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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Excerpt from Will of John L. HURT, Jr., dated 27 Jun 1960
Pittsylvania County, Virginia Will Book 18, pages 152-188
Excerpt by Marna L. Clemons, 3 July 2000

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     I, JOHN L. HURT, JR., now residing at Hurt, in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, do hereby make, publish and declare this my last will and testament, hereby revoking, annulling and canceling any and all wills and codicils heretofore made by me.

 . . .

     ITEM IV. I give and devise to my wife, Madelene Hughes Hurt, for and during her natural life, any real estate owned and occupied by me as a homeplace at the time of my death. My present homeplace is known as "Clement Hill". It is my intention to include in my homeplace so much of the original tract of land as is owned by me at the time of my death and lies on the westerly side of U. S. Highway No. 29.
     At the death of my wife, Madelene Hughes Hurt, or if she does not survive me then at my death, my aforesaid homeplace shall go and pass absolutely to the Village of Hurt, Virginia, provided said village is incorporated at the time of my death, or if it is not then incorporated but is incorporated within three years after the date of my death then said real estate shall pass absolutely to it at the time of its incorporation. If the village of Hurt is not incorporated at the time of my death or within three years thereafter, then and in such event said homeplace shall go and pass absolutely to the Town of Altavista, provided said town agrees to and does develop and use said homeplace as a park and further agrees to properly police said park. If the town of Altavista fails to accept said homeplace within one year next after the aforesaid three year period, then and in such event said real estate shall be and become a part of Part A of my residuary estate and go and pass as hereinafter provided for. If the title to my homeplace vests in the Town of Altavista pursuant to this Item IV of my will, it is my desire that the town name or designate the same as the "John L. Hurt Memorial Park" in honor of my uncle, Senator John L. Hurt. While this request is not mandatory, I am confident that the town of Altavista, if it accepts said homeplace, will carry out my wishes as herein expressed.
      In the event the village of Hurt is not incorporated upon the expiration of three years after my death my Executors shall notify the town of Altavista in writing of this provision in my will in order to afford it the opportunity to accept said property upon the terms and conditions hereinbefore set forth. Until such real estate goes or passes to either the village of Hurt or the town of Altavista the same shall be held by my Executors and the net annual incomes therefrom shall be accumulated until said real estate is distributed, at which time said accumulated income shall be distributed in the same manner in which said real estate is distributed.

 . . .

recorded 9 September 1964

Marna L. Clemons

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