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                                       Map 1866 - by Beers

                   (Includes Clarksville and New Salem Insets)


                     Submitted by Darin Flansburg     11 April 2001





                                                         Transcribed from map by 

                                 Barbara Bolster-Barrett & Darin Flansburg

                                                                                May 2001



                          Darin Flansburg     Barbara Bolster-Barrett



Following is a list of the 577 properties listed on the Town of New Scotland map.


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New Salem     A. Mann Hotel
C3            Albright, J.
New Salem     Albright, J.
C3            Albright, P. S.
C1            Alkenbrach, W.
C1            Alkenbrach, W.
C4            Allen, A.
C4            Allen, D. T.
B6            Allen, J.
B6            Allen, Miss
New Salem     Allen, W.W.
B5            Aras, P.
D6            Arnold, J.I.
E6            Arnold, J.I.
E6            Arnold, J.I.
B3            Austin, J.
B6            Austin, J.
C6            B. S. Shop [blacksmith]
Clarksville   B. S. Shop [blacksmith]
Clarksville   B. S. Shop [blacksmith]
Clarksville   B. S. Shop [blacksmith]
D1            B. S. Shop [blacksmith]
E3            B. S. Shop [blacksmith]
E4            B. S. Shop [blacksmith]
E4            B. S. Shop [blacksmith]
E4            B. S. Shop [blacksmith]
E6            B. S. Shop [blacksmith]
New Salem     B. S. Shop [blacksmith]
New Salem     B. S. Shop [blacksmith]
C6            Badt, J. C.
A4            Baldwin, B.
A5            Baldwin, B.
D5            Bartley, P.
E5            Bartley, P.
D3            Barton, G.S.
B4            Bates, R.
C6            Baumis?
E3            Beach, S.
E3            Becker, A.
F3            Becker, J.H., Dr.
C1            Bell, J.
F2            Bender, J.
D3            Bender, W.
D3            Bender, W.
B1            Bennett, D. W.
B5            Bennett, E.
Clarksville   Bennett, R.
E2            Benter, G.W.
E2            Benter, G.W.
D6            Bleeker, J.
D1            Blessing, H.F.
F1            Blessing, J.L.
New Salem     Bloomingdale, J.
New Salem     Bogardus, P.
E4            Booth, A.R.
C4            Bradt, B.
C3            Bradt, D.
D5            Bradt, H.
E5            Bradt, H.
C4            Bradt, M.
B5            Bradt, P.
E5            Bradt, P.A.
E5            Bradt, W.N.
E6            Brate, P.W.
E6            Brate, P.W.
E6            Brate, P.W.
E6            Brate, T.
A3            Briton, B.
B4            Britton, B.
B4            Britton, F.
F2            Buchanan, J.
F2            Buchanan, J.
G2            Buchanan, N.
D4            Bullock, Wd.
E3            Byrnes, A.
E4            C. Mart
E7            Callanan, D.
E7            Callanan, D.
E8            Callanan, D.
E8            Callanan, D.
E8            Callanan, D.
A5            Cass, J.
D1            Cheebrau, J.
Clarksville   Clark, Miss
Clarksville   Clark, Mrs.
D3            Cole, Miss
B4            Cole, T.
C1            Comstock, E.
E4            Conger, W.H.
E4            Conger, W.H.
B3            Contraman, G.
C5            Contraman, W.
E3            Cook, S.
E2            Coughtry, A.J.
E3            Coughtry, I.
E2            Coughtry, J.H.
E2            Coughtry, J.H.
D3            Coughtry, Mrs.
E1            Coughtry, Mrs.
E3            Coughtry, Mrs.
E1            Coughtry, N.H.
D2            Coughtry, W.J.
D3            Crawford, E.
E6            Creble, H.
Clarksville   Crook, J.
A4            Crounce, H.
B1            Crounse, F?.
Clarksville   Crounse, H., Dr.
C6            D.R. Church [Dutch Reformed]
Clarksville   D.R. Church [Dutch Reformed]
E4            D.R. Church [Dutch Reformed]
E6            D.R. Church [Dutch Reformed]
New Salem     D.R. Church [Dutch Reformed]
Clarksville   Dayton, Dr.
A3            Deits, J.
C6            Delong, A.
A3            DeLong, J.
C6            DeLong, J.
C6            DeLong, J.
D6            Delong, J.
C6            DeLong, J. H.
C6            DeLong, N.
E2            Depot
Clarksville   Downey, J.
D7            Dunbar, J.L.
E7            Dunbar, J.L.
F1            E. Oliver
B3            Earl, B.
A3            Earl, D.
New Salem     Earl, H.
E1            Ferguson, W.
E3            Fisher, D.& D.
E3            Fitch, A.
B2            Fitch, E. A.
Clarksville   Flansburg, M.
A2            Flansburgh, J. H.
C4            Flansburgh, M.
Clarksville   Foster, Mrs.
D5            Fowler, P.
E3            Franz, C.
A6            Frinkle, C.
D1            Fryer, C.
D2            Fuller, A.
C4            Fuller, F.
Clarksville   G. Mill  [Grist?]
E1            G. Mill  [Grist?]
E3            Gamble, G.L.
Clarksville   Gardner, F.R.
A6            Goeyway, G.
Clarksville   Gould, N.
Clarksville   Groesbeck, F.
New Salem     H. school
Clarksville   Hagadon, Mrs.
Clarksville   Hagadon, Mrs.
A3            Haight, D.
A3            Haight, J.
Clarksville   Hall
Clarksville   harness shop
B1            Hart, J. J.
B1            Hart, P.
E4            Hartman, J.
New Salem     Harwood, I.
B4            Haunbeck,J.
B5            Haylon, Miss.
D1            Hays, J.R.
E4            Helcar, M
F3            Hendrick, J.
E3            Hess, L.
E2            Hilton, G.
E2            Hilton, J.
A2            Holenbeck, Wd J.
B3            Hollenbeck, Miss?
C1            Horner?, Mrs.
C2            Hotaling, H.
D4            Hotaling, N.H.
Clarksville   Hotel
Clarksville   Hotel
D5            hotel
E3            Hotel
E4            Hotel & P.O.
E6            Hotel & P.O.
E8            Hotel & P.O.
B1            Hoten, Mrs.
C4            Houck, J.
New Salem     Houck, J.
B4            Houck, J.  
B4            Houck, J. A. 
E5            Houck, Mrs.
B4            Houck, N. B.
B4            Houck, P. G. & L.
B4            Houghtaling, A.F.
B6            Houghtaling, D. F.
B5            Houghtaling, G.
C2            Houghtaling, G.
D3            Houghtaling, G.
E5            Houghtaling, J.P.
New Salem     Houghtaling, J.R.
B5            Houghtaling, M.
D4            Houghtaling, Mrs.
E2            Houghtaling, Mrs.
F2            Houghtaling, Mrs.
Clarksville   Houghtaling, P.
Clarksville   Houghtaling, R.
B5            Houghtaling, T.
Clarksville   Houghtaling, W.
A6            Houghton, D.
A6            Houghton, W. J.
D1            Hurst, R.
B5            Ingraham, H.
G1            Jacobson, W., heirs of
D4            Johnson, A.
F2            Johnson, A.
E5            Johnson, Al
E5            Johnson, I.
B4            Johnson, P.
A5            Jones, C.
B5            Jones, C.
E4            Jones, E.
A5            Jones, J.
E2            Joslin, F.L.
D6            Joslin, H.W.
A5            Kline, A.
C4            Kniffen, G.
C1            Koons, Mrs.
C1            Koons, S.
C1            Koonz, J. F.
A4            Krouck, H.
B5            La Bete, A.
B5            Labaff, Mrs.
E1            Lagrange, A.
E1            Lagrange, A.
E1            Lagrange, A.
D1            Lagrange, F.
F2            Lagrange, Mrs.
E1            Lagrange, O.
B5            Lapaugh, F.
Clarksville   Lapaugh, F.
Clarksville   Lawson, J.
E6            Leedings, J.
F5            Leedings, J.
D4            Leonard, J.
E4            Leonard, J.
C6            Letta?, G.
B1            Livingston, P. H.
C1            Livingston, P. H.
B4            Long, J.
C6            Long, J.
E3            Long, J.
C5            Long, P.
E4            Long, R.
Clarksville   Long, W.
D6            Loucks, J.H.
C3            Luke, C.
D3            Luke, P.
Clarksville   M.E. Church [Methodist Episcopal?]
D1            M.E. Church [Methodist Episcopal?]
New Salem     M.E. Church [Methodist Episcopal?]
C3            Markle, J. F.
D1            Markle, Miss
C3            Markle, P. S.
C3            Markle, R.
C1            Martin, D.
D1            Martin, J.
B1            Martin, J. H.
D1            Martin, P.W.
B1            Martin, S.
C1            Martin, W.
B2            Mathias, C.
A3            Mathias, E.
B3            Matthias, J.
C2            Matthias, J.
New Salem     Matthias, J.
B1            McChesney, J.
New Salem     McChesney, J.
G1            McClosky, Mrs.
Clarksville   McCulloch, J.
B5            McCulloch, J. D.
Clarksville   McCulloch, J.D.
C4            McCulloch, Miss.
B7            McCulloch, W.
C5            McCulloch, W. W.
Clarksville   McCulloch, W.W.
C4            McCullough, J.
D1            McElroy, J.
Clarksville   McEwen, J.
G1            McHarg, A.
G1            McHarg, H.
B6            McHinck, A.
C2            McMillen, A.
E3            McMillen, H.
D1            McMillen, J.
C6            Mead, H. B.
C6            Mead, H. K.
A5            Mehal, C
B2            Methias, J.H.
B5            Mill, S.
C6            Mill, S.
D1            Millen, W.
B6            Mitchel, L.
B2            Mitchel, W.
B6            Mitchell, E. B.
B3            Moak, D.
F6            Moak, F.
D4            Moak, J.
C3            Moak, J. T.
E3            Moak, J.J.
E6            Moak, Mrs.
E5            Moak, N.B.
C3            Moak, R.
E3            Moak, W.
E3            Moak, W.
D7            Mosher, C.
D4            Mosher, S.
E3            Oliver, A.
F2            Oliver, A.E.
G1            Oliver, G.G.
C4            Oliver, J.
C4            Oliver, J.
D5            Oliver, J.
E1            Oliver, J.
F2            Oliver, J.
F2            Oliver, J.E.
D5            Oliver, J.V.
F1            Oliver, K.
Clarksville   Oliver, Mrs.
F2            Oliver, N.
E4            Oliver, W.M.
A5            Oliver?, J.
New Salem     Osborn, W.
A4            Osterhout, J?
C7            Osterhout, P.
Clarksville   P.O.
New Salem     P.O.
E4            Palmeter, J.
D4            Pangburn, D.
D5            Pangburn, D.
E1            Parcell, C.
Clarksville   parsonage
E6            parsonage
New Salem     parsonage
D4            Patterson, J.
C4            Patton, R.
B3            Perry, C.
E3            Phelan, P.
D7            Piant,W.
E3            Post Office & Store
E3            Pres. Church
E3            Purbeck, P.R.
C7            Radley, J.
C7            Radley, J.
E4            Radley, J. R.
E4            Radley, P.H.
B4            Radley, S.
C4            Ramsey, Miss.
E2            Raynsford, D.
E3            Raynsford, D.
E3            Raynsford, D.V.E.
New Salem     Reamer, N.
E3            Reid, G.A.
D4            Reid, J.
New Salem     Reid, W.J.
D4            Reide, G.
D1            Reide, J.A.
D1            Reide, W.
D1            Relyea, D.
E6            Relyea, F.
D1            Relyea, W.J.
D1            Relyea, W.J.
C6            Robertson, W.
B5            Rose, H.
B5            Rose, J.
D1            Rosecrans, Mrs.
D7            Row, J.
E7            Row, J.
C7            Rowe, S. C.
D7            Rowel, J.R.
C3            Rushmore, T.
E3            Ruso, A.
D4            Sager, A.
New Salem     Sager, L.
A4            Sager, P.
Clarksville   Sagor, J.
A1            Saw Mill
C6            Saw Mill
D7            Saw Mill
E1            Saw Mill
New Salem     Saw Mill
C6            Sch. Ho.  (School House?)
A2            Schermerhorn, F.
D1            schoolhouse
D5            schoolhouse
D6            schoolhouse
D8            schoolhouse
E4            schoolhouse
New Salem     schoolhouse
E3            schoolhouse # 8
Clarksville   schoolhouse #2
E1            schoolhouse #5
E6            schoolhouse #5
C1            Schwitzer, Mrs.
C6            Scutt, J.  
B6            Scutt, J. H.
E1            Seger, D.
D1            Seger, Miss
C1            Shafer, J.
C6            Shear, J.
C6            Sheave, J.
A5            Shell, J.
Clarksville   shoe shop
D4            Shore, W.M.I.
E4            Sigsbee, J.
A3            Sigsbee, J?
New Salem     Sigsbee, N.
B3            Sigsbee, W.
B3            Simmons, A.
B4            Simmons, P.
B5            Simmons, P.
B5            Simmons, P.
B5            Simmons, W.
Clarksville   Simmons, W.
D7            Slack, J.
D7            Slack, J.
D7            Slack, J.
C5            Slingerland, A.
C6            Slingerland, A.
D4            Slingerland, A.
D6            Slingerland, A.
D6            Slingerland, A.
A5            Slingerland, G.
A5            Slingerland, G.
C5            Slingerland, H.
D5            Slingerland, H.
A5            Slingerland, J.
D5            Slingerland, J. General
D5            Slingerland, J. General
C5            Slingerland, M.
D6            Slingerland, M.
D6            Slingerland, M.
D5            Slingerland, Mrs.
D6            Slingerland, P.
D7            Slingerland, T.
C1            Smith, A.
C2            Smith, A.
A1            Smith, B.
B1            Smith, H.
B1            Smith, H.
C2            Smith, J.
B4            Smith, T.
C1            Spear, J.
C2            Spore, W. J.
B2            Stalker, A.
B2            Stalker, J.
B3            Stalker, J. P.
D1            Stalker, W.
Clarksville   Statts, B.H.
B4            Stilwell, J.
C6            Stoner, A.
D1            store
D6            Stotts, E.W.
E4            Stuart, H.
D2            Swift, W.
New Salem     T. Yard
E3            Taylor, G.
C3            Taylor, J.
G1            Taylor, J.
G1            Taylor, J.
D2            Taylor, J.E.
D3            Taylor, J.R.
New Salem     Taylor, Mrs.
New Salem     Taylor, R.
C3            Taylor, R. B.
D3            Taylor, W.
D1            Tirwilliger, C.
D3            Toll Gate
E4            Toll Gate
C1            Tygert, F.
C1            Tygert, T.
C1            Tygert, W.
E6            Van Allen, P.L.
E6            Van Allen, W.
E6            Van Allen, W.
D2            Van Auken, L.
C7            Van Derzie, H.
C6            Van Dyke, D.
B6            Van Natta, W.
D5            Van Nattan, J.
B6            Van Nattan, P.
C3            Van Olinda, J.
D4            Van Olinda, J.
A2            Van Schaak, Mrs.
A2            Van Schaak, P.
C1            Van Valkenburg, Mrs.
Clarksville   Van Wie, G.
E4            Van Wie, I.
A1            Van Zandt, W.
D5            Vanattan, B.
E5            Vanattan, B.
D5            Vanattan, J.
D6            Vanattan, J.
D5            Vanattan. I.
C6            Vanderbelt, G.
E4            Vanderburgh, G.
C1            Vanderpole, J.
E7            Vanderzee, H.H.
E7            Vanderzee, H.H.
E8            Vanderzee, H.H.
E4            VanderZee, M.
E7            Vanderzee, Wd., Jr.
Clarksville   VanDusen, J.
New Salem     VanDusen, Mrs.
C7            Vandyke, J. H.
Clarksville   VanWie, I.
Clarksville   W. Shop
Clarksville   W. Shop
E3            W. Shop
E4            W. Shop
E6            W. Shop
New Salem     W. Shop
D1            W.Shop
F1            Wademan, J.
F2            Wademan, J.J.
Clarksville   Waderman, N.
B5            Waggoner, H.
B5            Wagner, G.
B5            Wagner, G.
D3            Wagner, W.
Clarksville   Wagoner, H.
E2            Waine, J.
B1            Waldron, H.
B1            Waldron, O.
D2            Wands, E.
F3            Wands, J.B.
D3            Wands, J.C.
D3            Wands, T.
D3            Wands, W.
B3            Ward, F?.
D3            Ward, J.F.
D3            Ward, N.N.
E3            Warren, S.
D7            Waters, A.
E2            Wayne, A.
D3            Wayne, J.H.
Clarksville   Weaver, A.
Clarksville   Wedeman, Mrs.
D4            Weidman, P.
E3            Whitbeck, J.
E4            Whitbeck, M.J.
A3            White, G.
A2            White, I. L.
A1            White, O. C
E5            Widderman, J.I.
B4            Williams, E.
E6            Willie, R.
E6            Wiltse, H.
New Salem     Winne & Houck
C5            Winne, G.
B2            Winne, H. L.
B3            Winne, H. L.
A2            Winne, J.
B3            Winne, P.
C6            Winston, B.
C2            Wood, A.
E1            Wood, E.
C3            Wood, J?.
F1            Wood, R.
E1            Woodsworth, C. 
F1            Woodsworth, S.
D1            Wormer, D.
A2            Wormer, F.
A1            Wormer, F. C.
C1            Wormer, J.
A1            Wormer, Mrs
Clarksville   Wright, S.
New Salem     Young, G.
B2            Young, H.
C2            Young, J.
B2            Young, Mrs.







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