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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Deed Jane A. WITCHER to John Thompson WITCHER, dated 10 Jan 1873
Pittsylvania County, VA, Deed Book 65, page 493
Transcript by Tom Jones, 27 January 2001, posted here by permission

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This deed made this the tenth day of January in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy three between Jane A. Witcher and John Thompson Witcher. Witnesseth that in consideration of the promise of said John Thompson Witcher to provide a comfortable support to said Jane A. Witcher during her life and to give to the children of Lucy C. Jones (niece of said Jane A. Witcher) three hundred dollars on the death of said Jane A. Witcher, the said Jane A. Witcher grants unto said John Thompson Witcher all of the following personal and real estate Viz: the balance now due on a bond of W. B. Hurt and John L. Hurt executed to said Jane A. Witcher for two thousand five hundred dollars, one thousand dollars of which bond has been assigned by said Jane A. Witcher to Vincent Witcher and the following described tract of land Viz: a tract of land lying on Sandy River in Pittsylvania County containing about three hundred and forty one acres being the same tract of land conveyed by R. W. Lyles comm'r to V. O. Witcher by deed recorded in the Clerks Office of Pittsylvania County Court August 27 1854 which tract was afterwards sold by said V. O. Witcher to F. A. Swanson and sold and conveyed by said Swanson and wife (except the dower interest of said Jane A. Witcher) to Vincent Witcher by deed recorded in the aforesaid Clerks Office August 15th 1862 all of which tract except said dower interest was afterwards conveyed by said Vincent Wticher to said Jane A. Witcher by deed bearing date June 29th 1871 and which is particularly described by metes and bounds in the aforesaid deed of R. W. Lyles comm'r to V. O. Witcher to which deed reference is here made. This deed is made on the conditions hereinbefore set forth and should said John Thompson Witcher fail to fulfil the aforesaid promise to provide for said Jane A. Witcher during her life the same shall be annuled a lien is hereby reserved on the aforesaid tract of land to secure the payment of the aforesaid three hundred dollars to the aforesaid children of Lucy C. Jones who may be living at the death of said Jane A. Witcher. If however none of said children should survive said Jane A. Witcher then said John Thompson Witcher is released from his promise aforesaid to give said three hundred dollars as it is not the intention of said Jane A. Witcher that said John Thompson Witcher shall in that event pay the same and the said Jane A. Witcher hereby covenants that she will warrant generally the land hereby conveyed. Witness the following signature and seal.

  J. A. Witcher {seal}

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