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Chapter IV. Children of Valentine "Felty" Klemmer

Dallas. N.C. and the children of Valentine "Felty" Clemmer (born 1747 PA) and wife Margaret Dettero-Totherow.

Here is a brief summary of 1. Lewis, 2. John Ludwig, 3. George, 4. Elizabeth, and 5.Susanna.

1. Lewis Clemmer, born 1777 per gravestone, and the oldest child, married Mollie Cloninger the daughter of Adam and Magdalena Rhyne Cloninger. They lived on Little Long Creek about two miles west of Dallas. Lewis is buried in the Clemmer Cemetery off of White-Jenkins Road and his stone reads,"died Oct. 2, 1856 age 79 years". Directions, from the Dallas courthouse take the Dallas-Cherryville highway #279, go 3.2 miles, and turn left onto White-Jenkins road #SR1456.

2. John Ludwig Clemmer married Hanna Hoffman daughter of Jacob Hoffman II. About 1826 he and his children made an exodus to Brakehill, Tennessee near Madisonville, in Monroe Co TN. He is buried there and his stone reads"born l2.27.1778, died 6.24.1827". {cwh, should be 1837 death date; stone newer than date, made ca 1900.} -Hanna Hoffman Clemmer is buried beside him and her stone reads" died 12.10-1866 age about 79 years". They were the pioneer Clemmer family in Tennessee.

3. George Clemmer married Hanna Smith daughter of William Smith. They also lived on Little Long Creek just north of Dallas. They are buried in the Lineberger Cemetery and Georges' stone reads" George Clemmer,Sr. d. Sept. 24 ,1849 age 70 years, 3 days". Hanna's stone reads "Clemmer, Hanna C. wife of George Clemmer died Sept. 18, 1878 age 94 year,2 months". Their son John Clemmer married Susan Lineberger whose parents, Lewis Lineberger II and Fannie Rhyne Lineberger, are buried here also. The cemetery is behind Dallas County Park off of the Cherryville highway #279 on the land of Mrs Howard Paysour.

4. Elizabeth Clemmer born about 1781. Our Kin says she married John Totherow (Dettero) II and a sister Ann married Jesse Elmore. I believe Elizabeth Clemmer is the one who married Jesse Elmore and moved to Niangua, Webster County , Missouri. I don't believe Elizabeth married John Totherow II. Our Kin page 568 says "2. Lizzie Clemmer married John Totherow II, her first cousin and son of John TotherowI". Also on page 109 of Our Kin we find the children of John Totherow I and his wife Mary Hoffman Totherow, and it appears tha John Totherow II is the fourth child and would be at least 5 years younger than Jonathan Totherow who is the oldest child. Said Jonathan married a daughter of John Clemmer(wife Hanna Hoffman Clemmer, married in 1803). Therefore Louisa Clemmer, their oldest daughter, would not be old enough to marry until at least 1820 when she would be 17 years. So how could the younger brother of Jonathan Totherow marry the sister of John Clemmer when Jonathan Totherow's older brother married John Clemmer's daughter? Even if John Totherow II married in 1820 he would only be about 15 years old and Elizabeth Clemmer, sister of John, would be about 40 years old. Possible , but not probable.

5. Susanna Clemmer, the youngest child of Valentine and Margaretha Clemmer, married Adam Cloninger II in 1803, but after this we can find nothing about her. We know Adam Cloninger II remarried Elizabeth Plonk in 1830, so Susanna may have died young. She may be buried in the Clemmer Cemetery off White Jenkins road with an unreadable stone. Mrs Sara Grissop of the museum in Stanley, NC is a cemetery expert and she is looking for a gravesite. Note the birthdate of 1784 for Susanna Clemmer in Littlestown, PA , the daughter listed on the PA legal will in 1785 of Valentine Clemmer, wife Margaret:---1784, Littlestown, Pennsylvania, Christ Reformed Church, baptized on 9-26-1785, Sussanna Charina, the daughter of Valentine and Margaretha Klaemmer [Klemmer,Clemmer], born 6-22-1784. Sponsor/Godparents: Johan Friederick and Chatarina Wigand. --So by subtracting the birthdate of 1784 in Pennsylvania from the 1803 marriage date in Dallas NC, we get a Susanna Clemmer who was 19 years old when she married. Sure looks like the same Susanna in both locations.

Our Kin, p. 152, lists the following, and I do not think it is correct:

3. Jacob Cloninger m. Elizabeth Clemmer d/o Pioneer Felty Clemmer----See Elizabeth Cloninger 1850 Polk Co TN census born 1794, so too young to be daughter of Valentine Clemmer deceased 1784 PA. This Elizabeth Clemmer is listed as a daughter of Valentine Felty Clemmer and his second wife, but no proof of a 2nd marriage exists, and no record of any Valentine Clemmer in Dallas NC, except the son of George Clemmer. See the Rowan Co marriage of Margaret Clemmer widow of Valentine Clemmer to Mr. William Handcock. This Elizabeth was born in 1794 in North Carolina per her 1850 census record in Polk Co Tennessee. Polk adjoins Monroe Co TN where John Clemmer (wife Hanna Hofman), and most of their children moved ca 1827. Therefor this Elizabeth is probably in the Clemmer family as stated on her marriage bond. Also John Clemmer had a girl in his family on the 1810 NC census who was old enough to be this Elizabeth. However, John Clemmer was born 1778 per his gravestone, so he was only 16years old when the above Elizabeth Clemmer was born in 1794. So who were the older females in John Clemmer's census record? OUR KIN says another daughter, Mollie Clemmer(the child of Valentine Clemmer and a second wife), died single in TN while living with John Clemmer, who would have been her step-brother. The above scenario doesn't seem possible because the widow Margaret Clemmer is listed on the 1810 Dallas NC census as a widow, AND there is no Valentine Felty Clemmer listed in any previous NC census. It has been suggested that this Elizabeth was born in PA before Felty died in 1785, but if this were true, Elizabeth would have been 26 years old when she married Jacob Clonninger in 1810. Said Jacob Cloninger was the brother of Adam Cloninger who married in 1803, Susanna Clemmer(Elizabeth's stepsister), the daughter of Felty Clemmer b. 1784 in Littlestown, PA. Thus the two families would have known each other for some 8 years before the 1810 marriage, and would have known Elizabeth's correct age.

"Marriage Bonds of Tryon and Lincoln Counties North Carolina" by Bynum p.32, listed the following: (In this order: Groom; Bride; Surety; Date of Bond; Witness)

CLONINGER, Jacob; Clemmon (or Clemmor); Elizabeth; Thomas Cloninger; 24 June 1810; H Y Webb ----This Elizabeth was born 1794 in North Carolina per Polk Co TN census of 1850, and could not be a daughter of Valentine Felty Clemmer d. 1784/5 in Pennsylvania. However, Polk Co TN is adjacent to Monroe Co TN where John Clemmer the son of Valentine Clemmer(d. 1785 PA) lived, and the marriage bond did say Elizabeth Clemmer. Said Elizabeth born 1794 would be 16years at her 1810 wedding.------

1850 Polk Co TN census 134/135

CLONIGER, Jacob, 59, m, farmer, NC {cwh, so born 1791}

Elizabeth, 56, f, NC, CW{cwh, born 1794, Elizabeth Clemmon of Dallas NC}

Mary M, 38, f, NC, CW

John W, 28, m, distiller, NC

Nancy A, 21, NC, CW

James J, 19, m, farmer, NC

Huldah J, 12, f, NC, S

CW= cannot read and write

Rowan Co Marriage Bonds, p. 176, Hancock, William M. to Margaret Clemmer, 3-1-1792, bond by Balser Dorthono{Duttero}, Witnessed by Basil Gaither---Also Rowan Marriages 1753-1868, page 170.