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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Deed of Trust Johnson CLEMENTS to
      George W. BROWN, dated 21 Apr 1845
Surry County, NC, Deed Book 4, 1844-1847,
pp. 108-109
Transcript by Marna L. Clemons, 26 October 2002

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George W Brown form Johnson Clements Trust Deed
this Indenture made on 21th day of April AD1845 between Johnson Clements of the first part George W Brown of the Second part bouth of the County of Surry & State of North Carolina witnesseth that whereas at [??] Aug term 1845 of Stokes Supuror Court Henry A Lemley recoverd in the Court of Equity a Judgment against the said Johnson Clements as principal & WP Tucker Wm P Dobson William D Kelly Mark York & Thomas F Prather as Securities for the Injunction for the Sum of about Five Thousand nine hundred and four dollars with interest and whereas the said Wm P Tucker Wm P Dobson Wm D Kelly Mark York and Micajah Reeves have Signed a bond as Securities for the Said Johnson Clement dated the 11 April 1845 and payable ninety days after the 15 day of April 1845 to F H Sherman agent of the Bank of Cape Fear at Salem for the Sum of Six Thousand three hundred dollars and whereas the said Johnson Clement is honestly desirous of Securing the payment of said Judgement and also of Securing Said Bond in Bank as well as to Secure the Said Wm P Tucker Wm P Dobson Wm D Kelly Mark York and Thomas F. Prather as securities for Said Injunction from any loss or harm by reason of Said Judgement and also Secure indemnify and Save harmless the said Wm P Tucker William P Dobson Wm D Kelly Mark York and Micajah Reeves as Securities to said Bond in Bank now therefore this Indenture Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the promises together with the further consideration of the Sum of one dollar to him in hand paid by the said George W. Brown the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged the said Johnson Clement hath bargained Sold and conveyed and by these presents doth bargain Sell and Convey unto the said George W. Brown the following Negro Slaves to wit Booker Seller Dill Simon Lucy Randal Caroline Delila Nancy John Lewis Mary Washington Cloe Susanah Letta Creed Salm Cloe Mary Fanny Grace Charity Meredith Alsey Les Nile Pat Masi Julia Edy Annaca Elia to have and to hold the said Slaves his heirs assings and administrators forever free and discharged of any and all incumbrances whatsoever to Special Trust and Confidence nevertheless that the said Johnson Clement Shall and will hold keep free and apply the Same to the [??] and interests following and no other that is to say that if the aforesaid Judgment and Bond and every part thereof together with the lawful interest that may have accrued on the Same Shall not be fully paid of discharged and Satisfied on or before the 15th day of July AD1845 then and in that case it Shall be lawful and the duty of the said George W Brown being thereunto required in writing by the Said Securities for the Said Injunction or a majority of them or by the Said Securities to the Bond in Bank or a majority of them to take into his possession the Said Slaves and after advertising the time and place of Sale at the Court house in Rockford and three or more other public places in Surry County and at Such other places as he may think proper for the Space of twenty days to proceede to Sell at the residence of Said Johnson Clement or at the Court house door in Rockford as may be thought best the Said Slaves at public auction to the highest bidder for ready money to Convey the Same by Such assurances as in him vests to the purchases and out of the proceeds or moneys arising from Said Sale to retain all the necessary expences attending this trust together with reasonable compensation for any trouble he may be at in executing the Same and then pay off and discharge the Said Judgment and Bond with interest or such part thereof as shall remain unpaid at the time of Said Sale or So far as the proceeds of Said Sale Shall enable him to do and the overplus if any he Shall pass over to the said Johnson Clement his heirs and assigns and Should the Said Johnson Clement pay off and discharge the Said debts interest and cost that Shall have accrued thereon on or before the said 15th day of July 1845 then this obligation to be void In witness whereof the said Johnson Clement and George W Brown have hereunto Set their hands and Seals the day and date above written

Signed Sealed and delivered Johnson Clement {Seal}
in presence of Geo. W. Brown {Seal}
H. C. Hampton  

Surry County No Carolina
The execution of the foregoing Deed of Trust from Johnson Clement to George W Brown as Trustee was duly proven before me on the 21st day of April AD1845 by the oath of HC Hampton the Subscribing witness thereto let it be registered agreeably to Act of Assembly

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