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Third Generation

Clement Bessette was born February 29, 1728 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada, and died August 22, 1789 and buried on August 24, 1789 in Pointe-Olivier (St-Mathias), Quebec, Canada.  He married Marie Charlotte Lamoureux, the daughter of Pierre Lamoureux and Angelique Fontaine, on June 18, 1753 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada.  She was born January 18, 1735 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada.


i. MARIE MARTHE BESSETTE, who married Louis Brouillet Dit Laviolette on January 24, 1780 in Pointe-Olivier (St-Mathias) , Quebec, Canada.

ii. CLEMENT BESSETTE, b. June 08, 1754, Saint-Mathias, Quebec, Canada.

iii. JEAN FRANCOIS BESSETTE, b. October 07, 1755, Pointe-Olivier (St. Mathias), Quebec, Canada.

iv. PIERRE BESSETTE, b. April 11, 1757, Pointe-Olivier (St. Mathias), Quebec, Canada.

v. MARIE CHARLOTTE BESSETTE, b. December 20, 1758, Pointe-Olivier (St. Mathias), Quebec, Canada.

vi. ANTOINE BESSETTE, b. October 01, 1760, Pointe-Olivier (St-Mathias), Quebec, Canada; d. Bef. 1816.

vii. ANDRE BESSETTE, b. June 06, 1762, Pointe-Olivier (St. Mathias), Quebec, Canada.

viii. JULIE BESSETTE, b. December 26, 1763, Chambly, Quebec, Canada; d. December 15, 1791, Pointe-Olivier (St. Mathias), Quebec, Canada.

ix. JOSEPH BESSETTE, b. March 09, 1765, Chambly, Quebec, Canada.

x. MARIE CATHERINE BESSETTE, b. December 08, 1766, Chambly, Quebec, Canada.

xi. MARIE AMABLE BESSETTE, b. March 12, 1768, Chambly, Quebec, Canada.

xii. AUGUSTIN BESSETTE, b. August 28, 1769, Chambly, Quebec, Canada; d. April 20, 1770, and was buried on April 29, 1770 in Chambly, Quebec, Canada.

xiii. OLIVIER BESSETTE, b. January 27, 1771, Chambly, Quebec, Canada.

xiv. CHARLOTTE BESSETTE, b. October 27, 1772, Chambly, Quebec, Canada.

xv. LOUIS BESSETTE, b. September 12, 1774, Chambly, Quebec, Canada.

xvi. LOUISE BESSETTE, b. July 11, 1776, Chambly, Quebec, Canada.

xvii. JEAN BAPTISTE BESSETTE, b. March 05, 1779, Pointe-Olivier (St. Mathias), Quebec, Canada.