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Last updated  1 Nov 2005



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TABLE OF CONTENTS     (anything in blue and underlined is a link)


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 3)   RECORDS  -  (access from Home page)






 DEATHS    (cemetery records, obituaries)



    (births, baptisms, marriages and deaths)




    (pastors are in Churches & Pastors)


 4)    GENEALOGICAL AIDS / LOCAL HISTORY    (on this webpage)


 CHURCHES & PASTORS  (lists of churches, their histories, pastor information, etc.)



 CEMETERIES     (lists of cemeteries; tombstone graphics and abbreviations, etc.)


  LANGUAGE & NAMES    (includes Dutch and German systems of naming children)







 HISTORY  (NY state & local)



     on other sites 





 MAPS    (many for Albany Co.  name the property owners)








  Reformed Churches in US & Canada   (Cliff Lamere)  Information for about 980 churches includes name,

         address, phone number, email address, and website address.  Lenghthy file.  Takes awhile to load. 

  Reformed Church Websites in the US & Canada in the year 2000   (Cliff Lamere) 

  Brief History of the Methodist-Episcopal Church in America   (Cliff Lamere) 

     Photos of Many Reformed Churches   (Reformed Church in America)  Use this search engine to get

          information on any current Reformed Church.  About 5-10% of the search results will be accompanied 

          by a photo of the church.

      History of  The United Methodist Church (including the Methodist Episcopal Church)   (umc)  

      History of the Methodist Episcopal Church (5 volumes)   (Nathan Bangs)  Beliefs of the early M.E. Church. 



  Dutch Reformed Churches in NY 1850-1870   (Cliff Lamere)  This is a table showing the number of these 

         churches in each NY county. 

  Website and Other Information for Local Churches and National Church Organizations   (Cliff Lamere)

          Contains information on churches in eight religions.  Includes the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany

         and Episcopal Diocese of Albany.  Both have information on churches in all counties on this website

      Churches of New York State   (churchangel)  Contains contact information.  

  Catholic Parishes as Sources of Genealogical Information  (Father Dennis Hughes)

      Catholic Parishes (196) in the Albany Diocese (14 counties)   (Roman Catholic Diocese)  Location, phone no.

      Episcopal Diocese of Albany (19 counties)   (Albany Episcopal Diocese)  Church information.

     Reformed Dutch and Lutheran Churches in NY   (Rebecca Rector)  Extensive list of books available from the 

         New York State Library, the library of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, and a book publisher.



  Early Churches in Albany Co. (1642-1835)   (Graham Louer / Cliff Lamere)  A partial list.   

  Church Sunday Schools in the City of Albany in 1856   (Ernie Shea)

  Cohoes Churches - Some History   (Breea Willingham / Times Union)  

     Churches in the City of Albany before 1776   (NYS Museum)

  Churches in the City of Albany in 1856   (Ernie Shea)

     Churches in the City of Albany in 2003   (  Name, address, phone number.  

     Parishes of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany  (rcda)  Contact parishes in 14 counties.  Listed by county.

     Parishes of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany   (evangelist)  Alphabetical by city or town(ship) in a 14

        county area.  

     Churches of Albany Co. (modern)   (Debby Masterson)  Addresses and phone numbers.

     A Historical Discourse on the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church of Albany Delivered on Thanksgiving Day,

         November 26, 1857, in the North Dutch Church by the Pastor Rev. E. P. Rogers, D. D.(1858) (MOA-Cornell)
     Second Dutch Reformed Church of Berne (now Thompson Lake Reformed Church) - photo   (bernehistory)  

     West Mountain Methodist-Episcopal Church (Town of Berne)   (bernehistory)  Includes recent photo of church

         in ruins, plus some history.  

     Town of Berne Church Information & Photos    (bernehistory)  20 churches.

     St. Peter's Episcopal Church   (NYS Museum)  

     St. Peter's Church (Episcopal)   (St. Peter's Church)  Click here for Archives information.  

     St. Peter's Church (Episcopal) and Albany between 1900 and 1920   (St. Peter's Church)  Postcard views.

     A Brief History of Roman Catholics in the Albany Diocese   (rcda) 

     Statistics for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany   (rcda)  Begun in 1847.  



    Churches of Columbia Co.   (Hudson Valley Network)  Addresses, phone numbers.

    Chatham Center Methodist Episcopal Church - Pastors 1875-1906   (Jane Williams Wood) 



    Churches of Greene County (1884)   (J.B. Beers/ Arlene Goodwin)  Excellent.  



    Fonda (Caughnawaga) Reformed Church   (W.N.P. Dailey)

    Caughnawaga Reformed Church   (Herbert R. Groff) 

  Elijah and Calvin Herrick, Baptist Ministers   (Richard L. Herrick)  Family information.  



    Church Vital Records in Existence in 1942, and Where Located   (Pat Connors)  Excellent Resource.  

    Rensselaer Co. Churches   (Debby Masterson)  Addresses, phone numbers.



    Amity Reformed Church in Vischer Ferry Celebrates 200 Years   (John Scherer)  



    Churches of Schenectady Co.   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)  Dates of their records, and where kept.

    Churches, Synagogues and Mosques in Schenectady Co.   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)  Names,

        addresses, phone numbers.



CEMETERIES  (for cemetery records, see Vital Records - Deaths)



    Cemetery Desecration Law in New York State (1997)   (state.ny)

    NYS Division of Cemeteries   (NY State)  Download 78-page NY Cemetery Law Manual.  Much more.

    Styles of Cemeteries and Gravestones have Changed from the 1600s to the Present   (Gary Collison)  

    Headstone Abbreviations for Fraternal Organizations  (Carol /geocities)  

    Gravestone Images and their Meanings   (Lorine McGinnis Schulze) 

    Meanings of Gravestone Inscriptions   (Pearl Wilson) 

    The Limited Encyclopedia of Grave Terminology   (Joel G Azis)  

    Symbolism in Cemeteries   (Gerald McGrane) 

    Gravestone Symbol Meanings   (M.A. Leonard)  Short, but interesting.

    How to do Tombstone Rubbings   (Richard Lupu)

    Review and Evaluation of Selected Brand Name Materials for Cleaning Gravestones   (Tracy C. Walther)

    How to do Gravestone Rubbings   (Katie Karrick) 



    Cemeteries of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany  (rcda)  14 counties including covered by this website.  

    Catholic Cemeteries (11) of the counties of Albany, Rensselaer and Schenectady   (rcda)  These are only the

        cemeteries managed by the St. Agnes Cemetery in Menands. 



  Catholic Cemeteries in Albany Co.   (Cliff Lamere)  Includes information on how to contact. 

  Almshouse Cemetery - Albany    (Judy Patrick)  Article about moving graves to Albany Rural Cemetery.

     Albany Co. Cemeteries (54)   (USGS)   Names.

     Albany Co. Cemeteries (40)   (GenExchange)  

     Albany Area Cemeteries (102)   (NYGenWeb)  Names of cemeteries.  Not all are in Albany Co.  Some have

         links to records, but those are included in my links above.

     Albany Rural Cemetery    (L.C. Rogers)  15 photos of gravestones and monuments.  

     Albany Rural Cemetery - Gravesite of Chester A. Arthur, 21st U.S. President .   (Lynne Remick) 



     Columbia Co. Cemeteries   (NYGenWeb)  A list of some cemeteries and their locations.

  Columbia Co. Cemeteries (359) and Their Locations (c. 1920-1940)  (Cliff Lamere)  Many are farm plots.



    Montgomery Co. Private Cemeteries   (NYGenWeb)  Names and locations.



    Rensselaer Co. Cemetery Directions   (NYGenWeb)  Directions for cemeteries in 7 Towns.  



    Schenectady Co. Cemetery Directory (15)   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)  Names, addresses, and some 

        phone numbers.

    Schenectady Co. Cemeteries (34)   (USGS)  Names.



    Some Schoharie Co. Cemeteries (41) in 1932  (Gertrude A. Barber /USGenWeb)  Names, some locations.






    National Archives - Regional Offices   (NARA)  Addresses, phone numbers, email, etc.  

    Family History Centers of the Latter-Day-Saints   (LDS)  Find the location of Family History Centers in any

        state or county.   

    County Courthouses of the US   (  Click on a state in US map.  Get list of county courthouses.  

    State Resources in the US   (  Click on a state in the US map. 

    State Archives for Every US State, plus Territories  (Georgia Sec. of State)  Lists name, address, phone

        number and website URL.  

    Library of Congress Online Catalog   (loc) 



  Eastern New York Genealogical Researchers  (Cliff Lamere)  People who do your research for a fee.    

  Lookups in "Upstate New York in the 1760s"   (Florence Christoph / Jean Sanders)  Tax and Militia Rolls for

          Old Albany County which encompassed about 20 modern counties in eastern NY.   

    County Courthouses of NY   (  Names, addresses and phone numbers.  

    County Clerks of NY   (NYS Dept of State)  Names, addresses and phone numbers.   

    New York State Library (at Albany, NY) - Online Catalog   (nysl) 

    Directory of Libraries in the Upper Hudson Library System   (uhls)  Websites for each.  




            44 facilities primarily in Albany Co., NY and some surrounding counties (Columbia, Rensselaer,

            Schenectady, Greene, and Montgomery).  I list the name, address, phone number, website & email

            addresses, research fee, photocopy cost, and many of the records held by the facility.  I also give some

            advice on how to obtain NY vital records quickly (see Notes at the end). 

    NY State Library   (nysl)  Click on Login (top one).  

    Rensselaerville Historical Society  



  Where to Look for Columbia Co. Records   (Susan Mulvey)  Many places are outside of the county.

  Finding Records in New York State (Cliff Lamere)  Covers Columbia Co. and other counties.  



    Rensselaer Co. - Town Clerk's Offices   (Debby Masterson)



RESEARCH AIDS    (genealogy)


  Finding Records in New York State   (Cliff Lamere)  Lists sources of NY information and important dates.

  Regular and Delayed Birth Certificates in New York State   (Cliff Lamere) 

  NY Vital Records Certificates - Understanding How the State Processes Them   (Cliff Lamere)  Information

         probably not available elsewhere.  Includes reasons why, after you wait 13 months, the State might tell

         you that they don't have a certificate even though they do.  And they keep your $22. 

  NY State Law of 2003 Affects Prices of Vital Records Certificates   (Cliff Lamere)

  Delayed Vital Records Certificates    (Cliff Lamere)  Many certificates are issued decades after the event.

  Reporting of 1909 Vital Records and why you may never find the records you are looking for  

         (Ruth Ann Messick)

  Counties of the United States - complete list   (Cliff Lamere)  The majority of USGenWeb county 

         websites on RootsWeb have identical addresses except for the ending 2-letter state code followed by the 

         first six letters of the name of the county.  You can guess at the address and it will usually work.  

  Abbreviations of the State Names of the US   (Cliff Lamere)  Standard and Postal Service.   

  Finding County Websites for Genealogical Research   (Cliff Lamere)   

  County Seats of New York State   (Cliff Lamere)  Where most NY records are kept.  

  Books of Vital Records Available from Kinship    (Cliff Lamere)  Does not include books of cemetery records.

  Social Security Death Indexes Online  (Cliff Lamere)  6 sites, most inaccurate.  Pick the best one to use.   

        (4 Nov 2005) 

  Birthdate Calculator    (Cliff Lamere)  Uses date of death and age at death.  Accurate. 

     Calendar & Birthdate Calculator    (Calisto)  British.  Accurate.  Download a zip or self-extracting .exe file.

         Has the advantage that you don't have to be online to use it.  Excellent. 

    Perpetual Calendar   (Herb Weiner)  Click on non-Java Calendar.   

    Counties and County Seats of New York State  (Fact Index)

    Genealogy Terms    (Sam Behling)  Extensive.  

    Genealogy Abbreviations    (Sam Behling)  Extensive. 

    Steps that can be taken in Genealogical Research   (Michael John Neill)  

    Genealogy Forms   (familyeducation) 

    Genealogy Forms   (Duane & Mary Bailey)   

    Genealogy Forms   (Judith Haller)  Includes many for Macintosh computers. 

    Genealogy Forms   (gwinnetths) 

    Relationship Table   (Michael Goad)  How you are related to another person, alive or dead.  

    Archaic Diseases - Causes of Death   (Genealogy Quest)

    Glossary of Ancient Diseases   (Lorine McGinnis Schulze) 

    Colonial Diseases and Cures    (Sam Behling) 

    Glossary of Old Medical Terms   (Pearl Wilson) 

    List of Old Medical Terms   (Daniel H. Burrows)  Includes links to six additional lists.

    American & Worldwide Epidemics 1657-1918   (genealogy-quest)   

    Colonial Occupations    (Sam Behling)  Extensive. 

    List of Occupations   (John Lacomb)  Long.

    List of Occupations   (genealogy-quest)

    Dutch Occupations   (Willem Rabbelier)  Very long.  Author is Dutch.  

    Columbia Encyclopedia   (bartleby)  Excellent.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica   (britannica) Previous encyclopedia gives more complete answers.  For this one,

        before doing a search choose "Encyclopaedia Only" from drop-down menu.

    Netherlands Telephone Directory   You can search for a surname by region of the country.  Given names are

        not listed, but the initials are. 

    Roadside Historic Markers of NY   (NYS Museum)  Get complete list, or search by county.  

    Timeline of Early NY Colonization and Events, New York City to Albany   (David Minor)

    Timeline For Your Ancestor   (ourtimelines)  Enter your ancestor's name and life dates to see what was

        happening during his/her lifetime. 




  Julian and Gregorian Calendars - Effect on Church and Civil Records   (Cliff Lamere)  

  Asking for Genealogical Help in New York State   (Cliff Lamere)  Partially duplicates the previous entry.

             Lists many sources of NY information and some important dates.  Tells what information you should

             include if you want someone to give you advice on where to look for your NY ancestor. 

  Newspaper Microfilms Can be Borrowed from the NYS Library   (Cliff Lamere)  Microfilms of NY

             newspapers can be borrowed from anywhere in the US by using interlibrary loan. 

  1991 US Supreme Court Decision Concerning Copyright and Compilations of Facts  (Cliff Lamere)  Good

            news for genealogists. 

  City Directories as a Research Tool   (Cliff Lamere)  They may contain death dates, the name of the new

            spouse, and the city to which a person had moved.

 The Need for an Estimated Birth Year in Your Genealogy Program  (Cliff Lamere)

      Double Dates    (W.H. Roll)  

      RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees   (RootsWeb)  31 lessons for genealogists. 

      Tutorials for Genealogists   (genhelp)  




   Understanding Website Search Engines    (Cliff Lamere)

   Methods of Avoiding Spam    (Cliff Lamere)

   Virus Protection - 3 easy methods you haven't heard of before   (Cliff Lamere)   Your pre-installed

           antivirus may NOT be set to check incoming emails and attachments !  You may have to set it.  [A third

           important method has been added since this webpage was first put online.  It is method #2.]  

   Counters for RootsWeb Sites - The Basics, in Understandable Language   (Cliff Lamere)  The counter used

          by RootsWeb is also used by many other service providers (because it is good, and it is free to service

          providers).  These instructions could apply to your non-RootsWeb site.

   Hyperlinks - The Basics   (Cliff Lamere)  Much detail about the links that you use. 

   View a Webpage that has been Moved, Renamed or Deleted    (Cliff Lamere)  Find that lost webpage.  

   NYS Library Catalog - Access for users of AOL, Compuserve and Web TV   (Cliff Lamere)  If you cannot

          reach this website, try this method.






  1880 Soundex Index to the US Census for New York State   (Joan Gafney)  LDS Microfilms.  
  1900 Soundex Index to the US Census for New York State   (Joan Gafney)  LDS Microfilms.  
  1920 Soundex Index to the US Census for New York State   (Joan Gafney)  LDS Microfilms.  
      Church Marriages and Baptisms for Most NY Counties  (LDS)   (Barb Baxter) 



  Censuses & Soundex Indexes for Albany Co. (1790-1925)   (Joan Gafney)  LDS Microfilms. 



  Montgomery Co. Naturalization and Citizenship Records 1810-1955 (LDS)   (Leita Brown) 



    Troy City Directories 1829-1935   (LDS)  Some years also list Lansingburgh, which became part of Troy in

        1900 and is sometimes called N. Troy.  Cohoes, West Troy (present city of Watervliet which formed in 1896)

        and Green Island are in Albany Co.  They are also listed for many years, even before the LDS titles show

        them.  Likewise for Waterford in Saratoga Co.






    Historical and Genealogical Societies of the United States   (obitlinkspage) 



    New York Historical and Genealogical Societies   (obitlinkspage) 

    Genealogical Societies in New York State   (Dick Halsey) 

    Genealogical Societies in New York State   (NYGenWeb)  A long list begins midpage. 



    Town Historians, Genealogical Societies, and Historical Societies in Albany Co. NY   (NYGenWeb)

    Capital District Genealogical Society   

    Albany Co. Historical Organizations   (Upper Hudson Library System)



    Columbia County Clerks and Historians  (NYGenWeb)

    Columbia Co. Historical Society   (CCHS)



    Greene Co. Historical Society (Vedder Memorial Research Library)   (GCHS)



    Montgomery Co. Historical Societies   (NYGenWeb)  Also Herkimer Co.   



    Rensselaer Co. Historical Societies  (Debby Masterson)  Names, addesses, and phone numbers.

    Rensselaer Co. Historical Organizations   (Upper Hudson Library System)



    Saratoga Co. Historians & Town Clerks   (Heritage Hunters of Saratoga Co. /NYGenWeb)  



    Schenectady Co. Historical Society   (SCHS)



    Schoharie Co. Historians & Historical Societies  (NYGenWeb)  






    USGenWeb List of States   (USGenWeb)  Select a state, and then go to a county of interest.



    New York State - NYGenWeb   

    Find Any NYGenWeb County Site  (NYGenWeb) 

    USGenWeb Counties List for NY - Links to Data   (USGenWeb)  For the eight counties of this site, all

        pertinent records have already had links made to them above.  I include this link for those of you who are

        interested in the remaining counties.  If  you click on "Up to higher level directory", you can get then

        click on a state two letter code and get access to data for that state.



    Albany Co. NYGenWeb

    Columbia Co. NYGenWeb

    Greene Co. NYGenWeb

    Greene Co. #2

    Herkimer Co. NYGenWeb

    Montgomery Co. NYGenWeb

    Rensselaer Co. NYGenWeb

    Rensselaer Co. #2 (ALHN & AHGP)  

    Saratoga Co. NYGenWeb

    Schenectady Co. NYGenWeb

    Schoharie Co. NYGenWeb



    Albany Co. web sites registered with RootsWeb  

    Columbia Co. web sites registered with RootsWeb 

    Greene Co. web sites registered with RootsWeb    

    Herkimer Co. web sites registered with RootsWeb    

    Montgomery Co. web sites registered with RootsWeb    

    Rensselaer Co. web sites registered with RootsWeb    

    Saratoga Co. web sites registered with RootsWeb    

    Schenectady Co. websites registered with RootsWeb    

    Schoharie Co. web sites registered with RootsWeb    



    NY Mailing Lists   (John Fuller)  



SEARCH ENGINES  -  on other websites


SEARCH ENGINES FOR NYGENWEB & ROOTSWEB COUNTY SITES - search all records on each site 

    Albany Co. NYGenWeb - Search Engine 

    Columbia Co. NYGenWeb - no search engine

    Greene Co. #2 - Search Engine 

    Greene Co. NYGenWeb - Search Engine   This is a hybrid site; partly genealogical records and largely NY

        genealogical and historical books for sale.  The search engine looks through book indexes sold by the

        sponsor, plus synopses of the books, plus the records on the site.  The records that I saw were alphabetical

        by surname.  To do a search for Craig Winne, you will likely have better results by searching for    

        Winne, Craig  .  Or, just search for the surname.  

    Herkimer Co. NYGenWeb - Search Engine

    Montgomery Co. NYGenWeb - Search Engine

    Rensselaer Co. - Search Engine 

    Rensselaer Co. #2 (ALHN & AHGP) - no search engine

    Saratoga Co. NYGenWeb - Search Engine  

    Schenectady Co. NYGenWeb - Search Engine 

    Schoharie Co. NYGenWeb 



    RootsWeb Search Engines  A powerful site consisting of many search engines.  GREAT.

    Google Search Engine  (google)  Outstanding for genealogy.  Searches 2.6 billion webpages in less than 1

        second.  Enter a surname followed by the word genealogy or family and you may be surprised at the

        result.  Enter any given name and surname between quotation marks.  Repeat this with names reversed.

    Social Security Death Index (1935-present)  (RootsWeb)  Better than next.

    Social Security Death Index  (   Use previous. 

    USGenWeb Archives Search Engine - National Search  (USGenWeb)

    Burial Records (579,134 records in 2,108 cemeteries) - Search Engine  (Cemetery Records Online)

    WebWide Surname Locator   (cribbswh) 

    Burial Records (2.5 million) - Search Engine  (Find A Grave)

    Palatines plus other German immigrants  (Palatines to America)  Incomplete database.  Data not verified.

    Genealogy Portal  (Genealogy Portal)  Searches many web sources.

    Bureau Of Land Management  (US Dept. of Interior)  Search for ancestors who went west from NY.

    Latter-Day Saints Website  (LDS)  A wonderful contribution to genealogical research as long as you

        understand that much of the data was submitted by people doing their own family trees, and that LDS

        cannot check such data for accuracy.  What you often get is another person's opinion, and that should not 

        be accepted by you until you have been able to confirm the information in a more reliable source.  The

        LDS site is an excellent starting place for clues, but not for final answers.  

    Gendex -- WWW Genealogical Index - Search Engine  (Gendex)

    WorldConnect at RootsWeb  (RootsWeb)  Searches for names in submitted gedcoms. 

    Making of America - at Cornell University  (Cornell University)  Has many complete books which were

        published 1815-1926.  A new feature allows you to choose to convert the graphic page images to text in

        some of the books.  The search engine will search only through the converted books.  Be aware that many

        mistakes have unavoidably resulted from the conversion process.  As a result, many names that are

        present in the book have been misspelled in ways you could never guess (with numbers or symbols rather

        than letters).  Nevertheless, the books are far more useable than before this feature was added.






    The Netherlands   (LDS)

    The Netherlands   (Willem Rabbelier)  Nine historical maps at the bottom of the page.

    Maps of Ireland   (Thomas J. Archdeacon) 



*** US Map Showing Distribution of 50,000 Surnames in 1850, 1880, 1920 and 1990  (Ed Hamrick)  

           Select a year and type in a surname.  A map will appear unless the spelling of the name was not part of 

           the top 50,000 names for that year.  Censuses were used for the first three dates, phone books for 1990.

           Below the map will be important information (first paragraph).  Try the  next year, and so on.  Once you

           see how it works, choose All Years.  The maps will display one after the other so that you will be able to

           get an impression of migration patterns, if any.

    US Animated Map of the Changing Boundaries of the 48 Contiguous States  (Ed Stephan)

    US Animated Map of the Changing Boundaries of the 48 Contiguous States 1790-1920   (Northeast Genealogy)  

    US Animated Map Showing Formation of the Counties  (Ed Stephan)

    USGenWeb Map of US Showing All States and Their Two Letter Codes   (USGenWeb)  Click on the

        state and go to that state's USGenWeb site.

    United States - 1895 County Maps for Each State   (CFC Productions)  Images from an 1895 US Atlas.

    Drawings of US Cities ("Panoramic Maps") for 1847-1929   (Library of Congress)  Has a zoom feature and a

        search engine.

    Historical Maps of the United States   (utexas)

    US Historical City Maps (mostly early 1900s)   (utexas)  146 maps from 1830 to 1952. 

    Early Indian Tribes, Culture Areas, and Linguistic Stocks - Eastern US   (utexas)  

    Map of Original 13 Colonies and Land Held by England (1763-1775)   (utexas)  Some states had a different

        shape in 1775.  NY had only about 60% of its present land, but it included most of Vermont.

    Maps - Regional, Street Maps, Areal Photos   (Mapquest)  Includes roadtrip planner. 



    Berkshire Co. (modern)   (BerkshireWeb)  

    1876 County Atlas of Berkshire, MA by F. W. Beers   (Laurel O'Donnell /USGenWeb)  Has 42 maps.  



    New York State - Every County Named   (NY GenWeb)  Great map.  The same page will allow you to link to

        the NYGenWeb county sites.

    New York State - county maps 1895   (CFC Productions)  Taken from an 1895 US Atlas.

***  New York Animated Map 1683-1915   (Northeast Genealogy)  Changing county boundaries shown. 

    New York Maps (74) Showing Changes in the Counties 1683-1915   (Northeast Genealogy)  

    New York State 20th Century Togographical Maps   (US Geological Survey)

    New York State Historical Topographical Maps  (unh)  

    New York State Historical Maps 1556-1895   (SUNY at Stony Brook)  20 maps plus links to others.

    New York State 1868.  Map Showing Canals and Railroads   (University of Rochester)  The canals are shown

          with solid, dark black lines.  The railroads are shown with dashed lines.

    New York Relief Map With County Boundaries Superimposed on it   (Ray Sterner /Johns Hopkins U.)  This

        map will give you an idea of the physical features in the area where your ancestors lived.  To see the 

        same map without the county lines, click HERE.

    Maps of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania   (djweaver)  Many historical maps.  

    Hudson Valley Interactive Map   (HV/Net)  When the small map on the right appears, click anywhere on it

        and a map of just that section will appear.  Or, you can select from the drop-down list at the bottom of the

        screen.  Tourist attractions are included. 

    Map of the Present Counties of Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady, and Saratoga   (Capital District Regional

        Planning Commission)  Shows Cities, Towns and Villages.  'Central City' represents county seat.  

    Yahoo! Maps of NY Communities   (Yahoo!)  Type the name of the community and NY . 

    Major Palatine Settlements in NY, NJ and PA   (Kathryn Parker)  



    Counties Formed From Albany Co.   (NYGenWeb)  Has a colored map of New York State counties.  Also 

         has a table showing the year each county was formed, each county seat, and gives the name of the 

         person who manages the county website (not entirely accurate).  From here you can link to any NY

         GenWeb county site in the state.

    Albany (city) 1676   (NYS Museum)   Earliest known drawing.

    Albany Co. (ancient) 1755 - by Thomas Kitchen   (NYS Museum)  

    Albany (city) 1770 - by Robert Yates   (NYS Museum)    Click on map for more text, and to enlarge it.

    Albany Co. (ancient) 1771 - by Guy Johnson   (NYS Museum)

    Albany Co. (modern)   (Poughkeepsie Journal)

    Albany - Some Changes in Street Names and a List of Annexations 1815-1967   (Albany Co.) 

   Bethlehem (Town of) - modern   (Tom Martin) 

    Bethlehem (Town of) - 1854 Gould map    (Patricia Van Wagenen Harrison)  Gives names of property owners,

         but difficult to read some names.  Adams Ville = Delmar.  

    Bethlehem (Town of) - 1866 Beers map    (Patricia Van Wagenen Harrison)  Gives names of property owners,

         but difficult to read some names.  Adamsville = Delmar. 

   Berne (Town of) 1866 - List of Property Owners only   (Barbara Bolster-Barrett / Darin Flansburg)  A list

                     of the 454 properties on the two maps that make up the complete Town.  

   Berne (Town of) 1866 - Map 1   (Darin Flansburg / Barbara Bolster-Barrett)  Eastern 90% of the Town. 

                   Includes a List of Property Owners. 

   Berne (Town of) 1866 - Map 2   (Darin Flansburg / Cliff Lamere)  Western 10% of the Town.  Does not include

           the List of Property Owners.  

   New Scotland (Town of) 1866   (Darin Flansburg)  Includes insets of Clarksville and New Salem.   Large file.

   New Scotland (Town of) 1866 - List of Property Owners only   (Barbara Bolster-Barrett / Darin Flansburg)  

          A list of the 577 properties on the map.  

   Rensselaerville (Town of) 1866   (Barbara Bolster-Barrett / Janet Haseley / Cliff Lamere)  Includes five

           maps (Town and four hamlets) and a list of c. 660 property owners and businesses shown on the maps.

  Rensselaerville (Town of) 1866 - List of Property Owners only   (Barbara Bolster-Barrett / Janet Haseley / Cliff

           Lamere)  A list of c. 660 property owners and businesses shown on five maps.



    Columbia Co. (modern)   (Poughkeepsie Journal)  Shows the town(ship)s and is in color.

    Columbia Co. (modern)   (unknown)  Can be enlarged. 

    Town of Ghent (1860s?)    (Beers? / Jim Groat)  Shows houses, and names the land owners.   



    Greene Co.   (Poughkeepsie Journal)

    Greene Co.   (Hope Farm Press)

    Greene Co. locations 1867 (about 25 maps)  (nygreen2)

    Greene Co. - Towns of Athens and Coxsackie 1884  (nygreen2)  Shows patents.



    The Stone Arabia Patent 1723 or 1823   (djweaver)  1723 on map, 1823 flashing in title.

    Residents of the Mohawk & Schoharie River Junction in New York (1757)   (djweaver) 

    Montgomery Co. 1829   (David H. Burr) 

    Montgomery Co. 1895   (djweaver) 

    Montgomery Co. Families Raided by Sir John Johnson in  October 1780 - Map 1   (NYGenWeb)  Mostly

        Schoharie Creek drainage area.  

    Montgomery Co. Families Raided by Sir John Johnson in  October 1780 - Map 2   (NYGenWeb)  Mostly

        Mohawk River Valley.  



    Rensselaer Co.   (Poughkeepsie Journal)

    Troy Maps (10) plus one Surrounding Map   (Uncle Sam) 



    Saratoga Co. 2000   (Capital District Regional Planning Commission)

    1866 Maps & Transcribed Names of Property Owners.   (David Pane-Joyce)  16 Village, 4 Town(ship) Maps.  

    Clifton Park (Canastagione) 1866   (David Payne-Joyce) 



    Schoharie Co. 1866   (Joyce Riedinger)  Includes maps of Towns and Villages.

    Schoharie Co. 1895   (CFC Productions)  Includes surrounding counties.



    City of Schenectady, - Map of Stockade Section Showing Who Owned Various Pieces of Land (1690)  

        (Channon M. Moon)  Shows names of some men killed in Indian Massacre.  Names of captured or killed.

    Schenectady Co. (1866 Beers Atlas)   (Schenectady Co. Public Library )  Maps of Schenectady Co., Town of

        Princetown and villages of Duanesburg, Bramans Corners, and Mariaville. 

    Schenectady Co. (c. 1750)   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    Schenectady (city) (1920)   (utexas)  





    NY - Present-Day Populated Places   (Nancy Dixon)  Source: NYS Department of Transportation.

    NY - Cities, Towns and Villages    (NY State Library)  All hamlets are missing.  Previous link is better. 

    NY - Towns, Villages, etc. that changed their names   (NYGenWeb)  

    NY - County Highways    (N. W. Perry) 

    USGS Geographic Names Information System for US and Territories   (USGS)  You can search for the names 

        of cemeteries, churches, parks, airports, cities, counties, townships, lakes, rivers, mountains, or just about

        any physical feature named on a USGS map.

    Geographic Names Information System   (Peabody Museum, Yale)

    Index of NY Cities, Villages, Towns in 1890   (NYGenWeb)

    Index of NY Town(ship)s on USGS Topographical Maps   (unh)  20th and late 19th centuries.  The numbers

        represent the number of different maps on which each Town appears.  

    US Gazetteer   (US Census Bureau) 

    Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (Worldwide)   (getty) 






  Dutch System of Naming Children   (Cliff Lamere)  Descendants of a Van Slyk/Van Valkenburgh marriage 

           are used as an example.  Also, two Van Slyk/Gardenier families.  

  Patronymics, Surnames, and Dutch Naming of Children   (Cliff Lamere)  

  Glossary of Some Dutch Given Names and Their English Translations   (Cliff Lamere)  58 names.

     English Equivalents of Dutch Names  (Richard Frisbie /Hope Farm Press)   About 150 names.

     Dutch Names and their English Equivalents    (unknown)  About 150 names. 

     Lexicon of Dutch and Frisian baptismal names and their English equivalents   (Annette Campbell)

     Dutch Baptismal Names   (Donna Speer Ristenbatt) 

     Dutch Names and Dutch Naming of Children   (Lorine McGinnis Schulze)  

     Dutch Surnames Formed from Patronymics   (Donna Speer Ristenbatt)

     Dutch Patronymics (and Dutch Surnames) in the 1600s    (Lorine McGinnis Schulze)  This webpage is about

         surnames as much as it is about patronymics.  In the final list of names, each time the word "of" is used,

         interpret it as meaning "is" or "was".   

     Some Dutch Surnames of Old Ulster County, NY   (John Bodine Thompson)

     Meanings of Dutch Surnames    (MyFamily)  



    Old Dutch Handwriting   (Willem Rabbelier)  Shows upper case and lower case examples of each  letter.  

    Learn Dutch   (Chris Sonnemans)  Online Dutch language course.

    Integral Dutch Course   (unknown)  

    Learning Dutch   (Taalthuis)  Includes pronunciation, using audio files.

    Dutch-English On-line Dictionary   (Travlang)

    English-Dutch On-line Dictionary   (Travlang)

    On-line Dictionary.  Dutch-English and English-Dutch   (Taalthuis)  Click on "On line Dutch dictionary"

    History of the Dutch Language   (NedWeb)  Can be read in English, Dutch, or German.  

    Dutch Genealogical Word List   (LDS)  


NAMES & NAMING (non-Dutch)

  Puritan Naming of Children in Massachusetts   (David Hackett Fischer)

     German System of Naming Children    (Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.)  Excellent description.  Written about

          Pennsylvania, it applies also to New York and elsewhere as well.  

     Palatine German Pattern of Naming Children   (Kilts Family Newsletter /fortklock)

     German Names in America   (shea) 

     Importance of Given Names in Genealogical Research   (Donna Przech).  Includes a section on the standard

         method of naming children in England 1700-1875.  It was probably the same for English families in the US. 

     Most Popular US Given Names from 1880 to 1919   (Social Security Administration)

     Most Popular US Given Names from 1920 to 1959   (Social Security Administration) 

     Most Popular US Given Names from 1960 to 1997   (Social Security Administration)  

     Given names - the etymology and history of first names   (behindthename)  Includes lists of names, the sources

         from which names have been derived, and search engines.  

     List of Names with their Nickname Equivalents   (Sue Roe)

     American Surnames - Where They Come From   (Elsdon C. Smith)

     Surnames - How They Developed   (John Bodine Thompson) 

     Spelling and Misspelling Names and Words   (  Helps us understand the many spellings that 

         can exist for the surname spellings which descended from a single surname.

     Surname Meanings    (MyFamily)  British, Celtic, Danish, Dutch, European, French, Gaelic, German, Greek,

         Hebrew, Irish, Latin, Saxon, Scottish, Welsh. 



    Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary   (brittanica)

    American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language   (bartleby)

    Dictionary of Legal Terms   (John Bouvier, 1856)  

    Language Translator   (SDL International)  Translates sentences from English into German, French,

        Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or Norwegian (or vice versa).  

    German / English Dictionary (Translator)   (leo) 

    Latin / English Dictionary   (cuhk) 

    Latin / English Dictionary   (Tufts) 

    Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid  (U of Notre Dame) 



    List of Abbreviations   (genealogy-quest) 

    Extended ASCII Characters   (pcscomp)  Foreign and other characters:  , , ,  , , , , , , , etc.

    Acronyms (abbreviations)   (acronymfinder)  Has a search engine. 

    Deciphering Old Handwriting   (Sabina J. Murray)  A great aid for anyone looking at old censuses, deeds, wills,

        etc.  Shows examples of old handwriting.

    Genealogy Dictionary   ( 

    Genealogy Terms   (genealogy-quest)  

    French Genealogical Word List   (LDS)

    Latin Words in Church Records   (genealogy-quest) 






    Dutch Barns in the New World   (nwdb)  

    Historic Houses in Amsterdam, The Netherlands   (bmz)  



  Garret Flansburgh / Kathrine Houghtaling Family Photos (c. 1840)   (Darin Flansburg)  Four photos include

          11 children all of whom are named.

  Garret Flansburgh / Kathrine Houghtaling Family Bible   (Darin Flansburg)  Begun in 1813.



    Fort Nassau 1614 - Trading Post (early Albany)   (lftantillo)  Painting by Len Tantillo. 

    Fort Orange 1635 (early Albany)   (lftantillo)  Painting by Len Tantillo.

    Albany City Hall Dock 1787   (lftantillo)  Painting by Len Tantillo.  

    Albany - Historic Buildings    (unknown) 

    Albany - Broadway about 1894   (Webshots)  Shows an electric trolley.

    Albany - 80 Views of the City   (Ernie Shea /Webshots)  Mostly old postcard views?  Some dates.

    Albany - 33 Views    (Ernie Shea /Webshots)  

    Albany - 33 Views    (Ernie Shea /Webshots) 

    Albany - 27 Views, including football teams from 1927 and 1942    (Ernie Shea /Webshots) 

    Albany - 31 Views of Washington Park    (Ernie Shea /Webshots)  

    Albany - Schuyler Mansion   (Poughkeepsie Journal)

    Albany - City Hall   (Mary Ann Sullivan)  12 views.  Excellent photos. 

    Half Moon - a Replica of Henry Hudson's Ship  (

    Half Moon - several photos and interior plan   (New Netherland Museum)

    Half Moon - Photo Tour   (Times Union) 

    Albany - NY State Capitol Building   (Mary Ann Sullivan)  4 views. 

    Albany - NY State Capitol Building (including view of 1879 building)   (Dennis Mallory)  Front (east side) is on

        left; E mpire State Plaza in background  

    Albany - Empire State Plaza   (Mary Ann Sullivan)  21 views.  Excellent photos.  

    Views of Albany  (Kevin Cummings)  Very good photos, especially on later screens.  Crane Mt. is not nearby.  

    Cohoes Falls   (Kevin Cummings)  

    NY State University at Albany   (Mary Ann Sullivan)  13 views.

    Widow Sturtevant House, Pearl Street, Albany   (Library of Congress)  Dutch architecture.  Click on photo. 



    Kinderhook Historic Houses   (kinderhookconnection)

    Columbia Co. Photos  (Paul K. Bogausch)  Click on 'Interesting Articles', then on the top statement.   

    Kinderhook and Valatie    (unknown)  Includes historic houses.  Some southern Rensselaer Co.  

    Claverack and Kinderhook  (unknown)  Historic houses and markers. 

    Clermont and Livingston  (unknown)  Historic houses and markers. 

    Columbia County Alms House in Ghent   (Linda Crannell)  



    Aerial Photograph of area where Schoharie Creek joins the Mohawk River   (NYGenWeb)  



    Scenes of Nassau village and surroundings   (John Chapman) 



    Hawley Home For Children, Saratoga Springs   (Heritage Hunters of Saratoga County)  In operation 1904 - 1965.

    Schuylerville and Saratoga Monument   (unknown)  





    The Dutch Declaration of Independence, 1581   (fordham)  "This Calvinistic document served as a model for

        the U.S. Declaration of Independence." 

    History of the Netherlands   (aganse)  

    History of the Netherlands - A Timeline   (Willem Rabbelier) 

    Short History of The Netherlands   (Leo Akershoek)  Copy this to an email or word processor in order to read.



    Primary Source Documents Pertaining to Early American History   (Rick Gardiner)  A massive number of

        transcibed documents, books (including biographies, histories and bibles), collections of letters, and much

        more, mainly arranged chronologically. 

    Founders of Early American Families - Emigrants from Europe 1607-1657   (Meredith B. Colket, Jr.)  

    Slavery and Religion in America: A Time Line 1440-1866   (Carrie Bickner /Internet Public Library)



    Virtual Tour of New Netherland   (New Netherland Project)  Go to bottom and "Begin Virtual Tour".   

    Dutch and Swedish settlements in North America    (Marco Ramerini) 

    History of New York State, 1523-1927 - Vol. 5    (Dr. James Sullivan /On-line Books) 

    Dutch West Indies Company    (Willem Rabbelier)  

    200 ships and 900 foot wall found in Hudson River   (Kirk Johnson)  Wall may be over 3000 years old.   

    New York's First Constitution - Charter of Liberties and Privileges - 1683   (montauk) 

    Laws and Ordinances of New Netherland 1638-1674 - E.B. O'Callaghan (c. 1868)   (MOA-Cornell)  

    Genealogical notes of New York and New England families by S. V. Talcott  (c. 1883)   (MOA-Cornell)

         Many Albany references.  Index of New York State Families.

    NY History in the Hudson Valley  (  Did you know that the Americans once put a chain across

         the Hudson River to prevent the British from sailing up it?  Each link weighed 140-180 pounds.  Read

         about it, and more (click on Virtual History Tour).  Another article is about the "History of Hudson River

         Ferry Service".

   Pirates on the Hudson in the 1600s   (E. Davis / Cliff Lamere) 

    Brickmaking Along the Hudson River   (dutchdoorgenealogy)  Includes a list of brickmaking companies.

    Fine Art of Brickmaking by Hand - about 1850   (Rick Bonomo)  Excellent.  See also sitemap.

    Travel in the Hudson River Valley in 1851 - by boat or railroad   (Bradbury & Guild)  Lists cities and villages

        along the Hudson, from south to north, and gives some information about each.  

    A Bit of Dutch History   (Donna Speer Ristenbatt)

    Discussion of Dutch Architecture   (Wayne Franklin)  Includes illustrations of three old houses.  

    New Netherland   (George M. Welling)

    New York State History  (Book Look)  Images of book pages.  Authors or publication dates not given. 

        Includes "The Patroons of New Netherlands", "Indentured Servitude in Colonial New York", and 

        "Hudson River Stage Coaches".

    The Failure of West India Company Farming on the Island of Manhattan   (Jan Folkerts)

    Colonial Currency in NY 1709-1792 (photos)   (Louis Jordan)  For currencies of other colonial states click here.

    Indian Wampum (Seawant) as Colonial Money   (Louis Jordan)  To see photos of wampum click here.

    The Hudson Valley Indians Through Dutch Eyes   (Jack Campisi)  

    The Role of the Dutch in the Iroquois Wars   (Peter Lowensteyn) 

    The Life and Times of Henry Hudson, Explorer and Adventurer   (Ian Chadwick)  Extensive, illustrated article

         in six parts.  Includes family tree.

  Log of the Rensselaerswyck (1636-1637)  (Bernadette Schaaf)  Day by day log of events on this sailing ship. 

          Storm VanDerZee ("from the sea") was born aboard during a storm.  Trip ended in Albany.

    Who was Henry Hudson Anyway? And What Happened to Him?   (hudsonriver) 

    Building the Replica of the Half Moon   (HRMR) 

    Introduction to Historical Interpretation of the Halve Maen (Half Moon)   (HRMM)  Instructions for crew

        members.  Very interesting.  Includes photos. 

    History of early New York - by Theodore Roosevelt (1899)   (bartleby)  14 chapters, scores of topics listed.

        History of New York City, but deals with many colonial issues such as the Tea Act.  Discusses slavery of

        Indians and Africans, and much, much more.

    Wine Making in the Hudson River Valley   (Rebecca Haynes) 

    Palatine History   (Lorine McGinnis Schulze) 

    History of the Palatine Emigration to America   (Kathryn Parker)  Excellent.  Tragic.  

    Dates of Formation of the Towns of the Counties of Albany, Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer, Saratoga,

        Schenectady and Schoharie  (David Kendall Martin /NYG&B)  A wonderful presentation. 

        There is an error in the Rensselaer Co. table.  It says "Rensselaerwyck (named Greenbush 1792)".  After

        communicating with the author, I believe that statement should read "Town of Greenbush, formed 1792 from

        the East District of the Manor of Rensselaerswyck". 

    Drums Along the Mohawk - The American Revolution on the New York Frontier   (Greg Ketcham) 

    Dutch Barns   (Don Rittner)  Published 28 Nov 2000. 



  Early Albany Timeline, 1609-1683   (Cliff Lamere)  

  Colonial Albany and Rensselaerswyck - a brief history   (Peter Christoph)

  Albany - A Short History 1609-1890s   (John W. Mangrum) 

  Formation of the City of Watervliet - Timeline  1788-1896  (Craig Carlson / Cliff Lamere)

  New York Counties - Dates of Formation   (Jack Jowett)  

     Fort Orange  (NYS Museum)  1624 fur trading post at what is now Albany. 

     Archeology of Fort Orange and Beverwijck   (Paul R. Huey)  

     Uncovering Fort Orange in Early 1970s    (Don Rittner)  Published 17 Oct 2000.  

     Beverwyck (NYS Museum)  Albany before 1664.  

     Dutch Albany   (Times Union)  A series of 27 articles published 10 Apr 2002 as a special section of the 

         Times Union newspaper.   

     Dutch Meanings of Geographic Locations in Albany and Nearby Counties    (Times Union) 

     Rensselaerswyck (NYS Museum) 

     Albany Charter   (NYS Museum)

     Albany Congress (1754)  (NYS Museum)

  Winne House (c. 1751) in Town of Bethlehem Found Inside Newer House   (Times Union)  

***  Districts of Albany County, New York (1700s)   (David Kendall Martin /NYG&B)  A wonderful presentation. 

            Includes very helpful maps for early locations.  There are also tables. There is an error in the

            Rensselaer Co. table.  It says "Rensselaerwyck (named Greenbush 1792)".  After communicating with

            the author, I believe that statement should read "Town of Greenbush, formed 1792 from the East

            District of the Manor of Rensselaerswyck". 

    Schuyler Flats   (NYS Museum)  3 miles north of Albany at northern part of the village of Menands.   

    Albany gets right to buy 500 acres from Schaghticoke Indians   (NYS Museum)

    Biographies (300) of People in Colonial Albany   (NYS Museum)

    Albany City Streets Which Changed Their Names - 1890 names and former names   (Dennis J. Smith)

    1911 NY State Library Fire And Its Effect On New York Genealogy   (Harry Macy, Jr. /NYG&B)

    "The history of Cohoes, New York, from its earliest settlement to the present time"  (1877) by 

        Arthur H. Masten   (MOA-Cornell)  The book can be viewed as page images, or text which can be copied to

        your computer.

    Albany Dutch Reformed Minister (John Megapolensis) Describes the Iroquois (1644)   (primary sources)

    Labor and Industry in Troy and Cohoes: A Brief History   (Gerald Zahavi / Susan McCormick) 

    Town of Coeymans - a short history   (coeymans) 

    History of the Town and Village of Rensselaerville   (Upper Hudson Library System)

    Rensselaerville - Grist Mill Ledger, Town History, Contents of the Rensselaerville HS Research Collection  

        (Upper Hudson Library System) 

    Palatines Settle the Town of Berne   (Harold H. Miller)

    German Refugees: First Settlers in the Helderberg "Mountains" of Albany Co.   (Harold H. Miller) 

    Dietz Massacre (1781, Town of Berne)   (Hal Miller) 

    Cohoes Falls   (City of Cohoes) 

    Cohoes - General History   (City of Cohoes) 

    Cohoes Mastodon   (City of Cohoes)  Skeleton on display at NYS Museum.  

    Cohoes - Van Schaick Mansion   (City of Cohoes)

    Albany area towns, cities and villages   (Univ. of Minnesota)  Using these tables you can figure about when

        some places changed their names or became large enough to be cities, villages, etc. 

    A Capsule History of the Development of the Trolley System in Albany   (anonymous)

    Albany City and County Poor House - 1857  (Linda Crannell)  



   Valatie has Quite a History    (Mindy Potts) 

   Stuyvesant: A Simple Town with a Grand History   (Mindy Potts) 

   Brickmaking in Columbia Co., NY    (Mindy Potts) 

  Claverack: A Trove of Hidden Treasures    (Mindy Potts) 

   Niverville: From Wilderness to Thriving Community    (Mindy Potts) 

   Historic Stottville and its Distinctive Businesses   (Mindy Potts)

   Adventist Mansion in Livingston   (Mindy Potts)  

   Little Columbiaville and its Big History   (Mindy Potts)

   Historic Waters of Copake, NY   (Mindy Potts)  

   Electric Park on Kinderhook Lake    (Mindy Potts)

   The British are Coming to Clermont   (Mindy Potts)

  Van Buren Historic Site   (Mindy Potts) 

  Letter Concerning the Ill Treatment of the Citizens of Noble Town (1766)   (Susan Mulvey)

      History of Columbia County, New York - by Captain Franklin Ellis (1878) (Susan Mulvey)

      History of the Towns, Villages, and City of Hudson - by Captain Franklin Ellis (1878) (Susan Mulvey)  

      How the Towns Developed  (NYGenWeb)  Nice tables that include dates.  Background color is tiring to eyes.

      Columbia Co. Names, Their Meanings and Historical Significance   (Alton E. Skinkle)  

      Kinderhook and Martin Van Buren   (kinderhookconnection)  

      Columbia Co. History  (Gil Leach)

      1878 - Biographies from "History of Columbia County, NY" by Franklin Ellis   (NYGenWeb)

      Columbia Co. Names, Their Meanings and Historical Significance  (Alton E. Skinkle /NYGenWeb)  

          Excellent history of name changes, often including the earlier Indian name.

      Some Kinderhook History   (kinderhookconnection)  With paintings of Martin Van Buren. 

      Hudson as a whaling village  (Herbert K. Saxe)  Founded by Quaker whalers, Hudson was a whaling village

          1785-1845.  Made candles from sperm oil.  The oil was also burned in lamps until kerosene replaced it.   

      Whaling Fleets of the Hudson River    (Carl Carmer)  Chapter 15 from "The Hudson".   



    Greene County Town(ship)s - A Timeline   (nygreen2)

    Population of Each Town(ship) in Greene Co. 1810-1880   (nygreen2)



    Gloversville, or the Model Village - Horace Sprague (1859)   (MOA-Cornell)

    Montgomery Co. History - from French's Gazetteer 1860   (NYGenWeb)  

    Montgomery Co. History - 1869-1870   (Joan Veeder) 



     A Brief History of Rensselaer County   (rensco)

  Troy, Rensselaer Co., NY in 1869   (Andrew Boyd / Cliff Lamere)

  Life in the Alleyways of Troy N.Y. During the 19th Century   (Jeanne M. Keefe)  Includes list of 132 people.  

     Metropolis on the Hudson [Troy]   (Don Rittner)  Published 28 Nov 2003.  

     Van Rensselaer Houses in Rensselaer Co.   (Don Rittner)  Published 4 Nov 2003.  

     Troy's Ground Water - Used by Beverage Companies in the Past  (Don Rittner)  Pub. 14 Oct 2003.  

     Troy's Urban Legends   (Don Rittner)  Published 21 Oct 2003.  

     Troy's Contribution to the Civil War   (Don Rittner)  Published 13 Jun 2000.  

     Meneely Bells in Troy   (Don Rittner)  Published 8 Jun 1999.  

     Amusement Park in Troy (1867-1917)   (Don Rittner)  Published 12 Apr 1999.  

     Troy - Birthplace of American Geology? [not genealogy]    (Don Rittner)  Published 13 Jul 1999.  

     Troy's Ferries - 1707-1911 or later    (Don Rittner)  Published 14 Sep 1999.  

     Troy's First Inhabitants - Native Americans    (Don Rittner)  Published 31 Jan 2000.  

     Types of Stone Used in Troy Buildings    (Don Rittner)  Published 7 Mar 2000.  

     Theft and Sale of Troy's Architecture    (Don Rittner)  Published 21 Mar 2000.  

     Troy's Ironworks Factories    (Don Rittner)  Published 25 Jul 2000.  

     Troy's Beginnings    (Don Rittner)  Published 2 Aug 2000.  

     Troy's Cemeteries    (Don Rittner)  Published 3 Oct 2000.  

     Bridges Across the Hudson River in Troy and Surrounding Area    (Don Rittner)  Published 12 Dec 2000.  

     Lansingburgh - Part I    (Don Rittner)  Published 7 Aug 2001.  Part II (14 Aug 2001).  Part III (4 Sep 2001).

            Part IV (11 Sep 2001)  

     Middleburgh, a Village Between Troy and Lansinburgh    (Don Rittner)  Published 1 Oct 2002.  

     Other Article by Don Rittner    (Don Rittner)  

     Labor and Industry in Troy and Cohoes: A Brief History   (Gerald Zahavi / Susan McCormick) 

     Rensselaer Co. Towns & Villages - dates of formation   (Debby Masterson)  Click on a name to get an early

         history of that Town(ship).  

     Troy area towns, cities and villages   (Univ. of Minnesota)  Using these tables you can figure about when

         some places changed their names or became large enough to be cities, villages, etc.

      A Brief History of the Village of Nassau, 1600-1953   (John Chapman)

      Town of Hoosick 1900-2000   (Gilbert E. Wright)

      Town of Hoosick   (Gilbert E. Wright)  Much history and many biographies are available at the bottom of the

         left frame and at the bottom of the Home page.  



    1878 - History of Saratoga County, New York by Nathaniel Bartlett Sylvester   (Bill Carr) 

        Complete with illustrations.

    Some History and People of Saratoga County Along the Mohawk River   (John Scherer)  Includes such areas

        as Canastigione, Vischer Ferry, and Fort's Ferry. 

    Erie Canal was Grand With or Without a Mule Named Sal   (John Scherer)   

    1880 - Reminiscences of Saratoga and Ballston by William L. Stone   (NYGenWeb)  40 chapters, illustrations.

    The Battles of Saratoga   (Matt C. and Trey F.)

    The Defeat and Surrender of General Burgoyne at the Battle of Saratoga   (nycap)  As told by the wife of

        the Commander of the Hessian (German) troops in Burgoyne's army. 



    Schenectady - History of the City and County (pub. 1913)  (Schenectady Co. Public Library)  Lengthy.

    Schenectady Timeline (1642-1917)  (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    History of Schenectady County (pub. 1848)   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    History of Schenectady County - Links to Maps and Histories   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)

    The History of Education in Schenectady, 1661-62 -- 1961-62   (Schenectady Co. Public Library)  





    American-Canadian Genealogical Society   Includes books of Catholic baptism, marriage and death records in 

        the counties of Schenectady, Rensselaer, Albany and Saratoga.  

    Berkshire Family History Association   This Massachusetts group has created a large number of indexes

        to 19th century histories that lacked an index.  Many of New York's counties are included.  Prices 

        include shipping at this writing.  

    Genealogical Publishing Co. (& Clearfield Co.)   The soft cover on my Clearfield copy of the Albany

        Dutch Reformed Church records is quite unsatisfactory.  The pages began coming out after 2-3 months. 

    Higginson Books Company - American Local & County Histories   $12 extra per hardbinding of paperbacks. 

        Books printed on acid-free paper.  

    Hope Farm Press & Bookshop   Over 300 NY genealogy books for sale.

    Kinship   Eastern NY genealogy books by Arthur C.M. Kelly.  These are an important contribution to genealogy.

        Some of the new full-sized, softcover versions are not completely readable, however.  The text or index is 

        often down inside the binding, sometimes even behind a very thick staple which cannot be removed without

        ruining the pages.  You should check before you order because they won't allow you to return anything despite

        what they might say.  A major researcher and I have both given up trying  to get better copies or refunds or an

        exchange for another item.  CD versions of Kelly's previously published records were not always transferred

        accurately by the transferring company.  On a baptism CD by Ancestry, all Gardiniers are listed as Gordiniers,

        unlike the spelling in the transcription of the Caughnawaga RDC records from which they were taken. 

        Therefore, you can't find them.  On a Family Tree Maker CD, way too many people were erroneously assigned

        to an Austerlitz, Columbia Co. cemetery (I have been told that that CD is no longer being sold).   

        "Names, Names & More Names - Locating Your Ancestors in Colonial America" by Mr. Kelly (1999) is one of

        my favorite books.  Published softbound by Ancestry, the center pages began falling out in 1-1 years, and the

        book is ready to break into two halves along the inadequate paper spine.  

    Purple Mountain Press   Books about the history and people of New York State.

    Ye Olde Directory Shoppe   (Maureen Readey)  Has CDs of directories, mostly 1859, for various cities in New

        York and other states, including one directory each for Albany and Troy .  The 2002 price is $9.50 for CD's.

        Shipping is $2.25 first class for 1-2 CD's (before next postal rate increase).   Hit Back button to view the

        Pricing Guide which includes fees for other types of shipping.  Check Monthly Sales.

    15 Generation Pedigree Chart    (Grant Misbach)  This blank chart can be filled in with the dates and places

        of birth, marriage and death.  The blank spaces are labelled B, W, M, W, D, W.  W may mean Where.





  Diary of Ida Mae McIntosh Gardinier - 1893   (Mary Ann Gardinier Hoffmann)  Canastota, Madison Co., NY 

  Corrections of Some Gardenier Message Board Posts   (Cliff Lamere)  

     Humorous Genealogy Sayings   (Linda Haas Davenport)

     Genealogical Standards    (National Genealogical Society)





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