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The Aaron Stark Family Chronicles


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Y-DNA Genetic Evaluation of the Descendants Aaron Stark [1608-1685]

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There has been much speculation about the ancestral roots of Aaron Stark which have not been satisfactorily answered. Part of the problem has been the belief of earlier researchers that Aaron Stark was a descendant of John Muirhead (alias John Stark). The account of John Muirhead saving King James IV from the charge of a bull and given the name Stark as a result of his bravery, was first presented in the 1903 Stark Family Association Yearbook. On page 15 of the Yearbook, there is a poem entitled, “Story of the Origin of The Stark Name.” The events depicted in this poem came from an account by Sir George Mackenzie [1636-1691]; which tells the story of how John Muirhead was given the name John Stark by a grateful King James IV of Scotland. On Page 21 of the 1903 Yearbook, there can be no doubt the membership believed they were all descendants of John Muirhead. In the preamble to the Association's Constitution, they stated: “In order to form a more perfect union and to become more closely identified with each other, We, the descendants of one Muirhead, a Scotchman, to whom King James the Fourth gave the name of Stark (meaning strong) for his great bravery, do hereby adopt the following as the constitution of the Stark Family.”

The Stark Family Y-DNA Project has found genetic evidence the descendants of Aaron and those most likely to be descendants of John Muirhead, could not have shared a common ancestor within 3,100 to 3,900 years. Because Aaron Stark clearly was not a descendant of John Muirhead (alias John Stark), then, perhaps, after 100 years of looking in Scotland, the time has come to look elsewhere for Aaron's ancestral roots — the beginnings of this search based on the following evidence to be presented.

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Book 1: Genetic-Genealogy Report; Descendants of Aaron Stark [1608-1685] (File size is 1 MB)

Book 2: Aaron Stark's [1608-1685] Ancestral Roots; A Theory (File size is 300KB)

Book 3: Genetic Matches of Aaron Stark's Descendants; To Those Withe Different Surnames (File Size is 1.3 MB)


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