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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Court Order Book 34
Pittsylvania County, VA
Transcripts by Tom Jones and Marna L. Clemons, January 2001, posted by permission

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Page 237 - 17 September 1838
Charles I. Clement against James M. Clement} In Chancery
This cause was this day heard by Consent on the bill and ans. and was argued by Counsel on Consideration whereof the Court doth order that Charles A. Lynch, Jno. L. Adams and Thomas T. Adams or any two of them divide the land & negroes whereof Charles Clement died owner into three parts & assign one to James M. Clement and one to the Guardians of Charles J. Clement and Jane Ann Agness Clement each The said Charles & Jane are not to take the benefit of this decree without first giving bond by their Grdn. to the admr. of Charles Clement to refund their due proportions of all debts that may hereinafter be established agt. the estate of said Charles Clement and that they report to Court.

Page 243 - 15 Oct 1838
Charles I. Clement vs James M. Clement } In chy
This Cause was this day further heard on the papers formerly read, the amended bill & ans. and was argued by Counsel on Consideration whereof the Court doth appoint Adam and Alexander Clements in addition to the Comr. named in the first named in the first decree and doth order and decree that any of the two Comr. mentioned in thisor in the first decree do assign to the widow of Charles Clements Decd. one third part of the land whereof he died seized that any two of Said Comr. do divide the residue of the Said Land equally among the children of said Charles that any three of said Commr. do assign to the Said widow one third part of the negroes whereof her said busband died possessed to be held in dower and the remainder of Said Slaves they are to divide equally among the children of said decedent. But the Said children are to give refunding bond to the admr. acdg. to law before receiving the slaves aforesaid. It is moreover ordered that said Comr. report.

Page 303 - 17 Dec 1838
Charles I. Clement against James M. Clement } In chancery
Ordered that the Commr. heretofore appointed in this Cause do ascertain all advancements made by the intestate in his lifetime to either of the parties to this Suit and that they charge Such party or parties with said advancement or advancements in the division to be made under the decree in this Cause.

Page 308 - 17 Dec 1838
Adam Clement is appointed Guardian of Charles and Jane Clement orphans of Charles Clement Dec'd and thereupon with Lynch Dillard and Vincent Witcher his Securities entered into bond in the penalty of $12,000. Conditioned according to law.

Page 334 - 21 January 1839
Chas. I. Clement against James M. Clement} In chancery
Ordered that James M. Clement admr. of Charles Clement Decd. do pay Tho. T. Adams & Jno. L. Adams the Comr. in this Cause the Sum of $21 each for their Services in the decree heretofore & ordered in this Cause.

Page 335 - 21 January 1839
An Invy & apprst. of the estate of Chas. Clement Decd. ret & ord to be recorded.

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