report


Name Index


Appendix 1: William Stark (Senior) Probate Records

Appendix 2: Christopher Stark (Senior) Timeline

Appendix 3: Collection of Stark Family Articles from Stark Family Association Yearbooks (1903 & 1911)

Appendix 4: Those Interned in Wightman Burying Ground

Appendix 5: Wightman Burying Ground Map

Appendix 6: Groton, New London Co, CT Book 1 Deed Records 1705-1723

Appendix 7: Groton, New London County, Connecticut, Book 2 Deed Records, 1723-1731

Appendix 8: Groton, New London County, Connecticut, Book 3 Deed Records, 1731-1734

Appendix 9: Groton, New London County, Connecticut, Book 4 Deed Records, 1735-1762



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Other than that work created by other acknowledged contributors or sources, the articles and genealogical data presented in this publication were derived from the research of Clovis LaFleur; Copyright © 2007. All rights are reserved. The use of any material on these pages by others will be discouraged if the named contributors, sources, or Clovis LaFleur have not been acknowledged.


This publication and the data presented is the work of Clovis LaFleur. However, some of the content presented has been derived from the research and publicly available information of others and may not have been verified. You are responsible for the validation of all data and sources reported and should not presume the material presented is correct or complete.


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