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Volume 1: The First Three Generations of Aaron Stark's Descendants in New England
Chapter 15: Three Daniel Starks In Gordon, Connecticut, 1753-1758

Part 4: The Third Generation; Children of William Stark (Senior)

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Chapter 15

Three Daniel Starks In Gordon, Connecticut, 1753-1758

{By Ralph M. Stoughton, Gill Mass., 1956; Contributed by Rodney Schroeder. Comments by Clovis LaFleur, 2003}


Authorís Introduction

The following was taken from a typed text obtained from Rodney Schroeder, who has the original. The theory presented concludes Daniel Stark, No. 94 on page 14 of the 1927 publication "The Aaron Stark Family", by Charles R. Stark, was not the son of Daniel Stark, No. 20, recorded on the same page, but actually the son of William Stark, Jr., No. 17 in this same text. The son of Daniel Stark, No. 20, was actually the Daniel Stark presented in the Ralph M. Stoughton publication which follows, who married Lois Culver. The significance of this article is it will change the parents of Daniel Stark, No. 94, presented in the Charles R. Stark text, from Daniel Stark, No. 20 who married Sarah Culver to William Stark, Jr. who married Experience Lamb. There are several areas of Ralph's dissertation which present weak arguments which will be strengthened by my comments based on additional research that has become available.

Clovis LaFleur

August 8, 2003


Ralph Stoughton Publication

There were three adult Daniel Starks in Groton, Connecticut, in the years 1753 to 1758, only two of whom, incorrectly identified as father and son, have been listed in the genealogy published as THE AARON STARK FAMILY.

The Daniel Stark who died in November 1787 aged 62 years, and therefore born about the year 1725, is placed as Daniel Stark Junior, the son of Daniel Stark born about 1702 and his wife, Sarah Culver. By the will of her father, Sarah (Culver) Stark is identified as the daughter of Joseph Culver (Joseph2, Edward1). She was born May 24, 1710. That she was the mother of a son born in 1725 is highly unlikely. Disproof is found in the fact that the Daniel born in 1725 was called Junior to distinguish him from his uncle called Daniel born in 1702, whose son, not born until about 1732 and also called Daniel Junior or Daniel 2nd, has been overlooked and omitted in the genealogy.

Under date of March 15, 1753, Daniel Culver, in a very specifically worded deed, conveyed to "Daniel Stark, Jr., the son of William Stark, Jr. late of Groton, Deceased," twenty acres of land in Groton.[1] As the Daniel Stark Junior, omitted in the genealogy, will be identified as the son of Daniel and Sarah (Culver) Stark, the Daniel Stark born in 1725 must have been the Daniel Stark Jr. of this deed. He was therefore the son of William and Experience (Lamb) Stark and not the son of Daniel and Sarah (Culver) Stark. No son Daniel, however, is found among the recorded children of William and Experience, but the list is incomplete, and dates of birth for the younger children are uncertain. A son Daniel could with perfect probability have been born about the year 1725, and have been the Daniel who married Jemima, born Jan. 1, 1727, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Lamb) Culver. Their first born, a son William, was evidently named for his grandfather.

So far as records show, Sarah Culver was the first wife of the eldest of the three Daniels. They must have been married 1730-31, as Daniel bought fifteen acres of land from his father-in-law, Sept. 5, 1731.[2] When Daniel made his will in 1757 he named four children who must have been the children of this marriage; his oldest son, Daniel, already of age, his two daughters, Sarah and Desire, both mentioned in the will of their grandfather Culver {Joseph Culver, husband of Mary Stark} , and his youngest son, Nathan, who was born about the year 1743 if family record is correct in giving his age as 87 at the time of his death in 1830.[3] Other children , if any, did not survive. Sarah (Culver) Stark undoubtedly died not long after the birth of Nathan as she was not living in 1747 when her father {Joseph Culver} made his will. Daniel then married Judith Fitch who probably was the Judith born about 1703, daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Mason) Fitch, as she was the mother of a son Joseph, presumably named for his grand-father Fitch.[4] 

Daniel Stark, Jr., son of Daniel and Sarah (Culver) Stark has been omitted in THE AARON STARK FAMILY, and the following is cited to establish his identity. 



1) Groton, New London County Deed Book 5, page 140.

2) Groton, New London County Deed Book 3, page 20. [Authorís Comment: This marriage could have been as early as 1728, when Daniel Stark received property from his father, William Stark, Sr. as a gift. Perhaps it was a wedding gift for the newly weds. See Daniel Stark Timeline, year 1728.]

3) See Daniel Stark's Will & Probate Record. [Authorís Comment: The birth year of Nathan is recorded in the Charles R. Stark Text on page 25 as "95. Nathan, d. 1830, age 87 yrs."]

4) Authorís Comment: Judith Fitch was more likely to have been a widow, for she had a son named Joseph, adopted by Daniel, which would imply she was married before she married Daniel. I question she was the daughter of Joseph and Sarah (Mason) Fitch unless she had a son out of wed lock.



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September 3, 1817, Luke and Sally Guyant conveyed to Amos Stark, all title "that we have or ought to have in and unto the real estate of Daniel Stark late of Groton, deceased, died possessed of..." (meaning the father of said Sally Guyant.)[1] On the same day and recorded on the same page, Amos Stark, the grantee in the foregoing deed, conveyed to Judith Stark all title "that I have in and to the real estate thay my Hon. Father Daniel Stark, late of Groton died possessed of, meaning to include in this deed the right which I have this day purchased of Luke Guyant and Sally Guyant his wife."

On August 12, 1824, Mary Starr of Groton (according to copy of the deed, but possibly a misreading for Mary Stark, an error found in other instances) also conveyed to Judith Stark all her rights and interests in the estate of her late father, Daniel Stark.[2] 

Judith Stark, the grantee in these deeds made in the years 1817 and 1824, could not have been the widow, Judith (Fitch) Stark, but must have been a Judith named for her, and the daughter of a Daniel Stark who can have been none other than Judith (Fitch) Stark's step-son, Daniel, the son of Daniel and Sarah (Culver) Stark.

From the foregoing it is evident that Amos Stark, Sally Guyant and Mary Starr (or Stark) were the children of the Daniel unlisted in the genealogy.

Born about the year 1732, he was of age when his father made his will, and was made co-executor with his step-mother. He undoubtedly was married at that time. Positive identification of his wife has not been found, but she probably was the Lois Stark who witnessed the deed in which he conveyed five and one-half acres of his inheritance to Timothy Wightman, May 9, 1759.[3] That she was Lois Culver, sister of Amy Culver who married in Groton, Apr. 4, 1756, Elijah Newton, Amy being the daughter of Joseph4 Culver (Joseph3,2, Edward1) and his unknown wife, must be assumed from the fact that Daniel (as the legal representative of his deceased wife's heirs) with the other heirs of Joseph4 Culver conveyed on Apr. 18, 1777 to Joseph5 Culver and his sisters Bethany and Hannah, certain interests in the estate of Joseph4 Culver. [4] {See comment after Note 4}

The date of Lois (Culver) Stark's death is unrecorded , but Daniel left a widow, Sarah, by whom he had two daughters. The records of the first Baptist Church state "Sarah, wife of Daniel Stark 2nd, was received into fellowship, Mar. 4, 1775." Daniel's death occurred previous to the year 1809 when "widow Sarah" Stark is mentioned in a deed as owning land adjoining land owned by Amos Stark. According to the probate of her will, and also by the church records, widow Sarah died in 1815. She bequeathed to her two daughters, Abigail and Elizabeth, the property she had received as her dower right in Daniel's estate.

The wife of Amos Stark was Deborah, born Mar. 7, 1776 {Maybe 1778}, the daughter of Timothy and Mary (Holdredge) Lamb, and they had sons, Amos and Nathan. 

Amos Stark, Jr. was executor of the will of his aunt, Judith Stark who died unmarried in 1843, and on Oct. 1, 1844 he presented the will of Abigail Stark, also called aunt, to the Probate Court in New London. By her will "Nabby Starks of Groton" left all her real and personal property to her nephew and executor, Amos Starks. He died in New London between Feb. 5, 1851 the date of his will, and its probate on the 10th of the same month. He mentioned his wife, Nancy, also James S. Lyman the Trustee of his estate, Nathan S. Gardner, Emily Ridebeck and the children of Cyrus Hewitt, no relationships being given.

With the foregoing evidences establishing the family of Daniel and Lois (Culver) Stark and their children, Sarah, Amos, Judith, and Mary, is it not probable that Desire Stark, the wife of Eber Chapman, whose parentage has long been something of a mystery, was also their daughter, the namesake of her father's sister. Desire (Stark) Chapman was born Nov. 26, 1769, and the death of Lois (Culver) Stark must have occurred soon after that date as Daniel had Married Sarah, his second wife, previous to Mar. 4, 1775. By tradition, Desire (Stark) Chapman is supposed to have had one brother and a sister Judith.


1) Groton, New London County, Connecticut Deed Book 17, page 204.

2) Groton, New London County, Connecticut Deed Book 18, page 231.

3) Groton, New London County, Connecticut Deed Book 5, page 68. [Note: Could be Deed Book 6. Number in original hard to read.]

4) Groton, New London County, Connecticut Deed Book 11, page 8. [Authorís Comment: I have a problem with this source as proof Amy and Lois Culver are sisters. This deed, says "April 18, 1777: William Heath & Mary, his wife; Eunice Culver, guardian unto Lemuel Culver; Asa Button and Abigail, his wife; Joseph Colver; Bethany Colver and Hannah Colver, all heirs of Groton, sold for £ 100 to Daniel Stark of Groton, about 40 acres of land located in Groton and bounded by land laid out (this day) to William Heath and his wife Mary; Whitman's land; Asa Button and his wife Abigail; Joseph Culver and sisters (Bethany and Hannah); and Lemuel Culver. Signed by Eunice Culver, Asa Button, Abigail Button, Joseph Culver, William Heth, Mary Heth, Bethany Culver, and Hannah Culver. Witnessed by Benadam Gallup and Elizabeth Wells." There is no reference to a Amy Culver or Amy Newton or Elijah Newton in this transaction so I don't see the connection Ralph's document has that would say Amy and Lois are sisters. All of the other names fit with children of Joseph Culver4 but one would not believe Daniel is necessarily related to anyone mentioned. He was simply sold the land for the consideration of 100 pounds. There is no reference to Daniel being an heir to Jospeh Culver of Groton, deceased. Therefore, see the Authorís comments that follow which provide a better connection of Daniel Stark and Lois Culver to the Culver family and Daniel Stark, Sr. and his spouse, Sarah Culver.]



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Additional Comments by Clovis LaFleur with reference to Daniel Stark and Lois Culver

To make the connection of Daniel and Lois to the Culver family, one has to see several other deed transactions that occurred on April 18, 1777. "April 18, 1777: William Heath & Mary, his wife; Daniel Stark; Asa Button and Abigail, his wife; Joseph Colver; Bethany Colver and Hannah Colver, all heirs of Joseph Culver of Groton, sold for £ 100 to Lemuel Culver of Groton, about 40 acres of land "one half of the Cellar under the Late Dwelling House of our Honored father Joseph Culver Deceas'd and the Back Chamber and the East Garret in Said House and one certain Tract or Parcel of Land Situated Lying and being in Groton aforesaid and is part of the homestaid farm of Said Joseph Culver Deceased". The land was bounded by "A Lot of Land this Day Set out to William Heath and Mary his Wife"; and by the property of Daniel Stark; Robert Stanton; Mrs. Eunice Culver (widow of Joseph Culver); Joseph Cullver and his sisters [Bethany and Hannah]. Signed by Daniel Stark, Asa Button, Abigail Button, William Heath, Mary Heath, Joseph Colver, Bethany Culver, and Hannah Colver. [Groton, CT. Land Records, Volume 8, Page 106]. This transaction clearly reveals Daniel Stark is an "heir of Joseph Culver of Groton." In this case 40 acres is being sold to Lemuel Culver for 100 pounds. However, we still don't see Amy's name mentioned. 

"April 18, 1777: William Heath & Mary, his wife; Eunice Culver, guardian unto Lemuel Culver; Daniel Stark; Joseph Colver; Bethany Colver and Hannah Colver, all heirs of Jpseph Culver of Groton, sold for £ 100 to Asa Button and Abigail, his wife of Groton, about 40 acres of land located in Groton and bounded by land this day laid out to Joseph Culver and his sisters (Bethany & Hannah Culver); and bounded by the property of Daniel Stark; Wightman's land; and Moses Culver. Signed by Eunice Culver, Daniel Stark, Joseph Culver, Bethany Culver, and Hannah Culver, William Heath and Mary Heath.. Witnessed by Benadam Gallup and Elizabeth Wells. [Groton, CT. Land Records, Volume 11, Page 232]" Again, no mention of Amy. However, notice the reference "and bounded by the property of Daniel Stark; Wightman's land..." Again, the reference to Wightman, probably the same Timothy Wightman who purchased land from Daniel, this transaction having Lois Stark as witness.

 It would appear to me that Ralph's reference to Book 11, page 8 is very weak in connecting Daniel Stark to the family and none of the above would appear to provide a link of Lois Culver to Amy Culver. The strong connection will be found in Volume 8 [Probably Book 8], page 106 which links Daniel Stark as an heir to Joseph Culver of Groton, deceased. Volume 11, page 232 then provides the link to Daniel Stark, Junior where Wightman is mentioned having land which bounds the land that is the subject of the transaction.

Therefore, to seal the connection that Daniel Stark (Junior), son of Daniel Stark (Senior), is related to this Culver family through his wife named Lois Culver, one needs ;

  1. The Probate Record of Daniel Stark (Senior) [Daniel Stark Probate Record, Groton, New London County, Connecticut, STARKE Daniel Groton Packet #5065, 1758] which provides a connection to Desire Stark, Daniel's sister, and also to Timothy Wightman;

  2. The March 17, 1761 documents which link, again, Daniel Stark, Desire Stark, and Timothy Wightman [Book 4, page 225];

  3. Ralph's record showing Lois Stark was a witness to a deed transaction between Daniel Stark and Timothy Wightman on May 9, 1759 [Book 6, page 68];

  4. The documents dated April 18, 1777 which show Daniel is a heir of Joseph Culver of Groton, deceased and the document illustrating Wightman was living near the land of both Daniel Stark and Joseph Culver, deceased. [Book 8, page 106; Book 11, page 232]

Collectively, the above provides a much more complete connection of Lois Culver and her family to Daniel Stark (Junior) who was the son of Daniel Stark, (Senior) and Sarah (Culver) Stark. Take any of them alone for the proof, and you don't have a case for the connection. Ralph's mention of the deed with the given name Lois Stark on it tells us the given name of Daniel's wife, but the source cited by Ralph to connect Lois to the Joseph Culver family doesn't make the connection to the Culver family at all.



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