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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Will of George W. CLEMENT, dated 15 Oct 1863
Pittsylvania County, VA, Will Book 3, page 1
Transcript by Richard W. Kesler, 11 October 1999, posted here by permission

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In the name of God Amen I George W. Clement of the County of Pittsylvania in the State of Virginia being of sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of life do therefore make ordain publish and declare this to be my last will and testament.
     1st. I will the payment and discharge of all my just & lawful debts together with my burial expenses.
     2nd, I have advanced to my son John S. Clement decd in monies negroes Etc. the value of & [illegible] I release the estate of said John S. Clement from any liability on account of the bonds which I hold against said decedent they being included in the above advance.
     3rd. I have given to Porlina A. Moor a grandaughter a negro boy Arch the value of $700 which said gift is consideration of the tract of land sold by me which said land or the proceeds I intended for the children of said John S. Clement.
     4th. I have advanced to James Clement son of the late John S. Clement one hundred dollars in money.
     5th. I will to Stella A. Johnson one negro girl Mary valued at $700.
     6th. I have advanced to my son Geo. W. Clement in sundra things at different times the value of $4598. The bonds I hold against him I hereby release him from the payment of all of them.
     7th. I have advanced to son Ralph A. Clement including three negroes cash at different times & also including old bonds which I release his estate from paying. I also surveyed to said Ralph A. Clement a tract of land etc. on which his widow now resides. This tract I now will to my grand daughter Martha Washington Clement the tract containing 443 acres. Out of this Bettie A. Clement is to have dower during her life, which said tract is valued at $3500 of which sum Ralph A. Clement has paid me $2000.
     8th. I will to my grand daughter Martha W. Clement daughter of R. A. Clement the balance of said tract mentioned in the seventh clause lying on the north side of Snow Creek and supposed to contain 130 or 150 acres. This land is valued at $5 pr acre and must be accounted for unless however the provisions of this should make my daughter equal to the advances to my son Ralph A. Clement & in that event this last lot of land I give without charge.      9th. I have advanced to Charles J. Clement in slaves money land etc. the value of $6685.00. Said Charles is hereby released from the payment of any bonds which I hold against him. The tract of land included in the above advance is known as my old home in Franklin County containing by recent survey 610 acres less one half an acre which I reserve for Grave Yard.
      10th. I will to my wife Sally Clement and her four children the whole of the tract of land upon which I now reside lying on the waters of Turkey Cock Creek in the counties of Pittsyvania and Henry containing by recent estimation 3200 acres one third of said tract belonging to my wife during her life the balance to be equally divided between her children Benjamin T. Henry K. Juriah O. and Stephen F. Clement. If any of said aforesaid die before arriving at the age of twenty one years or die without heirs then said decedents interest in the land above mentioned will belong to the surviving children or my said wife Sally Clement.
      11th. I have advanced to my daughter Porlina A. Carter in slaves money & other sundras the value of $2193.35.
      12th. I have advanced to my daughter Sarah E. Clement in money negroes etc. the value of $2657.05
      13th. I have advanced to my daughter Stella J. Julian in money slaves etc. the value of $2575.00 the slaves however embraced in this advance I directed one third of them to my said daughter and the other two thirds to be divided equally between her children by her first husband.
      14th. I will to my four youngest children Benjamin T. Henry K. Juriah O. and Stephen F. the following named slaves to wit Big Tom Clary Cornelia Pocahontas John Jeff Henrietta Nelley Bob Sam White Nance Gustine & Homer valued at $7000.00 these slaves to be equally divid(ed) between the four children mentioned in this clause provided however if any of said children die without heirs the interest of such decedents shall be given to the surviving children of my wife Sally Clement.
      15th. I will to Charles J. Clement one negro man Stephen & one negro woman Gelisha as debt on the estate of James R. Clement amounting to $1000.00 it being an amount which said James R. Clement collected for a negro of mine named Patience sold to Jackson Finney. Also any other bond which I hold against the estate of said James R. Clement to be held by said Charles J. Clement in trust for the benefit of Lelia Maud daughter of James R. Clement provided however if said Lelia Maud Clement should die a minor then said trustee shall sell and equally divide the proceeds between my children by my first wife provided further that if my said son Charles J. Clement shall refuse to act as trustee aforesaid then I nominate my son Benjamin T. Clement and if neither will act as said trustee I further nominate Henry K. Clement in their stead.
      16th. I will to my son Charles J. Clement a negro woman Isabella valued at $500.00.
      17th. I will to my three daughters by my first wife Viz. Stella J. Julian Porlina A. Carter & Sarah E. Clement the following slaves to wit Rubin Gabril Kllis Sam Dock Austine Granuello Cloe Caroline Judy Amelia Mariah Amanda Clara Anne an(d) Catherine to be divid(ed) as near equal between said daughters as practicable share & share alike.
      18th. I have in my possession the following slaves my wife's dower in the first husband's estate names of slaves to wit Henry Siciline Tom Bob Joe John Lewis Madison Vincent Quincy Floyd Lucious John Caty Eveline Milly Julia Elizabeth Kimby Matora Matilda Laura Rebecca Ella Fanney Susan Angeline Malissa Roberta Anne [illegible] Charlotte Frances and Victoria the foregoing negroes thirty four in number loaned to my wife Sally Clement during her life & at her death to go back to the distributees of the late Samuel Cook.
      19th. I will that my Executrix and Executors herein after named as soon as practible after my death proceed to sell at auction on such credit as they may think best the following tracts of land to wit one tract adjoining the land given my son Charles J. Clement in the county of Franklin and containing by recent survey 481 acres the other tract being in the county of Pittsylvania on the south bank of Snow Creek and adjoining the land willed by me to Martha Washingtron Clement in the seventh clause of this will said tract containing near 500 acres by estimation and when the proceeds of the sale of such land is collected I will it distributed as follows to my grandson James Clement son of Jno. the sum of $700 to my grand daughter Lelia Maud Clement daughter of James the sum of $500 to go into the hands of the trustees mentioned in the 15th. clause of this will and subject to the same distribution in case of the death of said minor as the the other property mentioned in the said 15th. clause. The balance of the money arising from the sale of the two tracts of land aforesaid I will to be divided between my three daughters by my first wife to wit Porlina A. Carter Stella J. Julian and Sarah E. Clement so as to make them as near equal [illegible] taking into consideration their advances heretofore made.
      20th. I will the balance of my estate not hereinbefore disposed of to my wife Sally Clement and her four children to wit Benjamin T. Henry K Juriah O. and Stephen F. Clement including house hold furniture & kitchen furniture Etc. cattle mules and sheep both at home and in Franklin. Also waggons & all other plantation tools together with the provisions on hand and crops also any money on hand at my death.
     21st. I will in case of the death of any of my first wife's children before distribution is made under this will that their interest in the proerty herein bequeath(ed) shall go to the surviving children of my said first wife. Also if any of my last wife's children should die before distribution is made under this will said decedent interest then shall go to the survivors of said last wife Sally Clement.
      22nd. I will that the 14th. 17th. and 18th. clauses of this will be so construed as to give the increase in slaves mentioned in each clause to the distributees therein mentioned in each clause.
      23rd. I appoint my wife Sally Clement Executrix and my sons Benjamin T. & Henry K. Clement Executirs of this my will and particularily request that no security be required of them as such or of either of them in the event of notification of either with the other. I desire that there be no inventory or appraisement of my estate. Given under my hand this 15th. day of October 1863.

George W. Clement (Signed)

At the county court held for the county of Pittsylvania on the 16th. day of December 1867 the last will and testament of George W. Clement Senr Decd was proved by John F. Pedigo and Wm. F. Gardner two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and it is ordered that the said will be recorded and Sally Clement the Executrix refusing to qualify, on the motion of Benjamin T. Clement & Henry C. Clement the Executors who made oath and entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of sixteen thousand dollars conditioned according to law certificate is granted them for obtaining probate of said will in due form the testator requesting the court not to require security of the said Executors.

Teste- S. Scruggs Clk. (Signed)

Marna L. Clemons

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