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Y-DNA Genetic Evaluation of the Descendants Aaron Stark [1608-1685]

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Introduction Book 3: Genetic Matches of Aaron Stark's Descendants to Those With Different Surnames

Reported here is an analysis of a member of the Stark Family Y-DNA Project descending from Aaron Stark [1608-1685] having the Modal 67 marker Haplotype for this group his genetic results compared to the FTDNA Y-DNA database to find genetic matches. Of the 10 matches found, eight were members of the Stark Project, with genetic distances ranging from 0 to 3; all proven genetically and genealogically to share Aaron Stark [1608-1685] as a common ancestor. One match was to the surname Taylor (GD=5) while the other was a match to the surname Withers (GD=7). Earlier, the Taylor match had joined the Stark Project due to his close 67 marker match.

A 37 marker search of the FTDNA database for matches to the above descendant of Aaron Stark returned 48 matches. [Over 37 markers, FTDNA only presents matches with a genetic distance of 4 or less.] The majority (28) of these matches were known and proven descendants of Aaron Stark. Of the twenty matches with different surnames, Hobbs (1), Land (7), and Taylor (2) were reoccurring. Although Hobbs occurred only once, as will be revealed later, this surname occurred quite often over 67 markers for the Taylor Member who joined the Stark Project.

Investigating the surnames Stark, Taylor, Withers, Land, and Hobbs, the following will use the Methodology outlined by Dr. Bowes to attempt to pinpoint the geographical origins of these genetically matching surnames.

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Book 1: Genetic-Genealogy Report; Descendants of Aaron Stark [1608-1685] (File size is 1 MB)

Book 2: Aaron Stark's [1608-1685] Ancestral Roots; A Theory (File size is 300KB)

Book 3: Genetic Matches of Aaron Stark's Descendants; To Those Withe Different Surnames (File Size is 1.3 MB)


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Book 3: Genetic Matches of Aaron Stark's Descendants
To Those With Different Surnames

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