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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Will of Susannah EVANS, dated 29 Dec 1807
Wilkes County, GA, Loose Wills
Transcript by Marna L. Clemons, 8 January 2001

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[Note: This will is also recorded in Wilkes County, GA, Will Book C, 1786-1807, pages 17-19.  However, there are numerous variations between the two.]

     In the name of God Amen I Susanna Evans being in my Rite mind & memory & knowing that I have to die do constitute this my Will and testament (Viz) I give & Recomend my Soul Into the Hands of almighty God who gave it and my body to the Cear of my Exc.r to be buried in a Desent Christian like manner  Item I give to Each of my Children Severaley as follows (Viz) Item I give to my Sun John C. Evans one Dollar also I give to My Sun Stephen Evans one Dollar also I give unto my Sun William Evans one Dollar also I give unto my Sun Arden Evans one Dollar they being my Several Sons foot peart of My Estate after my Death Item I Lend to my Daughter Anna Stark During her natural Life one negro woman named Janey & her increas by the anna Stark paying twelve months after to Susanna Slaton & Sarah Slaton a propotionable peart of the Value of Said woman & hir Increass So as to Make the Devision Equal between my three Daughters as before nam.d then the Said negro Janey & hir Increas to be Equalley Devided between the Several lawfull heirs of my Daughtors anna Stark for Ever, Item I Lend to my Daughter Susanna Slaton or Sarah Slaton during Either of their natural lives whome of those a negro woman by the name of Rachel & heir incress which She may choose to live With by the Said Susannah Slaton or Sarah Slaton which it may Be maide Choice of by the Sd. negro by paying to the other two anna Stark & Susanna Slaton or Sarah Slaton a propotionable peart So as to make the Devision Equal amongst my three Daughtors then the Said negro Rachal & her Incress to be Devided amongst the lawfull Heirs of thire bodys also I give to my three Daughtors anna Stark Susanna Slaton & Sarah Slaton one bed and furniture to be Equeley Devided also I give to My Daughtor Sarah Slaton the Colt that my mair is not big with, Item I apoint John Evans my sole Exor Disinnulling & Revokeing all other will or wills by me made & ordain this and onley this my Last will & testament In witness whereof I have hear unto Set my hand and Seal this twentyninth Day of December in the year of Our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and Seven
Signed Sealed & Delivered in

The presents of               her
Daniel Sladyon Susannah X Evins {Seal}
            his               mark

Samuel  X  Johns


Georgia            }
Wilkes County }
Personally Came Before me Samuel Johns Danil Slatin and made Oath that they were Both present and Saw Susanah Evins Ecknolege the Above Will To Be hur Last Will and Testement Sworn To and Subcrib.d this 29th day of Dec.m. 1807

John Graham J. P. Samuel  X  John
  Daniel Sladyen

In the matter of the application of Elisha Slayton & Samuel Slaton for letters of administration with the will annexed of the estate of Susannah Evans dec.d
Daniel Slayton Arden Evans and others Co[rest of the line too light to read]
to the issuing thereof because
     1st Because they seek letters with an intent to embezzle the said estate & because they have ebezzeled a part thereof
     2d Because the said Elisha Slayton and Samuel are not the next of Kin of the said Susannah nor entitled as such to letters of administration

[signature indecipherable]

Marna L. Clemons

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