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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Court Order Book No. 4, 1777-1783
Pittsylvania County, VA
Transcript by Marna L. Clemons, April 1996

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Page 14 - July Court 1777
Isaac Clement, Plaintif against Philip Jacob Cristy Defendant, On an Attachment against the said Defendants Estate

Page 26 - August Court 1777
Isaac Clement Plaintif against Lewis Gavilon Defendant on an Attachment against the said Defendants Estate

Page 154 - September Court 1778 On a motion of Isaac Clement Certificate is granted him for obtaining Letters of Administration of all and singular the Goods and Chattels, rights and credits of James Clement deceased which were of the said James Clement at the time of his death, he the said Isaac Clement having first taken the Oath by Law prescribed, and together with John Clement and John Bobbit his Secuirtys entered into bond and acknowledged the same.

On the motion of Isaac Clement Administrator of James Clement deceased, it is Ordered that Joshua Abston, Thomas Morris, Thomas Robert and Richard Thurman or any three of them (being first sworn as the Law directs) do value the personal Estate and Slaves (if any) of the said Intestate in current money, and return an Inventory and appraisment thereof here to the next Court.

Page 156 - September Court 1778, Thursday, 24 September 1778
Abraham Shelton, Isaac Clement and William Todd return'd here into Court a Report of a Road in the words and figures following , to wit, "In obedience to an Order of Pittsylvania Court dated July 1778 . . . "

Page 163 - September Court 1778, Friday, 25 September 1778
James Clement Plaintif against Joseph Laws Defendant, On an attachment against the said Defendants Estate. The said Defendant having departed this life since the last continuance, this Suit abates.

Page 165 - September Court 1778
Isaac Clement assignee of Hugh Donnison Plaintif against William Truman . . . Defendant On a Petition The Sherif having returned the said defendant no inhabitant of this County, this Suite abates.

Page 176 - October Court 1778
On the motion of Isaac Clement Judgment is granted him against Edmund Taylor and Robert Williams his Security by and with the consent of his said Security for the amount of an Excution levyed by the said Edmund Taylor for the said Clement against Est as deputy Sherif for the ophilus Sayc

Page 184, November Court 1778
Isaac Clement Administrator of James Clement deceased Plaintif against John Hunt On an Attachement against the said Defendants Estate - The Sherif having returned that he had levyed the said Attachment on a Mare. This day came the Plaintif by his Attorney, and the said Defendant not appearing to replevy (altho solemnly called) the Plaintif proved his demand for Thirty pounds current money to be justly due. Therefore it is considered by this Court that the Plaintif recover against the said Defendant his debt aforesaid together with his costs by him in this behalf expended, and it is ordered that the said attached effects be condemned and that the Sherif make sale thereof by way of Auction to the highest bidder for the most that can be got and pay the same to the Plaintif towards satisfying this Judgement.

Page 256 - September Court 1779
Ordered that Charles Lynch Adams, Joshua Abston and Thomas Dillard do State, Settle and adjust the Account Current of the Estate of James Clement deceased and allot to Martha widow and relict of the said decedant her third part of the said Estate, and that they return a report thereof here to the next Court.

Page 305 - April Court 1780
An Inventory and Account Current of the estate of James Clement Deceased Returned and Ordered to be Recorded.

Isaac Clements is appointed Guardian to Vachel Clements, Isham Clements, Webster Clements, Benjamin Clements, James Clements, Martha Clements & Mary Clements Orphans of James Clements Deceased with Robert Williams his Security entered into Bond and Acknowledged the same

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