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Volume 4: Descendants of Jonathan Stark & Sarah Lacock; the Kentucky Stark Families
Chapter 8: Rev. William Wood, Sarah (Stark) Wood & Their Children


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Chapter 8: Rev. William Wood, Sarah (Stark) Wood & Their Children

By  Debbie Nordyke; Edited By Clovis LaFleur, July 2008

By  Debbie Nordyke, © This work is the property of Deborah Nordyke. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching and personal use as long as this statement is included in the text. This work may not be sold or published to the internet without the authors permission. Last revised 6/99


William Wood made his mark in history. From fighting Indians in Dunmore's War, to the establishment of the first Baptist Church in Limestone, Kentucky, and co-developer of the original Washington, Kentucky. While researching the Wood line I (Debbie Nordyke) came across the Unpublished Lyman C. Draper Manuscript notes, Series 8BB. These notes provide interviews and letters by Christopher Stark Wood, John G. Wood and the sons of their brother William, and other relatives. Some of the information offers conflicting data, due to the memories of individuals, but overall this is an excellent resource for the life of William Wood. There are several sources that give different variations on dates & places of births, marriages and deaths. Some of the early research done in the 1800's was carried forward without documentation.

The Draper manuscript shows the Wood line as follows: Richard Wood > Thomas Wood > (Rev) William Wood. Thomas Wood came to America — landing in Philadelphia with his wife and 3 children, Richard, Rachel & William. William was about 4, at the time. Thomas died ca 1760 and William took care of the family. His brother Richard had married a Quaker woman and eventually moved to Mason County, Kentucky in 1788 — dying shortly before the War of 1812 — leaving 2 sons named Thomas and Allen. The following Timeline reports the major events between 1749 and 1784 in the lives of William and his spouse, Sarah Stark (daughter of Jonathan Stark & Sarah Lacock).



Born, Ireland [*Conflicting dates for William's birth date: 1) 1748- England (Draper manuscript); 2) 1748- Ireland (letter from John G. Wood to Draper); 3) May 5, 1748 - (Marshall Research 1892) ; 4) May 5, 1749- Virginia (DAR 406237) (Wood Bible gives date, not place)]


Landed in Philadelphia (Wm is about 4)


Loudoun Co. Tithable (McIlhaney's List)


Loudoun Co. Tithable (McIhaney's List)


Loudoun Co. Tithable (McIhaney's List)


Married Feb 14, Sarah Stark in Loudoun Co., VA (This is the most logical place) William is not on the Tithable list for this year. [*Conflicting dates & places for Marriage: 1) 1767- Maryland or NJ (Draper manuscripts); 2) September 1768 - (1892 Marshall research) (DAR 406237); 3) February 14, 1769- (Bible, date only)


Loudoun Co., VA- Elizabeth born in December.


Loudoun Co. Tithable (Hamilton's List)


Redstone, VA/PA (converted to Baptist faith)


Washington Co., VA/PA- Christopher born.


Virginia Land Grants in Pennsylvania (Yohogania County): William Wood, watercourse-Pigeon. Also, grants for: Benjamin Fry, 1769, Monongahela; Luther Colvin, 1769, Pigeon; and Vincent Colvin, 1769, Pigeon. There are also grants for Amos Wood, 1774, Raccoon; John James Wood, 1775 Monongahela.


Dunmore's War, William received militia pay at Pittsburgh.


October- "Brother William Wood and his wife obtained a Letter of Dismission, himself licensed to preach," from "A History of the North Ten Mile Baptist Church, Amity PA #1 1773-1973, James R. Braden, Washington, PA, 1973.


Redstone Association met with Rev William Wood representing Pike Run along.


Petitions (Lists of Inhabitants Washington Co., PA)-William Wood.


Redstone Association met with William Wood representing Pike Run.


Survey June 8, for 349 acres Yohogania County, VA/PA (Survey Map in "History of Washington County, PA")


Tax List Fallowfield twp, Washington Co. PA-William Wood,...acres, 2 horses, 3 cattle, 4 sheep 22(value)


Washington Co., PA- Wm witness to a deed with Jonathan Stark (1782- Yohogania County, Virginia- Petition objecting to Pennsylvania taking control of region: Signed by George Colvin and Jonathan Stark. No Wood mentioned.)


Tax List Fallowfield twp, Washington Co., PA - Rev. William Wood.


October, Redstone Association met with Rev. William Wood representing Pigeon Creek.


December>Off to Kentucky.



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The Draper manuscripts had this incorrect report on the Stark lineage of Sarah: "William learned the stone cutting trade in PA. He took care of his mother for several years, she later died in PA. William, at about age 19, went to Maryland (south of York, PA) and married Sarah Stark, daughter of John, nephew of Gen John Stark of WV, in the year 1767." [Editor's comment: The lineage of Gen John Stark is well documented, and Sarah Stark who married Rev William Wood did not come from this line. This is some of the early research that has been carried forward without primary documentation.] Sarah Stark had removed from New Jersey with her family to Loudoun County, Virginia after the death of her father, Jonathan Stark in Sussex County, New Jersey. She and her mother, Sarah (Lacock) Stark, were probably living with Daniel Stark, an older brother of Sarah (Stark) Wood.

The Draper manuscript published a letter from Elder John G. Wood, (s/o William), that reported the following: "Rev Wood born Ireland, 1748 - d. July 1819 at 71 - Came to American 1757. Married in NJ - moved to PA - to Loudon Co., VA - Mason Co., KY - to Hamilton Co., OH in 1797 for 10 years and then to Green (later called Champaign) and to Logan. Mrs. Wood was Scotch - (Grandmother) and grandfather was English by birth...". The Wood Bible gives the birth and marriage dates for William, but no locations. [Editor's comment: It is more likely William Wood and Sarah were married in Loudon County, Virginia.]

William took his new bride to the new settlement at Redstone Fort, in present day Washington County, Pennsylvania. However, shortly after arriving, an Indian conflict with the settlers forced William and his family to return to Loudoun County, where Elizabeth was born in December of 1769. Sarah's older brothers and Lacock relatives were still located in Loudoun County — probably a safer place for them to return to for Sarah to give birth. Since William continues on the Loudon County tithable lists until 1768, not 1769 and then appears in 1770, this would fit the Draper manuscript notes.

By the end of 1770, William is at Redstone and settled near Ten Mile Creek. This is where William was converted to the Baptist faith. He preached in neighborhoods in conjunction with John Corbly, Rev Mr. Majors, Rev James Ireland, & Rev Mr. Swingler. Christopher was born in 1772 a region that would later become Fallowfield Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

In 1776, William was listed as participating in the Redstone Association meeting in October; representing Pike's Run. He was appointed clerk of the meeting. A request from Cross Creek for the constitution of a church was granted and William and John Corbly were appointed to officiate in constituting that church. In 1784, the Redstone Association met with Rev William Wood representing Pigeon Creek, which had a total of 35 members.

There is a survey dated June 8, 1780, made upon the Virginia settlement certificates in Yohogania County, that reports William Wood was awarded land consisting of 349 acres; bordered to the east by Innis Run; south and west by Sugar Camp Run, with the Mill Road running through. Sugar Camp run was a tributary of Pigeon Creek. [Click Here To see enlarged Survey Map. Use Back Button To return to this text.]

William moved his family from Pennsylvania (Devore's ferry on the Monongahela River, about halfway between Redstone and Pittsburgh), down the Ohio River, landing at Limestone, Fayette County, Virginia, around noon on December 31, 1784. Their flat bottom boats could not continue traveling the frozen river and severe weather forced the landing at Limestone. William Wood and family had originally intended to travel on to Nelson County, where Sarah (Stark) Wood's brothers had gone earlier. There are many references to their landing at Limestone sited in the sources below. Three boats of families left Pennsylvania for Kentucky. Along with Rev. Wood and his family were the families of Benjamin Fry and James Turner. According to the Draper MSS, Simon Kenton met the families at the landing and talked them into staying.

The Draper manuscript mentions William raised two crops at Kenton's Station in 1785 and 1786. In the fall of 1786, he moved to what was to later become Washington, Mason County, Kentucky. Simon Kenton sold 400 acres to William Wood and Arthur Fry, this being land acquired while surveying in then Kentucky County, Virginia. The town of Washington was laid out in "in lotts" and "out lotts" by William Wood and Arthur Fox. Arthur Fox was a surveyor from Virginia and invested in the land with William. Arthur Fox, Sr. was buried in the Washington Baptist Church Cemetery in Old Washington. When Arthur died (~1794), William lost several thousand dollars.

There were several other deeds in Mason County with William Wood's name listed. An example of a deed abstract: "July 28, 1789, William Wood and Sarah his wife and Arthur Fox and Mary his wife of Mason Co. AND James Turner of Mason Co., District Kentucke, state of Virginia, Tr: Sale of lots in Washington , Mason Co., Clerk: R. Rankin." [This James Turner was the father of Mary Ann who later married William Wood's son Christopher.]

before Kentucky became a state in 1792, Fayette County was formed from Kentucky County, Virginia in 1780; from which Bourbon County was formed in 1786; Bourdon County later divided to form Mason County in 1789. Limestone, the original settlement, became Maysville, after 1790. Maysville became the county seat in 1844. Washington (original county seat), once a thriving town, eventually merged with Maysville. The original site is known as Old Washington, about 3 1/2 miles SW of Maysville.

William Wood is the Grantee on the following Virginia land grants in Kentucky: 2,000 acres Fayette County Survey 12-24-1784 N.Fk. Licking, Book 14, p.11 / 300 acres Fayette County Survey 12-7-1785 Fk. Lawrence Cr, Book 12, p.33; / 740 acres Fayette County Survey 1-6-1786 N. Fk. Licking, Book 10, p.496 / 2,200 acres Bourbon County Survey 8-10-1788 N. Fk. Licking, Book 11, p.421 / and 10,207 acres Bracken County Survey 2-28-1798 Kincaid & Locust Crs., Book 19, p.273. [Editor's comment: Because William was living in the disputed lands of Washington County, Pennsylvania on a Virginia land grant, he was most likely entitled to replacement grants by Virginia. However, the  Bracken County grant in this list was probably not Rev. William Wood.]




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Among the signers of petitions to Virginia to separate from Bourbon County, dated August, 1786: Abraham Wood, Andrew Wood, Benjamin Wood, John Wood, Richard Wood, and William Wood. In 1787, another petition to Virginia included the same names, plus George Wood. By 1788 the names included: Amos Wood, Andrew Wood, Christopher Wood, George Wood, and William Wood. I do not know the relationship of the various Wood families, except Christopher is the son of William Wood. It is possible that Richard Wood was William's brother. William was mentioned as a trustee December 19, 1793 when Washington, Mason County, was established by the 1793 acts of the 2nd General Assembly. He was again named a trustee when Franklin Academy was established December 15, 1795. 

Christopher Wood commented to Draper that Rev. William Wood had the second water mill in Washington, on Lawrence Creek, a mile below Kenton's Station, around 1789 or 1790. This would seem to be confirmed in the following Mason County, Kentucky Deed: "8 April 1799 William WOOD, minister of the gospel in Mason co AND John Edwards, Sr., of Bourbon co Ky Tr: Sale of the Lower Mill on Lawrence Creek, Mason co, including mill dam, mill house, tailrace gards, etc. The Mill sold adjoins another mill sold previously to William COLEMAN. It had been purchased previously from Colonel Ramsey Black, and was located on land of Simon Kenton, Price - 1200£. Wt: Robert Frazier, Thomas Phillips, Adam Calderwood, Henry Clay Jr. Clerk: John Chambers. Deed #440, Mason County, Kentucky."

Limestone Church was organized in 1785 by Rev. William Wood — later named the Washington Baptist Church. William donated the land for the church and cemetery; this Church Cemetery today honored with an historical marker. The little iron gateway to the cemetery still remains. The first baptisms were performed in the Ohio River in August of 1788, in front of the town of Limestone (later to be come Maysville). Elizabeth Wood and Ann Turner were two of the persons baptized. The Washington Baptist Church was twice destroyed by fire. In 1889, the building was completely destroyed and not rebuilt. After an existence of more than a hundred years, the Church founded by Rev. Wood merged with the other remaining churches in the town of Washington.

Living in Reverend Wood’s home was the mother of the Stark Brothers, Sarah (Lacock) Stark, spouse of Jonathan Stark [the elder]. Following is a relevant excerpt from "A History of Kentucky Baptists from 1769 to 1885," Volume 1, pages 67 & 68; by John H. Spencer (Published in Cincinnati by J. R. Baumes, 1886):

LIMESTONE CHURCH (now Washington) was another body of the kind organized on the soil of Kentucky in 1785. It was gathered by William Wood. It was constituted of nine members whose names were as follows: "William Wood, Sarah Wood, James Turner, John Smith, Luther Calvin, Priscilla Calvin, Sarah Starks, Charles Tuel, and Sarah Tuel."1 The church was located at or near the present town of Washington in Mason county. This was the oldest settlement in this region of the State. It is claimed that Simon Kenton raised a crop of corn here, in 1775, the same year that Boonesboro and Harrodsburg were settled, and the town of Washington was laid off ten years later, by Elder William Wood and a man of the name of Arthur Fox.


The Two Associations - Regular and Separate Baptists in early times: According to Spencer, it appears that the first families in the Boonesboro settlement were all Baptists; it is known that the Boones, Calloways and Frenches were Baptist. According to Collins History, the first marriage was performed there 7 August 1776 between Samuel Henderson and Betsy Calloway by Squire Boone, a younger brother of Daniel who was a Baptist preacher. By 1781, three Regular Baptist churches were organized and by the end of 1785, eighteen churches had been constituted - 11 Regular Baptists and 7 Separate Baptists. There were 19 licensed Regular Baptist ministers: Squire Boone, Joseph Barnett, James Garrard, John Whitaker, Augustin Eastin, Wm. Taylor, Wm. Marshall, John Tanner, George Stokes Smith, William Edmund Waller, Richard Cave, John Taylor, John Dupy, Lewis Craig, Elijah Craig, Wm. Hickman, Wm. WOOD, John Price and James Rucker. There were 7 Separate Baptist preachers: Benjamin Lynn, James Skaggs, James Smith, John Bailey, Joseph BLEDSOE, Joseph Craig and Robert Elkin. No organization bound any of these churches together until 1785 but it was decided that associations were needed. It was difficult in the fact that two different types of churches existed - the Regular and the Separate. The differences were called "trifling." The differences had come back in the early 1740's over the topic of revival in the Congregational church. Many persons had been fined and imprisoned for favoring revivals and it split the Congregational church. Those who favored revivals were called Separates because they separated from the established churches. Those remaining were called Regulars. This term later applied to the Baptist church as well.

"Rev. William Wood continued as pastor until 1798, when a difficulty arose between him and one of the brethren, and the pastor, refusing to make satisfactory concessions, was declared "not one of us"." This quote comes from "A History of Baptists in Kentucky". [Editor's comment: This might explain the family eventually moving to Ohio.]

"William Wood, who served as the pastor of the Limestone Church from 1785 to 1798, founded the village of Washington, Kentucky. Around 1786 he visited John Gano, pastor of the First Church of New York City, and encouraged him in his moving to Kentucky." Spencer reported in the "Kentucky Baptists", (1:67-68, 125-26) from John Gano's memoirs: "William Wood came and encouraged me to go to Kentucky. There were others in the County from New Jersey. I landed at Limestone 17 June 1787 and set out for Washington, Kentucky. Mr. Wood on my arrival took me into his own house."




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William and Sarah moved to Ohio, as did four of their children. Since the church made him "not one of us" in 1798, he probably left for the North West Territory (OH) shortly after that event. The following deed puts William in Hamilton County (OH) in 1800: "February 20, 1800- William Coleman of Mason Co. and William Wood of Hamilton Co., North West Territory. Tr: Sale of Six lots in Washington, Mason Co. #127 to #131. Wt: Christopher Wood, Jesse Wood, Abner Barrite. Clerk: John Chambers Mason County, Kentucky Deed Book 1789-1810." (The William Coleman named above married Ann Wood, d/o William Wood)

On a deed dated August 5 1810, he is named "William Wood of Mason Co." Another deed dated June 12, 1811: "I, William Wood of Clairmont [sic] Ohio appt Thomas Williams of Washington, Mason Co, attny, to give certificates for inn lotts containing 1/2 acre, and out lotts containing 5 acres, in Washington for me. Clerk John R. Bullock." On January 24, 1811, two Justice of Peace had to get Sarah Wood's relinquishment of dowry rights.

Clermont, Ohio was formed Dec 6, 1800 from Hamilton County, one of the first three counties formed in Ohio in 1790, being part of the Northwest Territory. The Draper manuscript notes report William and family following Simon Kenton to Warren County, Ohio in 1799, and settling on Brush Creek off the Little Miami River. A few years later he moved to Kings Creek, Champaign County; finally settling at Silver Lake, Logan County, where he is reported to have died. The following is based on information given to Draper by Christopher Wood: "William Wood died Harrison twp, Logan Co, July, 1820, 72 years and ca 2 months - buried where a Baptist church was supposed to be erected, with graveyard - not done - Judge Wood and 2 brothers took remains to Allen Co., Ohio, 4 miles from Lima, Ohio on Sugar Creek." William is said to be buried next to Sarah Stark Wood in the Berryhill Cemetery in Allen County, Ohio. William and Sarah are not listed on a cemetery list. Berryhill Cemetery was created ca 1835, long after the death of William Wood.

Reported in the Draper MSS, a letter written by William D. Wood (s/o William G., s/o Rev William), mentions an obituary notice for Rev William Wood from the "Old Family Bible", written by James M. Wood, s/o Albert G. Wood. It is unlikely that James wrote this epitaph, unless it was written decades after the death of William Wood. Albert G. was born in 1808 and his son James was probably not born before 1828. In the Draper MSS their is a letter from James M. Wood to Draper, who wrote, "You were right about Grandfather's death. I was away from home at the time." Postmarked November 22, 1863, Allen County, Ohio (Grandfather is Christopher Wood.): "Departed this life on the 11th day of July 1819. The Rev. William Wood, after devoting 48 years of his life to the service of his Lord and master in the Gospel, and through all opposition he held out a faithful champion for the truth of the everlasting Gospel. And with an unshaken confidence he calmly reclined his head on the bosom of his Redeemer and breathed his life out sweetly then He cheerfully bid this world adieu without a sigh." William and Sarah are my 5th great Grandparents.



Wood Family Bible. Last in the possession of William D. Wood (s/o of William G.). Copy received from Richard Duran.

Unpublished Lyman C. Draper (1815-1891) Manuscript notes, Series 8BB. Owned by the Wisconsin State Historical Society.

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Lifeline, Volume 4, July 1990, #3; Publication of the Livingston County (MO) Genealogical Society.

© This work is the property of Deborah Nordyke. It may be used freely by individuals for research, teaching and personal use as long as this statement is included in the text. This work may not be sold or published to the internet without the authors permission.

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William Wood Descendant Register, Generation No. 1


Author's Comment: Click on this phrase to go to a searchable online genealogical database entitled, "Descendants of Aaron Stark [1608-1685]. In the surname search window, enter first the surname, then comma, then given name. Clicking on "List" will take you to a list of persons in the database with that surname and given name. Look down the list for birth and death dates. When they match the person on this web site, click on the name in the list. This will take you to the data page of the person of interest. You can then navigate from that page to the ancestors or descendants of that individual.



William Wood was born 05 MAY 1749 in County Sligo, Ireland, and died 11 JUL 1819 in Logan County, Ohio. He married Sarah Stark 14 FEB 1769 in Loudoun County, Virginia, daughter of Jonathan Stark [The Elder] and Sarah Lacock laycock. She was born 12 JUN 1752 in Morris, New Jersey, USA, and died 02 FEB 1835 in Sugarcreek, Allen County, Ohio.



Children of William Wood and Sarah Stark are:




Ann Wood was born 13 JUN 1781 in Washington, Pennsylvania, USA, and died in Harrison County, Kentucky?.




Elizabeth Wood was born 04 DEC 1769 in Loudoun County, Virginia, and died 04 AUG 1850 in Cincinnati, Clermont, Ohio, USA.




Christopher Stark Wood was born 09 MAR 1772 in Fallowfield twp, Washington County, Pennsylvania, and died 16 NOV 1855 in Fulton County, Indiana.




Phebe Wood was born 14 MAY 1774 in Washington, Pennsylvania, USA.




Sarah Wood was born 25 OCT 1776 in Washington, Pennsylvania, USA, and died about 1814 in Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio. She married Abner Barritt 03 JAN 1797 in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky. He was born 1775 in Maryland, and died 14 JUL 1848 in Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio.




Jesse Wood was born 25 MAY 1779 in Washington, Pennsylvania, USA, and died 06 MAY 1857 in Ripley, Brown County, Ohio.




Benjamin Wood was born 20 OCT 1783 in Washington, Pennsylvania, USA, and died 27 OCT 1810 in Ohio, USA.




Rhoda Wood was born 11 SEP 1786 in Mason County, Kentucky, and died 20 DEC 1811. She married Matthew Reed.




John G. Wood was born 17 JUL 1791 in Mason County, Kentucky, and died 27 JAN 1870 in Indian Creek, Story County, Iowa. He married 1st, Ann Kennison, about 1815. He married 2nd, Eliza Jane Miller, October 5, 1851 in Kosciusko County, Indiana.




Hester Wood was born 18 SEP 1793 in Mason County, Kentucky. She married John Cochran.




William G. Wood was born 20 MAR 1796 in Mason County, Kentucky, and died 24 APR 1856 in Kosciusko County, Indiana.




Mary "Polly" Wood was born 15 JAN 1789 in Mayvile, Mason County, Kentucky, and died 16 MAY 1858 in Iowa Center, Iowa.


Descendant Register, Generation No. 2



Ann Wood (William Wood1) was born 13 JUN 1781 in Washington, Pennsylvania, USA, and died in Harrison County, Kentucky?. She married William Coleman 28 JUN 1798 in Mason County, Kentucky. He was born 05 DEC 1768 in Virginia, and died after 1830 in Harrison County, Kentucky?.



Children of Ann Wood and William Coleman are:




Sarah Stark Coleman was born about 1804 in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky, and died 04 NOV 1821 in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky.




Letitia B. Coleman was born 05 DEC 1812 in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky, and died 04 APR 1865 in Fayette County, Texas.




Napoleon Bonaparte Coleman was born 1799 in Kentucky, and died 1833 in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Kentucky.




Lewis Coleman was born after 1799.




Ann Coleman was born after 1799.




Elizabeth Coleman was born after 1799.




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Elizabeth Wood (William Wood1) was born 04 DEC 1769 in Loudoun County, Virginia, and died 04 AUG 1850 in Cincinnati, Clermont, Ohio, USA. She married William Goforth 05 NOV 1796 in Mason County, Kentucky. He was born 1766 in New York, USA, and died 1817 in Cincinnati, Clermont, Ohio, USA.



Children of Elizabeth Wood and William Goforth are:




Pool Goforth.




John Goforth.




Jemina Goforth.




Charlotte Goforth.




William Goforth.




Jefferson Goforth.



Christopher Stark Wood (William Wood1) was born 09 MAR 1772 in Fallowfield twp, Washington County, Pennsylvania, and died 16 NOV 1855 in Fulton County, Indiana. He married Mary Ann Turner 06 OCT 1797 in Washington, Mason County, Kentucky. She was born 06 MAR 1779 in Pennsylvania, and died 16 FEB 1844 in Bath twp, Ohio.



Children of Christopher Stark Wood and Mary Ann Turner are:




Caroline Wood was born 22 AUG 1822 in Ohio, USA, and died 22 JUN 1901 in Logan County, Ohio.




William Harrison Wood was born 10 APR 1819 in Ohio, USA, and died 07 SEP 1866.




Albert Gallatin Wood was born 01 APR 1808 in Champaign County, Ohio, and died 25 FEB 1890 in Allen County, Ohio.




Sarah Wood was born about 1798 in Mason County, Kentucky, and died between 1830 AND 1832 in Ohio, USA. She married Benjamin Dolph 06 APR 1824 in Bellefontaine, Logan County, Ohio. He was born 1791 in New York, USA.




Joseph Wood was born after 1798. He married Patsy Davis.




Mosten Wood was born after 1798. He married Sarah Peach.




Nancy Wood was born after 1798. She married Richard Peach.




Elizabeth Wood was born between 1799 AND 1818. She married Samuel Lippincott.




Semarimus Wood was born between 1799 AND 1818. She married Henry Lippincott.




Mary Ann Wood was born between 1799 AND 1818. She married John Bakehorn.




Benjamin Wood was born about 1824.




James Wood was born about 1826.



Phebe Wood (William Wood1) was born 14 MAY 1774 in Washington, Pennsylvania, USA. She married Jeremiah Shannon 05 MAY 1795 in Mason County, Kentucky. She married Mathias Ross.



Child of Phebe Wood and Jeremiah Shannon is:




Mira Shannon.




Page 74



Jesse Wood (William Wood1) was born 25 MAY 1779 in Washington, Pennsylvania, USA, and died 06 MAY 1857 in Ripley, Brown County, Ohio. He married Keturah Thorpe 30 AUG 1798 in Mason County, Kentucky. She was born 22 SEP 1778 in Maryland, and died 12 SEP 1851 in Maysville, Kentucky.



Children of Jesse Wood and Keturah Thorpe are:




William W. Wood was born 25 JUN 1799 in Mason County, Kentucky, and died 25 DEC 1851.




Susan Wood was born 12 OCT 1800 in Mason County, Kentucky.




Andrew T. Wood was born 26 SEP 1802 in Mason County, Kentucky. He married Amanda Webb 20 OCT 1825 in Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky. She was born 09 NOV 1805, and died 1866.




Abigal Wood was born 03 DEC 1806 in Mason County, Kentucky, and died 1881.




Sarah Wood was born 01 DEC 1804 in Mason County, Kentucky, and died 15 JUL 1849. She married Ebenezer Jenkins 11 JUL 1832 in Mason County, Kentucky.




John Thomas Wood was born 27 JUL 1808 in Mason County, Kentucky, and died 21 AUG 1864.




Jesse W. Wood was born 02 JUN 1810 in Mason County, Kentucky, and died 13 MAY 1844.




David T. Wood was born 13 DEC 1811 in Mason County, Kentucky, and died 22 MAR 1847.




Joseph C. Wood was born 26 DEC 1813 in Mason County, Kentucky. He married Catherine Stout 12 OCT 1835 in Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky. She was born 07 JUL 1816, and died before 1848.




Catherine Ann "Katy Ann" Wood was born 03 OCT 1815 in Adams County, Ohio (now Brown County, Ohio).




Ezekiel Henry Wood was born 12 DEC 1817 in Mason County, Kentucky.




Abie Thorpe Wood was born 27 MAY 1820 in Mason County, Kentucky. She married Gilbert Creighton Marshall 19 MAR 1845 in Maysville, Mason County, Kentucky.



William G. Wood (William Wood1) was born 20 MAR 1796 in Mason County, Kentucky, and died 24 APR 1856 in Kosciusko County, Indiana. He married Elizabeth Davis before 1822. She was born 05 NOV 1799, and died 11 MAR 1827. He married Elizabeth Jackson 28 NOV 1830 in Ohio, USA. She was born 22 FEB 1806, and died 20 NOV 1886.



Children of William G. Wood and Elizabeth Davis are:




Sarah Wood was born 15 SEP 1822.




Elmira Wood was born 22 JAN 1824, and died 16 MAY 1903 in Azusa, California. She married Enos Willits 18 APR 1848.




Christopher C. Wood was born 30 SEP 1825.




John Wood was born 06 MAR 1827, and died 20 MAR 1827.

Children of William G. Wood and Elizabeth Jackson are:




John J. Wood was born 14 NOV 1831 in Ohio, USA, and died 26 JAN 1888. He married Elizabeth Penrod 09 APR 1854. She was born 19 APR 1829.




Elizabeth Wood was born 13 FEB 1833 in Ohio, USA.




William D. Wood was born 08 OCT 1834 in Allen County, Ohio.




Harrison Wood was born 19 AUG 1837 in Ohio, USA, and died 26 AUG 1837 in Ohio, USA.



Mary "Polly" Wood (William Wood1) was born 15 JAN 1789 in Mayvile, Mason County, Kentucky, and died 16 MAY 1858 in Iowa Center, Iowa. She married William David Davis 13 APR 1807 in Champaign County, Ohio. He was born 17 JUN 1783, and died 21 AUG 1824 in Ohio, USA. She married Unknown Carpenter.



Children of Mary "Polly" Wood and William David Davis are:




Thomas C. Davis was born 24 FEB 1816 in Champaign Co, Ohio, and died 16 SEP 1897 in Eldorado, Kansas.




Cyrus Davis was born 20 APR 1810.




Sarah S. Davis was born 31 JAN 1812. She married Andrew Wood 14 SEP 1841 in Kosciusko County, Indiana.




William W. Davis was born 12 APR 1818.




Mary Ann Davis was born 09 NOV 1823.


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