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Volume 3: The Newton County, Texas Stark Families

Part 6: The William Herrin & Prudence Jane (Stark) Herrin Family

Part 6 Appendix 2: Rev. Robert L. La Fleur: In His Own Words

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Appendix 1

Maude Herrin

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Rev. R. L. LaFleur

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Rev. Robert L. La Fleur: In His Own Words


The Christian Work In Louisiana

Editors Note: By Reverend R. L. LaFleur about 1956; Copyright by Mary LaFleur. Transcribed by Clovis LaFleur February 2010 from copy of original provided by Mary Jeanette LaFleur. Has not been edited and appears as originally written. 


I didn't preach the first sermon in Louisiana. I lived in East Texas at the time I received the Holy Ghost and God called me to preach in the late fall of 1910. I had began my ministry in Fort Worth, Texas with A. P. Collins, then the pastor.[1][2]

About that time Brother and Sister D. K. Morris, with he and his wife, Brother and Sister Young (all four lived between Cleveland and Conroe, Texas) felt the call to go to Leesville, Louisiana. They held meetings or services in the homes, and about ten received the Holy Ghost. Uncle Jack Frost being the first to receive the Baptism.

They left and went back home in East Texas. there in the summer of 1911, I held a revival in Blue Water, Texas near Livingston. In this revival several received their Baptism. Among the number was Brother R. L. Blankenship and Brother Will Tullos. Both felt the call to the ministry. So in the summer of 1912, Brother Tulos came over to Pickering, Louisiana and held a three or four week revival. Brother Billie Harson and others helped in this revival. Sister Maude Herrin[3] also Brother G. C. Lout and wife were in the number who received the Baptism in this meeting. They closed and left, went back home in East Texas. These workers being our of my revivals in East Texas. Knowing they had come back and no one to help the new converts in Louisiana. There were about fifteen in number who had received the Holy Ghost. Brother Nathan Kemper being one who along with G. C. Lout became ministers.

So I felt to go to Pickering, Louisiana to help establish the new converts in the Fall of 1912. I came over and our next revival was in DeRidder and about 50 Received the Baptism in this campaign. I stayed in DeRidder and cared for the work after the tent was taken down. This tent revival was held on the lot where the Methodist Church is today. That was our first real good break through in Louisiana. and the fields set on fire now for God. the outlook for there being a great work in Louisiana was good. 

I set to work to further the work. The wind blew the revival fire next South of DeRidder. The Sprit of God had gotten hold of others to go tell the glad news. Sister Maude Herrin, who lived in DeRidder felt to go to Dry Creek, Louisiana, about 16 miles. She obeyed the Call taking Brother and Sister Pitman and they pitched battle in an old school house, and God gave them a great revival. With 25 or more receiving the Holy ghost. About the same time Brother G. C. Lout and wife, after spending a winter with me in the church and helping in the church at  DeRidder felt to go North. He took off to Noble his hometown, and began a revival brand new preacher in a new place. God made Brother Lout a very successful minister. He brought in Noble and the church as Sordas. After this he felt to go to Shreveport. And he pitched battle and a great work was done and is still being done in that city.

Well let us go back to Dry Creek. The meeting is closed and Sister Maude and band has moved on to Leblanc. and what a revival they are having. It was such a great out pouring until Sister Pitman suggested to Sister Maude that they send for me to come help. They did. Upon my arrival in Le Blanc they really had the old time religion. The fire was burning in this brush arbor revival. The power of God was falling all around and the people was letting it fall on them. Out of this revival came Brother Adross Fuselier, Brother Dallas Hayes, Brother William Nevils, and Brother and Sister Donahue. Brother and Sister Hemphill was workers in this band with Sister Maude at Le Blanc. this being the greatest revival in Louisiana up to this time.

The revival closes there and we move on to the Indiana Village. Here God gives a still greater revival. From here we went to Kinder and God gives a great outpouring of his spirit. About this time God speaks to Brother Henderson a Nazarene preacher in Eunice to come to the Kinder revival, he did, and received the Holy Ghost. Also in Kinder revival God give us a colored preacher who did a great work for God and his people.

Brother and Sister Hemphill went to Eunice and they pitched a battle in tent and God did give one of greatest revivals. About 90 received the Holy Ghost. While in Kinder revival, God has given us a Methodist minister, Brother Dan Hayes, and Brother Larmon, a congregation minister and is calling out of new converts ministers to be.

Sister Lewis Baggett called to go preach, went to Palmetto, Louisiana and God gives her a good revival. Brother Ed Johnson is called and he brings in Glenmora and other places out from Glenmora. Brother Dan Henderson and Brother Dan Hayes go to Reeves and God gives them a great revival. the work by now has grown so, and I the only ordained minister in the state. So I did my best to go from church to church, to teach them. and go to assist the bands of new workers God is calling kept me real busy day and night. To push forward this live of god in the new converts. Helping them to fill their calling.

I was with the Assembly of God church. At this time the Revelation of Oneness of the Godhead and baptism in Jesus Name were not out. I would have all night services to teach and help the young workers, and Saints. And all day services, special meetings with lunch served at noon, or midnight if it was an all night service. In these services I ordained those whom we felt to be Called of God. In one of these all night services Brother Lesley Wise cam over from Remlig, Texas and was ordained. He went back home and made a whole hearted worker for God.



Arch P. Collins; an early founder of the Apostolic Faith Movement along with H. A. Goss, W. F. Carothers, and E. N. Bell that progressed into a strong Pentecostal nucleus in the southwest.


T. L. Tenney; "The Flame Still Burns," published 2002, pages 17 & 18. Tells the story of Brother Robert LaFleur preaching in downtown Fort Worth. He had read the Scripture where Jonah went through the City of Nineveh preaching, "Yet forty days and Nineveh will be destroyed" (Jonah 3:4). Brother Robert, feeling the intense burden of Fort Worth souls thrust upon him, went to downtown Fort Worth and at every block, he would pause and then shout: "Repent ye, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Having done this for several blocks, there was a crowd sharing, among them a policeman who had been following. The policeman inquired of Robert what he was doing. Hearing his answer, the policeman said; "Son, do you think this is the place to do that?" Tenney remarked in his book: "R. L. LaFleur thought any place was the right place to preach the Gospel."


Sister Maude Herrin would merry Rev LaFleur in January of 1916.



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Now in December, 1915 God laid it on the heart of Brother and Sister Harvey Sheares of East Texas to come over to Louisiana. this he did. and we placed him at Elton with Brother Fulton Cavort, who had bought a Holiness School. Brother Sheares was a good Bible teacher. At this time quite a number of the young people, young workers, and young ministers attended his school. Brother Sheares was the first help I had out of the State to come and help carry the load.

But at this time Sister Maude Herrin was in West Texas with Brother Charles Smith, helping them in a revival at Caldwell, Texas. And Brother L. C. Hall came from the North on his way to California and stopped off with them. And he was on fire with the Light of Jesus Name Baptism. Baptism in His Name. So brother and Sister Smith and Sister Maude was Baptized in Jesus Name. And after the revival closed at Caldwell, Texas, Sister Maude came to the Elton Bible school with this new light.

We sent for Brother Charles Smith, and Brother Lee Floyd to come to the Elton Bible School. they did, and I debated this with them three days before Brother Sheare's school, along with myself gave over to the Oneness being right and what a baptizing. And now I've got to go back over the work, and teach this new light, and baptize them all over. What a task. But what a joyful trial we had in the dead of winter. We started baptizing in Jesus Name the last of December, 1915 and on into January, 1916 at Elton.

It was January 4, 1916, Sister Maude Herrin and I was united in marriage. Now God had given me a good helper, and her being a minister we could do a lot more. Two services, she one, and myself one. And I continued re-baptizing the past three years converts with this new light. And finding that we could not hold and teach this in the Assembly of God.

We organized our work in Louisiana and carried every church in the state but one. That was Horbeck, Louisiana, Brother George Harrison was pastor at Horbeck. And Sister Ama Morehead and Sister Maude Herrin held a meeting there a revival. We kept our new Light, and also our work. From here on out our work grew and grew. Small church buildings began to go up until work filled the state. And now the old ones gone, and new church buildings, and still it grows. And I believe it will until the return of our Lord and Savior.

A lot of the credit of this great work at the beginning goes to Sister Maude Herrin, who was a good evangelist, and did a great work before we were married and after we were married. She was faithful in her ministry, setting a good example for the young converts. Many happenings during this time of bringing in these churches. Some awful sad things, and many funny things. But they are too numerous to put in this write-up. As all I am interested in is giving you knowledge of coming up to now, as a group who walked in the Light and stuck together  and we are together in this great United Pentecostal Church.

As far as I know, Brother Howard Goss, is the oldest minister (not age) but who has walked in the Light and the Church of this great truth. Myself, second in this Pentecostal Church, preaching this glorious message. And after our passing, may you all be forceful in carrying on this great work God left for you to do. In helping to have a church ready for His return. Without spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing. I have done what I could to move as many stones over, to make the road easier for you to travel who are coming on. Make your calling and election sure. God Bless You as you carry on from here.  



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