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Volume 2: Selected Biographies of Aaron Stark's Descendants


Biography of Sarah "Sadie" Raymond Stark

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Sarah "Sadie" Raymond Stark

[Contributors to this article: B. O'Sullivan, Gwen Boyer Bjorkman, Pat Tiefenbach, Betsy Hooper, & Cyndy Shreffler]

All four of the children of Lucius were born to his first wife, Ellen (Warren) Stark in Lyme, New London County, Connecticut.  The children of Lucius and Ellen were: 1) Mrs. G. W. Sherman of Santa Cruz, California was Mary Warren Stark, born March 18, 1860; 2) Joshua Warren Stark, born November 28, 1862; 3) Mrs. Walter M. Gillette of East Haddam, Middlesex County, Connecticut, was Harriet "Hattie" R. Stark, born July 19, 1865; and 4) Sarah Raymond Stark was born June 12,1874  —  as recorded in the 1927 genealogy compiled by Charles R. Stark entitled, "The Aaron Stark Family, Seven Generations."[1] The CRS publication, however, reported Sarah's middle name was Richmond. Subsequent research has revealed her middle name was Raymond. Her grandparents were Joshua Raymond Warren and Harriet "Hattie" Way; while her great-grandparents were Moses Warren and Mehitable Raymond. Therefore, Sarah's middle name honored her grandfather and great-grandmother.

After the death of Ellen Warren in January of 1876, Lucius married Julia Stark October 27, 1876; the daughter of Christopher Stark and Phebe Tabor (Jewett) Stark. The common great-grandparents of Lucius and Julia were Nathan Stark [1725-1780) and Anna Fitch. The grandfather of Lucius was Abiel Stark [1760-1827] while the grandfather of Julia was Nathan Stark, Jr. [1763-1837]. Abiel Stark, Jr., father of Lucius, and Christopher Stark, father of Julia, were first cousins. Contrary to a later census record, Lucius and Julia would have no issue nor did Julia give birth to a child during her lifetime.

.The first documented record verifying Sarah was the daughter of Lucius Stark was the 1880 census for Lyme. On Line 17 of this census page, the wife of Lucius was reported to be Julia Stark and all four of the children of Ellen (Warren) Stark were recorded.[2] On Line 21, Sarah was reported to be a 6 year old daughter of Lucius Stark, head of the house. Sarah's sister, Mary Warren Stark, was a teacher and it's quite possible for a time that Sarah was her student. Connecticut school houses were mostly one room school houses that changed teachers every few years and rarely had formal names, but it's likely Sarah attended one relatively close to her home in Lyme.

About 1890, Sarah may have married at the age of 16, although no record of such a marriage has been found. It is believed by some researchers she gave birth to a child named Gladys in October of 1893. However, in the 1900 census, Gladys and Sarah were reported to be daughters of Lucius.[3] Julia was reported on Line 65 as the wife of Lucius and the record reported Julia had given birth to one child that was living. Sarah was reported on Line 66, age 25, Single, and no record of having given birth to a child. Gladys was recorded on Line 67. However, if Julia Stark was 67 years of age in 1900, then she would have been 60 years old in 1893 making it highly unlikely Gladys was a child conceived by Lucius and Julia.

The 1910 census contradicts  the 1900 census for Gladys was reported to be a granddaughter of Lucius and also reports Julia had not given birth to a child nor had a living child.[4] Sarah would have been 19 years old in 1893, obviously of age to have a child. However, there has been no documented evidence found to date indicating Sarah gave birth to a child named Gladys. As we will find later, the only record suggesting Sarah may have married about 1890 was a 1930 Census record reporting Sarah was 16 years of age when she first married. However, in the 1910 census, Sarah reported she was single, had not had a pregnancy, nor had a living child. At this time she was working as a nurse for the Fritz family. If the head of the house or his wife provided the information to the enumerator, they may not have been aware of a child. While these census records do not suggest Sarah gave birth to a child, the fact that Lucius reported Gladys was his Grandchild in 1910 suggests one of his four children would have to be one of the parents of Gladys. Could one of Sarah's other siblings be a parent of Gladys?


Source of the dates of birth for the children of Lucius Stark is Charles R. Stark publication entitled, "Aaron Stark Family, Seven Generations of Aaron Stark of Groton, Connecticut," Wright & Potter, Boston, Mass., 1927, LDS Film #1018909, page 92. ID#1643: Sarah Richmond (Stark), b. June 12, 1874. Comment: Additional research has proven this should have been presented as Sarah Raymond (Stark).


Image Source: Year: 1880; Census Place: Lyme, New London County, Connecticut; Roll: T9_108; Family History Film: 1254108; Page: 659.4000; Enumeration District: 117; Image: 0800. Transcribed October 2005 by Clovis LaFleur from scanned original ( image database). Enumerated June 16 & 17 1880.

Line 16, Stark, Lucius, w, m, 54, Head, Farmer, CT, CT, CT

Line 17, Stark, Julia, w, f, 47, Wife, Keeping House, CT, CT, CT

Line 18, Stark, Mary, f, 20, Dau, School Teacher, CT, CT, CT

Line 19, Stark, Warren, m, 18, Son, CT, CT, CT

Line 20, Stark, Harriet R., f, 14, Dau, CT, CT, CT

Line 21, Stark, Sarah, f, 6, Dau, CT, CT


Image source: Year: 1900; Census Place: Lyme, New London County, Connecticut; Roll: T623 149; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 454. Transcribed October 2005 by Clovis LaFleur from scanned original ( image database), Enumerated June 7, 1900

Line 64, Stark, Lucius, Head, w, m, Aug 1824, 75, married 23 yrs, CT, CT, CT, Farmer

Line 65, Stark, Julia, Wife, w, f, Sept 1832, 67, 1 child, 1 living, married 23 yrs, CT, CT, CT

Line 66, Stark, Sarah, Dau, w, f, Jun 1874, 25, Single, CT, CT, CT

Line 67, Stark, Gladys, Dau, w, f, Oct 1893, 6, Single, CT, CT, CT

Line 65 Comment: The year of birth at first looked like 1838 and her age looked to be 61, However, on looking closer, it appears the last number for the year was overwritten with a 7 and the age was probably 67, not 61.


Image Source: Year: 1910; Census Place: Lyme, New London County, Connecticut; Series: T624; Roll: 142; Page: 34A; Enumeration District: 510; Part: 1; Line: 4

Transcribed October 2005 by Clovis LaFleur from scanned original ( image database). Enumerated April 21, 1910.

Line 9, Stark, Lucious, Head, w, m, 85, Married 2 times, married 30 yrs, CT, CT, CT, Retired, Farmer

Line 10, Stark, Julia, Wife, w, f, 77, married 1 time, married 30 yrs, CT, CT, CT

Line 11, Stark, Gladys, Granddaughter, w, f, 15, Single, CT, CT, CT




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Mary Warren (Stark) Sherman has been eliminated for she gave birth in July of 1893 to George Sherman and couldn't have given birth to a child three months later in October of 1893. Joshua Warren Stark's first wife, Katie Gates, died February 19, 1892 after giving birth to two children in 1888 and 1890. Joshua then married Alione Ellen Ely November 20, 1892. Their first child was born in February of 1894. Therefore, Joshua most likely was not a father of Gladys. Harriet R. (Stark) Gillette married Walter M. Gillette about 1906, according to the 1910 East Haddam, Middlesex County, Connecticut census. However, a Harriet or Hattie Stark has not been found in the 1900 census that could have been Harriet R. Stark, daughter of Lucius. [Hattie Stark of Windham County was not the daughter of Lucius Stark.] 

In the 1910 census Hattie (Stark) Gillette reported she had not given birth to a child. Sarah Stark, living in the home of her Father in 1900, was reported to be single and had no children. Assuming enumerator error, incorrect reporting, or information omissions, Harriet or Sarah could be the mother of Gladys. However, in 1920 and 1930, Gladys was reported to be a niece living in the home of Walter Gillette and Hattie (Stark) Gillette. Walter and Hattie had no children nor would they have any children.[1,2] Later, we will find there is a document related to Sarah's funeral arrangements made by Gladys Stark in 1961 reporting "Miss Gladys Stark of Deep River, Connecticut"  authorized the services and reported she was Sadie's niece.[3]

If we have eliminated Mary Warren Stark and Joshua Warren Stark as a potential parent of Gladys and the known records report Hattie and Sarah were Aunts of Gladys, then the documentation available suggests none of the children of Lucius were a parent of Gladys; suggesting, strangely enough, she couldn't have been a child of Sarah or any of her siblings; nor a granddaughter of Lucius. We presently have an undocumented event — Gladys birth certificate — stating whom her parents may have been; and can only speculate she could have been a daughter of Hattie or Sarah.

Between 1900 and August of 1908, we have no records of Sarah's activities.  The Stark Family Association assembled for its thirteenth annual reunion in 1908. With her stepmother, Mrs. Lucius Stark, Sarah attended the Stark Family Reunion at the Golden Spur Inn, East Lyme, Connecticut on Tuesday,  August 18th.[4] The address of both was R. F. D. 1, Yantic, Connecticut, indicating Sarah was living in the home of her father on that date.  



Source Information: 1920 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2010. Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: East Haddam, Middlesex, Connecticut; Roll: T625_187; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 208; Image: 708. Enumerated June 21 & 22, 1920. Dwelling 141 / Family 141

Line 35 / Gillette, Walter M. / Head / Owns Property / Farm / M / W / 51 / CT / CT / CT / Farmer / Owns Farm

Line 36 / Gillette, Hattie R. / Wife / F / W / 54 / CT / CT / CT / Teacher / School

Line 37 / Stark, Glades / Niece / F / W / 22 (Looks like 26 to me) / CT / CT / CT / None


Source Information: 1930 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2002. Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Chester, Middlesex, Connecticut; Roll: 271; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 1; Image: 6.0. Enumerated April 9, 1930. Dwelling 50 / Family 51

Line 68 / Gillette, Walter / Head / Owns Property / Value: $7,000 / Not a farm / M / W / 63 / Married age 37 / CT / CT / CT / Salesman / ?New? Brushes

Line 69 / Gillette, Hattie / Wife / F / W / 62 / Married age 40 / CT / CT / CT / None

Line 70 / Stark, Gladys / Niece / F / W / 35 / Single / CT / CT / CT / None


At the time of Sarah's death she was the widow of John William Bartel. Mrs. Fred Kropp and Mrs. Forest Robbins were daughters of John W. Bartel and stepdaughters of Sarah. However, Mrs. Helen Giaconia was not a stepdaughter. She was the daughter of Sarah's brother, Joshua Warren Stark. Her name was Ellen Warren Stark who married Anthony John Giaconia about 1914. Therefore, Ellen was also a niece of Sarah. There was only 5 years difference in the ages of Gladys and Ellen.


Document Source

Hiers Funeral Home, 

910 SE Silver Springs Blvd, 

Ocala, Fl, 34470

4) Source:  1908 Stark Family Association Yearbook (page 37)




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During these years between 1900 and 1908, Sarah most likely was receiving training to be a nurse for she was engaged in that occupation April 15th when the 1910 Cornwall, Litchfield County, Connecticut census was enumerated at the dwelling of John and Mary Fritz.  Sarah was living in their home  — reported to be the "nurse" of the Head of the House, John G. Fritz. The census reported her occupation was a trained nurse working for a private family.[1] Sometime between April of 1910 and August 29, 1910, Sadie had evidently left the Fritz home and removed to Canaan, Connecticut, about 8 miles north of Cornwall; perhaps working as a nurse in another home.[2] Early in October of 1910, her father, Lucius, died. In his obituary, Sarah R. Stark was reported to be his daughter, a resident of Canaan, Connecticut.[3] 

Descendants of John Bartel, whom Sarah would marry in 1928, found among her possessions, an article published in the Amenia, Dutchess County, New York Harlem Valley Times newspaper. Content was: "Miss Sadie R Stark of Canaan , who cared for Mrs. Woodward during her last illness and who was at Frank Miller’s a few days last week, was a weekend guest of Miss Mary Woodward last Saturday and Sunday.  Miss Stark proved very efficient and painstaking while caring for Mrs. Woodward.  Miss Mary Woodward recommends her to anyone who is in need of a nurse."

Mrs. Woodward was most likely Mary L. (Everett) Woodward, wife of Ralph K. Woodward. Ralph died in 1894 and was buried in the Boland Cemetery in Sharon, Litchfield County, Connecticut; the distance from Sharon to Amenia being only about 6 miles. Mary died in 1912 and was buried in the Boland Cemetery next to her husband. Miss Mary Woodward was a daughter of Ralph and Mary. Frank Miller may have been Frank C. Miller, age 47, as reported in the 1910 census for Amenia, Dutchess County, New York. He is the only Miller reported in this census living in Amenia.

Ralph's parents were James and Elizabeth Woodward. James and Elizabeth had another son, George Woodward, born in 1813 who married Sarah Woodward. In 1844, they had a daughter named Emma M. Woodward. About 1865, Emma married Luther Brown, born in 1840. Emma gave birth to 11 children, 8 of whom were living in 1900 according to the Sharon Census. Tragically, Emma died in 1908 and was buried in the Boland Cemetery in Sharon, Connecticut. The Sharon 1910 census reported Luther was 69 years of age, a widower, and had a servant, Julia Bristol, age 68, living in his home; her occupation being a housekeeper for a private family. No other person was living in Luther's home in 1910.

In the Sharon 1910 census, Ralph Woodward, Jr., age 46, son of Ralph Woodward and Mrs. Mary L. (Everett) Woodward, was head of the house. Living in the home was Mary L. Woodward, age 82, Mother of the head of the house. Mary R. Woodward, age 50, was reported to be the sister of the head of the house.[4] At sometime after the census was enumerated, Mrs. Woodward became ill, most likely requiring a home nurse to assist in her care until she died in 1912. That nurse was Sadie R. Stark, mentioned in the Amenia article, most likely published sometime in year 1912 or 1913. Why would we be interested in these events?

In September of 1928, Sadie R. Brown married John William Bartel in Miami County, Ohio. The marriage license reported Mrs. Brown was a widow and her parents were Lucius Stark and Ellen Warren. Undoubtedly, Mrs. Brown was Sarah Raymond Stark and before she married John Bartel, was married to a Mr. Brown. Due to the above events, Luther Brown may have been Mr. Brown. His wife, Emma, was a niece of Mrs. Woodward who married Ralph Woodward. While there has been no documented proof of a Union between Sarah and Luther Brown, the connection to the surname Brown has to be a bit more than a coincidence. There are, of course, other males in the region with the surname Brown living in both Sharon, Connecticut and Amenia, New York. How they may relate to Luther has not been researched. The above does suggest that this line of research needs to be pursued further.

Luther died June 7, 1920 and was buried next to Emma in the Boland Cemetery in Sharon. Two of their children were also buried in this cemetery and are the only persons interned with the surname Brown. If Sarah and Luther had married, the marriage may have ended in divorce or separation, for Luther is reported living with one of his daughters, Susan B. (Brown) Prindle, as reported in the 1920 census for in Sharon. The enumerator visited this home January 23, 1920, before Luther died in June. In the case of separation or divorce, Sadie would have retained her married name and because Luther died in June of 1920, she would have been classified as a widow. However, would it be possible Sarah married a son of Luther?

He had one son, George, born in 1867, and one other son, Warren, born in 1888. However, George W. Brown, according to the census records, was married as late as 1920 to the same person reported in the 1900 and 1910 census. In 1920, Warren Luther Brown was married to Ella Brown and had one child. Warren reported he was married June 5, 1917 when he filled out his World War I draft registration card. Based on this documentation, it is unlikely Sarah married one of Luther's two sons.



Source: 1910 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006. Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: CornwallLitchfieldConnecticut; Roll: T624_134; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 0254; Image: 1018; FHL Number: 1374147. Enumerated April 15, 1910. Dwelling 7 / Family 7

Line 34 / Fritz, John G. / Head / M / W / 56 / Married once for 28 yrs. / Germany / Germany / Germany / Miller / Grain Mill

Line 35 / Fritz, Mary A. / Wife / F / W / 57 / Married once for 28 yrs. / 1 child, 0 living / CT / CT / CT / None

Line 36 / Stark, Sadie R. / Nurse / F / W / 26 / Single / CT / CT / CT / Trained Nurse / Private Family


Source: 1910 Stark Family Association Yearbook, page 31. Reports Sadie Stark, a resident of Canaan, Connecticut, attended the family reunion August 29, 1910.

3) Source: 1911 Stark Family Association Yearbook, pages 10 & 11.

Source: 1910 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006. Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Sharon, Litchfield, Connecticut; Roll: T624_135; Page: 12A; Enumeration District: 0272; Image: 302; FHL Number: 1374148.




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Returning to our story, in 1913, as reported above, Sarah paid her dues to the Stark Family Association and was a resident of Canaan, Connecticut. Other than the above speculation, no documented evidence has surfaced providing some insight into her activities after 1913. She is next documented as Sadie R. Brown, a member of the S. F. A. in  1921 — residing at 75 Franklin Street, Providence, Rhode Island.[1] Could Sadie R. Brown and Sarah "Sadie" Raymond Stark, daughter of Lucius Stark and Ellen Warren, be the same person? To answer this question requires jumping ahead 16 years in our narrative.

Sadie had a sister, Mary Warren Stark, who married George Weyland Sherman November 17, 1891. She died July 24, 1937 in Santa Cruz County, California.  The 1937 S. F. A. Yearbook published an obituary of Mrs. Mary W. (Stark) Sherman. Reported as survivors of the deceased were:  "....two sisters, Mrs. Walter M. Gillette of Chester, Conn., Mrs. John Bartel of Covington, Ohio, and one brother, Joshua Warren Stark of Lyme, Conn...."[2] We know Harriet R. Stark married Walter M. Gillette in 1906 and lived in Chester, Connecticut — and we know Lucius Stark only had three daughters. Therefore,  Mrs. John Bartel of Covington, Ohio, had to be the youngest daughter of Lucius, Sarah Raymond Stark. If she was now married to a John Bartel of Ohio, when did this marriage take place?

Covington is located in Miami County, Ohio. Searching the 1930 census records revealed a John W. Bartel, age 64, living in Miami County, Ohio, married to Sadie R. Bartel.[3] This census record reported Sadie was born in Connecticut as were her parents and was 51 years of age. The record also reported Sadie was 16 years of age when she first married. A search of the 1920 census for Miami County, Ohio reported John W. Bartel was a widower. Therefore, John and Sadie were married after 1920 and before 1930.

If she was Sadie Raymond Stark, known to have been born in June of 1874, then her age in 1930 should have been 55 or 56. While Sadie Bartel was born in Connecticut, can she be Sarah Raymond Stark, daughter of Lucius Stark? Enquiring if there were any descendants of John Bartel monitoring the Miami County, Ohio message board, could they provide an answer this question: "Was Sadie R. Bartel's maiden name Stark?" A reply from the message board provided a transcription of the marriage record of John Bartel and Sadie R. Brown, reporting they were married September 12, 1928 in Miami County, Ohio.[4] This record provided proof Sadie R. Bartel was the daughter of Lucius Stark and Ellen Warren; and that Sadie R. Brown was the widow of a Mr. Brown. While Sadie R. Bartel's age does not again agree with the known year of birth of Sarah Raymond Stark, there can be no mistake that Sadie R. Bartel, alias Sadie R. Brown, was the daughter of Lucius Stark.

This digression from the chronological order of this narrative has proven Mrs. Sadie Brown, reported to be a member of the Stark Family Association in 1921, was Sarah (Sadie) Raymond Stark, known to be residing that year at 75 Franklin Street, Providence, Rhode Island. Let us now return to the year 1920 — endeavoring to understand why Sadie was living in Providence, Rhode Island.

Sadie Stark was mentioned in the Association Yearbooks as Sadie R. (or Raymond) Stark in the 1910 through 1913 yearbooks. Her place of residence was Canaan, Litchfield County, Connecticut. After 1913, her name doesn't appear in the Yearbooks again until 1921. Because her name appeared as Sadie Stark up to 1913, and then later as Mrs. Sadie Brown in 1921, she most likely married Mr. Brown between those years and Mr. Brown then died before 1921, leaving Sadie a widow. This sequence of events coincides well with the previous speculation Sarah may have married Luther Brown and lived in Sharon, Connecticut, moving to Rhode Island in 1920 or 1921.

During an on-line group discussion, a descendant of Sarah's brother, Joshua Warren Stark  reported a relative of Sarah, Dr. James R. Morgan (a physician at the Rhode Island Hospital), may have assisted Sarah in obtaining a nursing position in Providence.



Source: 1921 Stark Family Association Yearbook, page 30


Source: 1937 Stark Association Yearbook, pages 11 & 12. Obituary of Mrs. Mary W. (Stark) Sherman [Full Transcription of Text]

Mrs. Mary W. (Stark) Sherman, wife of George W. Sherman died at her home in Santa Cruz, California, July 24, 1937. Mrs. Sherman, before marriage was Miss Mary Warren Stark, daughter of Lucius C. Stark and Ellen E. (Warren) Stark, and was born in Lyme, March 18, 1860. On her mother's side she was a direct descendant of Richard Warren, who came in the Mayflower, and was one of the founders of the Plymouth colony; John Warren, who came with Winthrop's fleet, was one of the founders of Watertown, Mass; and of Moses Warren, founder of Warrenville, Ohio; also of Rev. Nehemiah Smith, one of the founders of Norwich. her grandfather, Joshua Raymond Warren, was lieutenant and recruiting officer; also paymaster for certain supplies at Fort Trumbull during the War of 1812. Mrs. Sherman attended school at Lyme and bacon Academy, Colchester, finishing at Peddie institute and taught school successfully for several years. Following her marriage in 1891, she resided in Santa Cruz, and was highly esteemed by all who knew her, devoted to her home and family and interested in the finer things in life. She was a loyal member of the Baptist church and interested in all its activities. Besides her husband she is survived by three daughters, Mrs. Leavitt McQuestion of Davis, Cal., Mrs. Calvin Pattee (Beulah Warren Stark) of Berkeley, Cal., Mrs. William Thompson of San Francisco, Cal., and one son, George L. Sherman of Upper Lake, Cal., two sisters, Mrs. Walter M. Gillette of Chester, Conn., Mrs. John Bartel of Covington, Ohio, and one brother, Joshua Warren Stark of Lyme, Conn.; also three grandchildren and several nephews, nieces and cousins living in Connecticut.


Source: 1930 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2002. Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: Washington, MiamiOhio; Roll: 1849; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 39; Image: 1053.0. Enumerated April 23, 1930.

Dwelling 226 / Family 226

Line 94 / Bartel, John W. / Head / Owns / farm / M / W / 64 / Married / 1st at age 25 / Ohio / Germany / Ohio / Farmer

Line 95 / Bartel, Sadie R. / Wife / F / W / 51 / Married / 1st married age 16 / CT / CT / CT / None


Source: / Collection: Ohio Marriages, 1800-1958 / Contributor March 11, 2011: Cyndy Shreffler, < >

Groom's Name: John W. Bartel / Groom's Birthplace: Auglaize Co., Ohio

Bride's Name: Sadie R. Brown / Bride's Birth Date: 1878 / Bride's Birthplace: Lyme, Conn. / Bride's Age: 50

Marriage Date: 12 Sep 1928 / Marriage Place: Miami County, Ohio

Groom's Father's Name: Joseph Bartel / Groom's Mother's Name: Mary Schwabel

Bride's Father's Name: Lucius Stark / Bride's Mother's Name: Ellen Warren

Groom's Marital Status: Married (Was a widower) / Bride's Marital Status: Widowed

Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M86933-3 / System Origin: Ohio-VR / Source Film Number: 0550156 / Reference Number: 2:3LD90C3




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The 1920 Providence census reported the following for Dr. James R. Morgan.


Source: 1920 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2010. Images reproduced by FamilySearch. Source Citation: Year: 1920;Census Place: Providence Ward 4, Providence, Rhode Island; Roll: T625_1677; Page: 9A; Enumeration District: 216; Image: 55. Enumerated January 14, 1920.
Dwelling 83 / Family 455 / Address: 74 Franklin Street.
Line 49 / Morgan, James R. / Head 1 / Renting / M / W / 72 / Married / CT / CT / CT / Physician / General Practice
Line 50 / Morgan, Jennie W. / Wife / ----------/ F / W / 62 / Married / CT / CT / CT / None
Line 51 / Warren, Elizabeth / Sister-in-law / F / W / 75 / Single / CT / CT / CT / None


Line 51 reports the sister-in-law of James was Elizabeth Warren, confirming his wife reported on Line 50 was Jennie (Warren) Morgan. What was their relationship to Sadie?

Maria Elizabeth Warren, born in 1844, was the daughter of a physician, Dr. William W. J. Warren, and his spouse, Maria Elizabeth (Peck) Warren. William W. J. Warren was born in 1819, married Maria (born in 1819) about 1841, and died in 1858. William and Maria had children named: 1) Walter S, born in 1842; 2) William W. J. Jr., born in 1844; twin sister Maria Elizabeth, born in 1844; and Joshua R., born in 1850. These children were listed in the 1850 census. In the 1860 census, Maria Elizabeth (Peck) Warren was a widow. However, in 1858, she had given birth to a child named Jennie E. Warren reported as 2 years of age  in the 1860 census. In 1920, Jennie would have been 62 years of age and most likely Maria Elizabeth Warren could have been about 75 in 1920. 

Further investigation of the genealogical records revealed Dr. William W. J. Warren was a son of Joshua Raymond Warren [1790-1854] and Harriet "Hattie" (Way) Stark. Reported in the 1850 census, Joshua and Hattie had a daughter named Ellen, born about 1834.[1] She would marry Lucius Stark January 15, 1856. In 1874, Ellen gave birth to Sarah "Sadie" Raymond Stark. Jennie, the youngest child of William, married Dr. James R. Morgan in 1892. Dr. Morgan, born in 1848 in Connecticut, was well established in Providence by 1875; recorded as a member of the Rhode Island Medical Society that year. Maria Elizabeth Warren, a spinster, was first reported living with her younger sister and brother-in-law in the 1910 census and reported in the Providence Directories after 1910 as a boarder in the home of Dr. James Morgan. Because Dr. William W. J. Warren and Ellen Warren were brother and sister, Mrs. Sadie (Stark) Brown was a first cousin of Jennie (Warren) Morgan and her sister, Maria Elizabeth Warren.

Dr. Morgan's address in the 1920 census was 74 Franklin Street. Almost three months after the above 1920 census was enumerated, Maria Elizabeth Warren died.[2] Sadie's address reported in the 1921 S. F. A. Yearbook was incorrectly reported to be 75 Franklin Street — this Franklin Street house address not existing nor recorded as a vacant house in the Providence Directories. However, in the 1922 S. F. A. Yearbook, she was reported as Mrs. Sadie Stark Brown, residence 74 Franklin Street, the same address as Dr. James Morgan. Dr. Morgan is reported as living at this address, but there is no record of Sadie Brown, nor of a Mr. Brown living at this address. We can only presume Sadie married Mr. Brown after 1913 and he may have been deceased before 1921. The above speculation reported Luther Brown died June 7, 1920. From 1921 to 1924, the S. F. A. Yearbooks report Sadie was living at 74 Franklin Street. However, in the 1925 Yearbook, her residence had changed and was given as 12 Adelphi Avenue, Providence Rhode Island. The 1925 Providence City directory for that year lists: "Sadie R. Brown, res. 12 Adelphi," and also listed as a resident in 1925 at this same address was James R. Morgan, Physician. Photo at the left may be the residence today as it approximately appeared in 1925.

The Providence Directories do not mention Sadie's occupation, which may have been providing nursing care to James (age 77) and perhaps Jennie (age 67). May 15, 1926, Jennie W. Morgan passed away.[3] Beginning in January, 1927, Sadie began a diary with entries about her daily routine and activities while living a 12 Adelphi avenue. Through the Miami County, Ohio Rootsweb message board, contact was made with  descendants of John William Bartel. They had found the diaries among Sadie's possessions along with other artifacts which they shared with our discussion group. Transcriptions of these pages were forwarded to the group for review. Let us now review Sadie's diary and the S. F. A. Yearbooks to gain some insight into her activities after 1926. (Continued on Page 7)



Source: 1850 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2009. Images reproduced by FamilySearch. Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: Lyme, New LondonConnecticut; Roll: M432_49; Page: 385B; Image: 129. Authors Comment: The census Index will report Ellen was 11 years of age. However, after examining the original, while the enumerator appears to have recorded eleven, he placed Ellen's line entry between her older brother, Thomas, age 19, and younger sister, Jane, age 14. Normally, the enumerator entered the children in order of Oldest first to the youngest child last. Therefore, Ellen should have been older the Jane. Closer examination of the age entry suggest the second number in her age could have been "6," implying Ellen was sixteen, not eleven.

2) Source: Rhode Island Deaths, 1630-1930 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000. Citation: Maria E. Warren / Kin 1: William J. Warren (Maria's twin brother / Kin 2: Marie E. Warren (May have been Jennie (Warren) Morgan) / Death Date: April 7, 1920 / Age: 75 yrs.
3) Ibid; Citation: Jennie W. Morgan / Relation: wf / Kin 1: James R. Morgan / Kin 2: Jane G. Morgan / Death Date: 15 May 1926 / Age: 68 yrs.




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Scanned Copy of Original Pages of Sadie (Stark) Brown's 1927 Diary




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In January of 1927, Sadie made many references to the "Dr." For example, on the 2nd she wrote: "Dr. quite for him." On February 2nd, the entry was: "Some Dr. came to call on Dr."[1] Then entries April 16, 18, & 19 suggesting the "Dr." was ill: 16th - "Dr. coming down ?with? C" (may be cold); 18th - "Dr. in bed with cold"; 19th - Dr. M came to see Dr." Most likely the "Dr." was Dr. James Morgan, and from the many comments in Sadie's diary, he was not in good health. Dr. M was most likely James Morgan's attending physician. There were many other entries related to Dr. M and the Dr. 

In August of 1928, Dr. Morgan most likely was gravely ill. Sadie's entry on August 17, 1928 was simply, "Dr. Mathews." This was most likely the Dr. M mentioned in Sadie's earlier diary passages. In 1927, there were two Dr. Mathews in the Providence Directories. Frank H. Mathews home and office was at 382 Brook. George S. Mathews office was at 223 Thayer while his home was at 114 Brown. 382 Brook Street was about five blocks from where Sadie and Dr. Morgan were living. However, George Mathews was most likely the attending physician. December 1 & 2 Sadie reported: "Dr. Abbott Called;" and "Dr. Abbott came as usual."  Dr. Harlan P. Abbott had an office at 223 Thayer and lived at  152 Angell. Dr. Abbott and Dr. George S. Mathews were practicing from the same office or building, most likely both attending to Dr. Morgan as the need arose. On July 5, 1928, Sadie went to Dr. M's office for medicine, a distance of about 11 blocks from 12 Adelphi Avenue.

Dr. L was identified by Sadie as Dr. Leonard. He was  Dr. Charles H. Leonard, about 84 or 85 years of age in 1927-28, living at 30 Barnes Street — just around the corner from 223 Thayer Street. He and James were long time friends, both being members of the Rhode Island Medical Society as early as 1875. Drs. C. H. Leonard and James Morgan probably knew Drs. H. P. Abbott and G. S. Mathews.

January 18, 1927, Sadie wrote: "Dr. Tingley came for a call." Dr Louisa Paine Tingley was a physician specializing in the fields of Ophthalmology (structure, functions, & diseases of the eye) and Otolaryngology (ear, nose, & throat). In Providence, she had an office at 171 Westminster, Room 216; her office hours from 10am to 4pm on Tuesdays. In Boston, Massachusetts at 9 Massachusetts Avenue, she had an office open from 2pm to 4pm. Appointments could be made by telephoning Kenmore 0822 at 12 Adelphi Avenue. From the entries made related to Dr. Tingley, she was a frequent visitor and called (?Telephoned?) quite often, perhaps to check on her appointments or set-up appointments. She may have rented a room at 12 Adelphi as a place to stay when she was not in Massachusetts. Dr. Tingley was a well known member of the Rhode Island and Massachusetts Medical Societies. She was also well known as the owner of a 1922 White Model 15-A six passenger sedan, quite upscale for that day and time.

Sadie's diary had many entries about a person she called "Sherman." Who might he have been? March 30, 1927, Sadie reported: "Sherman birthday party." On many other occasions, Sadie simply reported Sherman Came, or Sherman In, or Sherman over. April 17, 1927, she reported: "Sherman Came, Mrs. Haladay called." Other interesting entries were: 05/07/1927 - "Sherman in. We played Dominoes and Old Maid."; 05/31/1927 - "Sherman and I played games."; 01/04/1928 - "Sherman came in with Teddy. We had a great frolic."; 01/07/1928 - "The children came in to see me.".

 "Sherman" was most likely a 9 to 10 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. Halladay. In the 1930 census for Providence, they were reported living at 20 Adelphi Avenue and had a 12 year old son named Sherman R. Halladay.[2] His parents were Raymond R. Halladay and Annie K. Halladay. They owned the home at 20 Adelphi. With this knowledge, the above entries do seem to suggest Sherman was most likely a child. Raymond was born in Vermont. One diary entry reports: 08/07/1927 - "Sherman went Vermont." This suggests Sherman or the Halladay family had gone to Vermont to visit relatives. Other entries related to children seem to suggest Sadie may have been looking after her neighbors children or was popular with the neighborhood children, as for example the above entry: "Sherman came in with Teddy."

Sadie had many friends, but the persons she mentioned most were Mary Ayer and Lillian. Who was Lillian? On Tuesday, October 11, 1927, Sadie wrote: "Amy came at 4;30. Wedding at 5 PM. Gravas – Stillman. Class meeting at Mrs. Huntington." She then had this entry October 13th: "Hard rain in AM.  Went up to Lillians in ?? to see the wedding gifts." This suggests Lillian was related to either "Gravas" or "Stillman." However, further research suggests the Gravas surname may have been "Graves."  The 1927 Rhode Island Directory for Providence listed a Lillian B. Graves living at 20 Taber Avenue. In 1927 she was 54 years of age, one year older than Sadie, had never married and had no children. She was living with her sister, Jennie E. (Graves) Steere, age 51 (1927), and Jennie's husband, Lawyer Frank Steere. They had a 14 year old daughter named Ruth Graves Steere. Note the proximity of 12 Adelphi Avenue to 20 Taber Avenue (lower left corner) in the satellite image. Sadie, the Halladays, and Lillian B. Graves all lived within one block of each other. 

Lillian and Jennie had a brother, Waldo Graves, who had daughters named Jennie L. Graves (b. 1892) and Grace M. Graves (b. 1895). They lost their parents between 1900 and 1910 for both were living in the home of Frank Steere and Jennie Steere in 1910, reported to be nieces of the head of the house; while Lillian B. Graves was a sister-in-law of the head of the house.[3] Frank and Jennie E. (Graves) Steere had been married one year in 1910. Because Jennie L. Graves, sister of Grace, was still single in 1930, living with her Uncle and Aunt Steere, Grace M. Graves most likely was the bride in the above mentioned wedding, perhaps held at the Steere home. Sadie then came by on Thursday, October 13th, to see the wedding gifts in the Steere home.





Source: Transcriptions  of Sadie Raymond Stark's Diaries were done by Betsy Hooper, a descendant of John William Bartel.


Source: 1930 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2002. Source Citation: Year: 1930; Census Place: ProvidenceProvidenceRhode Island; Roll: 2176; Page: 64B; Enumeration District: 152; Image: 297.0.


Source: 1910 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2006. Source Citation: Year: 1910; Census Place: Providence Ward 1, Providence, Rhode Island; Roll: T624_1441; Page: 14A; Enumeration District: 0151; Image: 765; FHL Number: 1375454.




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There was a Mrs. Amy L. Steere listed in the 1927 Directory who lived at 126 Burnside in Lower South Providence, located about six miles southwest of 12 Adelphi. She may have been a widowed sister-in-law of Frank who attended the wedding and stayed with Sadie. She arrived on the day of the wedding and stayed until 3:30pm the next day. Three days before the wedding, Sadie wrote on October 8th: "Still cleaning house. Getting ready for Amy." Sadie was apparently cleaning the house because Amy was going to stay over after the wedding.

Sadie had this entry February 7, 1927: "Fine day.  Ruth, Dorothy, and Suzanna B?  friend this A.M." These given names are mentioned in many later entries. They were sometimes simply stated as R. D. S. Several entries were R. D. L. Ruth was most likely 14 year old Ruth Graves Steere and Dorothy and Susanna were teenage friends. When "R. D. L. came" Sadie most likely was referring to Ruth, Dorothy, and Ruth's Aunt, Lillian.

Central Baptist Church

As appears today. (Source: Google Earth)

Mary Ayer, age 54 (1927), lived in an apartment at 1195 Westminster; about 2 miles west of 12 Adelphi. She was a clerk in the State Children's Bureau, part of the State Public Welfare Commission. Anna I. Griffith was Director of the Bureau located at 209 State House. Mary and Sadie most likely belonged to the Central Baptist Church located at 440 Lloyd Avenue, about 4 blocks north of 12 Adelphi Avenue. Sadie made this entry dated Saturday, 01/29/1927: "Went up C B C to ? ? ? pictures but very good." C B C may have been shorthand for the Central Baptist Church . Maybe Sadie attended some event at the church and took pictures, or went to a moving picture show.  On Saturday, 04/02/1927, Sadie wrote:  "Went to B (baptism ?) at Central Church..." This may have been a reference to Central Baptist Church. Several other entries refer to a C Church. Sunday, 01/30/1927, Sadie make this entry: "Went over to C. S. ? and up to Mary Ayers for a while." Sadie must have attended a Church Service that  Mary also attended and then went to her apartment for a visit in the afternoon. The C. S. shorthand notation seems to appear most often on Sundays and again on Wednesdays, when she may have attended evening services.

Over this two year period, Sadie mentioned attending  a number of "Missionary Meetings." They were all recorded in her diaries on Thursdays, suggesting regular monthly or bi-monthly meetings on that day of the week. On 05/13/1927 there was this entry: " Dr. L. & Mrs. Woolworth called..." Mrs. Woolworth was Lillian Florence (Rawson) Woolworth. She lived at 220 Waterman Street, about four blocks south of 12 Adelphi Avenue. Her late husband in 1927, James Gilbert Woolworth, was  the inventor of the Woolworth germ-proof water filter, extensively used by the medical community in that day. Mrs. Woolworth ran her late husbands business from the same address as her home and may have sold a filter to Dr. Morgan. She was also a member of the Rhode Island Branch, Woman's Board of Missions. The Woman's Board of Missions supported overseas Missionary work and Central Baptist Church supported an auxiliary of the Rhode Island Branch, as reported in a 1913 publication.[1] Sadie may have been a member of the auxiliary. Mrs. Woolworth was very well know in the Providence community and was mentioned on two occasions in the diaries. 

The given name John appears quite often, always on Wednesdays in 1927 with a few exceptions. The name appears most frequently in 1927 and then less in 1928, when he sometimes appears on Thursdays or Fridays. This was not John Bartel of Covington, Ohio, whom Sadie would marry in September of 1928. Following are other names and places perhaps identified.


Mrs. Emma Waite:

Was a frequent visitor or kept a room at the residence. She may have lived in Massachusetts. While in Providence she visited many friends, often staying overnight before returning to the residence. She appeared to attend many entertainment events and shopped downtown quite often. She has not been positively identified.   

Clara J. Tuttle:

She was employed as an Agency Cashier for a Life Insurance Company located at 1112 Turks Head. She lived with her widowed mother, 82 year old (1927) Anna Tuttle at 600 Hope Street. Clara was 53 years of age (1927).

Mrs. Alice C. Sayles:

She was a sales clerk in a gift shop located at 176 Angell Street, age 58 (1927). She lived at 7 Bourne Street.

Mrs. S or Mrs. Steire:

Wednesday - 09/07/1927 - "Went for a ride with Mrs. Steire." Jennie E. (Graves) Steere, sister of Lillian Graves.

Richard D. Hollington:

Rev. Richard D. Hollington, pastor of the Mathewson Street Methodist Episcopal Church. Richard had a PhD in theology from Boston University. He and his wife traveled frequently to Europe and Africa and he was a member of the Sons of the Revolutionary War. Lectured quite often on his travels and about the Revolutionary War. 

Mayflower Store:

There was a chain of Mayflower Grocery Stores Inc. in Providence. One was located at 291 Thayer Street, near the offices of Drs. Abbott and Mathews. Probably where Sadie shopped for food supplies for the residence.

Central Baptist Church:

03/01/1927: "Tuesday, Went up to C church." Was most likely the Central Baptist Church located at 440 Lloyd Avenue, about four blocks due north of 12 Adelphi Avenue. Sadie attended this Church on occasion and may have been a member. Rev. Clarence Mason Gallup was pastor. He was born (1875) and raised in Norwich, New London County, Connecticut.

Methodist Episcopal Church:

There was a Mathewson Street Methodist Episcopal Church at 135 Mathewson Street. Directory listed Rev. Richard D. Hollington as pastor. Sadie attended this Church on occasion but most likely was not a member.




Forty-Sixth Annual Report of the Woman's Board of Mission; Presented at annual meeting in Springfield, MA - Nov. 12-14, 1913. Page 119 -  Under Officers of Rhode Island Branch mentions one vice-president was Mrs. James G. Woolworth. Page 120 -  "Providence: Central Church, Miss Lucy N. Lathrop, Treas., 37 Angell Street." 



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The routines noted in the 1927 dairy entries continued in January of 1928 until the 15th day of the month. On that day, a Sunday, Sadie wrote:   "S–R–D came in to see me.  Fine day.  Doctor not feeling Very good. Very quiet. Arlo asleep in church." On this day, after Church, the children, Sherman, Ruth, and Dorothy came for a visit and Dr. Morgan must have been ill. The identity of Arlo is not known accept he must have been a child. An interesting address was added along with this entry on that day. The address written was: Dr. A. J. Bausman, Artman Floral Co, Piqua, Ohio. Piqua, Miami County, Ohio is about 8 miles from Covington, Ohio, the place where Sadie's future husband, John Bartel lived. Could this be related to a "Ladies to Marry" publication?

There were no entries again until Sunday, February 26, when Sadie wrote: "I fell on stairs, sprained ankle, cracked rib." Obviously, these were serious injuries that would make it difficult for Sadie to take care of Dr. Morgan's needs. The next day, Sadie's sister, Hattie (Stark) Gillette, arrived at 5PM by train from Chester, Connecticut as recorded February 27: "Hattie came at 5 PM.  I am better." On March 2, Dr. Leonard, had his usual Friday visit with Dr. Morgan and Sadie's sister, Hattie, made a trip to the Mayflower Grocery Store to shop for supplies for the residence. Hattie stayed with Sadie until Saturday, March 10th, leaving by train at 12:52 PM.

The residence routine returned to normal. However, Sadie did make several more entries related to her injuries. On Thursday, March 15th, Sadie reported her foot and side were better; Sunday the 18th she reported she did not feel well; Monday the 19th, Sadie and Lillian went for a little walk; Sunday the 25th her foot and side were better; but the next day she felt pretty tired; and on Tuesday, the 27th, her side ached. By Saturday, April 7th, Sadie reported: "Feeling a little better." After this date, there were few entries, the house routine returning to normal and Sadie apparently fully recovered from her injuries.

On Thursday, June 21st, Sadie made a train trip to Chester, Connecticut to visit with her sister, Hattie (Stark) Gillette. On Sunday, the 24th, Sadie reported: "We all went over to cousin H to dinner." The name of Cousin H is not known. He could have been a Stark are Warren Cousin. On Monday, the 25th, Sadie returned to Providence.

The routines seem to change in August. Walter Gillette, Sadie's brother-in-law, visited on Tuesday, August 14 and she mentions Dr. Mathews on Friday the 17th. Dr. Morgan's condition appears to be worsening and he may be moving to another location. Evidence of this was in a letter John Bartel (photo left) wrote to Sadie post marked Covington, Ohio, August 16, 1928 to Mrs. Sadie R. Brown, 12 Adelphi, Providence, R. I.[1]


Well Love expect you are receiving my string of letters. With nothing much in them Not even the cartoon picture. If I can find it will send it this time. Well i will write first about the most important thing. That of your coming. Dear about you Think it would be best for you to start on Monday, Sep. 3. This will be better for me. to get some one to come and stay hear and take cair of things. And give you a chance to get rested up a bit, after all that you are having to do. You have friends where you can stay after they take the Dr. And the things away... I am so glat the Dr is going to have a nice place to go to, and i do hope he will like it there.


This letter reveals Sadie and others are preparing to move Dr. Morgan to another location, most likely by or before Monday, September 3. It also reveals John has been corresponding with Sadie before the postmark date. One diary entry dated April 17, 1928 reports: "Letter from J." Perhaps they have been corresponding at least as early as this date and maybe after Sadie made the diary entry January 15 related to Dr. A. J. Bausman of Piqua, Ohio.  They apparently have not met in person and only know each other through their correspondence as related in the following:


 Ant oh I do so hope that sweetest of little woman that Is coming to meet me, will not be to much Disapointed in hear New Home and surroundings, and most of all. Hear future Husbend. (Dont you Dear) Dear I will discribe my self a bit, so uou will know a little what to expect. Just i am Looking older thinner and not so good Looking. I have a real nose real eyes. But not caused from drinking booze. Have a habit of sneezing and blowing my nose. not caused from a cold But from Hay fever. Its fierce Just now. But cant be helpt Just now. But cant posiable stop the ceremony. ha Love covereth a multitude of sins are habits.


On Tuesday, September 4, Sadie wrote: "Dr. went to the hospital." On Monday, September 10th, Sadie boarded a train in Providence at 5 PM, arriving in Urbana, Ohio the next day. Sadie and John Bartel were married in Miami County, Ohio, on September 12, 1928. Dr. James R. Morgan died September 25, 1928 at the age of 80.[2] What do we know about John William Bartel?  



John Bartel's letter was transcribed by Pat Tiefenbach, a descendant of John Bartel. 

Photo contributed by Pat Tiefenbach. Presented on Find a Grave web site at



Source Information: Rhode Island Deaths, 1630-1930 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000.




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Following is an excerpt from "Memoirs of the Miami Valley - 1920."[1]


"John W. Bartel, one of the dependable citizens and successful agriculturists of Washington Township, was born near Salina, Auglaize County, Ohio, in 1865, a son of Joseph Bartel. His father was a shoe merchant of Piqua for a number of years, but also carried on farming in Auglaize County, where John W. Bartel acquired his educational training in the public schools. He was reared to habits of industry and honesty and as a young man adopted for his life work the vocation of farming, to which he has applied his activities uninterruptedly throughout his career. 

From a small beginning he has worked his way to the possession of a fine farm of one hundred and fifteen acres, located in Washington Township, Miami County, on which he has made his home for many years. He has placed his property under a high state of cultivation and has improved it by the erection of a splendid set of substantial buildings as well as the installment of a number of up-to-date machines and implements, and in every way is of the progressive members of his calling in his locality. 

As a citizen he has answered every worthy call, and during the World War period contributed liberally to the monuments formulated and is not a politician. Mr. Bartel was united in marriage with Miss Mary B. Morrin (left photo), whose sad death in May 1918, was mourned by a wide circle of friends.[2] Five children were born to this union, namely: Ruth E., Paul E., Grace R., Mary B., and Bertha Olive. Mr. Bartel is a Baptist, while his children attend the Christian Church."


When John married Sadie, he had been a widower for 10 years, his first wife, Mary (Morrin) Bartel passing in May of 1918. Family tradition suggests Sadie was a "mail order bride" and the couple met through an advertisement. It's possible Dr. A. J. Bausman made the arrangements for the advertisement, perhaps through a religious organization. 


Bartel Home In Covington, Ohio (About 1915). In the picture are John and his first wife Mary Belle, with their children Ruth, Paul, Mary, Grace and Bertha.[2]





"Memoirs of the Miami Valley - 1920." / Biographical Sketches and Stories of Miami County Ohio; People, Places, and Things; Miami County Ohio Genealogical Researchers; Sponsored by Computerized Heritage Association. Copyright © 2000. All Rights Reserved.



Photo of Mary (Morrin) Bartel contributed by Pat Tiefenbach. Photo of home of the Bartels contributed by Pat Tiefenbach. Pat is a descendant of John & Mary Bartel.





Sadie Stark's Diary Entries, January 1927







Saturday  Nice Day. Very quiet. I feel a little better.

Sadie must have been ill and reports she is recovering.



Lay down the most of day.  No one in but “Mutt”. So I could be quiet. Dr. very quiet for him.  

Sadie was continuing her recovery from illness. No one visited so she was able to rest. Sadie evidently washed clothes so was feeling much better. "Dr." was Dr. James Morgan, husband of Sadie's cousin, Jennie E. (Warren) Morgan. 



I washed.  Nice day.




Miss McGrath called. Stormy day.  I feel better

Probably was a telephone call from Miss McGrath. Sadie's recovery continuing.



Nice day but cold.  Lillian was in. Sherman.  John came

Received visitors at the residence named Lillian, Sherman, and John. Sherman was a 9 year old boy, son of neighbors Raymond and Annie Halladay who lived at 20 Adelphi Avenue. Sadie's address was 12 Adelphi Avenue. First mention of Lillian and John; adults as will be shown in later entries.. Their identity is not known but they are mentioned frequently throughout the diaries.



Lillian came. Brought the sleeves for bulbs.




Dr Leonard made his regular call.

Telephone call from Dr. Charles H. Leonard, about 84 or 85 years of age, living at 30 Barnes Street. Was an old friend and colleague of Dr. Morgan.



Nice day. Dorothy came in.

Person named Dorothy visited the residence.



Fine day.  Emma Waite came to stay a while.

Emma Waite evidently has come for a visit . Will stay until about 01/31



01/10-01/12 were weather reports


Th 01/13

Quite Warm. Seem like rain. Mrs. W. been down town.




Rainy sloppy day.  I was invited to Lillian’s.  Mrs. Clifford, Mrs. Sayles were there. Very nice time.  Mary Ayer called.  Her brother died last night.

Was invited to the home of Lillian, who will be mentioned many times. Mrs. Sayles was Alice C. Sayles, a sales clerk working in a gift shop at 176 Angell St. not far from 12 Adelphi Avenue. She lived in a house at 7 Bourne St. in East Providence. She was about 58 years of age in 1927. "Mary Ayer" to be identified in later entry. Mrs. Clifford has not been identified nor has Lillian.



Snow. Snow




Nice day. I went over to ? S.S. only 2 boys there.  Miss Ayer not.  Her b  Funeral was Sunday.

Went to Church. Sadie probably taught children in a Sunday School class. Only two boys showed up, probably because the snow on the previous day prevented more from attending. Mary Ayers did not attend, most likely because her brother died and the funeral was held on this day.



Fine day.  Mrs. Waite (?) went out to Mrs. Blake.  I was sick all day.

Mrs. Waite was still staying at the residence and visited a friend, Mrs. Blake. Sadie has come down sick again.



I went downtown.  Mrs. Waite went to town. Dr. Tingly came for call. Fine day.

"Dr. Tingly" was Dr. Louisa Paine Tingley, a eyes, nose, throat, and ear doctor. She stayed at the residence sometimes and the residence took patients calls to set an appointment at her office in Providence.



? ? day.  I went to luncheon at Marr. Hotel. John called.




? day.  Emma went out to Mrs. Blakes.

Emma Waite still visiting in Providence and staying at the residence.



Dr. L came for his usual call. Talked with Mary Ayer over phone.

Dr. Leonard came by for a visit. Sadie's use of "came" and "call" seem to have the same meaning at times; that is, interpreted as the person visited the residence, not a phone "call," In this entry Sadie made it clear Mary Ayer "phoned." Clearly, this entry tells us there was a phone in the residence.



Rainy Day.  No one in.




Very quiet. Pleasant morning but dark and snowed hard at night.

Sadie appears to not have attended Church on this day, most likely due to the heavy snow during the night.

M 01/24

 Miss  Pieres came for a call.

Can be interpreted Miss Pieres came to the residence to place a phone call; or Miss Pieres came to the residence for a visit.

Tu 01/25

Mrs. W. came back. I went to Mrs. Raymouds.

Emma Waite must have stayed at Mrs. Blake's for five nights and then returned to the residence. Mrs. Raymouds (?Spelling) not identified. Probably should be spelled "Mrs. Raymond."

W 01/26

Very cold day. John came.  Mrs. W. went to church.

John most likely came by for a visit. Could have been visiting Sadie? Or was he visiting Dr. Morgan? Emma Waite must have attended an evening Church service, usually held on Wednesday Evenings in many denominations.

Th 01/27

I went out to Mrs. Shermaver. ? B.N. & Co

Person and business not identified.

F 01/28

Went out to Mrs  Johnson’s to SS had ? times.

Person and place not identified. "SS" might mean Sunday School, but not enough information.

S 01/29

Went up C B C to ? ? ? pictures but very good.

C B C may have been shorthand for Central Baptist Church, located at 440 Lloyd Avenue, about four blocks due north of 12 Adelphi Avenue. As we will learn in later entries, Sadie may have been a member and was taking pictures of some event.

S 01/30

Went over to C. S. ? and up to Mary Ayers for a while.

Sadie must have attended the Church Service. Mary Ayer's was there and after the service, Sadie visited with Mary in the afternoon at her apartment located at 1195 Westminster, about two miles distance from 12 Adelphi Avenue. In 1927, Mary J. Ayer was a clerk at the Children's Bureau located at 209 State House (?or Room 209 in the State House?). Children's Bureau part of the State Welfare Commission. Mary was 54 years of age (1927).

M 01/31

Emma Waite was to ? ?.  I went downtown.

Emma Waite may have returned to her home.



Sadie Stark's Diary Entries, February 1927

Day Date Transcription Comments
Tu 02/01

Tuesday  Very quiet.  ? ? 


W 02/02

Fine day.  Miss McGrath came. John called.  Mary Ayer ? this morning.

Miss MC may have been Miss M. C. McGrath. John & Mary Ayer's most likely called (?Phone?).

Th 02/03

Nice day. Had a call from Mrs. H. Mason

Person not identified.

F 02/04

Dr. Leonard came.  Some Dr. came to call on Dr.  

Dr. Morgan's friend, Dr. Leonard dropped in for a visit. Unknown Doctor visited with Dr. Morgan. Miss McGrath not identified.

S 02/05

Miss McGrath called.


S 02/06

Very quiet.  Sherman came in.

The child Sherman, living a 20 Adelphi, visited

M 02/07

Fine day.  Ruth Dorothy and Suzanna B?  friend this A.M.

Friends named Ruth, Dorothy, Susanna, and perhaps a friend of Susanna visited in the morning. Will be more entries with these given names in later entries.

Tu 02/08

Dr. L. came Fine Day

Dr. Leonard in for another visit with Dr. Morgan.

W 02/09

Mrs. Waite came back.  Busy getting ready for Margarete

Emma Waite has returned for another visit, staying a 12 Adelphi while visiting friends in Providence. Margaret's identity not known.

Th 02/10

Very quiet.  ? ? day hard at ?

Sadie must have been doing a lot of cleaning, evidently preparing for Margaret's visit.

F 02/11

Margarete came.  Sherman in.  M & I went to Suylis (?) Hall.

Margaret arrived for her week-end visit. Sherman visited with Sadie. Sadie went out with either Mary Ayer or Margaret on Friday night. Spelling of place may be incorrect in transcription or Sadie's entry.

S 02/12

S. R. D. and Mary here for ?.  Went to show in evening.

Sussanna, Ruth, Dorothy, and Mary Ayer visited and Sadie and all attended a show (?Movie?) that evening.

S 02/13

Margaret went ? ? P.M.  I went over to the Tuttles.

Margaret left for her home in the afternoon. Sadie went over to visit Clara J. Tuttle, age 53 (1927) and her mother, Anna Tuttle, age 82 (1927). They lived at 600 Hope Street. Clara was an Agency Cashier for a Life Insurance Company, working in a building at 1112 Turks Head.

M 02/14

Went down street to get valentines.  Lillian & I went to show at Albce (?) in evening music ?

Valentines Day!! Must have been a gift shop near by where she could purchase Valentines Cards. In the evening, Sadie and Lillian attended a Play/show/ with music.

Tu 02/15

Very quiet.  Mrs.Waite out.

Emma Waite must have been out visiting friends, perhaps overnight.

W 02/16

Mrs. W. out.  Stormy evening.

Emma Waite away another night visiting friends.

Th 02/17

Very quiet. Mrs. W. gone to see Ben Hurr at P. & H.  (probably Hall)

Emma Waite appears to have gone to see the movie, Ben-Hur,  a 1925 silent film blockbuster hit for newly merged Metro-Goldwyn Mayer. There were several Moving Picture Theaters near by but Emma may have still been a a friends residence, not a 12 Adelphi as noted in the next entry.

F 02/18

Went out to see Mrs. Waites

02/15,16, & 17, Emma Waite appears to have been staying at a friends house. On this date, Sadie must have gone to visit Emma at her friends home..

S 02/19

Stayed in.  ? up to C.S. ? Peter Pan in evening.

Attended a Church Service & then went to see a stage presentation of Peter Pan??

S 02/20

Went up to C.S.  Fine service.

Attended Church Service

M 02/21

No entries for 02/21, & 22


W 02/23

John came in.

Did John come for a visit, or dropped by for a visit?

Th 02/24

No entry


F 02/25

Dr. Leonard made his usual visit.


S 02/26

No entry


S 02/27

Went to C. S. and to Mathewson St. Church.

There was a Mathewson Street Methodist Episcopal Church at 135 Mathewson Street. Rev. Richard D. Hollington was pastor. May have attended this Church and may have been the church where Sadie was a member. 

M 02/28

Mrs. W. went to Centerdale (?)

Centerdale located in North Providence, about 12 miles from where Sadie lived. Emma Waite must have gone there for visit or to shop.



Sadie's Diary Entries, March 1927

Day Date Transcription Comments
Tu 03/01

Tuesday   Went up to C church.  Up to Mary Ayers in evening.

"C Church" was most likely the Central Baptist Church located at 440 Lloyd Avenue, about for blocks due north of 12 Adelphi Avenue.

W 03/02

Mrs. G ? in.  Fine day.  Mrs. W. gone to church.

Mrs. G new name not identified. Emma Waite still in Providence.

Th 03/03

No entries from this date to 03/12


S 03/13

Miss K called

Miss K not identified.

M 03/14

No entries from this date to 03/23


Th 03/24

Went out to Mrs. Shermans

Mrs. Sherman not identified.

W 03/25

Went up to see Leona. 

Leona not identified

Th 03/26

No Entry


F 03/27

Chmese S S and Mary ? and I went to hear Dr. Hollington.

Chmese S S not identified. Mary and Sadie heard a presentation presented by Dr. Hollington who was the Rev. Richard D. Hollington, pastor of the Mathewson Street Methodist Episcopal Church. Richard had a PhD in theology from Boston University. May have given a sermon or a presentation about his world travels or on the Revolutionary War. Was a member of the Sons of the Revolutionary War.

S 03/28 No entries from this date to 03/29  
W 03/30

Sherman birthday party.  Went up to Mary Ayers.

Sherman's 9th birthday. Most likely born March 30, 1918. Sadie later visited Mary Ayer.

Th 03/31

Went over to Miss meeting.

Went over to a Missionary Meeting, perhaps a meeting of the Woman's Board of Missions organization.

Sadie's Diary Entries, April 1927

Day Date Transcription Comments
F 04/01

No Entry


S 04/02

Saturday  Went to B (baptism ?) at Central Church and pictures. L. G. Komeau (?) case.  Principal speaker.

Believe this entry suggests Sadie was most likely a member of Central Baptist Church. Must have been attending an event, perhaps a baptism. "Pictures" could be she took photos at this event or attended a movie after. L. G. Komeau not identified.  Not sure what the last part of the entry means.

S 04/03

I went over to Chisiere (?) Sunday School.

The phrase "Chisiere Sunday School" in this translation looks similar to the phrase "Chmese S. S." in the 03/27 entry. Most likely same place in both entries, but difficult to identify the words chisiere and chmese. Looking at the originals, word could be "Chinese."

M 04/04

Miss McGrath came.  Mrs. Waite out to Mrs. Blakes.


Tu 04/05

Sherman was over.


W 04/06

John has been in.


Th 04/07

No entries 04/07 & 04/08


S 04/09

Carrie Came. Find day!

Carrie has come for a visit, Staying at the residence. Her identity is not known.

S 04/10

 Mrs. Waite went home.  ? gone downtown.

Emma Waite returned to her home after a 2 month stay at the residence (See 02/10). 

M 04/11

No entries 04/11 & 04/12


W 04/13

Fine day.  Carrie out.  John came.


Th 04/14

I went to Missionary Meeting.

Would appear the Missionary Meetings are held every other Thursdays. See Thursday, 03/31.

F 04/15

Carrie went to W.  Dr. L. came in

Carrie has gone home, most likely to Warren, Rhode Island, located about 14 miles southeast of Providence in Bristol County.

S 04/16

Dr. coming down ? C

Dr. Morgan coming down with a cold as will be seen in later entries.

S 04/17

Fine day.  Staid in.  Sherman Came.  Mrs. Haladay called.

Sadie probably stayed home from Church because Dr. Morgan was feeling well. Later, Sherman visited, probably with his Mom.

M 04/18

Very quiet.  Dr in bed with cold.

Confirms that on 04/16, Dr. Morgan was coming down sick with a cold.

Tu 04/19

Warm. 77 & Dr M came to see  Dr.

Dr. Mathews checked in on Mr. Morgan, his patient, to treat cold symptoms. Temperature was 77 degrees. Sadie doesn't report leaving the residence since the Doctor became ill.

W 04/20

John was in.  Warmer than yesterday 88 Dr M in.

Dr. Mathews checked in on his patient's progress a second day. Temperature was 88 degrees.

Th 04/21

Little cooler. Thunderstorm


F 04/22

Dr. L. came

Dr. Morgan's friend, Dr. Leonard, dropped in to see how he was doing.

S 04/23

Quiet.  No one in.  William Sissou died at No Plains, Ct.

William Sissou has not been identified.

S 04/24

Very quiet.  I went out for a little walk.

Again, no mention of attending Church. Dr. Morgan may still have been recuperating.

M 04/25

I sat up to ? address & bauquet at Astor Hotel. Roxy & ? on the air ? ?.

Not enough information. This appears to be Sadie's first outing from the residence since Dr. Morgan came down ill 04/16.

Tu 04/26

No one in.  I am cleaning house.   M

"M" may have been Dr. Mathews checking on his patient.

W 04/27

Rainy eve. John came and Lillian came in this morning.

Notice that John Calls or came only Wednesdays. Not mentioned previously on any other day of the week.

Th 04/28

Nice day.  Very quiet.  Dr. Lingly came to see us. Dr. Leonard called.

Dr. Lingly was Dr. Louisa Paine Tingley, a physician specializing in the fields of Ophthalmology (structure, functions, & diseases of the eye) and Otolaryngology (ear, nose, & throat). Believe she picked up messages at the residence, perhaps even renting a room.

F 04/29

 Mary Ayer came to supper and spent the evening.


S 04/30

Very quiet.  No one in, not even Sherman.




Sadie's Diary Entries; May 1927



Day Date



S 05/01

Sunday  Sherman came in.  Fine day. Been writing letters and picked up some things.


M 05/02

No entry

Tu 05/03

Dr. Tinigley (or Dr. Lingley) called.  Very quiet.

Dr. Louisa Paine Tingley. See 04/28.

W 05/04

John came for a call.

Always on Wednesday!!

Th 05/05

No entry.


F 05/06

Dr. ???


S 05/07

Sherman came in.  We played Old Maid and  Dominoes


S 05/08

Sherman came.


M 05/09

05/09 & 05/10 were weather reports.


W 05/11

Gramonts girls were over for this afternoon.  Dr. M was in to see Doctor.  John called.

Dr. Mathews visited with his patient, Dr. Morgan. John made his usual Wednesday call. "Gramont" not identified.

Th 05/12

No Entry


F 05/13

Dr. L. & Mrs. Woolworth called - I went over to the Main street ? ???? at Church. Full, nearly 400 there. Miss McG ?Staid night?

Mrs. Woolworth was Lillian Florence (Rawson) Woolworth. She lived at 220 Waterman Street, about four blocks south of 12 Adelphi Avenue. (see above for more). Miss McG was Miss McGrath whom has not been identified. Dr. L. was Dr. Leonard, Dr. Morgan's friend. At the corner of North Main and Church in Providence is and was St. John's Episcopal Church with a cemetery on the premises. Sadie and Miss McGrath may have attended a funeral and then Miss McGrath stayed the night at 12 Adelphi.

S 05/14

Cloudy Day.


S 05/15

Rained very hard.  Very quiet. Sherman came in.  Year since Mrs. M death

Mrs. Jennie (Warren) Morgan, Dr. Morgan's wife, died May 15, 1926.

M 05/16

Stormy morning.  Albert Jefferson called.  I washed some pieces.

Albert Jefferson has not been identified.

Tu 05/17

Showery.  I washed C in Dr room.  Mrs. L. Made her farewell call.

Sadie must have cleaned Dr. Morgan's room. Mrs. L. not known unless she was Dr. Leonard's wife or relative.

W 05/18

John came for usual call.

As usual, John made his Wednesday visit.

Th 05/19

Very quiet.  No one in.


F 05/20

Dr. Leonard called. Stormy day.

Dr. Leonard seems to have a routine. He mostly visits Dr. Morgan on Fridays.

S 05/21

Stormy day.  Lindbergh arrives in P 5:21 P.M.  Flies in 33 hrs & 29 M From New York. 

Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris at 5:21pm (Paris Time) after a 33 hour, 29 minute flight from New York.

S 05/22

Nice day  but very quiet


M 05/23

Stormy day but I washed   Thunder shower


Tu 05/24

Mrs. G. staid. I went down town and over to the church to the spring Frolic. Rainy day


W 05/25

Rainy day.  Mrs. G went home


Th 05/26

Stormy Day. Very Chilly & Damp


F 05/27

Very cold.  Snow squalls.  Dr. Leonard called.


S 05/28

A little warmer


S 05/29

Fine day. I did not feel very good. No one in.


M 05/30

Very quiet. Sherman and Mary came in.  Arlo is with me.

Memorial Day. The identity of Arlo is not known. May be a child.







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