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Volume 3: The Newton County, Texas Stark Families
Part 2 Appendix 4: John R. Stark Declaration of Insanity Document
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 John R. Stark Declaration of Insanity Document (Transcription)

Made by William Stark, Brother of John R. Stark. John R. Stark was the son of Asahel Stark. In the year 1817 in the Parish of West Baton Rouge is found a Petition which states:

To the honorable Parish Judge, of the Parish of West Baton Rouge, State of Louisiana.

The petition of William Stark of said Parish respectfully represents; that he a brother of John Stark of the Parish aforesaid, age about [?35?] years; that the said John is in a state of mental derangement & insanity, and is truly considered wholly incapable of taking care of his person or property. 

Wherefore your petitioner prays that the said John Starks may be ...[Not legible]... of this honorable court, and that a ...[Not legible]... be appointed to take charge of his person & administer his property according to the provisions of law, --- that your petitioner may serve said appointment, and that he be authorized to sale the property of the said John, as so much thereof as may ...[Not Legible]... & sufficient to pay the debts of the said John, to provide for  his comfort and happinest and pay the costs of this application. 

Your petitioner further prays that the annexed affidavits may be taken as ...[Not legible]... of this petition and that such proceedings may be had in ...[Not Legible]...

Signed: Wm Stark.

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Scanned Copy of Original Document


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