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Clermont County , Ohio 1850 Census Index

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 Name Location Page
 Adams, Lydia WILLIAMSBURG TWP 328
 Adams, Mary GOSHEN TWP 155
 Adams, Mary A. UNION TWP 487
 Adams, Owens GOSHEN TWP 154
 Adams, Samuel MIAMI TWP 131
 Adams, Samuel MIAMI TWP  
 Adamson, John FRANKLIN TWP 394
 Adamson, John FRANKLIN TWP  
 Adamson, Thomas FRANKLIN TWP 403
 Adamson, Thomas FRANKLIN TWP  
 Addams, Sollomon MONROE TWP 023
 Addams, Sollomon MONROE TWP  
 Addis, William GOSHEN TWP 163
 Addis, William GOSHEN TWP  
 Aeiton, Emma OHIO TWP 458
 Aeiton, Emma OHIO TWP  
 Aethur, Elias OHIO TWP 419
 Aethur, Elias OHIO TWP  
 Agen, Larry MIAMI TWP 121
 Agen, Larry MIAMI TWP  
 Agin, Furnese UNION TWP 469
 Agin, Furnese UNION TWP  
 Agin, Lavancha WILLIAMSBURG TWP 320
 Agin, Lavancha WILLIAMSBURG TWP  
 Agin, Margaret WILLIAMSBURG TWP 320
 Agin, Margaret WILLIAMSBURG TWP  
 Aidelot, Lydia A. STONE LICK TWP 106
 Aidelot, Lydia A. STONE LICK TWP  
 Aikin, John MONROE TWP 010
 Aikin, John MONROE TWP  
 Ainsworth, Jonas OHIO TWP 462
 Ainsworth, Jonas OHIO TWP  
 Akins, Robert STONE LICK TWP 098
 Akins, Robert STONE LICK TWP  
 Akley, James D. MIAMI TWP 118
 Akley, James D. MIAMI TWP  
 Alcorn, William OHIO TWP 438
 Alcorn, William OHIO TWP  
 Aldrich, Huron WASHINGTON TWP 034
 Aldrich, Huron WASHINGTON TWP  
 Alexander, David OHIO TWP 428
 Alexander, David OHIO TWP  
 Alexander, Eliza FRANKLIN TWP 378
 Alexander, Eliza FRANKLIN TWP  
 Alexander, Gabriel MONROE TWP 004
 Alexander, Gabriel MONROE TWP  
 Alexander, James OHIO TWP 447
 Alexander, James OHIO TWP  
 Alexander, Johnston WASHINGTON TWP 043
 Alexander, Johnston WASHINGTON TWP  
 Alexander, Stephen I. BATAVIA TWP 287
 Alexander, Stephen I. BATAVIA TWP  
 Alexander, Washington H. OHIO TWP 448
 Alexander, Washington H. OHIO TWP  
 Alexander, William FRANKLIN TWP 410
 Alexander, William FRANKLIN TWP  
 Alexander, William OHIO TWP 428
 Alexander, William OHIO TWP  
 Allen, George OHIO TWP 445
 Allen, George OHIO TWP  
 Allen, George WILLIAMSBURG TWP 329
 Allen, Jacob MIAMI TWP 116
 Allen, Jacob MIAMI TWP  
 Allen, Martha UNION TWP 479
 Allen, Martha UNION TWP  
 Allison, Andrew GOSHEN TWP 145
 Allison, Andrew GOSHEN TWP  
 Allison, John WILLIAMSBURG TWP 325
 Allison, Wilham MIAMI TWP 113
 Allison, Wilham MIAMI TWP  
 Allman, Micheal WASHINGTON TWP 055
 Allman, Micheal WASHINGTON TWP  
 Allpaugh, Hannah WAYNE TWP 085
 Name Location Page
 Allpaugh, Hannah WAYNE TWP  
 Allyn, Cyrus M. FRANKLIN TWP 397
 Allyn, Cyrus M. FRANKLIN TWP  
 Almond, Catharine WILLIAMSBURG TWP 322
 Almond, Catharine WILLIAMSBURG TWP  
 Alsten, Thomas STONE LICK TWP 105
 Alsten, Thomas STONE LICK TWP  
 Altman, Ann A. TATE TWP 375
 Altman, Ann A. TATE TWP  
 Altman, Barbary TATE TWP 356
 Altman, Barbary TATE TWP  
 Altman, Carr W. TATE TWP 375
 Altman, Carr W. TATE TWP  
 Altman, Daniel TATE TWP 358
 Altman, Daniel TATE TWP  
 Altman, George J. TATE TWP 357
 Altman, George J. TATE TWP  
 Altman, John TATE TWP 359
 Altman, John TATE TWP 374
 Altman, John TATE TWP  
 Altman, Joseph MONROE TWP 020
 Altman, Joseph MONROE TWP  
 Altman, Minerva R. TATE TWP 357
 Altman, Minerva R. TATE TWP  
 Altman, Moses TATE TWP 357
 Altman, Moses TATE TWP  
 Altman, Samuel TATE TWP 358
 Altman, Samuel TATE TWP  
 Amanda, Francis WASHINGTON TWP 025
 Amanda, Francis WASHINGTON TWP  
 Amen, Arnold MIAMI TWP 131
 Amen, Arnold MIAMI TWP  
 Amon, Benjamin BATAVIA TWP 311
 Amon, Benjamin BATAVIA TWP  
 Anderson, Alexander GOSHEN TWP 143
 Anderson, Alexander GOSHEN TWP  
 Anderson, Alford STONE LICK TWP 108
 Anderson, Alford STONE LICK TWP  
 Anderson, David MIAMI TWP 109
 Anderson, David MIAMI TWP  
 Anderson, Elija F. MONROE TWP 003
 Anderson, Elija F. MONROE TWP  
 Anderson, Elisha M. MONROE TWP 003
 Anderson, Elisha M. MONROE TWP  
 Anderson, Eliza J WAYNE TWP 081
 Anderson, Eliza J WAYNE TWP  
 Anderson, Emanuel WASHINGTON TWP 049
 Anderson, Emanuel WASHINGTON TWP  
 Anderson, George UNION TWP 469
 Anderson, George UNION TWP  
 Anderson, Isreal WASHINGTON TWP 049
 Anderson, Isreal WASHINGTON TWP  
 Anderson, John MONROE TWP 014
 Anderson, John MONROE TWP  
 Anderson, John C. MIAMI TWP 113
 Anderson, John C. MIAMI TWP  
 Anderson, Lelina GOSHEN TWP 161
 Anderson, Lelina GOSHEN TWP  
 Anderson, Lydia OHIO TWP 416
 Anderson, Lydia OHIO TWP  
 Anderson, Mahlow MIAMI TWP 129
 Anderson, Mahlow MIAMI TWP  
 Anderson, Marion FRANKLIN TWP 397
 Anderson, Marion FRANKLIN TWP  
 Anderson, Mary TATE TWP 340
 Anderson, Mary TATE TWP  
 Anderson, Mary A. MIAMI TWP 136
 Anderson, Mary A. MIAMI TWP  
 Anderson, Morris UNION TWP 487
 Anderson, Morris UNION TWP  
 Anderson, Penbrook, S. OHIO TWP 458
 Anderson, Penbrook, S. OHIO TWP  
 Anderson, Pling C. GOSHEN TWP 144
 Anderson, Pling C. GOSHEN TWP  
 Anderson, Robert WASHINGTON TWP 028
 Anderson, Robert WASHINGTON TWP  
 Anderson, Samuel MIAMI TWP 129
 Anderson, Samuel MIAMI TWP  
 Anderson, Samuel MONROE TWP 003
 Anderson, Samuel MONROE TWP  
 Name Location Page
 Anderson, Samuel STONE LICK TWP 088
 Anderson, Samuel STONE LICK TWP  
 Anderson, William MONROE TWP 020
 Anderson, William MONROE TWP  
 Anderson, William OHIO TWP 415
 Anderson, William OHIO TWP  
 Anderson, William WASHINGTON TWP 054
 Anderson, William WASHINGTON TWP  
 Andrew, George OHIO TWP 446
 Andrew, George OHIO TWP  
 Andrews, Charels TATE TWP 349
 Andrews, Charels TATE TWP  
 Andrews, Jacob GOSHEN TWP 162
 Andrews, Jacob GOSHEN TWP  
 Andrews, John GOSHEN TWP 148
 Andrews, John GOSHEN TWP  
 Andrews, Josiah MIAMI TWP 126
 Andrews, Josiah MIAMI TWP  
 Andrews, Lavena UNION TWP 484
 Andrews, Lavena UNION TWP  
 Andrews, Mary A. MIAMI TWP 120
 Andrews, Mary A. MIAMI TWP  
 Andrson, Peter STONE LICK TWP 096
 Andrson, Peter STONE LICK TWP  
 Anno, John MONROE TWP 014
 Anno, John MONROE TWP  
 Anshutz, Andrew GOSHEN TWP 156
 Anshutz, Andrew GOSHEN TWP  
 Anshutz, Joseph GOSHEN TWP 156
 Anshutz, Joseph GOSHEN TWP  
 Apgar, Aaron MIAMI TWP 136
 Apgar, Aaron MIAMI TWP  
 Apgar, Cashill GOSHEN TWP 159
 Apgar, Cashill GOSHEN TWP  
 Apgar, Conrad GOSHEN TWP 164
 Apgar, Conrad GOSHEN TWP  
 Apgar, Daniel P. MIAMI TWP 140
 Apgar, Daniel P. MIAMI TWP  
 Apgar, David GOSHEN TWP 164
 Apgar, David GOSHEN TWP  
 Apgar, George W. MIAMI TWP 130
 Apgar, George W. MIAMI TWP  
 Apgar, Hannah MIAMI TWP 140
 Apgar, Hannah MIAMI TWP  
 Apgar, Jacob MIAMI TWP 137
 Apgar, Jacob MIAMI TWP  
 Apgar, Martha J. GOSHEN TWP 152
 Apgar, Martha J. GOSHEN TWP  
 Apgar, Peter MIAMI TWP 137
 Apgar, Peter MIAMI TWP  
 Apple, Catharine UNION TWP 466
 Apple, Catharine UNION TWP  
 Apple, Daniel BATAVIA TWP 307
 Apple, Daniel BATAVIA TWP  
 Apple, John BATAVIA TWP 300
 Apple, John BATAVIA TWP  
 Apple, John W. BATAVIA TWP 307
 Apple, John W. BATAVIA TWP  
 Apple, Samuel L. BATAVIA TWP 303
 Apple, Samuel L. BATAVIA TWP  
 Applegate, Adaline JACKSON TWP 066
 Applegate, Adaline JACKSON TWP  
 Applegate, Elijah GOSHEN TWP 150
 Applegate, Elijah GOSHEN TWP  
 Applegate, Elijah WAYNE TWP 076
 Applegate, Elijah WAYNE TWP  
 Applegate, Elizabeth BATAVIA TWP 286
 Applegate, Elizabeth BATAVIA TWP  
 Applegate, John GOSHEN TWP 152
 Applegate, John GOSHEN TWP  
 Applegate, Lewis WAYNE TWP 076
 Applegate, Lewis WAYNE TWP  
 Applegate, Nancy OHIO TWP 454
 Applegate, Nancy OHIO TWP  
 Applegate, Nelson BATAVIA TWP 313
 Applegate, Nelson BATAVIA TWP  
 Applegate, Perine GOSHEN TWP 156
 Applegate, Perine GOSHEN TWP  
 Applegate, Richard JACKSON TWP 065
 Applegate, Richard JACKSON TWP  
 Name Location Page
 Applegate, Sarah GOSHEN TWP 156
 Applegate, Sarah GOSHEN TWP  
 Applegate, Thomas WILLIAMSBURG TWP 336
 Applegate, Thomas WILLIAMSBURG TWP  
 Archard, Elizabeth MONROE TWP 011
 Archard, Elizabeth MONROE TWP  
 Archard, James W. MONROE TWP 005
 Archard, James W. MONROE TWP  
 Archard, Rufus H. MONROE TWP 023
 Archard, Rufus H. MONROE TWP  
 Archer, Benjamin OHIO TWP 426
 Archer, Benjamin OHIO TWP  
 Archer, Mary OHIO TWP 462
 Archer, Mary OHIO TWP  
 Arey, Cynthia A. UNION TWP 476
 Arey, Cynthia A. UNION TWP  
 Arey, Henry UNION TWP 476
 Arey, Henry UNION TWP  
 Arey, Joseph, Jr. BATAVIA TWP 307
 Arey, Joseph, Jr. BATAVIA TWP  
 Armicast, Abijah BATAVIA TWP 295
 Armicast, Abijah BATAVIA TWP  
 Armicost, Allen W. MONROE TWP 002
 Armicost, Allen W. MONROE TWP  
 Armicost, Ann FRANKLIN TWP 411
 Armicost, Ann FRANKLIN TWP  
 Armicost, Catharine FRANKLIN TWP 409
 Armicost, Catharine FRANKLIN TWP  
 Armicost, Daniel MONROE TWP 004
 Armicost, Daniel MONROE TWP  
 Armicost, David FRANKLIN TWP 411
 Armicost, David FRANKLIN TWP  
 Armicost, Isaac MONROE TWP 002
 Armicost, Isaac MONROE TWP 014
 Armicost, Isaac MONROE TWP  
 Armicost, Mark FRANKLIN TWP 408
 Armicost, Mark FRANKLIN TWP  
 Armircast, Elen WASHINGTON TWP 048
 Armircast, Elen WASHINGTON TWP  
 Armircost, Christopher WASHINGTON TWP 049
 Armircost, Christopher WASHINGTON TWP 053
 Armircost, Christopher WASHINGTON TWP  
 Armircost, Elija WASHINGTON TWP 036
 Armircost, Elija WASHINGTON TWP  
 Armircost, Francis A. WASHINGTON TWP 054
 Armircost, Francis A. WASHINGTON TWP  
 Armircost, Isack WASHINGTON TWP 036
 Armircost, Isack WASHINGTON TWP  
 Armircost, John W. WASHINGTON TWP 054
 Armircost, John W. WASHINGTON TWP  
 Armircost, Levi WASHINGTON TWP 054
 Armircost, Levi WASHINGTON TWP  
 Armircost, Melton WASHINGTON TWP 049
 Armircost, Melton WASHINGTON TWP  
 Armircost, William WASHINGTON TWP 049
 Armircost, William WASHINGTON TWP  
 Armston, William WASHINGTON TWP 027
 Armston, William WASHINGTON TWP  
 Armstrong, Alexander FRANKLIN TWP 379
 Armstrong, Alexander FRANKLIN TWP  
 Armstrong, Catharine MIAMI TWP 127
 Armstrong, Catharine MIAMI TWP  
 Armstrong, Ebeneger STONE LICK TWP 105
 Armstrong, Ebeneger STONE LICK TWP  
 Armstrong, Elias OHIO TWP 412
 Armstrong, Elias OHIO TWP  
 Armstrong, Elizabeth STONE LICK TWP 105
 Armstrong, Elizabeth STONE LICK TWP  
 Armstrong, Florence FRANKLIN TWP 407
 Armstrong, Florence FRANKLIN TWP  
 Armstrong, Franklin M. FRANKLIN TWP 380
 Armstrong, Franklin M. FRANKLIN TWP  
 Armstrong, George W. OHIO TWP 460
 Armstrong, George W. OHIO TWP  
 Armstrong, Irwin FRANKLIN TWP 383
 Armstrong, Irwin FRANKLIN TWP  
 Armstrong, Isaac GOSHEN TWP 160
 Armstrong, Isaac GOSHEN TWP  
 Armstrong, Jacob MIAMI TWP 127
 Armstrong, Jacob MIAMI TWP  

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