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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Deed Thomas DILLARD and Isaac CLEMENT to
     James CALLAWAY, dated 30 Jul 1779
Pittsylvania County, VA, Deed Book 5, pages 227-229
Transcript by Marna L. Clemons, 9 September 2001

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  This Indenture made this 30 day of July Anno ye Domina one thousand seven hundred seventy and nine Between Thomas Dillard and Martha his wife Isaac Clements and Anne his Wife of the County of Pittsylvania of the one part and James Callaway of the County of Bedford of the other part Witnesseth that the said Thos. Dillard and Isaac Clements for and in consideration of the sum of Two hundred Pounds Current money of Virginia by the Said James Callaway in hand paid at and before the Insealing and Delivery of these presents the Reipt. whereof the said Dillard & Clements doth heerby Acknowledg and the said James Callaway and his heirs therefrom acquit exonerate and Discharge hath granted bargained and sould and by these present doth bargain sell alienfeeof and Confirm unto the said James Callaway his heirs and assigns all that Tract or Parcell of Land Containing by Estimation two hundred and fifty Acres Situate Lying and being in the County of Pittsylvania and on both sides the north Fork of Sycamore Creek and bounded as followeth Beginning at a pine thence south seventy eight west two hundred and thirteen poles to a pine south forty four west one hundred and fifty two poles to pine south twenty six east sixty Poles to Pointers north seventy five east two hundred and thirty Three poles to Pointers new line north elleven west one hundred and twenty six Poles to the first Station Together with all and singular the houses Buildings Fences orchard wood way water and watercourses to the said Land belonging or in any wise appertaining with all the estaite rite Title uce Property claime or demand of them of the said Thom. Dillard and Isaac Clements and there heirs unto the said James Calaway his heirs or assigns and that the said James Callaway and his heirs or assigns may at any time hereafter enter into and upon have hold use occupy possess and enjoy the said Land and Premises heerby granted without the Denial molestation or disturbance of them the said Tho. Dillard and Isaac Clements and there heirs and further the said Dillard and Clements undertakes for themselves & there heirs that at any time hereafter at the request proper Cost and Charge in the law of him the said James Callaway his heirs or assigns that they will make and execute or Cause to be made and executed such further or other reasonable acts of Conveyance or assurances as Shall be adjudged Necessary for the Quiet Injoyment of the above granted Land and premises unto the said James Callaway his heirs or assigns forever In witness whereof the said Thomas Dillard and Isaac Clements have hereunto sett there hands and seals the day and year first above Written
Signed Sealed and Deliverd  
in presents of us Tho. Dillard L.S.
Crispin Shelton Isaac Clement L.S.
John Buckley  
William Easley  
Jos. Akin  

Received This 30 day of July 1779 of James Callaway two hundred pounds Current money of Virginia in full Consideration for the within mentioned Granted Land and premises witness our hands the day & year above Written
Crispin Shelton Tho. Dillard
John Buckley  
William Easley Isaac Clement
Jos. Akin  

Memorandum That on the 30 day of July Quiet and Peaceable Possession of Livery and Seisen was had & taken by the within named James Callaway according to the true Intent and meaning of the within written deed Certified under our hands day and year above Written
Crispin Shelton Tho. Dillard
John Buckley  
William Easley  
Jos. Akin  

[Note: Virginia Land Office Patents No. 38, 1768-1770, pp. 685-686 records that Thomas DILLARD Jr. and Isaac CLEMENT acquired the land conveyed in the above deed by patent dated 14 Jul 1769.]

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