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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Deed Vincent WITCHER to Jane A. WITCHER,
29 June 1871
Pittsylvania County, VA, Deed Book 64, page 425
Transcript by Tom Jones, 27 January 2001, posted here by permission

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This Deed made this 29th day of June 1871 between Vincent Witcher of the first part and Jane A. Witcher of the Second part. Whereas said Vincent Witcher owns a tract of land on Sandy river in the County of Pittsylvania containing three hundred and forty one acres being the same land conveyed to V. O. Witcher by R. W. Lyles Conve'd by deed recorded in the Clerks Office of Pittsylvania County Court the 27 day of August 1857 which said deed describes the boundaries of said land and as being a part of the Henry Motley land & to which said land F. A. Swanson & wife who had purchased of V. O. Witcher executed a deed to Vincent Witcher which was duly recorded in the Clerks office of Pittsylvania County Court the 15 day of August 1864 subject to the contingent right of dower of Jane A. Witcher widow of said Vincent O. Witcher in said land. And whereas said Vincent Witcher upon a settlement of his account as adm'r of said V. O. Witcher late husband of Jane A. Witcher may or may not be indebted to said Jane A.Witcher. And whereas said Jane A. Witcher has been b(o)arding with said Vincent Witcher and looking to him for care protection maintenance and support since the death of said husband and whereas said parties are of opinion after consulting over their different accounts against each other that a payment by said Jane A. Witcher to said Vincent Witcher of one thousand dollars as of the 1 day of January next by transferring to him that amount of a bond now held by said Jane A. Witcher on Wm. B. Hurt with John L. Hurt as security and hereby agreeing to release & by signing this deed to release & discharge said Vincent Witcher from all claims against him as adm'r of V. O. Witcher or in any other way as due her. And a conveyance by said Vincent Witcher to said Jane A. Witcher of all the right title interest & claim of him the said Vincent Witcher in and to the tract of land above described with general warranty of title except as to the contingent right of dower above mentioned which is all ready vested in her and hereby agreeing to release & by signing this deed releasing and discharging said Jane A. Witcher from all claims against her for board & everything else he holds against her including board to the 1 January next would be a fair settlement of all matters between them understanding however that possession of said tract of land is not to be surrendered to said Jane A. Witcher until 1 January next & and that the rent of the same for the present year is to be devided between them as heretofore Viz. Vincent Witcher taking 2/3 & Jane A. Witcher one third and that Jane A. Witcher is to retain as her own the personal property turned over to her soon after the death of V. O. Witcher. Now therefore this deed Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the premises aforesaid said Vincent Witcher hereby gives grants bargains sells & conveys to said Jane A. Witcher all his right title interest & claim in & to said tract of three hundred and forty one acres of land above described. Warranting generally the title thereto except as to the contingent right of dower of said Jane A. Witcher which she already holds. Witness the following signatures and seals.

V. Witcher [seal]     
Jane A. Witcher [seal]

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