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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Deed John L. HURT to John L. HURT, Jr., dated 14 Apr 1920
Pittsylvania County, VA Deed Book 165, pages 189-191
Transcript by Marna L.Clemons, 29 August 2000

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     This Deed made this 14 day of April 1920, by and between John L. Hurt, widower, of the County of Pittsylvania & State of Virginia, party of the first part, and John L. Hurt Junior, a nephew & name-sake of the said party of the first part, who lives in the Town of Danville in the state of Virginia, party of the second part.
      Witnesseth that said party of the first part has this day determined to give, grant and convey to said party of the second part the farm upon which said party of the first part now resides, known as the “Staunton River Farm” of said party of the first part, which said farm together with the Austin or A. T. Snow addition of about 156 acres, the Joel T. Adams addition of about 27 acres; the W.R. Smith estate addition of about 207 acres and the John J. Miller two additions of about 23 acres also hereby conveyed, make a tract of about two thousand acres more or less, but which said farm is sold in gross & not by the acre, situated in the County of Pittsylvania Virginia, lying on Staunton River where the Southern Railroad and the Virginian Railroad cross said river and also lying on Sycamore Creek & Reed Creek & on both sides of the Southern Railroad. and
      And whereas said party of the first part has heretofore conveyed portions of said farm to sundry persons and corporations as follows to wit:
  to the Lynchburg & Danville railroad Company 18 Jany. 1872, see D.B. 66 p. 101.
   to trustees of New Prospect Church an acre & a half 9 April, 1874, see D.B. 67 page 196.
   to Virginia Midland Railroad Co. about two acres 19 May 1874, see D.B. 67, page 255.
   to trustees of Staunton River Colored Church, one acre 29 Aug. 1882, see D.B. 83, page 48.
   to Joel T. Adams & others about twenty one acres 31 Aug. 1886, see D.B. 97, page 520.
   to the trustees of the Methodist Church, one acre 12 June 1888, see D.B. 93, page 103.
   to Neshy Haley about ten acres 6 Sept. 1901, See D.B. 114, page 540 & to said Neshy Haley also about two acres 29 Octo. 1903, see D.B. 118 page 289.
   To Southern Railroad Company about thirty one acres 20 July 1906, see D.B.123 page 234.
   to Virginian Railroad about 6 & 5/10 acres 14 July 1917, see D.B. 153 page 179.
   to Charles A. Cook about 25 acres, 2 Nov. 1906, see D.B. 124 page 122.
   to James Walker about forty five acres, 26 Decr. 1906, see D.B. 124 page 466
   to Sallie A. Smith & others about fourteen acres 17 Sept. 1907, see D.B. 125 page 594.
   to Southern Railroad Company about three acres 5 March 1909 see D.B. 129 page 291.
   to Thomas Moore about Nine acres 13 December 1909, see D.B. 131, page 119.
   to John Thos. McDaniel about six acres 18 April 1910, see D.B. 132 page 205
  to trustees of Staunton River White School about one acre many years ago and to Bell Telephone Co. a consent in writing to permit their poles and run their line through said farm; it is hereby expressly agreed & provided that all of the lands above referred to as having been conveyed by the said party of the first part to the persons and corporations above named before the execution of this deed are hereby specifically excepted from any and all of the provisions of this deed conveying title to the said “Staunton River Farm” above described, to the said party of the second part.
      Now therefore this deed witnesseth that for and in consideration of the premises aforesaid, also and especially for the natural love and affection which the said party of the first part bears towards his nephew & name-sake the said party of the second part as well as for the further consideration of the sum of five dollars cash in hand paid this day by said party of the second part to the said part of the first part at and before the signing, sealing and delivery of this deed the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged he the said party of the first part has this day given, granted, bargained and sold and by these presents doth hereby give, grant, bargain, sell & convey to the said party of the second part, with general warranty of title the said Staunton River Farm and the addition thereto as above described, subject however to the conveyance of the portions of said farm to sundry persons and corporations by said party of the first part as above set forth and described.
      The grantor herein reserves the right to use the residence now occupied by him, the garden, orchard and house spring and in fact the hill upon which said residence stands with the right of ingress and egress thereto and therefrom at such times and for such periods during his life as he may desire free of rent or other charge. Said party of the first part covenants with said party of the second part that he is the owner in fee simple of said “Staunton River Farm” and has a right to convey the same and that he will protect and defend the title thereto.
Witness the following signature and seal.

John L. Hurt (seal)

State of Virginia
City of Danville To wit:
     P.H. Lyon, a Notary Public, in and for the city and State aforesaid, do hereby certify that John L. Hurt, whose name is signed to the writing above bearing date of 14th. day of April 1920, has acknowledged the same before me in my city and State aforesaid.
     My commission as Notary Public expires on the 27 day of Feby. 1923. Given under my hand this the 14th. day of April 1920.

P.H. Lyon, Notary Public.

Virginia: In the Clerk’s Office of the Circuit Court for the County of Pittsylvania, at the Courthouse thereof, on the 15 day of April 1920, at 10 o’clock A.M., the foregoing writing upon its certificate of acknowledgment was admitted to record.

Teste: S.S. Hurt, Clerk.

Marna L. Clemons

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