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Volume 3: The Newton County, Texas Stark Families
Part 2 Appendix 3: Probate Record of Sarah Stark
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Probate Court, Edgar County, Illinois, Number 199; In the Matter of the Estate of Sarah Starks, Deceased; Leander Muncill, Administrator

Document #1

State of Illinois, Edger County}} The people of the State of Illinois to James Adams, William Flood, and Jame Lemaster of the County of Edger and State of Illinois, Greeting This is to authorize you jointly to appraise the goods, chattels, and personal estate of Sarah Stark, late of the County of Edgar and the State of Illinois deceased so far as the same shall come to your sight and knowledge each of you having first taken the oath here to annexed a certificate where of you are to return annexed to an appraisement bill of said goods, chattels, and personal estate by you appraised, in dollars and cents and in the said bill of appraisement you are to set down in a columns or columns opposite to each article appraised to the value thereof. ?Wetrips? Samuel Connely Probate Justice of the Peace for the said count of Edgar at his office in Paris this 28th day of October A. D. 1839. Signed Samuel Connely, P. J. P.


Document #2

You and each of you do solemnly swear that you will well and truly, without partiality or prejudice, value and appraise the goods, chattels, and personal estate of Sarah Starks deceased so far as the same shall come to your sight and knowledge and that you will perform your duty as appraisers to the best of your skill and judgments so help you god.


Document #3

State of Illinois, County of Edgar}} I, John Delay, a Justice of the peace in & for said county do here certify that James Adams, William Flood, & James Lamaster whose names are annexed to the within appraisement Bill were duly qualified by me as appraisers of the within mentioned property. Given under my hand & seal, this 2 day of Nov. 1839. Signed John Delay, J. P.


Document #4

The property embraced in the Within Inventory consisted of clothing and bedding of the deceased and was of little value and the children being desirous of keeping it, it was by the heirs divided among themselves in my prescience to the satisfaction of all parties. Signed Leander Muncill, Administrator


Document #5

We James Adam, William Flood, and James Lemaster having been appointed by the Probate Court for Edgar County Illinois to appraise the goods and chattels of Sarah Stark, deceased, of said having been qualified according to law has so appraised the following articles, Viz

1 Bed and Bedding.........................................$10

1 [Not legible]...................................................$ 5

Signed James Adams, William {His X Mark} Flood, James {His X Mark} Lemaster


Document #6

Sarah Stark...[Not legible]... Wm. Howe ...[Not legible]... 1838 Feb 23.... [List of items which is difficult to read which totaled $14.94.]


Document #7

May 10th 1839 to ...[Not legible]... Sarah Stark [?Dr? Give??] to Archibald C. Stark

to one note ten dollars, $10.00

to bonding & clothing, $25.00

to coffin & funal charges, $9.00

total, $44.00

to Interest on Note, $1.00

to wine & ?Rarans?, $3.50



Document #8

Estate of Sarah Stark, deceased with Leander Muncill, Administrator

By ...[Not legible]... and sundry judgment which are set forth by the record of the Probate Court of Edgar County which were collected will amount to}}} $238.76 before Asa Starks, ...[Not legible]... $40.00


[Note This next list looks like charges against the estate.]

1 day in appraising property, $1.00

3 days settling and other ...[Not legible]... of estate, $3.00

Paid Wm Brasee, $10.00

Paid Smith & ?Hite?, $14.94

Paid Willard & Steele, $10.21

Paid A. C. Stark, $46.00

Paid S. Connely, $3.50

Paid J. ...[Not legible]..., $15.00

My time & Experience, 2 days at the Clark Circuit Court, $3.75

6% on $278. 76/100, $16.72

Paid appraisers fees, $2.25

Paid printer for advertising, $1.00

Total paid out $127.37

deduct probate fees ...[Not legible] the estate $151.39. Added in $15.00 which states "gives to amt. of appraisement bill." Total of the Estate came to $166. 39


Document #9

So far as the administrator has any knowledge there are but five heirs to divide the estate among Viz-- A. C. Stark --- Asa Stark --- and an insane brother of which he is the guardian --- Wm Brazee --- and Wm Howe --- No other claim having been presented or known of to the administrator, The Probate Justice will please declare a ?divident? to the heirs of the entire estate remaining to take off so soon as the money come into the hands of Administrator --- I will here remark that so far as collection have actually been made all the heirs are how indebted to the administrator and some of them entire joyment has been made, a legal order only, wanting to have the ?court? shortly ?close, etc.? --- All of which is respectfully submitted. Signed" Leander Muncill, Adm. of Sarah Stark, Dec.; Paris, Illinois 17th November 1842.


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