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Volume 3: The Newton County, Texas Stark Families

Part 7: Asahel "Asa" Lafitte Stark & His Descendants

Copyright © February, 2004, Clovis La Fleur

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Page 87


Chapter 13

Asahel "Asa" Lafitte Stark; A Biography

By Clovis LaFleur, February, 2004

Note from the Author: The following was organized and compiled from contributions made by Pauline Stark Moore and Mary Stark. With out their many years of research of the Stark families of Newton County and their collection of documents and photos related to Asahel "Asa" Stark, this biography would not have been possible.

Asahel "Asa" Lafitte Stark


A son, Asahel Lafitte Stark, was born to Daniel R. Stark and Nancy Hawley June 19, 1817 in Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana.[1] He was their fourth born child. Asahel had older sisters named Sarah Maria/Mariah, and Prudence Jane and an older brother named William Hawley. Research has revealed his given name was recorded as "Asahel" in his grandfather Samuel Hawley’s Revolutionary War Pension, while Esahl appears in his father’s Louisiana probate records. He was most likely named after his grandfather, Asahel Stark. In Texas he was known as Asa Stark.

Before Asa was born, the family lived in Genesee County, New York. They were only a few miles from Niagara Falls and his grandparents, Asahel and Sarah Stark, lived nearby in Caledonia township and later in Penfield, Ontario County, New York. Probably living with the family was his other grandfather, Samuel Hawley, a veteran of the Revolutionary War who had lived in Massachusetts before the war. The family moved to Louisiana and settled on the west bank of the Mississippi River in a community called Port Allen, located directly across from the growing community of Baton Rouge. Property was purchased by Daniel R. Stark in 1817 which was described as "four acres front to the river Mississippi."[2] Asa Lafitte Stark was born soon after the family arrived in Louisiana.

Tragedy struck the family within fours years of their arrival when Daniel R. Stark died suddenly on June 20, 1820. With assistance from her father, Samuel Hawley, and brother-in-law, William Stark, Asa’s mother handled the probate proceedings which provided the names of the children of Daniel R. Stark. This is the first document to be found which shows the relationship of Asa Lafitte Stark and his siblings to Daniel R. Stark and Nancy Hawley which states "Know all men by these presents that where as Nancy Holly Stark has presented a petition to this court praying for tutorship in order to administer on the property in community between [?her?] and her children and whereas this Nancy Stark has come before this court and has fulfilled all the formalities in such case required by law, it.... [Not legible] ....children named William, Mariah, Prudence, Esahl, and Amanda, and fully authorized to act as such pertaining to [?the?] laws. Given by the hand and seal this [??] of July 1820. Signed: Ph. Favrot."[3] On September 5, 1820, Asa's Uncle, William Stark and his wife Victoria Betencourt, provided a donation of $2,200 to the children of Nancy Hawley, widow of Daniel R. Stark, with the benefactors of this donation being named William, Mariah, Prudence, Esahl, and Amanda.[4]

Nancy continued to live in Louisiana and is believed to have married a man named McGowan, although a record of this marriage has not been found  it is suggested in her father’s Revolutionary Pension Application presented in court in 1826.[5] On May 31, 1826, Samuel Hawley, living in Floyd County, Indiana declared, "....that I have one daughter only, her name is Nancy McGowan, aged 37 years, that she has five children, William, fifteen years of age, Maria, 13 years of age, Prudence, 10 years of age, Asahel, 8 years of age, and Matilda, 5 years of age... " Nancy Hawley probably moved to Indiana to live with her father, presumably after Mr. McGowan died or she obtained a divorce and to be near the Stark family, living nearby in Washington County, Indiana. This document records Asa’s age as 8 on May 31, 1826.

Asa lived for some period of time in Floyd County, Indiana with his mother and grandfather, Samuel Hawley, and probably had contact with his grandmother, Sarah Stark, and his Stark Uncles and Aunts living in nearby Washington County. On April 22, 1828, the Mississippi Pension Agency in Natchez, Mississippi wrote a letter to James Barbon, Secretary of War, requesting "Samuel Hawley, a pensioner on the rolls of the Indiana Agency makes application as per affidavit enclosed for a transfer to my department in having removed to the state of Mississippi... Signed Most Respectfully, Your ...[Not legible]..."[6] From this statement, we know a pensioner named Samuel Hawley had been living in Indiana until April of 1827 and he moved into the jurisdiction of the Mississippi Pension Agency. This was most likely the same Samuel Hawley, verified by the Ouachita Parish, Louisiana Marriage Records for Sarah Mariah Stark, most likely Samuel's granddaughter, married John T. Lewis on December 28, 1828.[7]



John Lawhorn Stark & Mary M. (Zachary) Stark Bible. Quote: "A. L. Stark was born June 19, 1817." Contributed by Pauline Stark Moore.


West Baton Rouge Parish Probate Packet #85 of Daniel R. Stark, deceased on the 20th June 1820. See Book E, page 77 of the Parish Deed Records for when the property was purchased in 1817.




Transcription of West Baton Rouge Parish Document; William Stark & His Spouse give $2,200 to the Children of his Brother, Daniel R. Stark. Dated September 5, 1820: "Know all men by these presents that I, Nancy Hawley, widow of the late Daniel R. Stark... acting as mother... of the children of the said Daniel R. Stark, named William, Prudence, Muriah, Esahl, and Amanda... Signed: Nancy Stark."


Samuel Hawley Service: Revolutionary War pension of a Samuel Hawley, S34916, National Archives Trust Fund. Record of this pension granted in Indiana July 27,1826. States: "Samuel Hawley of Floyd Co. in the State of Indiana…."




"The Handbook of Texas Online", article entitled "Samuel S. Lewis." BIBLIOGRAPHY: C. K. Chamberlain, "East Texas," East Texas Historical Journal 4 (October 1966). Mrs. Harry Joseph Morris, comp. and ed., Citizens of the Republic of Texas (Dallas: Texas State Genealogical Society, 1977). Texas House of Representatives, Biographical Directory of the Texan Conventions and Congresses, 1832-1845 (Austin: Book Exchange, 1941).




Page 88


Around 1830, William Hawley Stark, Asa’s older brother, married Elizabeth Zachary, daughter of Benjamin Zachary and Elizabeth Odom of St. Tammany Parish.[8] William Hawley probably purchased acreage in Ouachita Parish; most likely using the money he received as a gift from his Uncle William Stark.[9] His mother, grandfather, and other siblings, including Asa, may have lived with him and his new bride for the Vicksburg Register newspaper (Vicksburg, Mississippi), dated July 2, 1835 reported "Another Revolutionary Soldier is no more--Died at the upper settlement on Bayou Macon in the Parish of Carroll, State of Louisiana, on the 4th day of June 1835, Samuel Hawley, aged about 80 years, a native of the State of Massachusetts, and once a soldier of the Revolutionary army. Mr. Hawley was a pensioner and lived for several years back thus secluded and remote with his child and respected by all who knew him."[10] Since Samuel only had one child, Nancy Hawley, it would probably be correct to speculate from the newspaper report he lived with his daughter. The above property sold by William in 1848 was located at the head of Bayou Macon or probably in the area of the "upper settlement on Bayou Macon."

Asa’s sister, Sarah Mariah Stark, and her husband, John T. Lewis, had moved to Texas by 1832 and his older brother, William Hawley, moved there around 1836. Asa and his Mother probably also moved to Texas with William and lived briefly with his family. After the Texas War for Independence from Mexico, William H. Stark was elected Justice of the Peace, Sabine Beat 4, of Jasper County on February 4, 1839 and his brother, Asa Lafitte Stark was elected Constable, Sabine Beat 4 on the same date indicating both were living in the Republic of Texas by early 1839 and before.[11]

After the Texas Revolution, the Texas Congress declared heads of families living in Texas on March 2, 1836 could apply for a square league (4,428 acres) of land with no requirement to live on the land. To encourage settlement, Congress also offered immigrants arriving between March 2, 1836, and October 1, 1837, a grant of 1,280 acres for heads of families and 640 acres for single men.[12] On July 5, 1838, Asa L. Stark, a married man, was awarded 1,280 acres of land by the Republic of Texas, Jasper County.[13] This Headright document reveals Asa L. Stark was married before July 5th, 1838 and later documentation reveals his spouse was Matilda Donaho.

December 4, 1839, for the sum of fifty dollars, Asa sold several lots lying in the town of Belgrade to William Bazinett. The document stated, "...being situated in the town of Belgrade by the following numbers, viz: Lot No. three in square Eighty Seven. Lot No. 5 in square number one hundred and Eighty. Each lot was sixty feet front by one hundred and twenty in depth.."[14]

Texas was admitted into the Union December 28, 1845 and the state legislature marked off the eastern half of Jasper County to create Newton County on April 22, 1846; named to honor John Newton, a veteran of the American Revolution. County elections were held July 2, 1846 and the Newton County Commissioners Court met for the first time on August 22, 1846 at the home of Mrs. Nancy Cooper. On September 30, 1846, Bennett Hiram Zachary recorded Newton County’s first cattle brand, the numeral "7" with the cattle bearing for earmarks a crop and slit on the left ear and a crop on the right ear. Later on that same day, cattle brands were recorded for Asa L. Stark, William Herrin, and William H. Stark.[15] Bennett Hiram Zachary was William H. Stark’s brother-in-law, Asa L. Stark was William’s brother, and William Herrin was Asa’s brother-in-law married to his sister, Prudence Jane Stark.

January 11, 1847, the County Commissioners met and among those listed as competent Jurors in the County were John F. Lewis [Probably John T. Lewis, Asa’s brother-in-law married to Sarah Mariah Stark], Asa L. Stark, B. H. Zachary, and William Herring [Probably Herrin]. Persons on this list were qualified and liable to serve on Juries in Newton County for the January term of the County Court. On the same day, the County Court passed orders related to roads and overseers of roads within the County. The following entries were made in the minutes of the meeting: 1] Road Precinct 4. Road from Belgrade by Wm. H. Starks to subscription bridge on Big Cow Creek near Owen Taylor. Wm. H. Stark, Overseer. List of hands, L. D. Sanders, F. D. Porter, Edward Eubanks, Thos. S. McFarland & Negro; 2] Road Precinct 5. Road from W. H. Starks to the Ford on the creek near Wm. Herrings. Asa L. Stark, Overseer. List of hands, E. S. Hunt & hired Negroes, William Herring, James Herring, Joshua Hickman, Wm. F. Dobbs Negro.[16] On July 12th 1847, the Commissioners Court ordered "Road Precinct No. 4 be omitted and Wm. H. Stark, L. D. Saunders, and T. D. Porter be added to the list of hands on Precinct No. 5." Therefore, starting in July, Asa. L. Stark was overseer of this Road Crew with his brother William Hawley Stark and brother-in-law William Herrin serving as members of his crew.



Author's Estimate. Their first child, Daniel L. Stark was born in 1832, according to the 1850 census records for Newton County, Texas. Bennett Hiram Zachary lived near William Hawley Stark and Elizabeth Zachary in Newton County and is believed to be her brother. He has been confirmed to be the son of Benjamin Zachary and Elizabeth Odom of St. Tammany Parish in the publication entitled, "The Zachary Family, From Virginia to Texas", self published by Clovis

LaFleur in 1999.


Could have been Carroll Parish, formed in 1832 from part of Ouachita Parish. In a land record dated October 28, 1848; deeded to Alex Sappington of Carroll Parish, La. W.H. Stark and his wife signed this in Newton County, Texas document witnessed by Harriott Merirtt (spelling) & Nancy Hardin (Mother of W. H. Stark); 160 acres, noted in West Carroll Parish, Conveyance Old Book A, page 136. The sale here was recorded Nov 29, 1848. Transcribed & Contributed by Pauline Mobley, September 9, 2002.


Source 1: Marriages and Deaths from Mississippi Newspapers, Volume 3: 1813 - 1850, page 173. Compiled by Betty Couch Wiltshire. Source 2: Pauline Mobley transcribed & contributed Samuel Hawley’s obituary.


Compiled Index to Elected and Appointed Officials of the Republic of Texas: 1835-1846, a publication of the State Archives Division of the Texas State Library in Austin. Printed 1981, Volume 1, page 295.


Red River Authority of Texas;


File 31, Newton/S675, Jasper 2nd Class to A. L. Stark, Certificate #365, See enlargement of Asa's Headright by clicking on the Thumbnail image. Use your back button to return to this text.


Newton County, Texas Deed Book C, page 98


Newton County Records, 1846, Transcribed by Melba Canty, County Clerk in 1976.


Commissioners Court Minutes of Newton County, 8/22/1845 to 2/18/1851, transcribed by Melba Canty, County Clerk, 1976.




Page 89


Sometime after this date and before the 1850 census, Asa L. Stark moved to Jefferson County, Texas. In the Jefferson County 1850 census, Asa was head of the house, age 33, with a spouse named Matilda, age 25, children named Julia Ann, age 8, Daniel, age 4, John age 2, and others in the household named Nancy Hardin, age 68, and Lamar Herring, age 11. Nancy Hardin was born in New York and was most likely Asa’s Mother, Nancy Hawley. Lamar Herring was probably a grandson of Nancy’s who was a son of William Herrin and Prudence Jane Stark who may have been visiting at the time of the census.[17]

Asa and Matilda Donaho were probably married in Texas, although the marriage could have occurred Louisiana. No record of marriage has been found thus far in Texas. In 1835 she was living with her family in the Municipality of Bevil before the Texas Revolution. According to the 1850 census, she was born in 1825 but she must have been born earlier[18] for this year of birth would imply she was 13 years old or younger when she married Asa. She most likely was born in the year 1822, this year of birth documented in the 1835 Mexican Census for the Municipality of Bevil where she was recorded as a 13 year old daughter of Daniel Donaho.[19] She was the daughter of Daniel Donaho and Nancy Larimore, both with origins in South Carolina. They were married about 1807 and moved to Pike County, Mississippi, with several of Daniel's brothers. In the early 1820's, Daniel and Nancy moved to Ouachita Parish where their son, Lewis Donaho, married Ann Lewis, the sister of John T. Lewis who married Asa’s sister, Sarah Mariah Stark.[20] In 1835, Daniel was reported to be 66 years old, Nancy was 43 years old and their daughter, Matilda, was 13 years old.[19]

Mexican records reveal Daniel was issued a character certificate March 21, 1835, which stated he was a native of South Carolina and had a family of nine persons which included himself.[21] Daniel received a league of land "On Malerose, a branch of Cow Creek, a tributary of Sabine," under Zavala on December 4, 1835 and after the Texas Revolution, Daniel and his son Lewis were among the signers of a petition for Mr. B. X. Mudd to erect a mill on Big Cow Creek, this document dated April 5, 1838.[20]

A record of purchase of land by Asa L. Stark in Jefferson County has not been found but he sold property with frontage on the Sabine River in Orange County February 4, 1854 to H. B. Force for the sum of $50. Orange County was created from Jefferson County January 5, 1852 which indicates the property was originally purchased when under the jurisdiction of Jefferson County.[22] William Herring was a witness, who signed with his mark. This was most likely Asa’s brother-in-law who married Prudence Jane Stark and was known to be living in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

Asa was appointed by James Ingalls, Sheriff of Jefferson County, to be his deputy October 27, 1851 and took the oath of office October 29, 1851.[23],[24] However, Orange County was formed from Jefferson County in January of 1852, and Asa probably continued to perform his duties as deputy sheriff in Orange County until elections could be held. James Ingalls, born in Massachusetts in 1818, was reported to be a teacher in the 1850 census for Jefferson County, which he probably did until becoming Sheriff.[25] He later married Esther A. Nettles October 16, 1853, in Jefferson County and after leaving the office of County Sheriff, became the County School Examiner.[26]

Asa and Matilda returned to Newton County before he sold the property in Orange to H. B. Force, for the document describing this sale of property recorded "Know all men by these presents that I, Asa L. Stark of the County of Newton and State of Texas." Therefore, before February 4, 1854, Asa’s residency had become Newton County. March 15, 1854, Asa L. Stark sold his 1,280 acre Republic of Texas Headright to his brother, William Hawley Stark for $1,000 and on the same day, his spouse, Matilda, purchased the F. H. Pollard and Willie Donaho Surveys from Adam Lackey Stewart and his spouse Margaret.[27]



Source Information: 1850 United States Federal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2009. Images reproduced by FamilySearch. Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: Jefferson CountyTexas; Roll: M432_912; Page: 243A; Image: 72.


File 31, Newton/S675, Jasper 2nd Class to A. L. Stark, Certificate #365. Dated July 5th, 1838, says Asa L. Stark was a married man.


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Transcribed by Mary Stark, Copy of original in files of Clovis L. LaFleur & Pauline Stark Moore. "{The State of Texas, County of Jefferson} Be it known that I James Ingalls, Sheriff of Said County, do hereby appoint Asa Stark my deputy in said County and as such deputy to do and transact all official business pertaining to my office and all acts and duties of myself as the principle. Given under my hand and Scroll by way of Seal this twenty seventh day of October A. D. one thousand and eight hundred and fifty one. Signed: James Ingalls."


Transcribed by Mary Stark, Copy of original in files of Pauline Stark Moore and Clovis LaFleur. "{The State Of Texas, County of Jefferson} I, Asa Stark, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully and impartially discharge and perform all the duties incumbent on me as deputy Sheriff for the County of Jefferson to the best of my skill and abilities agreeably to the Constitution and laws of the United States and of the State; and I do further solemnly swear that since the adoption of this Constitution of this State by the Congress of the United States, I being a citizen of this State have not fought a dual with deadly weapons within this State, or out of it nor have I lent or accepted a challenge to fight a dual with deadly weapons nor have I acted as second in carrying a challenge or aided, advised, or assisted any person thus offending, so help me God. Signed: A. L. Stark."


Census, Jefferson County, Texas 1850.


Barrera, Mary,; File named "Steeles Mar2002" last updated January 24, 2004.


Newton County, Texas Deed Book B. pages 399 & 400.




Page 90


Tax records for 1855 reveal A. L. Stark acted as agent for Matilda Stark, there perhaps being some tax advantage in this arrangement. The Pollard and Donaho surveys took in the mouth of Caney Creek where it emptied into the Sabine River, and from the deed, this had apparently been a ferry crossing belonging to William Dougherty. Apparently, Asa and Matilda moved on to the newly purchased property or perhaps continued to live on Asa’s Headright.

Dennis Call Stark[28] was born February 11, 1850, in Jefferson County before the region where this birth occurred was divided into Orange County. Born in Belgrade, Newton County, Texas was Julia Ann Stark[29], born in 1842, Daniel Donahue Stark[30], born April 30, 1846, and John Lawhorn Stark[31], born July 20, 1848. These would be all of the children born to Asa L. Stark and Matilda Donaho. Sometime before March of 1857, Matilda Stark died, her estate being probated in that year. Asa was appointed administrator of her estate and the Donaho and Pollard Surveys were appraised at $700.[32] Asa sold these properties at auction, July 5, 1858, to N. H. Rice for $354 to pay Matilda’s debts.[33]

Asa married Hester Ann "Hettie" Ford in Newton County, Texas, March 26, 1857.[34] She was born in the year 1832 in Franklin County, Mississippi, the daughter of David Ford and Courtney Caraway.[35] George Dougharty married his second wife, Courtney (Caraway) Ford, January 1, 1835, in Franklin County, Mississippi. This was Courtney’s second marriage, having previously been married to David Ford in the same County and State January 30, 1822. Courtney died before September of 1853 and George took out a license February 20, 1854, to marry Harriet Hall, widow of Britton Hall; but was killed by an ox on March 28, 1855, leaving the younger children still living at home orphans.[36] The 1860 census for Newton County reports Marshall Joseph Dougharty and Charles Bowman Dougharty living in the home of Asa Lafitte Stark and Hester Ann "Hettie" Ford, the half-sister of the Dougharty brothers.[37]

Those living in the home of Asa in the 1860 census were Asa L. Stark, age 43, with spouse named Hettie, age 27, Daniel, age 14, son John "E.", age 11, Dennis, age 8, David, age 2, and Courtney, age 7/11, these last two being children of Hettie. Living next door to Asa was his step-brother, Napoleon Bonaparte Hardin, age 32. Napoleon’s step-mother was Nancy Hawley, Asa’s Mother who married Enos Hardin after 1838. Julia Ann Stark, the oldest child of Asa and Matilda, married Philip Dempsey September 16, 1855, in Newton County and was not recorded as living with the family in 1860.[34] Apparently, Philip and Julia were living in another County in 1860, for they are not listed in the Newton County census for that year. Asa and Hettie were probably living on the property purchased by George Dougherty and his son, William from Adam Lackey Stewart September 20, 1845.[38] The 1860 census reveals Asa had personal property valued at $215 and had no real property in the County.

When the Civil War started, Asa’s son-in-law, Philip Dempsey, joined the 13th Texas Cavalry Battalion known as Waller’s Battalion, serving in Company D. He and Julia Ann had one son, Philip Dempsey, Jr., born in early 1863, most likely after his father died in the Civil War.[39] The 13th Texas Cavalry Battalion was organized in the summer of 1862 and surrendered on May 26, 1865, with the rest of the Trans-Mississippi Dept. They fought at: Fort Bisland (April 63), Brashear City (June 63), Donaldsonville (June 63), Sterling’s Plantation (Sept 63), Bayou Bourbeau (November 63), Red River Campaign (March-May 64), Mansfield (April 64), and at Pleasant Hill (April 64).

Asa’s son, Daniel, joined Company E, Spaight’s Regiment Texas Infantry May 21, 1864, in Newton, Texas. On March 24, 1864, two months before he enlisted, he married Julia Cassandra (Dougherty) Stark, the widow of his cousin, Samuel Hawley Stark, who died of disease in March of 1863 in Arkansas. Samuel Hawley Stark was the son of William Hawley Stark. Daniel was recruited by D. McMahon for the duration of the war. He was on the company muster roll for January and February of 1865 and reported sick at home on the April 28, 1865, roll call. Company E returned home May 15, 1865, from garrison duty on Bolivar’s Point, defending Galveston, Texas. The men were mustered out May 26, 1865, after the Regiment surrendered.[40]

During and after the war, Asa and Hettie had children named Lydia E. Stark, born in August of 1862, Asa Lafitte Stark, Junior, born in September of 1865, Prudence R. Stark, born in 1866, and William Bennett "Bill" Stark, born December 31, 1869. William was born in Limestone County, Texas and the last known record of Asa’s family in Newton County was the marriage of his son, John Lawhorn Stark in 1867. He married Mary Matilda Zachary, the daughter of Bennett Hiram Zachary and Penelope Davis/Moore. The ceremony was held at Mary Matilda’s mother's home, October 15, 1867, with the Reverend Friend McMahon officiating.[41] Witness to the marriage was Mrs. Anlston and Mr. Adam Whitman.

Probably in the year 1868, the family, along with Penelope (Davis) Zachary, widow of Bennett Hiram Zachary, who had married Daniel Donaho, the father of Asa’s first wife, Matilda Donaho, moved to Limestone County where they appear on the 1870 census. Penelope Zachary’s children named James Bennett Zachary and John Austin Zachary were married in Robertson County, Texas, which is adjacent to Limestone County.

Hattie Ford probably died after the 1870 census year and her children and Asa moved in with Asa’s daughter, Julia Ann, who had married William McFarland after her first husband, Philip Dempsey, died in the Civil War. The 1880 census for Robertson County, Texas reports William McFarland, age 41, as head of the house married to Julia A., age 38. Philip Dempsey, age 17, was reported to be a stepson of the head of the house and others living in the home were David D. Stark, age 22, Lydia E. Stark, age 17, and William B. Stark, age 11.[42] They were children of Asa Stark and Hattie Ford. Working as a housekeeper in the 1880 census in the home of Walter S. Bryant was twenty-four year old Courtney Stark, most likely their daughter, although she should have been 21 years old in 1880.[43] Not accounted for in the 1880 census was Asa himself, Prudence R. Stark and Asa Lafitte Stark, Junior. Most likely the latter two died before the census year for no records have been found related to them other than the 1870 census. Asa married Mrs. Rebecker Roberts January 24, 1880, in Limestone County, Texas. Asa Lafitte Stark died November 9, 1881, in Robertson County, Texas, the site of his burial unknown.[44]



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John Lawhorn Stark & Mary M. (Zachary) Stark Bible. Quote: "A. L. Stark departed this life Nov 9 1881." Contributed by Pauline Stark Moore.



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Asahel "Asa" Lafitte Stark Family Group


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Asahel "Asa" Lafitte Stark (Daniel R. Stark6, Asahel Stark5, Christopher Stark (Junior)4, Christopher Stark (Senior)3, William Stark (Senior)2, Aaron Stark [1608-1685]) was born June 19, 1817, in Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana, and died November 9, 1881, in Robertson County, Texas. He married 1st, Matilda Donaho, before July 5, 1838, most likely in Jasper County (Later Newton Co.), Texas. She was born in 1822 in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana, and died in 1856 in Newton County, Texas. She is buried in an unmarked grave at the Hawley Innman Place, Newton County, Texas. He married 2nd, Hester Ann "Hettie" Ford, March 26, 1857, in Newton County, Texas. She was born in 1832 in Franklin County, Mississippi, and died in 1871 in Limestone County, Texas. He married 3rd, Mrs. Rebecker Roberts, January 24, 1880, in Limestone County, Texas.



Children of Asahel "Asa" Lafitte Stark and Matilda Donaho are:


Julia Ann Stark was born about 1842 in Belgrade, Newton County, Texas, and died after 1880. She married 1st, Philip Dempsey September 16, 1855, in Newton County, Texas and died in the Civil War.  She married 2nd, William McFarland. He was born in Louisiana.


danieldstarkts.jpg (119911 bytes)Daniel Donaho Stark was born April 30,1846, in Belgrade, Newton County, Texas, and died December 13, 1927, in Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma. He was buried in the Rosehill Cemetery, Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma. He married Julia Cassandra Dougharty March 24, 1864, in Newton County, Texas, USA. She was born in August of 1839, in Louisiana, and died after 1900, most likely in Johnson County, Texas. Photo: Daniel Donaho Stark Tombstone, Rosehill Cemetery, Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma.


johnlawhornstarkml.jpg (107544 bytes)John Lawhorn Stark was born July 20, 1848, in Belgrade, Newton County, Texas, and died December 20, 1926, in Jacksonville, Cherokee County, Texas. He married Mary Matilda Zachary October 15, 1867, in Newton County, Texas, at the home of the bride's mother. She was the daughter of Bennett Hiram Zachary and Penelope Davis. Mary was born August 25, 1850, in Newton County, Texas, and died December 29, 1917, in Macy, Texas.

Document is John and Mary's Newton County, Texas Marriage Certificate.


denniscallstarkts.jpg (156924 bytes)marybradfordstark.jpg (157035 bytes)Dennis Call Stark was born February 11, 1851, in Jefferson County (Later Orange County), Texas, and died April 24, 1921, in Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. He was buried in the Rosehill Cemetery, Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. He married Mary Elizabeth Bradford in 1881 in Mansfield, Tarrant County, Texas. She was born July 29, 1860, in Texas, and died June 7, 1934, in Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. She was buried in the Rosehill Cemetery, Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. Cemetery Photos of the tombstones of Dennis and Mary.


Children of Asahel "Asa" Lafitte Stark and Hester Ann "Hettie" Ford are:


David Dewitt Stark was born April18, 1858, in Newton County, Texas, and died December 23, 1904, in Robertson County, Texas. He was buried in the Ebenezer Cemetery, Kosse, Limestone County, Texas. He married Mary Evelyn "Mollie" Rasco June 22, 1882, in Robertson County, Texas. She was born October 29, 1867, in Limestone County, Texas, and died January 12, 1942 in Robertson County, Texas. She was buried in the Ebenezer Cemetery, Kosse, Limestone County, Texas.


courtneyannstark.jpg (41373 bytes)Courtney Ann Stark was born December 22, 1859, in Newton County, Texas, and died November 21, 1937, in Happy, Swisher County, Texas. She married John Bouregard Holton in August of 1882, in Robertson County, Texas. He was born in June of 1861, in Texas. Photo is of Courtney Ann (Stark) Holton.


lydiaelizabethstark.jpg (103556 bytes)Lydia Elizabeth Stark was born in August of 1862, in Newton County, Texas. She married Elijah Gwen Baker Ward in June of 1880, in Robertson County, Texas. Photo is Lydia.


Asa Lafitte Stark Jr. was born in September of 1865.


Prudence R. Stark was born in about 1866.


willbennetstark.jpg (16845 bytes)William Bennett "Bill" Stark was born December 31, 1869, in Kosse, Limestone County, Texas, and died March 18, 1915 in Anson, Jones County, Texas. He married Nancy Ellen Phiffer December 04, 1890, in Kosse, Limestone County, Texas. She was born July 9, 1874, in Kosse, Limestone County, Texas, and died February 22, 1963, in Waco, McLennan County, Texas. Photo is of William & Nancy.




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Asahel "Asa" Lafitte Stark & Mary Zachary Family Scrapbook & Photo Album

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The publication entitled "The Zachary Family, From Virginia to Texas," by Clovis LaFleur; is available as a free download formatted as a PDF file. Click HERE for a Free Download of the publication. [Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to Open the file. This file can be saved to your computer for printing at home; or copied to a USB Flash Drive or burned to a DVD to be printed and bound by a professional print shop. File size is 1.9 megabytes. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click HERE to go to]


Daniel Donahue Stark was born April 30, 1846 in Belgrade, Newton County, Texas and died December 13, 1927 in Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma. He married Julia Cassandra Dougharty March 24, 1864 in Newton County, Texas daughter of George Dougharty and Courtney Caraway. She was born August 1839 in Louisiana and died Aft. 1900 in Probably Johnson County, Texas. Daniel Stark was buried in the Rosehill Cemetery, Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma.

Photo of Daniel Donahue Stark.


DANIEL DONOHUE STARK, by Pauline Stark Moore

Daniel Donohue Stark was the son of Asa Lafitte Stark and Matilda Donaho. He was born in Newton County Texas and spent most of his life in Texas. He moved to Oklahoma in his old age. He was a soldier in Spaight's Regiment, Company C, 21 johnldanieldstark.jpg (58356 bytes)Texas Infantry. His cousin Samuel Hawley Stark died in the Civil War. He married Samuel's widow, Julia Cassandra Dougharty Stark. She had three small children by Samuel.

They then had several more children. Daniel wrote a letter to his brother William Bennett’s widow shortly after he died. It was a very sensitive and sweet letter. I believe he must have remembered how hard it was for Julia after she lost Samuel. He seemed to understand how Nan Ellen must have felt. We have a picture of him shortly before he died, taken in Normangee. He had come by train from Ardmore to visit my Great Grandfather John Lawhorn Stark. His family is a large one, with many fine folks to carry on for him. GOD BLESS THEM ALL.

Photo: Left, Daniel D. Stark; Right, John Lawhorn Stark.


johnlawhornstark.jpg (109177 bytes)

John Lawhorn Stark was born July 20, 1848 in Belgrade, Newton County, Texas and died December 20, 1926 in Jacksonville, Texas. He married Mary Matilda Zachary October 15, 1867 in Newton County, Texas, the daughter of Bennett Hiram Zachary and Penelope Davis. She was born August 25, 1850 in Newton County, Texas, and died December 29, 1917 in Macy, Texas.

Photo of John Lawhorn Stark


John Lawhorn Stark, My Great Grandfather, By Pauline Stark Moore, 1999 

The knowledge that we have about John Lawhorn Stark is a great deal more than facts and figures. My father and my mother both knew him as children. He was a great influence for good in their lives. He was an itinerant Methodist preacher. He had a brush arbor Church in the little community of Macy in Robertson County, Texas. This was about the turn of the century. My Mom told many stories of people and happenings in that little Church. He was a carpenter and even built furniture for folks in Robertson and Limestone Counties. The library table that this computer sits on as I write this piece was built by him about 1880. I call this machine Oliver for my Grandfather. It is only proper that John L. supports the machine called Oliver. John L. was a very small man, only five feet six inches in height. Like many such men, they are often great in wisdom and character. My Aunt Margurite tells the story of a Sunday morning sermon in a small country church where there was a congregation of both black and white folks. A group of young, rebellious, hoodlum types were running around the little wood frame church building. The boys were beating the side of the church with sticks and shouting obscenities. My Aunt said the louder they shouted, the louder and stronger were the words in his message to the people. He said it was one of the best sermons that he ever preached. The times were very hard for the family. I have a letter written by him to my Grandfather. He states, “The drought has dried up all the corn, your Ma has been on her sick bed for weeks and I can hardly go. But PRAISE BE TO GOD, from whom all blessings flow, we will make it.” When my Grandmother Cynthia was bedridden for along period before she died, Mary and John L. Stark took the children and cared for them. Mary died the year after Cynthia. Nineteen sixteen and Nineteen seventeen were very tragic for the Stark family. John wrote a very moving poem about his beloved Mary. His life touched his family for many generations. Lord bless and keep him. He meant so much to all of us.


Mary Matilda

Poem By Pauline E. Stark Moore.


Dear Mary Matilda has gone to her grave

Only God can repay the love that she gave

A love that will last, though the years pass away

A love that will triumph in God’s own sweet way


The old man sits and stares into space

No cheerful lines to etch his face

For all his joy is bound within

In better times and better days


He remembers those days and Mary Matilda


A young girl’s love surrounds the room

A baby’s chatter fills the air

A home that’s happy, warm, and bright

A joy, a comfort in the night


He Remembers those days and Mary Matilda


When the years had swiftly come and gone

And youthful dreams were put to rest

Her smile would warm the coldest day

He touch would send his fears away


He remembered those days and Mary Matilda

Signed: Pauline E. Stark Moore


johnlawhornmarystark.jpg (32535 bytes)

John Lawhorn Stark & Matilda Stark Visiting J. G. Blackwell’s place in West Texas. Maudie Lee Blackwell is on the right with John & Mary in the middle. Photo Contributed by Pauline Stark Moore.

johnlawhornstarkfam.jpg (42761 bytes)

John L. Stark & Family of his son, Oliver Eugene Stark.

oliverestarkbusi.jpg (85428 bytes)

Olive Eugene Stark’s Singer Sewing Machine Office, Groveton, Texas, about 1900 to 1905.

bertiemaestark.jpg (29154 bytes)

Bertie Mae Stark (Daughter of Oliver Stark & Cynthia Marlow) was born in 1895 and died in 1969. She married (1) Lester J. Boudreaux. He was born in 1888 and died in 1976. She married (2) Charles W. Murrell.

oliverestarksonswwii.jpg (47578 bytes)

Left to Right, Clarence Stark, Oliver O’Dell Stark, , & Jesse Stark, Sons of Oliver Eugene Stark and Cynthia Melinda Marlow O’Dell was in the US Army and Clarence and Jesse were in the Texas National Guard during World War II.

dennisdewittstark.jpg (26856 bytes)

Dennis Dewitte Stark (Son of Oliver Stark & Cynthia Marlow) was born in 1898 and died in 1955. He married (1) Emma Elizabeth Bozeman. She was born in 1908 and died in 1971. He married (2) Ruby Russell. She was born in 1918. (Contributed by Pauline Stark Moore)

oliverestarkfam56.jpg (48970 bytes)

Oliver Stark’s Family, August, 1956

Clarence Stark & w. Bertha, Jesse Stark & w. Mattie, Roy Stark & w. Margaret, Charles Gordy & Marguerite (Stark) Gordy, Lester Boudreaux & Bertie (Stark) Boudreaux, Alma (Withrow) Stark, spouse of Oliver O’Dell Stark. In middle of photo is Oliver Stark and his second w., Marguerite Renfro(Fisch) Stark.



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rachaelstarkcox.jpg (35439 bytes)Rachael Penelope Stark (Daughter of John L. Stark & Matilda Zachary) was born March 15, 1873 and died in 1945. She married William Bolin Cox in March of 1888. He was born in 1866 and died in 1942. Photo: Rachael (Stark) & William Cox.

rachaelstarkcoxfam.jpg (42681 bytes)-------------

Rachel Penelope (Stark) Cox and William Cox Family Photo, ca 1944


rachaelstarkcoxfam1.jpg (31205 bytes)Family Reunion in Hearne, Texas, 1985. Left to Right- Noreen (Brown) Cox, widow of William Cox, Dr. Eleanor Cox, her daughter, Roy Stark and his spouse, Margaret. Roy is a descendant of Oliver E. Stark.





sidneybstark.jpg (43137 bytes)Miss Sidney Stark, at 98 was oldest living descendant of her grandfather, Asa Lafitte Stark in 1985. She was the daughter of Dennis Call Stark and was a retired school teacher living in Arlington, Texas. Photo was taken July 4, 1985, during visit to her home by Mary (Burns) Stark and her husband, Ernie. She was named in honor of her grandmother, Sidney (Unknown) Bradford. The initial "B." probably stands for Bradford.


sidneybstark1.jpg (19317 bytes)Mary (Stark) Burns visiting with Sidney Stark, July 1985.


sidneybstark2.jpg (153512 bytes)


Sidney B. Stark Tombstone, Rosehill Cemetery, Tarrant County, Texas.




Asahel "Asa" Stark & Hester Ford Family Scrapbook & Photos

daviddewittstark.jpg (38084 bytes)David Dewitt Stark (Son of Asa Lafitte Stark & Hester Ann Ford) was born April 18, 1858 in Newton County, Texas and died December 23, 1904, in Robertson County, Texas. He married Mary Evelyn "Mollie" Rasco June 22, 1882, in Robertson County, Texas. She was born October 29, 1867, in Limestone County, Texas and died January 12, 1942, in Robertson County, Texas. David and Mary were buried in the Ebenezer Cemetery in Kosse, Limestone County, Texas.

Photo: David Dewitt Stark Family; Wife, Mollie Rascoe; Baby Doke; Girl Standing is Jodie; Boys back L-R, Scott, William & Otis. Photo contributed by Prescott Stark, Jr. and Carolyn Stark.


otisestark.jpg (32461 bytes)Man on Left with missing arm is Otis E. Stark, son of David Dewitt Stark and Mary Rasco. Otis lost his arm in a hunting accident. The name of the other person in the photo is not known. Photo contributed by Pauline Stark Moore.


otisestark1.jpg (222642 bytes)Otis Ezell Stark was born October 21, 1893 in Limestone County, Texas and died September 6, 1957 in Robertson County, Texas. He married Ada B. Hodea [1899-1981]. Both are buried in the Franklin Cemetery in Franklin, Robertson County, Texas. Photo taken by Jim Little March 26, 2011, and posted on Find a




prescottastark.jpg (19305 bytes)Brigadier General Prescott Alan Stark, Jr. [Grandson of David DeWitt Stark]

by Carolyn Robinson Stark


Brigadier General Prescott Alan Stark, Jr., was born to Prescott A. Stark, Sr. and wife, Ola Stella O’Neal Stark, on June 6, 1924, in Austin, Texas. He was the youngest and only son. He enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard on November 14, 1939 at the age of 15 years. November 25, 1940, he was mobilized with the 36th Infantry Division into active Federal service and trained at Camp Bowie, Brownwood, Texas. He would later be sent to the European Theater of Operations and serve with the 28th Cavalry Recon Troop (Mechanized) of the 28th Infantry Division. During World War II. He participated in three major campaigns, the Ardennes, the Rhine, and Central Europe, receiving three battle stars. Following World War II, Sergeant Stark received a Lieutenant’s commission and steadily rose in the ranks until 1984 when after 42 years of service, he retired as a Brigadier General. His primary fields of duty throughout the years of his military service were Personnel, Operations & Training, with his final eleven years assigned as Chief of Staff. Among his many awards and decorations are the US Distinguished Service Medal, US Meritorious Service Medal, and the US Army Commendation Medal. He was also awarded the Lone Star Outstanding Service Medal by the State of Texas. In August of 1942, he married 1st, Faye D. Cox [1924-2002] and they had a daughter, Victoria Faye Stark [1943-2001], and a son still living. His second wife is still living. General Prescott A. Stark died in Round Rock, Williamson County, Texas, March 29, 2008.


willbennetstark.jpg (16845 bytes)William Bennett "Bill" Stark was born December 31, 1869, in Kosse, Limestone County, Texas, and died March 18, 1915 in Anson, Jones County, Texas. He married Nancy Ellen Phiffer December 04, 1890, in Kosse, Limestone County, Texas. She was born July 9, 1874, in Kosse, Limestone County, Texas, and died February 22, 1963, in Waco, McLennan County, Texas. Photo is of William & Nancy.

quincywstark.jpg (144605 bytes)quincywstark1.jpg (143066 bytes)Quincy Warren Stark (Son of William Bennett Stark and Nancy Phiffer) was born in October of 1891 in Kosse, Limestone County, Texas and died April 24, 1968 in Austin, Travis County, Texas. He married Lillie Inez Roberts . She was born in 1893 and died after Thanksgiving in November of 1970 on a bus returning from Austin after spending the holiday with her family. Quincy and Lillie were buried in the Mount Olivet Cemetery - Good Shepherd Section, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas.



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