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Volume 1: The First Three Generations of Aaron Stark's Descendants in New England

Appendix 7: Groton, New London County, Connecticut, Book 2 Deed Records, 1723-1731

Family History Library Microfilm #4294

Author's Comment: These documents were transcribed by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman from microfilm copies of the originals. These documents apply only to deeds related to Stark family members and some satellite families. Thank you Gwen, for your contribution. Clovis LaFleur, January, 2002.

Numbers at the beginning of each deed are Volume Number and page number of the book,  which was microfilmed, the microfilm showing the actual pages of the book. The Transcribed documents are as found and not edited for spelling or content. Not all of each document was transcribed.

2:14 William Stark Senr of Gorton yeoman for 300L by Christopher Stark of same … 150A … Christopher Stark’s corner, Mr. Nyles land, Thos. Wools’ land. Dated 19 Aug 1723 … Recd 20 Aug 1723 signed by William Stark … wit Valentine Whighman, David Collver

2:19 Christopher Stark of Groton yeoman for 200L paid by Sergt. William Stark … Mr. Nyles corner, land sd Nyles bought of Mr. Aaron Stark … Mr. Whitman’s south line. 19th day, 10th year of his majesties reign 1723. … Recd 20 Aug 1723 signed by Christopher Stark … wit Valentine Wightman, David Culver

2:19-20 Know all men that I Christopher Stark of the Town of Groton for a valuable consideration paid in hand by my father William Stark … 4A … SE corner of land that Whitman bought of my father which was formerly Mr. John Slaters?? Dated 19 Aug 1723 … Recd 20 Aug 1723 signed by Christopher Stark … wit Jonathan Hinckley, John Smith

2:28-29 William Stark and my wife Experience for good cause and 62L from Joseph Culver … 35A … to above sd Joseph Culver his land bound north on Thomas Lambe, west upon Isaac Lamb, Decd, Southerly upon John Stark … partly on abovesd Joseph Culver. … Dated 15 Oct 1723 … Recd 4 Nov 1723 signed by William Stark, Experience Stark. Wit Ephraim Cullver, Aaron Stark

2:47 We whose names are underwritten being a committee to let out the common Land according to ye voat of the town passed in Gorton April ye 16th 1719 confirming the Division of the Common Lands Have laid out, Dec 7th 1729 to Ensn. William Morgan … nine wood lots and the third part of a wood lot one upon his own right own bought of Mr. Joshua Bill as may appear by Deed, Own bought of Aron Stark as may appear by Deed three bought of Samll. Davis as may appear by deed and originally was Starks, one Stephen Starks and one Benjamin Springers one bought of Joseph Cullver Junr., one bought of John Latham, two thirds of a right bought of John Deen which was originally Isaac Lamb’s as may appear by deed and two thirds of a right bought of the heirs of Wm. Swoddel Decd sd lots bounded as followeth ... Recd 28 Dec 1723.

2:72 William Stark Senr of Groton, Yeoman for 20L by Gideon Cobb of Stonington, blacksmith … tract of land at place called Cow Hill … 17A … north by Thos. Parkes land and west by Well’s land and south by abovesd Stark’s land … Dated 15 May 1718 … Recd 15 May 1718. signed by William Stark … wit Thomas Chipman, John Penfield?

2:73 David Culver to Capt. Daniel Denison of Stonington, corner of Peter Coosy’s homestead, late deceased … Dated 30 Jan 1723/4 … Recd 13 Feb 1723/4 … signed by David Culver … wit Robert Burrows, Aaron Stark

2:155 John Collver to son David Collver for love & affection all my lands in Groton … Dated 20 Jan 1724/5 … Recd 5 Jun 1725 … signed by John Collver … wit Jaser?? Jones??, Sarah Minor, James Minor

2:156-158 Aaron Stark of Colchester in Hartford Co for 160L by Hezekiah Willcocks of Westerly? In Rhode Island … 50A in Groton … place commonly called Wolfpit Hill … to the widow Wallworth’s bounds … on ye East by Capt. Saml. Fishe’s land and north and west by Nathaniel Nyles’ land … Dated 22 Sep 1725 … Recd 28 Sep 1725 … signed by Aaron Stark … wit Jonathan Collver, Gideon Cobb

2:161 Peter Collver of Preston yeoman to Joseph Collver Jr. … 15 or 16A … land set out to the sd Collver by Court … west on land of John Starks of Lebanon to land of Lidia Collver … Dated 18 Sep 1725 … Recd 9 Oct 1725 … Peter X Collver … wit John Avery, Ebenezer Avery Junr.

2:172-173 Capt Samuel Fish of Groton for 200L paid by Nathaniel Niles of South Kingston Rhode Island … it being the land … I bought of Stephen Stark of Groton …. 40A … bounded on west and north and east with Nathaniel Niles his Land and on the south with Wallsworths Land, However other ways bounded in said Stephen Starks Deed to sd Fish … Dated 28th Sep 1725 … Recd 28 Dec 1725 Signed Samuel Fish … wit William Stark Juner, William Wallsworth, Susana Avery

2:173-174 Articles of agreement Indented made concluded & agreed upon this first day of November 1721 by and between Aaron Stark of Groton yeoman to Nathaniel Niles of KingsTown in Road Island … at or before the 10 Dec next ensuing 1722 … mortgage … now in occupation of the sd Aaron Stark … on Stark Hill … bounded on the land of Gideon Cobb, Capt Samuel Fish, Thomas Wells, William Stark, widow Wallworth … Aaron Stark and Margaret his wife … Ack 1 Oct 1725 … Recd 28 Dec 1725 … Signed Aaron Stark … wit Christopher Stark, Nathaniel Church?

2:175-176 Christopher Stark of Groton for 30L by Nathaniel Niles Junr of South Kings town in Rhode Island … 20A … SW corner of 200A formerly laid out to William Thomason, laid out to Stark by committee … common land in Groton … sd Starks first division or wood lot by virtue of town voat 1719 … Dated 29 Sep 1725 … Recd 27 Dec 1725 … signed by Christopher Stark … wit Thomas Chipman, Aaron Stark

2:176 Aaron Starks of Colchester in Hartford farmer to Nathl. Niles Junr of South Kingstown in Rhode Island … tract of land which sd Niles bought of Capt Saml. Fish of Groton … 40A … bounded with land sd Niles bought of sd Stark now in possession of Tho. Wallsworth … Dated 29 Sep 1725 … Recd 28 Dec 1725 … signed by Aaron Stark … wit Thomas Chipman, Christopher Stark, William Wallsworth

2:194 John Stark of Norwich, carpenter, and Martha Stark his wife for love and good will to Thomas Wallsworth of Groton … and for desire we have that the will of the dead be fulfilled, namely of James Wallsworth, our brother, late of Groton, decd … brother Thomas Wallsworth should possess estate whereas sd will was not executed … assign all right … Dated 20 Feb 1720/21 … Recd ……..signed John Stark, Martha Stark … wit James Chipman, John Wallsworth

2:194 Abial Stark of Lebanon and Mary his wife quit claim to Thomas Wallsworth of Groton … right in estate of James Wallsworth … Dated 20 Apr 1721 … Recd 9 Sep 1726 … Signed Abial Stark, Mary X Stark … wit Gershom Clark?, William Clarke?

2:196 William Wallsworth of Groton yeoman, for 14 sheep and 10L from William Stark of Groton, yeoman, a wood lot, first division "rock marked W.S." … laid out on Fort Hill by Samll Lester, Nehemiah Smith Esq. & Joshua Bill … Dated 21 Mar 1724/5 … Recd 25 Sep 1725 … Signed by William Wallsworth … wit John Smith, Elizabeth Avery

2:197 William Stark of Groton, Yeoman, for love and good will to his son in law Thomas Wallsworth of Groton, wood lot first division on Fort Hill … Dated 26 Aug 1725 … Recd 27 Sep 1726 …Signed by William Stark … wit David Collver, Daniel Stark

2:200 Gideon Cobb of Groton, quit claim to William Stark of Groton all right to tract of land on Cow Hill near Mystic River in Groton, land formerly sold to Cobb by said Stark 10 May 1718 … Dated 10 Apr 1725 … Recd 13 Sep 1726 … Signed by Gideon Cobb … Wit William Stark Junr., Christopher Stark

2:221-222 William Stark of Groton for 4L from John Stark of Lebenon … 4 or 5 A … in a deed from Wm. Stark to sd John Stark bareing date 19 Dec 1722 … joining to Colvers Land … Dated 4 Jun 1726 … Recd 21 Nov 1726 … Signed William Stark … Wit Joannah Stark, Daniel Stark

2:222 John Stark of Lebenon for 4L paid by Joseph Collver Junr of Groton … 4A more or less … bounded by land of Joseph Collver bought of Wm. Stark … Dated 6 Jun 1726 … Recd 21 Nov 1726 … Signed John Stark … Wit Thomas Chipman, David Collver

2:231 Deed of exchange … Willm. Stark of Groton certain tract bounded Mrs. Niles his line … Thomas Wells … 150A … exchange William Stark unto my Son Christopher Stark …Mr. Niles Corner … Mr. Wightmans south line … and by deed passed from sd Christopher Stark to Wm. Stark aforesd bearing date 19 Aug 1723 … 4A … Dated 13 Oct 1726 … Recd 8 Nov 1726 … Signed William Stark … Wit Abiel Stark, Ephraim Collver, John Wallsworth

2:233 Deed of Exchange Christopher Stark of Groton for one certain tract of land … may appear by a deed passed from the sd Christopher Stark to his father Willm. Stark bearing date 19 Aug 1723 … 151A … Dated 13 Oct 1726 … Recd 8 Nov 1726 … Signed Christopher Stark … Wit Ephraim Collver, John Wallsworth

2:236 Articles of agreement 16 Nov 1726 between Christopher Stark of Groton and Volantine Wightman … 6A … being partly within sd Starks land … Dated 1 Nov 1726 … Recd 20 Dec 1726 … Valentine Whitman, Christopher Stark … wit Jno Plumbe, Isaac Thompson

2:276 Thomas Lamb of Groton natural affection to my son John Lamb … part of the farm whereon I now dwell … Dated 27 Jun 1726 … Recd 9 Jul 1726 … Signed Thomas X Lamb his mark. Wit David Collver, Jasper Latham

2:280-281 Christopher Stark of Groton for 400L paid by Abial Stark … 100A … by Nathaniel Nyles … Mr. Wightmans line … Dated 20 Jun 1727 … Recd 21 Jun 1727 … Signed Christopher Stark … wit Thomas Chipman, Thomas Chipman Jun.

2:346 Joseph Belton of Groton rope maker for 105L to John Lambe of Groton Turner … 60A … to Deacon Morgan’s land … to Thomas Lamb’s land … Dated 17 Jan 1726/7 … Recd 19 Jan 1726/7 … Signed Joseph Belton … Wit James Morgan, Joshua Morgan

2:369 Abial Stark of Groton for 26L to Mr. Nathaniel Niles of South Kings Town Road Island yeoman … wood lot laid out to the sd Stark … adjoining to the sd Niles his farm … wood lot laid out to Christopher Stark … Dated 28 Dec 1725 … Recd 13 May 1728 … Signed Abial Stark … wit Thomas Chipman, Benjamin Minor

2:370 Abial Stark farmer to Nathaniel Niles of South Kings Town in Road Island yeoman …. Corner of Christopher Stark … laid out to Abial Stark by the Committee of Groton 14 Apr 1722 … Dated 3 Dec 1726 … Recd 3 Dec 1726 … Signed Abial Stark … wit John Wallsworth, Joshua Morgan

2:373-374 William Stark of Groton Farmer for 40L paid by Christopher Stark farmer … one right or share in the after Divisions of the Commons or undivided land in the Township of Groton … and also a certain tract of land lying in the township of Groton lying between land which I formerly gave to my Son William Stark now in the possession of the Lambs and the Town Common Contained in a grant known by the name of Plaisters Land which I have not heretofore disposed of … Dated 22 Mar 1727 … Recd 21 Jun 1727 … Signed William Stark … wit Ephraim Collver, Thomas Wells, Anne Handerson

2:374-375 William Stark of Groton farmer for 215L paid by Christopher Stark of Groton farmer … 100A … near Mistick known by the name of Musoe Rock which is Daniel Eldriges south east corner … John Barrows land to Mistick river … Dated 22 Mar 1727 … Recd 21 Jun 1727 … Signed William Stark … wit Ephraim Collver, Thomas Wells

2:375-376 Abial Stark of Groton farmer for 400L paid by Christopher Stark farmer … 100A … Mr. Nathaniel Niles … Mr. Whitman’s line … Dated 18 Mar 1728 … Recd 25 Nov 1728 … Signed Abiel Stark … wit John Collver, Hannah Ayer

2:376-377 William Stark of Groton husbandman for love and affection for son Daniel Stark do give part of my homestead south of the Contary Road Mr. Niles his orchard … Thomas Wells … 100A … Dated 6 May 1728 … Recd 28 May 1728 … Signed William Stark … wit Ephraim Collver, William Gard

2:410-411 Christopher Stark of Groton Husbandman for the sum of 42L paid by Daniel Lambe of Groton Husbandman … 42A … corner of sd Daniel Lambe … Dated 16 Dec 1728 … Recd 16 Dec 1728 … Signed Christopher Stark … wit Andrew Davis, Elisha Smith

2:442-443 Abial Stark of Lebenon in the County of Windham husbandman for divers good causes and considerations quitclaimed to Joseph Collver Junr of Groton for his full and peaceable possession …. Dated 22 Apr 1729 … Recd 9 Nov 1729 … Signed Abial Stark … wit Benjamin Southworth, Ebenezer West

2:446-447 Christopher Stark of Groton for 200 paid by David Collver of Voluntown in the County of Windham … 80A … rock near Mistick River known by the name of Mussoe Rock which is Daniel Eldridge’s SE corner … John Burrows … Christopher Stark does reserve to himself aforementioned boundary … Dated 3 Apr 1728 … Recd 30 Mar 1729 … Signed Christopher Stark … wit Richard Manwaring, John Richards

2:452 Widow Elizabeth Lambe, Jacob Lambe and Daniel Lambe all of Groton for 9L to Gershom Brown … one third part of a first division or wood lot which lot was originally the right of Isaac Lambe Husband and Father to us and was conveyed to us by the last will and testament of sd Isaac Lambe …. Dated 28 May 1726 … Recd 23 Oct 1729 … Signed Elisabeth E Lambe her mark, Jacob Lambe, Daniel Lambe

2:521-2 William Stark Junr of Groton for a mistake made in the setting forth the bounds of a tract of land lying in Groton contained in a deed given by me the sd William Stark Junr unto Isaac Lambe late of Groton Deceased bareing date April the first 1714 and also in consideration of my being obliged in the above said deed to give more ample attendance and confirmation of said tract of land if demanded and also for the consideration of the sum of 150L recd of Isaac Lambe late of Groton decd do by these presents exonerate acquit and discharge Jacob Lamb and Daniel Lambe both of Groton Sons to Isaac Lamb aforesd … 200A … by Ephraim Colver his land … former Indian path … Dated 16 Jan 1726/7 … Recd 16 Jan 1726/7 … Signed William Stark Junr. … Wit Cary Latham Junr, Ralph Stodard Junr

2:523-4 27 Feb 1731 between Jacob Lamb of Groton and Daniel Lambe of Groton … one common tenement or tract of land late belonging to their Father Isaac Lamb of said Groton decd … Daniel Lambe doth agree that Jacob Lambe shall have half of said Tenement or tract of Land …Recd 27 Feb 1730/1 Signed Jacob Lambe, Daniel Lambe … wit James Morgan, Allin Mullins

2:528-9 John Smith of Gorton to Christopher Stark for 300L … at a place known by name of Nawayunk … 121A … 6A … Dated 30 Aug 1729 Recd 31 Aug 1729 … Signed John Smith … wit Luke Perkins, Moses Fish

2:529-30 Serjant William Stark of Groton Yeoman for love and affection unto my son Christopher Stark of Groton husbandman and also for the reason of the insufficiency of two deeds of gift from me to Christopher the one baring date 1717 and the other 1718 … part of my homestead … 250A … Daniel Stark’s NW corner … William Stark Junr his SW corner … Whitman’s land … Mr. Niles NE corner …. Dated 25 Mar 1729 … Recd 31 Mar 1729 … Signed William Stark … wit Ephraim Collver, Daniel Stark, Mary X Collver her mark

2:530-1 John Smith of Groton husbandman for 15L paid by Christopher Stark of Groton … neck of the land known by the name of Navayunk Neck containing 2 and ½ acres 48th lot in the second tier of the second division … Dated 28 Apr 1730 … Recd 18 May 1730 Signed John Smith … wit Samuel Burrows, Luke Perkins

2:537-8 Christopher Stark of Groton for 1500L by John Smith of Groton … 250A … there is about one acre and half of land within said bounds where the meeting House stands and the buriing place which sd Stark’s Father hath already sold, is excepted … 5A of salt meadow adjoining to Mistick River toward the head of it … Daniel Denison and David Collver … and also a swamp lying within sd Whitman’s Land by estimation 4A … Dated 30 Aug 1729 … Recd 8 Sep 1729 … Signed Christopher Stark … wit Luke Perkins, Moses Fish

2:544 Thomas Lambe of Groton for 5L by Humphrey Avery of Groton … land called the Indian land at Mashuntucksitt in Groton … Dated 1 Mar 1731 … Recd 26 May 1731 …Signed Thomas X Lambe his mark … wit Luke Perkins, Nathan Williams


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