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Cemeteries of Adams and Brown County , Ohio

Gregory Cemetery , Washington Township , Brown Co. Oh

Methodist Colored Cemetery Eagle Township, Brown County, Ohio

Brown County , Ohio Info

48th OVVI - Brown County , Ohio


PARENT COUNTY - Adams, Clermont

COUNTY SEAT - Georgetown


NORTHWEST - Clinton County

NORTHEAST - Highland County

EAST - Adams County

SOUTH - State of Kentucky

WEST - Clermont County


Brown County is situated on the Ohio River about 35 miles east of

Cincinnati. It was formed in 1817 from parts of Adams and Clermont

counties. The name comes from Jacob Brown, a hero of the War of 1812.

Georgetown, the largest village in the county, is the county seat. It is

also the boyhood home of Ulysses S. Grant. Near Georgetown, the George

Rankin House in Ripley was the first established station of the underground

railroad which enabled slaves to escape to freedom.

Agricultural products include; tobacco, livestock, and grain. Other

principle industries in Brown county include; leather, shoes, plastic

machinery parts, surgical equipment, non-alcoholic beverages, cement

blocks, metal tool boxes, railroad cars, and wildlife art prints.

Probate Court has birth, marriage & probate records from 1800s; Clerk

of Courts has divorce & civil court records from 1800s; County Health

Department has death records from 1800s; County Recorder has land records.




FHL film #0384273, Brown Co, OH Marriage Records 1818 - 1835.

Brown County , Ohio Marriages


David COOPER and Jean DAVIDSON - 5 Mar 1818

William RUSSEL and Margaret NICKISON - 5 Mar 1818

James VANDEGRIFT and Margaret O'CONNOR - 19 Mar 1818

Thomas COOPER and Susannah MIDDLETON - 29 Mar 1818

Nathan GLAZE and Elizabeth WILES - 31 Mar 1818

Samuel GIPSON and Anna HEIRISH - 16 Apr 1818

Winzer PIPER and Elizabeth LITTLE - 18 Apr 1818

Mecejah ALHE and Milaja ELYEA - 30 Apr 1818

Timothy SHIRLEY and Ann BURBAGE - 3 May 1818

Elisha BENNETT and Polly MAGRAW - 13 May 1818

John CARNAHAN and Sarah DEVORE - 14 May 1818

Josiah ROSS and Elizabeth PARKER - 28 May 1818

Philip WATERS and Lyda GARDNER - 29 May 1818

John MOORE and Elizabeth PORTER - 7 Jun 1818

Henry MARTIN and Phebe CAMPBELL - 9 Jun 1818

John WILEY and Eleanor WILKINSON - 9 Jun 1818

Robert HOPKINS and Fanny GILLILAND - 11 Jun 1818

Robert ROLSTIN and Rachel DRAKE - 11 Jun 1818

John LESLIE and Polly WEAVER - 11 Jun 1818

Christopher LOVENGER and Rachael ROUNDS - 18 Jun 1818

Christian MITCHELL and Margaret SMALL - 25 Jun 1818

James HAMILTON and Nancy PAINTER - 9 Jul 1818

David TURNEY and Euphemia WRIGHT - 9 Jul 1818

William SHARP and Penelope MOUNTS - 9 Jul 1818

Isaac BEASELEY and Nancy PENNY - 16 Jul 1818

Alexander JAMES and Christian KIRKPARTICK - 30 Jul 1818

Elijah JONES and Ruth DORONING - 30 Jul 1818

John HENRY and Margaret BAIRD - 13 Aug 1818

John ADAMS and Rachael FARMER - 14 Aug 1818

Charles PURDUM and Mary DUFFY - 24 Aug 1818

William BEASLEY and Polino P. TWEED - 3 Sep 1818

John BREWER and Luvina SNEDAKER - 3 Sep 1818

G.W. KING and Elizabeth M. WILES - 4 Sep 1818

Samuel LAUGHLIN and Rebecca DUNLANY - 15 Sep 1818

Jacob WAIT and Elizabeth DAY - 17 Sep 1818

Robert JOHNSTON and Ann DENNIS - 17 Sep 1818

Robert COUN and Katherine CREEKBAUM - 17 Sep 1818

David WAIT and An Eve LEVENGOOD - 24 Sep 1818

Joseph WRIGHT and Clarissa GARDNER - 1 Oct 1818

Joseph RUPER and Margaret WAITS - 15 Oct 1818

Theodore MALOTT and Hannah WAITS - 29 Oct 1818

Samuel McCOY and Elizabeth ARBUCKLE - 29 Oct 1818

Andrew DUFFY and Keziah LAWWILL - 8 Nov 1818

Zachariah RIGGS and Mary DAVIS - 8 Nov 1818

Israel CRUZAN or KRUZAN and Elizabeth BARTHOLOMEW - 19 Nov 1818

John RAINS or REINS and Sarah DEPEW - 26 Nov 1818


Marriage Index March 3, 1818-June 1819

Book A #I

Altie, Micajah & Micaja? Elyea?

Akers, Simms & Mary Bayne

Acton, Thomas & Eliz. Cramer

Adams, John D. & Rachel Turner

Bennett, Elisha & Polly Magrew

Brewer, John & Lavina Snedaker

Beasley, William & Paulina Tweed

Blanchard, John & Eliz. Patterson

Blair, John H. & Cynthia McDonald

Bounwell, Arthur & Sally Brookbank

Brookbank, Jas. & Bridget Bonnell

Beasley, Isaac & Nancy Penny

Crosear?, Wm. & Isabella Cooper

Crosier, James & Polly Cooper

Cochran, Nath'l. & Rachel Cochran or Cahall

Coulter, Robt. & Nancy Shepherd

Carter, David & Betsy Hull

Crouch, Wm. & Lucinia Rollins

Coats, John & Mary Huler or Heiler

Case, James & Ann Brookover

Cormick, John & Nancy Swope or Srofe

Crawford, Wm. & Martha Cumberland

Carr, James & Jane Henry

Colthar?, Jasper?Jackson& Margaret Moyer

Duffy, Andrew & Keziah Larwill?

Down or Dunn?, John & Hannah Baird

Dean, Nehemiah & Malinda Jones

Ellis, Hezekiah & Jane Hannah

Ellis, Robert & Sarah Holman

Edgington, Henry & Margaret Baird?

Ewing, John & Peggy Nevin

Elliott, Jesse & Chaney Worman?

Ekin, Gabriel & Susannah Williams

Earhart, David & Mary Clothar

Ellis, Samuel & Sally Ellis

Edwards, James & Nancy Jacobs

Ellis, Elias & Anna Hair?

Evans, John D. & Rachel Davidson

Ewing, John & Isabel lHutson

Ellison, Robert & Sally McKnight

Enocks, Isaac & Nancy Rollins

Ewings, James & Maria Norris?

Evans, John B. & Sarah Moore

Evans, Joseph & Matilda Driskill

Evans, Archibald & Polly Frazier

Evans, Duncan & Polly Evans

Fennell or Ferrell, Jas.& Janet Mahaffey

Fox, Jacob & Sarah Sly?

Freeman, David & Susan McCanny or McConroy

Fisher, John & Ann Charles

Glaze or Galze, Nathan & Elizabeth Wiles

Gibson, Samuel & Anna Housh

Griffith, Thos. & Hannah Burgett

Hamilton, James & Nancy Painter

Henry, James & Margaret Baird

Higdon, Benedict & Elizabeth Coulter

Holt, James & Katherine Little

Hodkins, Wm. & Martha Erwin

Hopkins, Robt. & Fanny Gilliland

Jones, John & Katherine Ousler

Jones, Elijah & Ruth Downing

James, Alex. & Christina Kirkpatrick

Johnston, Robt. & Ann Dennis

Knox, Joseph & Sally McLaughlin

Kennedy, Michael & Hannah Kinney

Kirkpatrick, Alf. & Christine James

Kimball, Bradberry & Mary Davidson

King, George & Elizabeth Wills

Kinnett, John & Sally Watson

Kerr, John & Ann Henry

Knox, Robert & Jemima Shields

Kanary, Wm. & Elizabeth Ross

Kennedy, David & Polly Jordan

Kincade, Robt. & Mary Breckinridge

Knight A?F. & Eliza York

Lovinger, Christopher & Rachel Romas or Ronnas

Laughlin, Sam'l. & Rebecca Delaney

Legate, Robt. & Katherine Mears

Leslie, John & Polly Weaver

Lamasters, Isaac & Eliz. Rounds?

McCoy, George & Jane Bimpson

Martin, Henry & Phoebe Campbell

Moore, John & Eliz. Porter

Mitchell, Chas. & Margaret Small

McCoy, Samuel & Eliz. Arbuckle

Malott, Theodore & Hannah Waits

McNamara, C.D. & Eliz. Clark

Means, or Mears, Wm. & Sally Newell

McFadden, Chas. B. & Jane Chapman

Maranda, ?Samuel & Susannah Shinkle

McAlly, Joshua & Mary Morris

Miller, Jesse & Mary Jordan

McBride, David & Susanna Reed

McKinney, Thomas & Edith Cotterill

Niven, John & Mary Day

Piper, Winzer & Elizabeth Little

Perdum, Charles & Mary Duffy

Parrin, Ralph & Sarah Varley

Purdum, Aaron & Nancy Waters

Prickett, Zadock & Sarah Robbins

Russell, Wm. & Margaret Nickason

Ralston, Robert & Rachel Drake

Ross, Jonah & Eliz. Parker

Riggs, Zachariah & Mary Davis

Raper, Joseph & Margaret Waits

Rains, John & Sarah Depuy

Robbs, Joseph & Mary Fisher

Reynolds, George & Hannah Middlesworth

Shirley, Timothy & Ann Burbage

Sharp, William & Penelope Mounts

Shinkle, Charles & Eliz. Slaytom

Sparks, Wm. & Polly McIntyre

Stewart, Wm. & Eliz. Willis

Sheres, Samuel & Rachel Fowler

Salisbury, James & Rebecca Moore

Sroufe?, Thos. & Sarah Vance

Stitt, John & Ala Handy

Shures?, Samuel & Rachel Fowler

Stansburry, Thos. & Mary Lowderback

Turney, David & Euphemia Wright

Turner, William & Patsy Huston

Vandergrift, Jas. & Marg. O'Connor

Vance, Arthur & Eleanor Blair

Waters, Phillip & Lydia Gardner

Wiley, John & Elanor Wilkins



Source: OHIO The cross road of our nation - Records of Pioneer Families

October-December 1962, Vol. III No IV

Published by Esther Weygandt Powell


Will Index 1818-1838

Will Book I

Abbott, James Galaspy, Andrew Lyon, William

Ashton, Samuel Glasscock, John

Aiken, Gabriel Grunthane, Catherine McConnell, Hugh

Ashenhurst, _____ Gilaspy, Daniel McDonnel, Bartholmew

Gotherman, James Moore, Archilus

Bonner, James Greathouse, John Moore, Joseph

Blair, Bruce Gates, William Moyer, Henry

Bolender, Stephen Grimes, John Murray, James

Bonwell, Arthur Gotherman, Nancy McKinney, William

Bonner, Anna Gerroways, J.M. McClain, John

Bowman, George Gray, J. Marm, John

Brooks, John Green, Margaret Mifford, John

Brown, John Means, Robert

Baird, Thomas Henry, Charles Mitchell, Ignatius

Beasley, Nath'l Higgins, Robert Moore, Abijah

Hawks, John McCormick, John

Cooper, William Hewitt, Richard Murphy, John

Covalt, Cherimiah Higginbottom, John Moon, Archibald

Carothers, William Harding, Richard

Campbell, William Hodgkins, James

Colthar, James Henderson, Enoch Parker, Peter

Crist, John Hall, John Poage, Polly

Cramer, Samuel Hunt, John Pangburn, Samuel

Carrick, Thomas Hixson, Nathan Parker, Josiah

Calvin, Joseph Henry, James Parker, Samuel

Campbell, Robert Heatherly, Mary Parker, James

Cruts?, John Hart, Jonathan Pettyjohn, Amos

Cabell, Samuel Holmes, Edward Pindel, Thomas

Campbell, John W. Hay, James Park, Eleanor

Campbell, James Hull, Peter Pickering, Henry

Culter, John Heizer, John Parker, James

Pitzer, Henry

Dunham, Gideon Irwin, Esther Poo?, Joseph (poss. Poe)

Douglas, Joseph Potter, Joseph

Denniston, Robert Jourdan, Joshua

Dunlap, Alex Jennings, Israel Rhoades, Thomas

Dye, James Jolly, Alex Ross, Elisha

Dorland, Abraham Jordan, Samuel Rounds, Lemuel

Davis, Issacher Raines, William

Duncunson, James Kinner, Wm. Lewis Reed, Susannah

Dulaney, Caleb Killpatrick, Jas.

Delong, Cyrus Knox, James Shotwell, Jasper

Drugoo, Daniel Kenury, Charles Slack, Jacob

Stewart, Joseph

Espy, John Liggett, Peggy Sowers, Abraham

Evans, George D. Lane, Elias Shultz, George

Evans, Mary Levi, James Stewart, Peter A.G.

Edie, Margaret Liming, Thomas Snodgrass, Thomas

Finley, John E. Longshore, Samuel Shroufe?, John

Fritts, Voluntine Lecray, Job Shepherd, John H.

Leonard, James Sutherland, Eben.

Shepherd, Elizabeth

Smith, Elizabeth

Salisbury, Samuel

Stewart, John

Shepherd, William

Sidwell, G.B.

Snedaker, John

Spires, Richard

Sells, Abraham

Thomas, John

Turner, Robert

Tweed, Archibald

Tweed, A.C.

Vandement?, Henry

Vandement?, Benjamin

Varmer, John

Willis, Stephen

Washburn, Isaac

Watts, John

Waters, Isaac

Wright, John

Woods, Nicholas

White, Henry

Young, John

(Jonathan Hart will, 1830 mentioned wife Johanna and James M. Hart.)

WILL INDEX 1838-1851

Book II

Abbott, John Fearis, John McCallister, Thomas

Abbott, Silas Foster, Nath'l Moore, Margaret

Anderson, John Fogel, Joseph McClain, John

Allen, Burton Fritts, Alwise? Alvin? Minaugh, Robert

Aerl?, Isaac Francis, Edward McClain, John H.

Anderson, William Fitch, Samuel Morgan, Daniel

Baird, George Fitzpatrick, Patrick McKain, John

Bowman, Nathan Fite, J.W. McDaniel, Voluntine

Batson, Nath'l. Feymire, Peter Moseley, Matthew

Brown, William Fulks, John Metzgar, Conrad

Burk, H.D. Fulton, Ellen McClain, Rachel

Beasley, Mary Fearis, James Minor, Rachel

Barngrover, John Fritz, Donald McElfresh, Bazil

Beatty, James Glendenning, John Miller, John

Beatty, Thomas Good, Philip McCune, William

Bennington, Sam'l. Granger, Ephriam Moore, Robert

Brookbank, Abraham Gardner, Benjamin Melvin, Noble

Bower, William Griffith, Willoby Morgan, Hugh

Burns, James Graham, John E. McMillen, James

Barr, W.W. Gallagher, John Neal, John

Baird, James Gilliland, William A. Newberry, Daniel

Bartlow, Isaac Gilliland, John Overturf, Conrad

Beasley, Benjamin Gilliland, James Poage, John C.

Bell,James Graham, David Park, William

Chapman, Henry Gray, Isaac Petty, John Richard

Chapman, James Garritson, David Petty, John Abraham

Cochran, William Gilliland, John Parker, Elihu

Carpenter, Hiram Greathouse, William Pettyjohn, I.N.

Collins, James A. Hatherly, Thomas Perdum, Jeremiah

Cox, William Hatfield, Thomas Potts, Noah

Conley, Michael Haney, John Paul, Jeremiah

Collins, James Huber, Joseph Quinn, Hugh

Conwell, Benjamin Hodgkins, Samuel Rice, Philip

Coates, George Hester, John Rounds, James

Culter, James Hopkins, Edwin Ross, Thomas

Cropley, Sarrah Hughston, Mary C. Robe?, David

Cochran, John Hopkins, Archibald Riggs, Stephen

Campbell, S.S. Howard, James Russell, Sabina

Cross, John Henderson, David Rankin, David

Carragan, John Hill, Alexander Robinson, Thomas

Culter, William Irwin, James Rice, James

Cahal, James Jacquat, Francis Rogers, Thomas

Day, Absolom Jacobs, James Reeder, Simon

Davis, David Jennings, Thomas Sr Ramey, John

Dennis, James Kirker, Thomas Scott, Priscilla

Dawson, Aaron Knight, James Sidwell, Henry

Dunlap, Alex. Kimble, Benjamin Smith, John

Dunlap, William Kratzer, Enos Sutton, Benjamin

Dennis, Milley Kirk, William Stevenson, James

Davidson, Julia Ann Kriss, Adam Scott, Robert

Evans, John D. Kendall, John Shirk, Lewis

Espy, Robert H. Logan, Benjamin Stevens, John A.

Edgington, Abraham Little, G.M. Stephens, Abraham

Edgington, A.N. Linton, Joseph Sells, Nellie

Easton, George Liming, William Salisbury, James

Evans, George Liggett, Hosea Scott, Nancy

Earhart, John Loyd, James L. Tetard, Lewis

Little, Jane Thompson, James

Meads, Richard K. Taylor, Francis

Meads, Mary Tomlinson, Mary

Mohn, Henry Tompson, Felix

Merrill, Jesse Tweed, Samuel

McConaughy, John Torrence, James

McKitrick, Wm. Voris, James

McCall, Robert White, Alpheus

McFerson, Adam Wright, Robert

Merrill, Joh n Wycoff, Asher

McFerson, Thomas Wills, Isaiah

Worstill, David

Wells, James C.

Wright, Walter B.

Wise, Andrew

Winn, Patrick