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Volume 3: The Newton County, Texas Stark Families
Part 4: The William Hawley Stark Family

Part 4 Appendix 4: Benjamin and Elizabeth (Odom) Zachary; Parents of Elizabeth Zachary 

by Clovis La Fleur, August 2000; Excerpt from Publication entitled, “The Zachary Family, From Virginia to Texas”

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The publication entitled "The Zachary Family, From Virginia to Texas," is available as a free download formatted as a PDF file. Click HERE for a Free Download of the publication. [Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to Open the file. This file can be saved to your computer for printing at home; or copied to a USB Flash Drive or burned to a DVD to be printed and bound by a professional print shop. File size is 1.9 megabytes. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click HERE to go to]



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Benjamin and Elizabeth (Odom) Zachary; Parents of Elizabeth Zachary 

by Clovis La Fleur, August 2000; Excerpt from Publication entitled, “The Zachary Family, From Virginia to Texas”


 Benjamin Zachary, probably the son of John Zachary, 2nd (to SC), was probably born in Cumberland County, North Carolina between 1766 and 1772 and married Elizabeth Odom before 1794 in Orangeburg District, South Carolina.[1] The author believes this is the location of the marriage, because Benjamin was a witness to the marriage of Isaac Carter, ca. 1784, in Orangeburg District.[2] I believe Elizabeth Odom was probably born between 1772 and 1775, based on census data. Benjamin and Elizabeth are known to have had six children in the 1810 census for Barnwell District, South Carolina, formed from part of Orangeburg District in 1798. Elizabeth Zachary had six children in 1811, which will be shown in the Georgia Passport to be discussed later. I believe John Zachary was the oldest born between 1794 and 1800. Also, two daughters were born to this couple within the same time frame. Their daughter, Cynthia, was born between 1800 to 1805, since she is reported to be in the 20-30 age group in the 1830 census for St. Tammany Parish.1 These first three births probably occurred in Orangeburg District, South Carolina. However, if any were born after 1798, then the birth would have been recorded in Barnwell District. Cynthia would have been born in Barnwell District. Her younger brother Bennett Hiram and sister, Elizabeth, were also born in this district. After November of 1811, Benjamin and Elizabeth moved from Barnwell District to Pike County, Mississippi. They appear in the 1820 census for that County.[3] This census index list, Benj. Zachary, Jno. Zachary, Isaac Carter, David Dickson, Ja. C. Dickson, and Wm. Dickson has heads of the Family in that census year.

There is a Application for Passport through the Indian Nations issued by the Governor of Georgia, dated November 20, 1811 which states, “That a passport be prepared for Mr. John Dickson with eight children, Anna Wannamaker, and Elizabeth Zachary, the latter with six children, all from Orangeburg District, South Carolina, to travel through the Indian Nations to the Western Country. Which was presented and signed.” Some researchers believe the Elizabeth Zachary mentioned in this application is the wife of William Zachary, Sr. (to LA). However, William Zachary, Sr. testified in court at a Application for a Revolutionary War Veteran Pension hearing in 1834 he lived in the Orangeburg District, Edisto River Area of South Carolina until 1818. He then moved to St. Helena Parish, Louisiana in this same year, according to his testimony. If this is true, the Elizabeth in this Passport could not be his wife unless he sent her ahead and followed seven years later, which does not seem likely.[3,4,5] If this is Elizabeth Odom, then she left for Mississippi with six children. Anna Wannamaker is presumed to be the older sister of Bennett Hiram Zachary by some researchers, which from the census data, does not seem likely. It is known Martha Caroline was born in 1814 in Mississippi.[6] This seems to indicate there were seven children born to this couple, if the Elizabeth Zachary mentioned in this passport is Elizabeth Odom.

Benjamin Zachary is reported to be Head of the Family in the Pike County, Mississippi census for 1820. Recorded living in the home is 1male over 45, 1 male 16-26, 1 male, 10-16, 1 female over 45, 1 female 16-26, 1 female 10-15, and 1 female under 10 years old. They are reported in the 1830 census for St. Tammany Parish. In this census, Benjamin and Elizabeth report they are in the 50-60 age group with a male, 20-30 years old, and a female, 10-15 years old, living with the family.1 One should take note the male, 20-30 would be consistent with the age of Bennett Hiram Zachary, born in 1809, and the female, age 10-16, would be about the age of Martha Caroline Zachary, born in 1814. They will be discussed later. Both married and were living in St. Tammany Parish in the 1830-1837 time frame along with a John Zachary. Because of other sources of information to be shown later, I have shown John, Daughter One, Daughter Two, Cynthia, Bennett Hiram, Elizabeth, and Martha Caroline as children of Benjamin and Elizabeth Odom.

January 22, 1830, there is a document conveying land to a Delisle de la Barthe and a settlement of claim prepared in the State of Louisiana, Parish of St. Tammany which proclaims the following:


"Where as Benjamin Zachary has this day conveyed a claim of land which was settled by Thomas Phauch? to Delisle de la Barthe, we the undersigned guarantee and ???? to Mr. Delisle that it shall be proved that said claim was settled in time to obtain a ?pre-exemption? right, and that no other claim shall interfere with same; January 22nd 1830. Signed Bennett H. Zachary, John (his X mark ) Zachary, Delisle de la Barthe." (Copy of original in Clovis LaFleur Files.)


This document clearly shows there is a relationship between Benjamin, Bennett Hiram, and John Zachary before Bennett Hiram married Clarinda Bennett in December of 1833 suggesting John and Bennett Hiram are sons of Benjamin. Benjamin is listed as a voter in the 1833 St. Tammany Parish voter census along with Bennett H. Zachary and John Zachary. Martha Caroline Zachary married William A. Underwood in July of 1831, who was living just 5 dwellings away from Benjamin in the 1830 census. William A. Underwood became a widower in 1829 with one son named William Edward Underwood. Elizabeth Zachary married William Hawley Stark sometime before 1832, place unknown. William Hawley was probably residing in Port Allen, West Baton Rouge Parish at the time of this marriage. Pauline Stark Moore believes Elizabeth was a sister of Bennett Hiram, which is the only indication of her association with this family. John P. Collins is reported in the 1830 census and he and Cynthia Zachary are found to also be living near Benjamin and Elizabeth with 6 children born between 1820 and 1830.

In 1833, Bennett Hiram Zachary bought a Covington, St. Tammany Parish town lot for $1,200 from his sister, Caroline Underwood, by then married to William Underwood. Bennett Hiram married Clarinda Bennett in December of 1833. Benjamin and Elizabeth Odom Zachary, Bennett Hiram, John and his wife Latitia Shelton, participated in the Record of Mortgage transaction of John and his wife in a property transaction dated May 1, 1834. On May 11, 1835, Benjamin Zachary of St. Tammany Parish sent a affidavit to Pike County, Mississippi declaring he witnessed the marriage of Isaac Carter and Nancy Young in Orangeburg District, South Carolina. This is the last record found for Benjamin. It is believed by this author he died before 1837, since he is not listed in the voter census for that year. However, Bennett Hiram Zachary and John Zachary are listed in this voter census. In 1835, Bennett Hiram sold the Covington town lot to Charles Morgan, documented later in the Biography of Bennett Hiram and Clarinda. The last report for John Zachary shows him on the Covington Jury List in 1838.

In the St. Tammany Parish Mortgage Book, 1835-1838, page 257, there is a mortgage from Elizabeth Zachary to Martin Gordon Penn listed. It would seem after Benjamin died, Elizabeth sold property to Martin Gordon Penn and his sons. Benjamin and Elizabeth’s daughter, Cynthia, would marry John Palmer Collins, probably in either St. Tammany Parish or Pikes County , in 1820. Cynthia is reported to have died in 1835.

January 30, 1843, in Barnwell District, South Carolina, the Sarah Matheney vs. John Matheney suit was filed related to the will of George Odom, dated December 28, 1830. George Odom, according to this will, was the brother of Elizabeth Zachary living in Louisiana and would provide $75 per year for her support. George died in 1839. To represent her in these proceedings, the following "Power of Attorney" was filed in the Barnwell Court.


"Original Power of Attorney in the file, executed in Washington Parish, LA, dated Dec. 18, 1843, executed by Mrs. Elizabeth Odom, widow, heretofore the wife of Benjamin Zachary, deceased, now of said Parish, appointing Angus Patterson of Barnwell District, to represent her in all matters arising under the will of her deceased brother, George Odom. Witnesses John Russell, Matthew Richardson" (This Record transcribed by Erbon W. Wise; Collected by Pauline Stark Moore)


From this document, we now know Benjamin Zachary was married to Elizabeth Odom who had a brother living in Barnwell District. We also know Benjamin Zachary died before December 18, 1843. The final record we have comes from the 1850 census for St. Helena Parish. Elizabeth Zachary, age 75, is recorded as living in the home of William A. Underwood and his wife Caroline. I believe Elizabeth Odom was living with her daughter, Martha Caroline, and this is the Elizabeth Zachary reported in this census who died before the 1860 census.[6]



St. Tammany Parish 1830 Census; Reports a Benjamin Zachary in the 50-60 age group and female in the 50-60 age group; estimate Benjamin born between 1766 and 1772. Due to birth of Cynthia in 1790 and footnote 2 showing Benjamin in this district in 1784. (Collected by Clovis La Fleur)


From the article, "Family of Isaac Carter", by Robert T. Strong, Jr.; Quote "On 11 MAY 1835, Benjamin Zachary of St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, swore that " he was present and saw Isaac Carter married to Nancy Young in the State of South Carolina Orangeburg District does not recollect the date but knows that the said parties were legally married." Mr. Strong speculates Isaac and Nancy were married in 1784, one year before the birth of their first child in 1785. Isaac Carter was reported to have been born in Cumberland Co, NC in 1764. Isaac appears in the 1820 census for Pike County, Mississippi.


Louisiana Genealogical Register, Vol. 19, March 1972, page 122-123, Submitted by Erbon W. Wise. (Collected by Pauline Stark Moore, Copy in File. CLL)


Rev. War Soldier, SC Line, #R11982. All of the documentation in this file is from the Archives in Washington, D. C., Revolutionary War Pension Files (Collected by Terri Zachary Coleman. Copy in her files, TAC 1998)


Passports Issued By Governors of Georgia, 1810-1820, page 218. (Collected by Gladys Zachary Skinner. Copy in file. CLL)


1850 U. S. Census, St. Helena Parish, La.; Submitted by Donald W. Johnson; File Prepared by Deandra Norred Pardue; Family #243; William A. Underwood, age 55,m,b. Ga.; Caroline, age 36,f,Ms.; James R., age 19,m,La.; John W., age 15,m,La.; Adaline, age 13,f,La.; Emily, age 10,f,La.; Morrow, age 4,m,La.; Daniel, age 1,m,La.; Elizabeth Zachery, age 75,f,SC.


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