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Chapter XIV. John Clemmer and Hanna Hoffman

From Mr. Hal McCawley: The family of my grandparents John & Hannah HOFFMAN CLEMMER: Descendants of John Ludwig Clemmer

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN LUDWIG CLEMMER (son of VALENTINE "FELTY" KLEMMER) was born December 27, 1778 in PA,and died June 24, 1837 in Brakebill, Monroe, TN. He married HANNAH HOFFMAN April 06, 1803 in Lincoln, NC, daughter of JACOB HOFFMAN and ELIZABETH SHELTY.


BIRTH: 1880 census of daughter Susanah & Matilda indicates father was born in Pennsylvania.

MARRIAGE: 6 Apr 1803 in Lincoln Co, NC shows bondsman Michael RHYNE & wit James McKISICK.

RESIDENCE: Lived 2 mi NE of Dallas, Gaston Co (prev Lincoln Co), NC near HOFFMANs until 1823-27 when they along with ch & spouses moved to Bat Creek near Brakebill, Monroe Co, TN where John died 24 Jun 1827 (Our Kin, P-35){cwh, different date, died above 1837}.-----Monroe Co Tennessee, Chancery Court p. 328, 1846, Filed 2-3-1846. Elijah P. Harris and wife Polly A. Harris and Willliam S. Prock, plantiffs-complainants versus William Davis, Griselda Mayo, and others. To wit: Solomon Northern died in Monroe Co TN on 4-22-1829, testate, but childless, leaving his land on Bat creek to his wife Mary for her lifetime and then to Polly A. and William S. Prock, the eldest children of Silas Prock, Mary's grandson , the son of a daughter of Mary's born before her marriage to Northern. The will of said Solomon Northern was burnt in the Court House fire of 1832. Complaintains charge that Solomon Northern entered the land in Hiwassee District 7-30-1825, but assigned the land to Prock, who was to care for Solomon Northern in his old age-lifetime;but afterwards, Prock, for consideration{money, kinship?} deeded the land back to Northern, but the deed was not registered,and Prockhasa concealed or destroyed the deed. Prock has sold the land to John Clemmer; that Clemmer died, and the land was partitioned among his heirs; that William Davis purchased most of the shares from the heirs; that Davis and Griselda Mayo the presenoccupantsts are wasting the landComplainantsts ask that the land be decreed to them. Silas Prock is now in Texas. John Clemmer died in 1837 leaving 10 heirs;

John Clemmer JR,

Julia Ann wife Houston Vinsant,

Louisa wife of Jonathan Dethero{Duttero},

Ann wife of of John D. Young of Polk Co,

Margaret wife of David Smith of Polk Co;

George Clemmer,

Matilda wife of John Davis,

William Clemmer (youngest heir),

Susanna wife of Wiliam Davis;

and Jacob Clemmer of Polk Co. TN

Blackmon H. Mayo d. Jan 1845 leaving widow Grizzy or Griselda and ten children; 8 of whom live with her on the tract which Mayo bought of John Clemmer JUNIOR as his share. --1847, Silas Prock, 39, answers from Hartsville, Wright Co Missouri, that he solthele land to John Clemmer for money and whiskey; that Mayo sent word in a letter from John Prock to Willliam and Paul Prock that he wanted to buy part of the land. -In 1848, witness Jesse Butler, 50, deposes that Solomon drew a pension; witness Rachel Brown, 36, live at Solomon Northern's before and after he died.

CENSUS: 1800 Census of Lincoln Co, NC P-841 has a Margaret CLIMERE, 2 m 16-26,

2 fm <10, 1 16-26 & 1 45+ [boys could be John b 27 Dec 1778 & Geo b 23 Sep 1779???]

CENSUS: 1805 Tax list for for CapWm.Wm Feathersten's Company in Lincoln Co, NC

has Lewis, Jno, & George CLEMER owning land of 48, 230 & 84?.

CENSUS: 1810 Census of Lincoln Co, NC P- 406 has Widow CLEMMANS, 0 males, 1 fm1-10, 1 10-16, 1 26-45 & 1 45+. [per Len Clemmer 12/98] (sons Geo, John & Lewis

also appear on p-430)

CENSUS: 1810 Census of Lincoln Co, NC lists John Clemar 10110-30010 or 1 m <10,

1 16-26 & 1 26-45, {and 3 females less than 10} + 1 fm 26-45 yrs.

CENSUS: 1820 Census of Lincoln Co, NC has only John 110001-- 32111--4 slaves on

P-300 & Lewis 321110-- 12010 on P-9. [fm > 45 likely to be John's mother Eliz CLEMMER]

CENSUS: 1830 Census of Monroe Co, TN, Brakebill Community, P-115 has John

CLAMOUR 121101001- 1001101001. [This would appear to be Wm, Geo, John, Eli,

Jacob & father John + Julie, Margaret, Matilda, mother Hannah and a 70-80 age fm,

maybe John's mother Eliz DETTERO Clemmer(Mrs Felty CLEMMER)???

LAND: 23 Apr 1823 deed in Lincoln Co, NC DB 33/264 John Clemmer to Geo Clemmer

(bro?) for $800 for 200A located on both sides of Little Long Cr on the S Fork of the Catawba R wit by Eli Hoyle.

SLAVE PURCHASE: Lincoln Co, NC Rec 32/189 dated 24 Jul 1826 shows a John CLEMMER pur 3 negroes for $650. (Probably our gf)

LAND: Purchased 160 A on Bat Cr in Monroe Co, TN 2 May 1829 per Deed Book A, P-160. (This date is after the 1827 death date used by some???)

LAND: 18 Nov 1831 deed in Gaston Co, NC DB 1/5 John Clemmer of Monroe Co, TN sells to Jacob RHYNE 95 A on Long Cr on S side of Big Road leading to Spencer's Ford toward furnace. Wit by Geo Clemmer (bro?)

!PEDIGREE: Listed in "Our Kin" by L M Hoffman P-35-43. Notes for HANNAH HOFFMAN: !PEDIGREE: "Our Kin" by Hoffman P-35.!RESIDENCE: Lived in 1857 with son Jacob on Ocoee River at Hiway 41, Polk Co, TN !CENSUS: Widow on 1850 Census of Monroe Co, TN #958-137 as Hannah Clemmer 70 NC, Wm 20 TN, Juliann 23, John Dethroe{Duttero} 20, Susahah 17, Sarah 15, Wm Vinzent 11.


i. LOUISE3 CLEMMER, b. 1800, NC; d. 1843, Monroe, TN; m. JOHNATHAN DETHEROW, March 28, 1823, Lincoln, NC.


PEDIGREE: Received 6/95 from Calvin Detherow, 723 Shamrock Dr, N. Little Rock AR 72118. He states Louise and Jonathan Detherow came to Monroe Co, TN abt 1827.


PEDIGREE: "Our Kin" by Hoffman P-35.

ii. SUSANNAH CLEMMER, b. October 28, 1805, NC; d. March 28, 1889, Brakebill,Monroe, TN; m. WILLIAM DAVIS, December 28, 1822, Dallas, Lincoln, NC.

Notes for SUSANNAH CLEMMER: !William Davis is brother to John Davis, spouse of sister Matilda Clemmer.

PEDIGREE: Received 4/97 from Walter Davis <>. Notes for WILLIAM DAVIS: !William Davis is brother to John Davis, spouse of sister Matilda Clemmer.

PEDIGREE: Received 4/97 from Walter Davis <>.

iii. MATILDA CLEMMER, b. Abt. 1807, ,Gaston,NC; d. Aft. 1850, ,Monroe,TN; m.

JOHN DAVIS, Abt. 1832, ,Monroe,TN.


PEDIGREE: Received 4/97 from Shannon Clemmer, 1139 Miles Rd, Dallas, NC 28034.

iv. JACOB CLEMMER, b. May 11, 1809, Lincoln, NC; d. March 16, 1871, Benton, Polk, TN; m. (1) SENIA C. WIMPEY, 1835, ,Polk,TN; m. (2) ELIZABETH HIGGINS, 1846, Benton, Polk,TN. Notes for JACOB CLEMMER:!RESIDENCE: Obtained land grants #1898in 1840 & #2542 dated 5 Arp 1841 and constructed the Brick House on Ocoee River on Hiway 411 still standing in 1997.----!PEDIGREE: Received 4/97 from Shannon Clemmer, 1139 Miles Rd, Dallas, NC 28034.-----!PEDIGREE: "Our Kin" by Hoffman P-35.

v. MARGARET CLEMMER, b. Abt. 1811; m. DAVID SMITH, Abt. 1830, TN.

Notes for MARGARET CLEMMER: !DESCENDANTS: Reportedly the ancestors of Roy C. Lillard, Polk Co Historian. -!PEDIGREE: Received 4/97 from Shannon Clemmer, 1139 Miles Rd, Dallas, NC 28034.----Notes for DAVID SMITH:!RELATION: Ancestor of Nora Kimbrough Lillard, per "Heritage of Polk Co, TN,1839-1997 by Polk Co Hist & Gen Soc 1997.

vi. ANNA CLEMMER, b. June 12, 1812, NC; d. September 14, 1878, Springtown,Parker, TX; m. JOHN DAVID YOUNG, Bet. 1828 - 1829, Monroe, TN.Notes for JOHN DAVID YOUNG: !TAX LISTS: "Tax Lists of Roane Co, TN-1814/21" lists John YOUNG for 1814, 16,17, 20,& 21 as 1 poll with no land. It also shows a John C. YOUNG for 1820-21with 1 poll & 300A????

CENSUS: 1830 Monroe Co, TN shows John YOUNG 00001-1001 (ages 20/30 & 15/20), 3doors from Johathan DETHARO 200001-100001, both aged 30/40.

CENSUS: 1840 Polk Co, TN P-13 shows John D. YOUNG 110001-11101, ages 30/40 & 20/30.

CENSUS: 1850 Polk Co, TN shows John D. aged 42 NC & Ana 37 NC +ch Mary M 20 TN,

David A. 15 TN, Harriet 13 TN, John C. 11 TN, George W. 6 TN + Wm H.DEARMOND 20 TN & wf Charity B. 18 TN.

CENSUS: 1860 Polk Co. TN shows Ann w/o John with ch George 16 TN, John 21 & wf Eliz 20 TN, with 3 unidentified female Youngs: Charlotte, Ann, and Millina, born 1832,1851,and 1854 in TN???

DEATH?: FHC has film of Polk Co, TN Court Records indicating "Election on 3 day May 1856. The law directs and that the following men citizens of said county be summoned to attend and serve as judges at said election. 3rd District: Saml Parks, D G Orr and John D. Young" [per "Cindy Morris" <>]

vii. ELI CLEMMER, b. Abt. 1814, ,Gaston,NC. Notes for ELI CLEMMER:

MARRIAGE: Reportedly died without marriage.

viii. HANNAH B. CLEMMER, b. 1816, ,Gaston, NC; d. Abt. 1827, Little TN River,

Polk, TN.

ix. JOHN HOFFMAN CLEMMER, b. 1818, ,Gaston,NC; d. Abt. 1903, ,Monroe,TN; m. JUDA A. WEATHERS, August 25, 1842, Monroe, TN.


CENSUS: 1860 Polk Co, TN 3rd Dist, Benton P-52 shows John 42 NC, Inda? 37 TN, with ch Mary 17, James 15, Hugh 13, Matilda 9, Ann 6, Alice 3 and Oliver 9/12, all b TN.

x. GEORGE S.CLEMMER, b. November 02, 1821, ,Gaston, NC; d. November 07, 1895, , Monroe,TN; m. JANE ENSLEY, July 07, 1845, Monroe, TN. Notes for GEORGE S.CLEMMER: !PEDIGREE: Received 4/97 from Shannon Clemmer, 1130 Miles Rd, Dallas, NC 28034. Notes for JANE ENSLEY:

NAME: Some carry George CLEMMER's wife's name as Jane FARLEY???

xi. JULIA ANN CLEMMER, b. 1827, Lincoln, NC; m. (1) WILLIAM CLINE{Kline}; m. (2) HOUSTON VINCENT, August 05, 1844, Monroe, TN.

Notes for JULIA ANN CLEMMER: !PEDIGREE: Received 11/97 from Jo Ann Pederson <> and 9/98 from Rosanne Brueggemann <>

CENSUS: 1850 Census of Monroe Co, TN #958-137 has Hannah Clemmer 70 NC, Wm 20TN, Juliann 23, John Dethroe 20, Susahah 17, Sarah 15, Wm Vinzent 11. Notes for HOUSTON VINCENT: !PEDIGREE: Received 11/97 from Jo Ann Pederson <>

xii. WILLIAM H. CLEMMER, b. 1830; d. TX; m. MARY A. ENSLEY, Abt. 1850, Madisonville, Monroe,TN. Notes for WILLIAM H. CLEMMER: !CENSUS: 1850 Census of Monroe Co, TN #958-137 has Hannah Clemmer 70 NC, Wm 20

TN, Juliann 23, John Dethroe 20, Susahah 17, Sarah 15, Wm Vinzent 11.