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1830 Census Index

Clermont County , Ohio

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 Name Location Page
 Archard, John MONROE TWP 232
 Archer, Chapman OHIO TWP 219
 Armstrong, Jacob MIAMI TWP 270
 Armstrong, Samuel MONROE TWP 233
 Armstrong, William OHIO TWP 222
 Armstrong, William WASHINGTON TWP 246
 Arnold, George FRANKLIN TWP 260
 Arthur, Alexander MONROE TWP 235
 Arthur, James TATE TWP 195
 Arthur, Jeckeriah WASHINGTON TWP 244
 Arthur, Joseph BATAVIA TWP 180
 Ashburn, Richard OHIO TWP 223
 Ashley, John WILLIAMSBURG TWP 288
 Ashley, Joshua WILLIAMSBURG TWP 288
 Ashton, William WILLIAMSBURG TWP 292
 Athey, William TATE TWP 192
 Atkinson, James NEW RICHMOND 213
 Auger, Daniel MIAMI TWP 269
 Ault, Frederick MILFORD 265
 Aushutes, Andrew GOSHEN TWP 299
 Austhutes, Mary Elizabeth GOSHEN TWP 298
 Austin, Joseph UNION TWP 207
 Avey, James UNION TWP 207
 Avey, Joseph UNION TWP 207
 Ayre, Joseph BATAVIA TWP 183
 Azres, James WASHINGTON TWP 248
 Badgely, Nancy NEVILLE 238
 Bagbee, William FRANKLIN TWP 257
 Bagby, Elizabeth CHILO 254
 Bailey, Basil FRANKLIN TWP 262
 Bailiff, Edmund MONROE TWP 229
 Bainham, Hezekiah MONROE TWP 233
 Bainham, Isaac NEW RICHMOND 211
 Bainham, John MONROE TWP 234
 Bainham, William MONROE TWP 231
 Baker, David NEW RICHMOND 211
 Baker, John STONELICK TWP 278
 Baldwin, William BATAVIA TWP 179
 Ballad, Nancy MIAMI TWP 273
 Banghurt, Michael GOSHEN TWP 297
 Barber, Aaron MIAMI TWP 276
 Barber, Daniel MIAMI TWP 276
 Barber, David WASHINGTON TWP 243
 Barber, Elisha GOSHEN TWP 299
 Barber, Embly MIAMI TWP 276
 Barber, Nathaniel NEW RICHMOND 210
 Barber, Robert FRANKLIN TWP 262
 Barker, Jeremiah NEVILLE 237
 Barkley, Henry MONROE TWP 233
 Barkley, William WASHINGTON TWP 250
 Barnet, Jonas WILLIAMSBURG TWP 293
 Barngoner, George UNION TWP 205
 Barngrover, David UNION TWP 207
 Barns, Charles C. BATAVIA 175
 Barr, James FRANKLIN TWP 256
 Barr, James STONELICK TWP 279
 Barr, Samuel FRANKLIN TWP 256
 Barret, Ezekiel FRANKLIN TWP 261
 Barret, Isaiah FRANKLIN TWP 261
 Barret, John WAYNE TWP 303
 Barrus, Cyrus GOSHEN 296
 Bartholomew, David UNION TWP 200
 Bartholomew, Levi MONROE TWP 229
 Bartles, Andrew R. FRANKLIN TWP 254
 Bartley, Andrew WASHINGTON TWP 248
 Bartley, James MONROE TWP 233
 Bartley, John WASHINGTON TWP 246
 Barton, Benjamin TATE TWP 188
 Barton, Edward MONROE TWP 233
 Barton, Joseph MONROE TWP 231
 Basset, Stephen GOSHEN TWP 299
 Baum, Charles FRANKLIN TWP 258
 Baum, George WASHINGTON TWP 249
 Baum, Michael WASHINGTON TWP 241
 Baum, Michael WASHINGTON TWP 248
 Baxter, A. F. BETHEL 185
 Beagle, Catharine UNION TWP 208
 Beagle, George UNION TWP 208
 Beall, Nelson R. TATE TWP 188
 Beall, William BETHEL 185

 Name Location Page
 Beaty, John WAYNE TWP 303
 Beaty, Mary WAYNE TWP 303
 Bebee, Asal PALESTINE 214
 Bebee, Edward PALESTINE 214
 Bebee, Joseph WILLIAMSBURG TWP 293
 Bebee, Josiah TATE TWP 194
 Bebee, Samuel WILLIAMSBURG TWP 293
 Bebee, Thomas OHIO TWP 216
 Beck, Calvin TATE TWP 187
 Beck, Charity TATE TWP 197
 Beck, John BETHEL 186
 Beck, Levi TATE TWP 197
 Beck, Samuel TATE TWP 188
 Becket, Samuel OHIO TWP 226
 Beckwith, Moses BATAVIA 174
 Belew, James OHIO TWP 220
 Belew, Jemima WAYNE TWP 307
 Bell, James OHIO TWP 223
 Bell, Josiah NEW RICHMOND 212
 Beltz, Henry UNION TWP 205
 Benjamin, Rosal WASHINGTON TWP 249
 Bennet, Alexander WILLIAMSBURG TWP 294
 Bennet, James UNION TWP 201
 Bennet, James WASHINGTON TWP 249
 Bennet, John WASHINGTON TWP 243
 Bennet, Patrick WASHINGTON TWP 243
 Bennet, Stephen MONROE TWP 236
 Bennet, Warren NEW RICHMOND 210
 Bennet, William NEW RICHMOND 211
 Bennet, William OHIO TWP 215
 Bentlinger, Henry UNION TWP 208
 Berry, Benjamin GOSHEN TWP 301
 Berry, Eli WAYNE TWP 306
 Bettle, John OHIO TWP 223
 Bettle, Samuel MONROE TWP 232
 Betts, Ira MIAMI TWP 268
 Bias, Garret UNION TWP 203
 Biggs, David WASHINGTON TWP 245
 Bilbee, Richland WAYNE TWP 303
 Bills, Ann FRANKLIN TWP 259
 Bills, Ephraim STONELICK TWP 284
 Bills, John UNION TWP 204
 Bingaman, Solomon WILLIAMSBURG TWP 290
 Binkley, Christian WAYNE TWP 303
 Binkley, Jacob WAYNE TWP 303
 Binkley, Sarah GOSHEN TWP 301
 Birdsell, Edmund WILLIAMSBURG TWP 288
 Blackwood, James TATE TWP 199
 Blades, Eli FRANKLIN TWP 263
 Blair, Alexander BATAVIA TWP 179
 Blair, Buss R. BATAVIA 175
 Blair, John TATE TWP 194
 Blair, Robert TATE TWP 194
 Blanchard, Isaac OHIO TWP 224
 Blanshard, Patience OHIO TWP 219
 Bobs, Adam WOODVILLE 302
 Boggess, Benjamin TATE TWP 198
 Boggess, John TATE TWP 196
 Boggess, John S. TATE TWP 199
 Boggess, Samuel TATE TWP 198
 Boggs, John MIAMI TWP 268
 Bolander, Henry FRANKLIN TWP 259
 Bolander, Jacob FRANKLIN TWP 260
 Bolander, Peter BATAVIA TWP 177
 Bolew, Peter OHIO TWP 215
 Bolton, J. R. BATAVIA TWP 182
 Bolware, Jacob BETHEL 186
 Bomun, Isaac UNION TWP 207
 Bond, Thomas MILFORD 265
 Boner, John WASHINGTON TWP 249
 Boner, John H. WASHINGTON TWP 249
 Boner, Matthew WASHINGTON TWP 249
 Boner, Tyre WASHINGTON TWP 249
 Borum, Joseph H. MONROE TWP 232
 Bottle, Josiah MONROE TWP 232
 Botts, George FRANKLIN TWP 256
 Botts, James WASHINGTON TWP 250
 Botts, William P. FRANKLIN TWP 258
 Bouden, Westley OHIO TWP 226
 Boun, Daniel WILLIAMSBURG TWP 288

 Name Location Page
 Bowd, Thomas FELICITY 252
 Bowers, Isaac MILFORD 265
 Boyd, Royland BETHEL 186
 Boyd, William WILLIAMSBURG TWP 288
 Boyer, Thomas MILFORD 266
 Boyer, William BATAVIA TWP 179
 Boys, John MONROE TWP 236
 Boys, Richard WASHINGTON TWP 248
 Boys, William MONROE TWP 235
 Boys, William MONROE TWP 236
 Bparker, Sarah Ann WILLIAMSBURG TWP 295
 Bracelin, Archibald TATE TWP 188
 Bradbury, Benjamin UNION TWP 201
 Bradbury, Gibbins UNION TWP 201
 Bradbury, Ichabood OHIO TWP 217
 Bradbury, John E. UNION TWP 201
 Bradley, Aaron NEW RICHMOND 211
 Bradley, John FRANKLIN TWP 263
 Bradley, William FRANKLIN TWP 259
 Bradon, Benjamin UNION TWP 201
 Brag, Richard MIAMI TWP 269
 Bragdon, Jonathan OHIO TWP 214
 Bramagen, Jeremiah BATAVIA TWP 177
 Bramore, David FRANKLIN TWP 256
 Branaugh, John MONROE TWP 229
 Brandill, Jesse TATE TWP 194
 Brannock, John WAYNE TWP 303
 Branson, Thomas K. FRANKLIN TWP 256
 Brazier, John BATAVIA TWP 180
 Brazier, Laban BATAVIA TWP 177
 Breadwell, Hawkins TATE TWP 188
 Breadwell, John WILLIAMSBURG TWP 290
 Breadwell, Thomas TATE TWP 189
 Breadwell, William TATE TWP 191
 Breeding, James MIAMI TWP 274
 Breeding, Thomas MIAMI TWP 272
 Brenaught, John OHIO TWP 225
 Brewer, Peter TATE TWP 195
 Brewer, Peter WILLIAMSBURG TWP 294
 Bricker, Adam WILLIAMSBURG TWP 294
 Bricker, John WILLIAMSBURG TWP 290
 Brigher, Henry GOSHEN TWP 299
 Briley, Samuel MIAMI TWP 275
 Brinkley, Jacob, Jr. WAYNE TWP 304
 Brinkley, Joshua WAYNE TWP 304
 Brinton, Samuel TATE TWP 194
 Broadwell, Elias UNION TWP 203
 Broadwell, John UNION TWP 205
 Broadwell, Lindsley MILFORD 265
 Bronaugh, Elizabeth STONELICK TWP 285
 Bronaugh, George STONELICK TWP 284
 Bronaugh, John MONROE TWP 233
 Bronaugh, John STONELICK TWP 279
 Bronaugh, Joseph STONELICK TWP 284
 Brooks, Daniel MILFORD 266
 Brown, Anthony TATE TWP 195
 Brown, Benjamin MIAMI TWP 275
 Brown, Ezekiel UNION TWP 206
 Brown, George MILFORD 266
 Brown, George STONELICK TWP 280
 Brown, Henry NEW RICHMOND 211
 Brown, John BATAVIA TWP 180
 Brown, John MIAMI TWP 269
 Brown, John MIAMI TWP 271
 Brown, John MIAMI TWP 275
 Brown, John N. BATAVIA 174
 Brown, Joseph MIAMI TWP 270
 Brown, Joshua NEW RICHMOND 213
 Brown, Robert NEVILLE 237
 Brown, Sarah MONROE TWP 231
 Brown, William BATAVIA TWP 179
 Brown, William MIAMI TWP 271
 Browner, Sarah UNION TWP 206
 Browning, John N. MONROE TWP 235
 Bruman, Thomas W. GOSHEN 296
 Brunk, Christiana STONELICK TWP 282
 Brunk, Daniel WILLIAMSBURG TWP 294
 Brunk, Joseph STONELICK TWP 285
 Brunson, Andrew D. WAYNE TWP 304
 Brunson, John GOSHEN TWP 300

 Name Location Page
 Brunson, William MILFORD 265
 Brunton, Thomas BATAVIA TWP 181
 Brush, Israel FRANKLIN TWP 254
 Brush, Joseph WASHINGTON TWP 246
 Bryan, Azal WILLIAMSBURG 287
 Bryan, David BATAVIA 174
 Bryan, George S. BATAVIA 175
 Bryan, M. A. BATAVIA 175
 Buchannan, Alexander WASHINGTON TWP 244
 Buchannan, Andrew WASHINGTON TWP 241
 Buchannan, Catharine WASHINGTON TWP 249
 Buchannan, Enoch A. MIAMI TWP 274
 Buchannan, John WASHINGTON TWP 243
 Buchannan, John G. WASHINGTON TWP 243
 Buchannan, Joseph MOSCOW 239
 Buchannan, Samuel WASHINGTON TWP 242
 Buckaman, William NEVILLE 238
 Bucket, Nicholas UNION TWP 201
 Buff, John WASHINGTON TWP 241
 Buher, Joseph MIAMI TWP 271
 Bull, Hannah BATAVIA 174
 Bunkey, Ranwith WILLIAMSBURG TWP 292
 Bunting, James WILLIAMSBURG TWP 294
 Buratt, Sarah GOSHEN TWP 297
 Burgess, Joel MILFORD 266
 Burke, James TATE TWP 193
 Burke, John TATE TWP 193
 Burke, Kelley, Sr. TATE TWP 193
 Burke, Kelly, Jr. TATE TWP 193
 Burke, Richard WILLIAMSBURG TWP 294
 Burnet, John WILLIAMSBURG TWP 293
 Burns, Elizabeth STONELICK TWP 283
 Burns, John PALESTINE 214
 Burton, Elijah STONELICK TWP 282
 Burton, James BATAVIA TWP 182
 Bush, Jerred FRANKLIN TWP 255
 Bushman, Daniel MONROE TWP 234
 Bushman, David MONROE TWP 234
 Bushman, Henry MONROE TWP 234
 Bushman, John MONROE TWP 234
303  Butler, Abner OHIO TWP 225
 Butler, Joseph OHIO TWP 225
 Butler, Mary OHIO TWP 226
 Butler, Oliver BATAVIA TWP 180
 Butler, Walter, Jr. OHIO TWP 222
 Butler, Walter, Sr. OHIO TWP 222
 Butterworth, Samuel MIAMI TWP 272
 Buzatt, Jacob MIAMI TWP 272
 Byrn, George S. WASHINGTON TWP 241
 Byrn, Lawrence POINT PLEASANT 227
 Cade, Samuel WILLIAMSBURG 286
 Calhoun, Judson NEW RICHMOND 212
 Calhoun, Trueman OHIO TWP 224
 Caliston, James M. NEW RICHMOND 212
 Callon, James TATE TWP 199
 Calvin, Stephen MONROE TWP 234
 Calvin, William MONROE TWP 235
 Camerer, Henry WASHINGTON TWP 249
 Camerer, John WASHINGTON TWP 241
 Camerer, Lewis WASHINGTON TWP 243
 Camerer, William TATE TWP 190
 Cameron, Elizabeth MOSCOW 239
 Campbell, Andrew CHILO 253
 Campbell, Eleaser STONELICK TWP 282
 Campbell, John MONROE TWP 232
 Canan, Edward BATAVIA TWP 178
 Candle, Buckner WAYNE TWP 305
 Canter, John TATE TWP 199
 Canter, Thomas TATE TWP 199
 Canter, William TATE TWP 199
 Carley, Mark FRANKLIN TWP 255
 Carnes, George WILLIAMSBURG TWP 288
 Carnes, Jacob GOSHEN TWP 300
 Carnes, Jacob MIAMI TWP 273
 Carnes, Sarah GOSHEN TWP 300
 Carns, Josiah MONROE TWP 233
 Carns, William MONROE TWP 231
 Carpenter, David STONELICK TWP 281
 Carr, David MIAMI TWP 271
 Carr, Jacob OHIO TWP 225
Name Location Page
 Carr, James CHILO 254
 Carr, John OHIO TWP 215
 Carr, Robert TATE TWP 190
 Carr, Robert, Jr. TATE TWP 191
 Carr, Thomas TATE TWP 190
 Carr, William OHIO TWP 223
 Carralt, Silas MIAMI TWP 272
 Carrel, John BATAVIA TWP 178
 Carrel, William F. PALESTINE 214
 Carrolt, Amos MIAMI TWP 271
 Carrow, Richard MIAMI TWP 276
 Carter, Daniel MONROE TWP 232
 Carter, George MONROE TWP 231
 Carter, James BATAVIA 174
 Carter, James WAYNE TWP 306
 Carter, Jhn OHIO TWP 224
 Carter, John WILLIAMSBURG 287
 Carter, John S. BETHEL 185
 Carter, Jonathan NEW RICHMOND 211
 Carter, Reese WAYNE TWP 304
 Carter, Stephen WAYNE TWP 306
 Carter, Thomas WAYNE TWP 306
 Cartright, James NEW RICHMOND 211
 Cartright, John BATAVIA TWP 177
 Carver, Elizabeth FRANKLIN TWP 259
 Case, Alexander CHILO 253
 Case, Nelson CHILO 253
 Casset, Peter I. WASHINGTON TWP 243
 Castile, Brookens OHIO TWP 215
 Castile, Hiram OHIO TWP 220
 Castile, Joseph OHIO TWP 220
 Cavolt, Bethuel MIAMI TWP 271
 Ceshard, Peter, Jr. WASHINGTON TWP 240
 Chafton, Jeremiah WAYNE TWP 303
 Chalfant, Robert FELICITY 252
 Chamberlain, Daniel FRANKLIN TWP 254
 Chamberlain, David WAYNE TWP 307
 Chambers, James WILLIAMSBURG TWP 288
 Chandler, Iremio FELICITY 252
 Chandler, Mary FRANKLIN TWP 259
 Chaner, John STONELICK TWP 282
 Chaney, Lewis GOSHEN TWP 301
 Chaney, Thomas GOSHEN TWP 301
 Chapman, Asa GOSHEN 296
 Chapman, Henry FRANKLIN TWP 257
 Chapman, Jacob FRANKLIN TWP 259
 Chapman, John FRANKLIN TWP 258
 Chapman, John, Jr. MIAMI TWP 274
 Chapman, Johns R. MIAMI TWP 274
 Chapman, Naman FRANKLIN TWP 254
 Chapman, Rebecca OHIO TWP 221
 Chapman, Robert UNION TWP 208
 Chapman, William OHIO TWP 224
 Chapman, Zachariah OHIO TWP 222
 Charles, John STONELICK TWP 284
 Chase, Abel TATE TWP 187
 Chatterton, Jacob WILLIAMSBURG TWP 293
 Chenes, Daniel UNION TWP 208
 Chipley, William B. BETHEL 185
 Chirgler, Peter OHIO TWP 220
 Christy, Andrew WILLIAMSBURG 287
 Christy, David BATAVIA TWP 181
 Christy, John WILLIAMSBURG TWP 292
 Christy, Robert WILLIAMSBURG TWP 291
 Clannon, Samuel OHIO TWP 218
 Clark, Houton BETHEL 185
 Clark, James BETHEL 185
 Clarke, Abraham OHIO TWP 217
 Clarke, Arthur STONELICK TWP 283
 Clarke, Benjamin OHIO TWP 215
 Clarke, Benjamin STONELICK TWP 284
 Clarke, Benjamin UNION TWP 206
 Clarke, Christopher BATAVIA TWP 183
 Clarke, Daniel UNION TWP 207
 Clarke, Isaiah TATE TWP 194
 Clarke, Israel UNION TWP 206
 Clarke, John CHILO 253
 Clarke, Lydia UNION TWP 203
 Clarke, Mathew MONROE TWP 232
 Clarke, Nathaniel WAYNE TWP 304

 Name Location Page
 Clarke, Samuel WASHINGTON TWP 241
 Clarke, Weston WAYNE TWP 303
 Clemens, Ruth MILFORD 267
 Clenny, Joseph POINT PLEASANT 227
 Cleveland, Stephen B. BATAVIA TWP 177
 Clevinger, Samuel WAYNE TWP 306
 Clevinger, Zachariah WAYNE TWP 306
 Clingler, Frederick MONROE TWP 236
 Cliver, Peter OHIO TWP 216
 Cloud, Joseph STONELICK TWP 282
 Clough, John D. GOSHEN 296
 Cluttr, John W. C. POINT PLEASANT 227
 Cob, MIAMI TWP 269
 Cobin, Nathan MONROE TWP 233
 Coffman, Abraham TATE TWP 199
 Coffman, John TATE TWP 190
 Cole, Thomas NEW RICHMOND 209
 Coleman, Wyatt TATE TWP 189
 Collard, Michael MIAMI TWP 268
 Collard, Samuel NEW RICHMOND 210
 Collard, Thomas OHIO TWP 223
 Collins, Daniel WASHINGTON TWP 240
 Collins, John GOSHEN TWP 301
 Collins, John TATE TWP 191
 Collins, Nathaniel NEW RICHMOND 213
 Collins, Peter WASHINGTON TWP 248
 Collom, Richard OHIO TWP 215
 Colvin, John WILLIAMSBURG TWP 295
 Combs, Andrew OHIO TWP 222
 Combs, Benjamin MIAMI TWP 276
 Combs, Daniel MIAMI TWP 270
 Combs, Derrick MIAMI TWP 276
 Combs, James MIAMI TWP 275
 Combs, Thoams MIAMI TWP 268
 Comeren, Sarah WASHINGTON TWP 250
 Comerer, Henry WASHINGTON TWP 249
 Conley, James BATAVIA TWP 178
 Conley, John FRANKLIN TWP 259
 Conn, Rebecca TATE TWP 199
 Conner, John OHIO TWP 223
 Conover, Eliakim TATE TWP 194
 Conover, Somers WILLIAMSBURG TWP 289
 Conover, William WASHINGTON TWP 240
 Cook, Absalom MONROE TWP 231
 Cook, Amos TATE TWP 191
 Cook, Elizabeth FRANKLIN TWP 261
 Cook, Elza STONELICK TWP 279
 Cook, Greenbury OHIO TWP 226
 Cook, J. H. MIAMI TWP 268
 Cook, James FRANKLIN TWP 261
 Cook, John FRANKLIN TWP 261
 Cook, Reese G. MILFORD 265
 Cook, Rudolph FRANKLIN TWP 261
 Cook, Thomas STONELICK TWP 279
 Cook, William MONROE TWP 232
 Cook, William TATE TWP 199
 Coonrod, Drusilla MIAMI TWP 277
 Coonrod, Jacob MIAMI TWP 270
 Cooper, Anne OHIO TWP 222
 Corbin, Abraham MONROE TWP 233
 Corbin, Abraham MONROE TWP 235
 Corbin, Abraham C. MONROE TWP 235
 Corbin, John MONROE TWP 233
 Corbin, John MONROE TWP 235
 Corbin, John, Jr. MONROE TWP 235
 Corbin, Nicholas MONROE TWP 233
 Cord, Richard OHIO TWP 218
 Cordery, Elizabeth MONROE TWP 235
 Cordery, Jesse TATE TWP 187
 Cordery, Samuel WILLIAMSBURG TWP 294
 Cordery, Sylvanus TATE TWP 199
 Cordery, Vincent MONROE TWP 230
 Cornwall, David TATE TWP 197
 Cornwall, Phebe TATE TWP 197
 Cory, John UNION TWP 203
 Cotterel, Enoch NEVILLE 238
 Cotterel, Joseph MIAMI TWP 276
 Coulter, Jasper WILLIAMSBURG TWP 289
 Coulter, John WILLIAMSBURG 286
 Cousens, William FRANKLIN TWP 263

 Name Location Page
 Couthing, Zela MILFORD 265
 Couzens, Daniel FRANKLIN TWP 257
 Couzens, Margaret FRANKLIN TWP 256
 Couzens, Samuel FRANKLIN TWP 257
 Couzenys, Joseph WASHINGTON TWP 244
 Cover, Harman STONELICK TWP 285
 Cover, Jacob BATAVIA 175
 Cowen, Elijah WAYNE TWP 303
 Cowen, William, Jr. STONELICK TWP 284
 Cowen, William, Sr. STONELICK TWP 284
 Cox, James MIAMI TWP 276
 Cox, John OHIO TWP 221
 Cox, Joshua GOSHEN TWP 297
 Cox, Robert STONELICK TWP 281
 Cox, Samuel MIAMI TWP 272
 Craig, Elziabeth BATAVIA TWP 181
 Craig, Isabell OHIO TWP 223
 Craig, John FRANKLIN TWP 263
 Craig, John MONROE TWP 230
 Cramer, Adam WAYNE TWP 304
 Cramer, David GOSHEN TWP 298
 Cramer, William WAYNE TWP 306
 Crammer, Joseph TATE TWP 193
 Cramor, Richard WAYNE TWP 307
 Crane, Abner TATE TWP 192
 Crane, Benjamin TATE TWP 197
 Crane, Davis TATE TWP 187
 Crane, George STONELICK TWP 282
 Crane, Thomas NEVILLE 238
 Crane, William MILFORD 265
 Crane, William M. BATAVIA 175
 Craner, Emanuel OHIO TWP 220
 Crank, John BATAVIA TWP 179
 Crawford, John NEW RICHMOND 209
 Creager, Jacob MIAMI TWP 273
 Creager, William MIAMI TWP 273
 Crooner, John MONROE TWP 236
 Crosley, John UNION TWP 201
 Crosley, Reuben BATAVIA TWP 181
 Crosley, Rober UNION TWP 208
 Crouch, William TATE TWP 188
 Crouch, William B. BETHEL 185
 Crumb, Jacob WASHINGTON TWP 245
 Crumbaugh, John UNION TWP 207
 Crumbaugh, Mary UNION TWP 207
 Cstile, Solomon OHIO TWP 215
 Cummings, Charles MIAMI TWP 272
 Curey, Stephen FRANKLIN TWP 255
 Curlis, Joseph TATE TWP 195
 Curlis, Stacy TATE TWP 195
 Curry, William BATAVIA TWP 178
 Curtis, Asher TATE TWP 195
 Curtis, Asher WILLIAMSBURG TWP 288
 Curtis, E. V. MILFORD 266
 Curtis, Peter WILLIAMSBURG TWP 288
 Curtis, Timothy WILLIAMSBURG TWP 288
 Cushard, John MOSCOW 239
 Cushard, Peter MOSCOW 240
 Custard, Christopher OHIO TWP 225
 Custard, Erasmus GOSHEN TWP 297
 Daily, Benjamin TATE TWP 187
 Daily, Evi MONROE TWP 228
 Dale, Alexander TATE TWP 197
 Danberry, Amos WILLIAMSBURG TWP 290
 Danberry, Jeremiah TATE TWP 187
 Danberry, Philip STONELICK TWP 282
 Danberry, Spence WILLIAMSBURG 286
 Daniels, Brinkly MIAMI TWP 273
 Dart, George UNION TWP 204
 Dart, James BATAVIA 176
 Daughter, Gil OHIO TWP 222
 Daughter, Turpin NEVILLE 238
 Daughters, Hiram MOSCOW 239
 Daughters, James WASHINGTON TWP 250
 Davidson, Daniel MILFORD 266
 Davidson, James MIAMI TWP 274
 Davidson, James WILLIAMSBURG TWP 295
 Davidson, John BATAVIA TWP 179
 Davidson, John MIAMI TWP 277

 Name Location Page
 Davidson, John STONELICK TWP 285
 Davidson, Robert, Jr. MIAMI TWP 274
 Davis, Arthur OHIO TWP 217
 Davis, Basil BATAVIA TWP 184
 Davis, Dan NEW RICHMOND 213
 Davis, Edmund TATE TWP 189
 Davis, Elen NEW RICHMOND 211
 Davis, Elizabeth WASHINGTON TWP 243
 Davis, George GOSHEN TWP 297
 Davis, James TATE TWP 190
 Davis, John BATAVIA TWP 178
 Davis, John MOSCOW 239
 Davis, John TATE TWP 188
 Davis, John UNION TWP 204
 Davis, John WASHINGTON TWP 245
 Davis, John WASHINGTON TWP 246
 Davis, John WASHINGTON TWP 247
 Davis, John F. TATE TWP 189
 Davis, Joseph UNION TWP 205
 Davis, Joseph WILLIAMSBURG TWP 294
 Davis, Joshua TATE TWP 189
 Davis, Lewis WILLIAMSBURG TWP 293
 Davis, Lyttleton WILLIAMSBURG TWP 291
 Davis, Martha UNION TWP 204
 Davis, Matthew UNION TWP 205
 Davis, Nathan TATE TWP 193
 Davis, Philip TATE TWP 198
 Davis, Samuel BATAVIA TWP 179
 Davis, Samuel MIAMI TWP 273
 Davis, Sarah NEVILLE 238
 Davis, Stephen WASHINGTON TWP 245
 Davis, Thomas TATE TWP 189
 Davis, Thomas UNION TWP 204
 Davis, W Illiam UNION TWP 204
 Davis, William FRANKLIN TWP 262
 Davis, William TATE TWP 189
 Davison, Christopher BATAVIA TWP 179
 Davison, James BATAVIA TWP 179
 Day, A. C. UNION TWP 203
 Day, Catharine FRANKLIN TWP 254
 Day, Elijah UNION TWP 205
 Day, Joseph FRANKLIN TWP 260
 Day, Phebe UNION TWP 205
 Dean, John MOSCOW 239
 Dean, William UNION TWP 201
 Dearwester, Betsey GOSHEN TWP 297
 Dearwester, Jacob GOSHEN TWP 297
 Debruler, William MONROE TWP 235
 Debuler, Jacob MONROE TWP 237
 Demaris, Edward WASHINGTON TWP 241
 Demaris, Johnd. FRANKLIN TWP 258
 Demoss, David MOSCOW 240
 Dendney, William TATE TWP 198
 Denhain, Oxford BATAVIA TWP 183
 Denham, Benjamin TATE TWP 196
 Denham, Isaac MONROE TWP 229
 Denham, James TATE TWP 193
 Denham, Jehu MONROE TWP 229
 Denham, Levi TATE TWP 188
 Denham, Obed E. TATE TWP 195
 Denham, S Eth BATAVIA TWP 184
 Denham, Squire TATE TWP 193
 Denham, William TATE TWP 193
 Denley, James MONROE TWP 234
 Denneyhugh, Joseph MIAMI TWP 273
 Dennis, Francis BATAVIA TWP 180
 Dennis, John BATAVIA 175
 Dennis, John MONROE TWP 232
 Dennis, John OHIO TWP 214
 Dennis, Joseph STONELICK TWP 281
 Dennis, Warden WILLIAMSBURG 287
 Dennison, James MILFORD 266
 Dennison, John BATAVIA 175
 Dennison, Marcus MILFORD 266
 Derrough, John FRANKLIN TWP 258
 Dewall, Otho NEVILLE 238
 Dewitt, John FRANKLIN TWP 260
 Dewitt, Peter FRANKLIN TWP 263

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