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Elliot Clover was the son of John Metler Clover.  Elliott's wife and children moved to Grant County, Oklahoma.  For an article on this group see John Metler Clover
Many of the Clovers in Oklahoma came from Arkansas and Kansas.  Check Family Tree page for Eli Clover and other Arkansas Clovers

History of Oklahoma
Thanks to Rhonda Clover for sending me this.

    Oklahoma has had individual land ownership for a little over a century. It began in 1902 in the Indian Territory with the allotment of lands by the Dawes Commission. Prior to that time, land in the Indian Territory was communal property, and belonged to the respective Indian nation in which an individual lived. In Oklahoma Territory, with the exception of Indian allotments by the Jerome Commission in the late 1880s, ownership began in 1889, and spread with each of the land openings. The last land opening in Oklahoma Territory, with the minor exception of the salt plains in Alfalfa County, was in 1906. Land ownership in the Panhandle was possible after the first official survey was done for the area in the 1890s.
        Oklahoma statehood occurred November 16, 1907, by joining Oklahoma Territory and the Indian Territory. The newest county in Oklahoma was formed in 1912.

In 1890, Oklahoma Territory consisted of Logan, Oklahoma, Cleveland, Canadian, Kingfisher, Payne and Beaver Counties. At that time, Beaver County consisted of the entire Oklahoma Panhandle.

United States Native American Research

Plese note that there were a lot of Clover Native Americans in Oklahoma and Arkansas.  The Dawes List Index and other Native American items are on this page.


Bryan County, Oklahoma -  1902-1932 Marriage licenses
Clover, Henry              Wells, Dorothy Lee                8 Sep 1943
Chickasaw Nation Marriages Ardmore Oklahoma
by Mary Kinard 1992
G.E. Clover 28 Belle Brisco March 10, 1897 book B roll 585

Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory
U.S. Court - Second Judicial Division-Marriages
Clover, Nettie , 15 , Tupelo , C.N., I.T., to Coleman, R.C. , 21 , Tupelo , 01 Jan 1907 
Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory  US Court Second Judicial Division 
Clover E.I. , 22 , Tupelo , C.N., I.T., to Blanchard, Sallie B. , 20 , Tupelo , 02 Dec 1906 

Coal County, Oklahoma Marriage Index
CLOVER Eugie Belle O’NEAL Conner 3 290

Grant County, OK ??
Nita Pearce

 Tula Donna CLOVER born Abt 1908 in Grant Co. OK died Pueblo Colorado
 married Glen Allen BIBY  5 Apr 1928
Glen born ca. 1904 in Sand Creek, Grant County, Oklahoma

McCurtain Co. OK - Marriage Book 1 Nov. 20, 1907-July 15-1910
Page 120 Applicant: Charley Romin
Groom: Jim A. Flannigan 18 W C.N. Garvin
Bride: Mrs. Della Clover 26 W C.N. Garvin
Issued 22-MAY-1908 Recorded No Date T.J. Barnes, Co. Judge, County Court

Marriage Index Tulsa County, OK 1907-1930
Transcribed by Priscilla Arnold
Note that according to this site, the marriage index for Tulsa County, Oklahoma after 1907 has been closed.  This is happening all over the country.  This is one reason I am trying desperately to collect and publish all the index entries available.  I was told by a correspondent that these dates are the dates of the applications, not the actual marriage dates.

Clover, Cade            Crawford, Miriam     Dec 18 1922 029 142
Clover, Gilbert         Mcalister, Mary         Feb 14 1928 043 543
Clover, Grover         Howard, Margaret     Dec 03 1914 008 360
Clover, Jack M.       Lawson, Mayme         Apr 17 1925 035 417

Below is a list of Clover Marriages Dorothy Pebworth Sharp sent me. These records were recorded in family Bibles and she extracted each of them personally.  All of these are Oklahoma Clover's.

James Erven Clover                 Mable Kelley ~    1921
H. B. Clover                              Jane Craft ~          1918
Herbert E. Clover                     Grace Rixse ~       1916
Virginia Clover                       M. T. Caughman ~ 1931
Wilhelmina Rose Clover         George Shry ~        1942
Mrs Rebeckah May Clover       Ed L. Tolle ~          1907
Rena Clover                              P. W. Diekeus ~    1930
Carrie F. Clover                        Andy Kowal ~         1912
Charles C. Clover                      Leona Rodan ~      1943
Donna Lee Clover                     Clifton W. Black ~ 1948
Earl Clover                                Marie Black ~        1943

Military Records

PART XIII* - 2005-11-09
Barth, 464
PHILLIP EARL CLOVER, Sergeant, U. S. Army. Home address: Nash, Grant County. Mrs. Rosalie E. Clover, Wife, Nash. Born August 10, 1910. Enlisted March 9, 1944. Decorations: Combat Infantry Badge; Order of the Purple Heart. Attended public schools, Grant'County. Died January 28, 1945, in action in Luxembourg.

CLOVER, Philip E., Sgt., 38691546  a)  Grant County, Oklahoma  b) Spring 1944. c) 1/28/45, Luxembourg.   d) 10th Regt., 5th Inf. Div.  e)  The Fifth Division, deeply enmeshed in the Battle of the Bulge, made a surprise crossing of the Sauer River near Diekirch, Luxembourg on January 18, 1945, and by the end of the Battle of  the Bulge [January 25] the Division had driven north to the Our River.  Sgt. Clover had survived the Bulge, but died within the week as the 5th continued its drive east into Germany.  g) Brad Clover, son, 106 Carlisle, Enid, OK 73703. h) Son Brad Clover wrote: “My mother, my brother, and I came to Tyler to be near my dad, and my mother did washing and ironing for some of the men in my dad’s barracks. I would like to hear from anyone who served with my dad at Fannin or in Europe under Patton.”  Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge.
Camp Fannin, Texas
Infantry Replacement Training Center
U.S. Army, 1943-46
ROLL OF HONOR (A through H)  of Fannin Veterans who died in uniform during World War II.
All gave some, but some gave all.
(Courtesy of Mrs. Wilmer Carol Jumper Mercer, daughter of Isaac Wilmer Jumper)

Oklahoma World War I World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 Oklahoma
The World War I Draft Registration Cards were from 1917 and 1918.  The original cards are at the Regional Archives of the National Archives system which is at Atlanta, Georgia.  All males were supposed to register, but only if they were not in the military.  However, in actual fact, these records are NOT complete.  Additional information including the signature of the individual may be found on some cards.

Name Date of Birth race Place of Birth Place of Registration

Henry Hamilton Clover
30 Jul 1892 Caucasian (White) Arkansas Bryan, OK

Rufus Clover
1 Dec 1893 White Oklahoma Bryan, OK

Pedro Clover
21 Jun 1886 Caucasian (White) Kansas  Grant, OK

Philip Clover
18 Nov 1873 White
Grant, OK

Edward Taylor Clover
9 Jun 1887 Caucasian (White) Texas Muskogee, Muskogee, OK

Lester Grover Clover
26 Jan 1891 White Kansas;United States of America Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OK

Herbert Earl Clover
6 Dec 1888 Caucasian (White) Kansas Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

John Moore Clover
11 Oct 1874 White Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

Simeon Cooper Clover
19 Sep 1876 White Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946

Frank L Clover        1914     Oklahoma     9 Nov 1943    District of Columbia     Virginia            
Gilbert A Clover        1928     Oklahoma     16 Jan 1946    California     California            
Henry H Clover JR    1924     Oklahoma     6 Feb 1946    Oklahoma     Arkansas            
Homer L Clover        1922     Oklahoma     14 Sep 1942    Oklahoma     Oklahoma            
John R Clover JR    1912     Oklahoma     5 Nov 1942    Oklahoma     Oklahoma            
Louis A Clover        1914     Texas             24 Jun 1942    U.S. At Large     Illinois            
Philip C Clover         1927     Oklahoma     24 Sep 1945    Oklahoma     Oklahoma            
Sam S Clover           1915     Oklahoma     28 Jul 1943    California     California            
Thomas L Clover     1865     Oklahoma     26 Jan 1940    Oklahoma     North Carolina            
William H Clover     1928     Oklahoma     22 Dec 1945     Arizona     Arizona



 Miscellaneous Records
Second Series, Vol. 1, No. 1, April 26, 1870--Vol. 5, No. 36, January 30, 1875
Third Series, Vol. 1, No. 1, March 1, 1876-March 19, 1879
Index by James W. Parins and Daniel F. Littlefield, Jr.
Formatting and editing by Thomas Murray

        The Cherokee Advocate was published by the Cherokee Nation from 1844 until 1906. When publication began at Tahlequah, Cherokee Nation, on September 26, 1844, the Advocate, like its predecessor the Cherokee Phoenix, was the only tribally owned and published newspaper in the country. Authorized by an act of the Cherokee national council on October 25, 1843, it proposed to publish in both English and Cherokee useful information for its Cherokee readers and accurate information regarding the Cherokees for its readers in the United States. The Cherokee Advocate served the Cherokee people until the Cherokee Nation was dissolved in 1906.
        The first series was published from 1844 until September 28, 1853, when the newspaper was suspended for lack of funds. During that period it was edited by William P. Ross (1844-1846), Daniel H. Ross (1846-1847), William P. Ross (1847-1848), Daniel H. Ross (1848), James Shepherd Vann (1848-1849, 1851-1852, 1853), David Carter (1849-1851), and William P. Boudinot (1852-1853). These editors informed the people of their government's actions and policies--new laws, memorials and protests presented to Congress, proceedings of the national council, messages of the principal chief, lists of stray property, and administration papers for estates. They also reported news from the Cherokee Nation, the rest of Indian Territory, and the United States.
        The newspaper was not revived in a second series until April 26, 1870, and ran until February 1875, when the printing office of the Advocate burned, destroying all of the type and equipment. During this period it was edited by William P. Boudinot (1870-1873) and John Lynch Adair (1873-1875).
        The newspaper was revived in a third series on March 1, 1876, and continued publication until 1906. It was edited from 1876 to 1879 by William P. Boudinot (1876-1877) and George W. Johnson (1877-1879). These editors produced 154 issues of which only eight are not represented in this index.
The Cherokee Advocate Index
CLOVER, Ja   1/ 04/1871, page 2: column 4  Okl.

Garfield County, Oklahoma
Persons Making the Cherokee Strip Land Run That Registered at the Enid Land Office.
There is interesting information about the land run on this site.
Spencer E. Clover of Caldwell, Kansas

These are from Timmons
CLOVER, Eugia B. b: 1894 in Goodwater, McCurtain County, Oklahoma
CLOVER, Frances Ann b: 1832 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Hendrick W. b: 1832 in South Fork Twp, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Isham b: 1835 in South Fork Twp, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Josephine b: 1 JAN 1869 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas d: 17 OCT 1945 in Peggs, Cherokee County, Oklahoma
CLOVER, Josiah b: 1841 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas d: 30 JAN 1862 in Columbus, Kentucky (Confederate Army)
CLOVER, Josiah Manley b: 1860 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Josie W. b: FEB 1880 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas d: BEF 1900
CLOVER, Leander Louis b: 4 APR 1902 in Curtis, Clark county, Arkansas d: MAY 1975 in Arkadelphia, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Lewis b: 1837 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Margaret Beatrice b: ABT 1858 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Martha P. b: ABT 1855 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Mary Arlena b: SEP 1853 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas d: 6 FEB 1930 in Rose, Mayes County, Oklahoma
CLOVER, Nancy b: 1837 in South Fork Twp, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Nancy b: ABT 1870 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Nettie Lee b: 1889 in Curtis, Clark county, Arkansas
CLOVER, Nettie Lee---------------- b: 1879 in Curtis, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Priscilla b: 1842 in South Fork Twp, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Robert Arthur b: 1881 in Curtis, Clark county, Arkansas
CLOVER, Robert L. b: 1856 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Stephen Logan b: 1825 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas d: BEF 1880 in Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, Thomas L. b: 1886 in Goodwater, McCurtain County, Oklahoma
CLOVER, Unknown
CLOVER, William H. b: 1872 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, William H. Jr. b: 1826 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, William H., Sr. b: 1800 in Illinois d: 20 JUL 1850 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas
CLOVER, William Marshall b: 1849 in Caddo, Clark County, Arkansas

Kiowa County, Oklahoma
Kiowa County (Oklahoma) Democrat - August 24, 1916
Snyder, Kiowa County, Oklahoma
Volume 11  Number 44 Thursday, August 24, 1916
Clover, John
ADVERTISEMENT: JOHN CLOVER The Sanitary Plumber & Concrete Contractor. Snyder, Oklahoma.

INDEX to MCINTOSH COUNTY MEMORIES People - Places - Events C.W. "Dub" West, Editor
(look-ups available  contact Judy Woods <>)
CLOVER, Melvin     167

Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma History, (Claremore, Oklahoma: Country Lane Press, 1987), 44.
Compiled and edited by the Pottawatomie County History Book Committee
page 44:  William E. Clover

Ghost Towns of Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma & Their Early Inhabitants!
Remus, Location: SE 1/4 Sec 23, T8N, R4E. 4 miles west and one mile north of Maud. It existed from 3 July 1893, to 15 February 1906.
Pioneers living in the area of Remus included: Rev. Thomas H. Day, Dr. Samuel David dodson, Dr. M. A. Warhurst, L. P. Childeers, Elizabeth Boatman, F. M. Lamb, Benjamin W. James, William E. Clover, George E. Truscott, J. C. Tiffin, J. W. Tiffin, William C. Andrews.  

Cherokee Strip Land Opening 1893
Payne County Oklahoma OKGenweb.

A Complete Directory of the Rural Homesteaders of Oklahoma Territory
1890 Oklahoma Territory Directory giving The Quarter Section, Township, and Range. Both were East of the Indian Meridian.  These are from Logan County, Oklahoma.  Smith's 1890 City Directory.
Clover, John P., n e 12-17-1-e
Clover, Jos A, s e 24-19-2-e

Two Davis Families [I don't know what these are.  The info was sent to me a year ago.  The site is no longer active. Presumably, these Clovers were relatives of a Davis.]
Zachariah Davis + Jonathan Davis
Clover, Mary 39
Clover, Matilda 39

Homesteaders Memorial Grant County, Oklahoma
The Homesteaders Memorial is located in Medford, OK in front of the Grant County Courthouse.
Contribued by Tracy Hime
Clover, Phillip

Published: June 17, 2008 
Truth about gold bars still a good mystery
By Phil Brown, Commentary (Brown is a former managing editor of the Enid Morning News)

        Brad Clover, of Enid, has some evidence a major operation was under way in the late 1930s or maybe early ’40s to locate 14 gold bars said to have been buried in the vicinity of the dam at the Great Salt Plains Lake 158 years ago by five men engaged in what must have been a running fight with a band of hostile Cheyenne-Arapaho Indians.
        Some versions of the story, which I related in an earlier column, tell about efforts to locate the bars in later years. Apparently they were never found. Clover has a photo of the search operations that were under way. The photo is small and was taken from a distance, and is dark. It appears to have been taken with a box camera. Clover got it from his mother.
        Close examination of the picture does show what appears to be a major drilling project with a small rig. There also appears to be a drilling pit around the rig. One version of the story says Carl Sheldon, one of the survivors of the Indian raid, returned in 1901 to retrieve the treasure, but didn’t find it. Associates of his continued the search into the 1940s.
        Clover’s photo is apparently of the people who were still looking in the 1930s, but who did not find it either. At least we guess they didn’t find it. There is no evidence they did. If they had found the gold it would have been difficult to keep it a secret. Trying to dispose of 14 gold bars would have attracted a lot of attention. They had to abandon the hunt because of construction on the dam that created Great Salt Plains Lake.
        But it’s apparent in the small photo this was not just a couple of guys with a treasure map and an auger poking holes in the ground at random. It was a sophisticated drilling outfit, and they must have believed the gold — wrapped in a buffalo hide — was down there somewhere.
        I’ve never heard positively where the gold came from in the first place. I speculated because of the date — 1850 — the five guys got lucky in the 1849 California gold rush and were returning home to Missouri with their earnings when they bumped into the Indians, but that is just a guess.  Somebody believed the gold was really down there in the shifting sands of Great Salt Plains, because they were still poking around trying to find it 90 years after the Indian attack.
        There is more than one mystery here. Why did Sheldon wait 50 years to come looking for it? Did the other guy who escaped with him come back alone and retrieve the gold — or most of it? And, where did the gold really come from? Was it stolen?  
        There must surely be some kind of modern technology — maybe some kind of fancy radar that can look down through the water, the fish and the mud and see if there are 14 gold bars down there somewhere near the dam. Anything as dense as gold should be easily detected by radar, right?
        Of course I don’t know what the 14 gold bars weighed, so I can’t really say what they would be worth at today’s inflated prices. If we (you and me) want to assume the 14 bars weighed about 400 pounds, that would be 6,400 ounces, and on the futures market gold is being quoted at about $881 an ounce — that means the gold bars might be worth about $5.6 million.
        By today’s standards that is not a huge fortune, but there is just something about buried treasure and Indians, and of course everyone loves a good mystery.

The following is supposed to refer to John Hiram Clover, born 28 June 1853, died 30 October 1822, Dewey, Oklahoma.  He was born Monroe County, Illinois, the son of James Monroe Clover.

Mrs.W.L. Bain's collumn in Bartlesville, Okla newpaper
 PERMELIA added this on 5 Sep 2008 from  

Oct. 28, 1922 Mrs. W.L.Bain Collum in Bartlesville, Okla, news paper.
John Clover, J. Rash and John Enlish were injured on Thursday night when a team driven by Mr. Rash ran away. The wagon was loaded with lumber and the tree men were sitting on the lumber. Some part of the harness broke and startled the horses which bolted and threw the men into the street on 12th and Wyandotte, Dewey. Dr. Van Sant was called and took the men to his office for treatment. The team was caught further down the street after they had upset a buggy containing a women and a child, who were not injured and refused to give their names.

Mrs. W.L.Bain's collum in Bartlesville news paper, Oct 30, 1922
     T.R. rash, John Clover, and J English were injured Thursday evening in a runaway accident. Mr Rash was driving the team of horses which became uncontrollable and ran, turning over the wagon, when a chain broke and the tongue dropped to the ground. the men were thrown to the payment. Before the horses could stopped they ran into buggy driven by a woman accompained by two childern, but they did them no harm. Mr Clover is in serious condition. The other men were injured slightly.

City Directories

1903 Moore's City Directory.

P.O. Bacone, Ind. Ter. Oklahoma
Clover, Orel

Charles Whethers Clover
1937 Polk's Oklahoma City (Oklahoma County, Okla) Directory
page 324 
Polk's Enid (Garfield County, Okla) City Directory 1938-39
John Clover R4

Polk's Ardmore (Carter County, Okla) City Directory 1938 page 60
Annie Clover widow (Thomas Clover) machine operator h155cSE
Polk's Ardmore (Carter County, Okla) City Directory 1946-1947 page 54
C.W. Clover (Annie) Okl Natural Gas 305 - 2nd Street

Enid, Oklahoma 1913 City Directory page 68
John R Clover (Anna) Oklahoma Laundry

Polk's Ponca City (Kay County, Okla) Directory 1936 page 80
Earl F. Clover student 500 Washington
Herbert E.  Clover ( Grace ) 500 Washington
Marg. Clover student 500 Washington

Tulsa, Oklahoma 1929 City Directory
Boyd D. Clover (Louisa J.) Ironworker, 722 Cheyenne Ave.
Claid C. Clover (Miriam) Clerk Westcott Creis Co. 1627 S. Utica Ave.
Jack M. Clover (Mayme M.) Clerk H. F. Wilcox Oil and Gas Company, 1523 E. 20th
Marvin R. Clover oil, 1629 E. 19th
Simeon E. Clover (Amy B.) Oil producer 1629 E. 19th
W. Arthur Clover (Emma) Watchman 2548 Admiral Ct. 

Native American Records

        Most of the Clovers with Native American blood lived in Arkansas and later Oklahoma.  However, they were out of the Mississippi Choctaw group. Since the records cover several states, I have put them all on the Native American page on the following page.

United States Wide Databases

Land Records

US Government Land Patents
CLOVER, LOTT  OK  Grant  7/1/1908  Guthrie  10421  337 

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