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New Jersey Clover Tax Records

    Since the early censuses of New Jersey before 1830 were burned, we are heavily dependent on tax records because they at least tell us who is living where and when.  I have transcribed some indexes here to help.  Please remember that the original tax records may include further information in some years. I have not looked at the actual Hunterton County ones.  I transcribed Clovers in the Somerset County tax records and they are on the Somerest County page.  Salem County tax records are on the Salem County page. 

Hunterdon County
  Tax records of Hunterdon County exist from 1778 to 1822 with some years in some townships missing. However, the book I used only extracted 1778-1797. I suggest that interested parties should look at the actual records which are available on microfilm no. 865475 through any Family History Center. There is additional information on the actual records which might be of use. I have gathered all of the information which might apply to John Peter Clover’s children as listed in the Atlas of Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.

Hunterdon County, New Jersey Taxpayers 1778-1797, (Miami Beach, Florida: T.L.C. Genealogy)

Lizzie Clover is supposed to have married Samuel Anderson.  
page 5: Samuel Anderson Lebanon Township, 1778, 1779, 1780, 1784, 1785, 1786, 1789, 1790 also Trenton, 1786

Annie Clover is supposed to have married George Wrey. I found him with a different spelling of the name, Rea. My experiance with these names that start with Wr~~ is that they are often also written with just an R~~. I have usually seen the earlier records with an R and the later records with a Wr.
page 142: George Rea, Kingwood 1778, 1779, 1785, 1786, 1789, 1797
George Rea Jr Kingwood 1797
Isaac Rea Kingwood 1785, 1786, 1789, 1797

Catherine Clover married Peter Apgar.
Pages 6-7:
Peter Apgar Lebanon 1780, 1789
Peter Apgar Hon[orable] Lebanon 1779, 1789
Peter Apgar Jr Lebanon 1789
Peter Smith Apgar Lebanon 1779
Peter Apgar son of G(?) Lebanon 1790
Peter Apgar Sr Lebanon 1789
Peter Apger Hon. Lebanon 1790
Peter Apger jr Lebanon 1786
Peter Apger sr Lebanon 1790
Peter Apger sr(?) Lebanon 1790
Peter Apker Lebanon 1784, 1786
Peter Apker jr Lebanon 1784
Peter Apker sr 1786

Sarah Clover married William Corbett
William Corbett, Bethlehem, 1778, 1780 [They probably moved to PA about this time.]

Eliza Clover was supposed to have married John Kinney.
John Kinney Reading 1789

Paul Clover is not in any list. I don't know why. I thought he did not leave before 1777 because he appeared in the fulling mill records then. I suspect he was in the records of his first wife's family, Mary Pearson/Pierson/Person.

Other sources:
Philip Clover Lebanon 1779, 1780 only in Hunterdon County. [He probably moved to PA about his time.]
“New Jersey Ratables, 1778-1880, Hunterdon County,” Genealogy Magazine of New Jersey, volume 48 (1973) pages 135-137

“The Hunterdon Militia, 1792,” Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, volume 9.
Lebanon Township page 96; Samuel Anderson appears twice
Peter Apgar appears three times also on page 102 in Tewksbery Township.
No Kinney, No Conine, no Corbett, no Clover

Morris County

“New Jersey Ratables, 1778-1780, Morris County,” Genealogy Magazine of New Jersey, Volume 46, (1971), pages 85-87,  
Nathan Cooper is in the same area as Jacob Conine, husband of Philip’s sister, Mary. Nathan Cooper left a will referring to his daughter Mary Clover.
 Page 86 Nathan Cooper* 250 acres 2 horses 6 cows * means on the early list but not on the later one. This probably refers to 1778 and 1780.
    Nathan Cooper Junr 230 acres 6 horses 6 cows 6 horned cattle 1 slave 1 riding chair (4 horses, 5 cows 3 hogs 0 riding chair) [Probably these entries are for the two different years.]
    Nathan Cooper 3d [Probably this is the youngest of three Nathan Coopers.] 80 acres 2 horses 6 cows (3 cows)   

Mary Clover married Jacob Conine. “New Jersey Ratables, 1778-1780, Morris County,” Genealogy Magazine of New Jersey, Volume 46, (1971) pages 85-87,  
page 87 Jacob Conine 85 acres, 3 horses, 7 cows, 1 hog, £500 out at interest, tanyard [Note: He is in the same area as Nathan Cooper, father of Mary Cooper, wife of Philip Clover.]

Somerset, Morris, and Gloucester Counties

Ronald Vern Jackson, editor, New Jersey Tax Lists, 1772-1822, Volume 1, This particular book omitted Hunterdon County for a reason only the editor knows.  However, it is typical of books which have his name to have omitted part of the counties or part of the states, etc.  

Henry Clover, Gloucester Co, NJ Deptford Township June-Aug 1795 and June-Aug 1796 Henry appears as a Claver in other years.
Peter Clover Somerset Co, NJ Hillsborough Township, 1779 through 1806 appears most years at least once.  See the page on Somerset County.
Joseph Clover Morris County, NJ Roxbury 1793 June tax list Joseph may have been a Colver. There are several in that area.  However, the first name Joseph does not appear as a Colver. They only appear in 1793 and 1795.

Kenn Stryder-Rodda, Revolutionary Census of New Jersey, (Lambertville, New Jersey: Hunterdon House, 1986) This includes only a couple of years for each county so it is not a complete tax list but I include it here for the sake of completeness.

Salem County Upper Alloways Township 1773-4 Jacob Clover 
Hunterdon County, Kingwood Township 1778 and 1780 Philip Clover
Somerset County, Hillsborough 1778-1780 Peter Clover

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