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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Deed Town of Hurt, VA to Harold E. PUGH, 7 Feb 1986
Pittsylvania County, VA Deed Book 773, pp. 513-515
Transcript by Marna L. Clemons, 3 August 2000

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THIS DEED, made and entered into this 7th day of February, 1986, by and between the TOWN OF HURT, a Virginia Municipal Corporation, party of the first part, and HAROLD E. PUGH, party of the second part.

W I T N E S S E T H :
That for and in consideration of the sum of Ten Dollars ($10.00), cash in hand paid, and other valuable consideration, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the party of the first part does hereby grant and convey, subject to the condition stated below, with General Warranty and English Covenants of Title unto the party of the second part, all of the following described real estate, to-wit:

All that certain tract or parcel of land, together with the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging, and together with all improvements thereon, situated in the Town of Hurt, County of Pittsylvania, State of Virginia, near the waters of the Staunton River, containing 9 acres, more or less, and being locally known as the “Clement Hill Tract”, said parcel of land being shown on a plat dated August 1, 1985 entitled “PITTSYLVNIA COUNTY VIRGINIA, TOWN OF HURT, VA. TRACT OF LAND SURVEYED FOR THE TOWN OF HURT. SURVEYED AUGUST 1, 1985” by John D. Jacobs, C.L.S., which plat is attached hereto, recorded herewith and made a part hereof. Said property being more particularly described as follows:

BEGINNING at an iron pin set on the margin of State Route No. 924, which point is immediately adjacent to the boundary line with property previously sold by the Town of Hurt, to John E. Burton, Jr., by deed dated March 26, 1970, and recorded in the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Pittsylvania County, Va., in Deed Book 523, at page 581, and thence running adjacent with the aforesaid boundary line of said Burton, approximately N. 59* 33’ E. 579.02 feet to an iron pin set; thence N. 33* 06’ W. 698.49 feet to the center of Creek as shown on said Plat; thence along the center of said Creek as the same meanders S. 40* 55’ W. 540.09 feet to an iron pin set on State Route No. 924; thence along said State Route No. 924 S. 9* 05’ E. 30.00 feet to an iron; thence S. 10* 59’ E. 56.98 feet to an iron pin set; thence S. 23* 07’ E. 153.27 feet to an iron; thence S. 35* 13’ E. 160.00 feet to an iron pin set; thence S. 31* 02’ E. 132.12 feet to an iron pin set that is the point and place of BEGINNING.

The property herein conveyed is a small part of the lands patented by Captain Benjamin Clement in the year 1748, and which remained in the Clement family until the same was purchased from the said Clement family beginning in the year 1862 by John L. Hurt by deeds duly of record in the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. The said John L. Hurt by deed dated April 14, 1920, conveyed his “Staunton River Farm” unto his nephew and namesake, John L. Hurt, Jr., which conveyance included the “Clement Hill Tract” and which conveyance deed is recorded in the aforesaid Clerk’s Office in Deed Book 165, at page 189.

The property hereby conveyed is a part of the property devised to the party of the first part by the Last Will and Testament of John L. Hurt, Jr., duly probated in the aforesaid Clerk’s office and of record therein in Will Book 18, at page 152, said property having been conveyed to the Town of Hurt by deed dated August 7, 1967 from Henry C. Hurt, Sr., and First and Merchants National Bank, Executors of the Estate of John L. Hurt, Jr. which deed is recorded in the said Clerk’s Office in Deed Book 487, Page 451.

The above-described property is conveyed and the warranty and covenants of title contained are made, subject to all rights of way and easements which may have heretofore been imposed upon said property by recorded deed, plat, or other instrument, and which may now be binding thereon, specifically including a drain-field easement in favor of John E. Burton, Jr., by deed dated March 6, 1970 and recorded in the aforesaid Clerk’s Office in Deed Book 523, at page 581. Grantor reserves a perpetual easement for ingress and egress from the “Staunton Plaza” property over the property herein conveyed for the purpose of maintenance of the above-described drainfield as required by said Burton easement.


The property herein conveyed shall be used for residential purposes only (one family for the main dwelling it being the “Clement Hill Mansion House” and one family for the smaller dwelling, the term “one family” being construed to carry the same meaning as that term is defined in Ordinances applicable to other one family dwellings located in the Town of Hurt, Virginia). This condition shall exist for a period of ten (10) years from the date of this deed. The Grantee shall, however, have the right to place the “John L. Hurt Office building” on the property and use the same for office or exhibition purposes. Should the property be used for any purpose other than residential as aforesaid, except for the provision relating to the use of the office building for a continuance period in excess of 30 days, then upon 30 days written notice from the Town of Hurt to the Grantee, to cease such unauthorized use, and if after such notice, the Grantee fails to cease such use, then the said property shall revert to the Grantor. Periods during which the dwellings on the property are vacant shall still be considered residential use. In any event, if after the passage of 10 years from the date of this deed, the Town of Hurt has not instituted a suit in the Circuit Court of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, for a violation of this condition, then the condition shall be conclusively presumed to have been fully complied with and the title to the said property insofar as it relates to the said condition shall be forever clear.

Reservation of easement: Grantor reserves a perpetual easement for ingress and egress to the remaining portion of its property situated to the east of the property herein conveyed said easement to run over the roadway built and used by English Construction Company in the construction of the Norfolk-Southern railroad “connecting link” which roadway crosses the northeast corner of the property herein conveyed.

Reservation: Grantor reserves a non-exclusive right to the use of the name “Clement Hill” and the likeness of the “Clement Hill” home for identification purposes.

This conveyance is made pursuant to authority of a Resolution of the Council of the Town of Hurt, Virginia, duly passed on the 4th day of February, 1986, which Resolution specifically authorizes and directs the Mayor and the Clerk of Council of said Town of Hurt, Virginia, to execute this deed on behalf of said Town of Hurt, Virginia.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Mayor of the Town of Hurt, Virginia, has hereto affixed his signature and the Clerk of the Council of said Town of Hurt, Virginia, has hereunto affixed and duly attested the seal of the corporation.

By Robert T. Payne

Linda L. East

Marna L. Clemons

(858) 486-6099

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