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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Will of Johnson CLEMENT, dated 17 Nov 1848
Moniteau County, MO, Will Book 1, pages 26-31
Transcript by Marna L. Clemons, 26 October 2000

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[Note: This will is also recorded in Surry County, NC, Will Book 4, page 312.]

In the name of God Amen
Be it known to all concerned that I Johnson Clement knowing that it is once appointed for man to die and being of enfeebled health but of sound mind and memory do make and declare this my last will and Testament and divide my property as follows, viz, first I will my body to the dust & my soul to God who gave it I will that my remains shall be intered in a decent & Christian like manner I will that my wife Elizabeth Clement pay all my just debts out of my estate which she may have in her hands 2nd I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Clement all of my negro slaves that I now own and possess and their increase, viz, Sam, Cloey, Annaky, Nelly, Fanny, Grace, Charles, Merida, Alisey, Lee, Reer, Booker, Siller, Caroline, Delila, Alexander and Rose, for her sole use and benefit during her life time and if She my wife should find it necessary to sell any of these negroes for her support, She is authorized so to do and make a legal title. also all my money, stock wagons & such other property as I may leave & undisposed of also all my money that may arise from the collection of bonds and accounts both in this State and North Carolina & elsewhere. If my wife Elizabeth should wish to remove I vest her with full power to sell and convey a legal title to all of my lands in the State of Missouri and any other property that she may have in her possession to purchase her a home elsewhere 3rd I have given & delivered to my Daughter Lettitia who intermarried with Leander Hughs the following property, viz, one tract of land lying in Stokes Co. North Carolina & on Dan River worth one thousand Dollars for which he has a Deed and also the following negroes, viz, Turner, Phebe & Child, for whom he has a bill of sale long since. 4th I have given to my Son Edward M. Clement three negroes, viz, Jacob, Joe, and Nancy, for whom he has received a bill of sale long since and Eight hundred Dollars in cash. the said Eight hundred Dollars to go towards the said tract of land given to Lettitia and valued at one thousand Dollars. I now give him a negro girl named Susana and the said money and girl amount to one thousand Dollars in lieu of the said tract of land. 5th I have given to my daughter Agness who intermarried with Wm. A. Lacy one tract of land in Stokes County North Carolina lying upon the Big Creek worth one thousand Dollars for which she received a title, also the following negroes, viz, Matilda and Susana and three hundred Dollars towards paying for a negro woman named Cloey, and also I have given up a bond I held against Wm. A. Lacy for two hundred and fifty Dollars making up his lot of negroes equal to that of Lettitia’s and also to compensate him for his services & attention rendered me and family during my stay and sickness at his home in the year 1846 although he made no charge against me. 6th I have given to my daughter Sarah I. who intermarried with Thomas M. Sharp the following negro Slaves, viz, Lettitia, George & Reer for whom she has received a bill of sale. I also give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah one tract of land of three hundred and twenty acres in Stokes Co. North Carolina lying on the brown Mountain also one hundred acres lying on the road leading from the iron Works on the Big creek to my old place. If my agent, Jno. Mcloud, has sold the said land then the proceeds of said land shall go to my daughter Sarah towards her land which is to be rated at one thousand Dollars. 7th I have given to my daughter Ann who intermarried with David Hunt three negro Slaves, viz, Milly, Mary, and Juda for whom she has a bill of Sale, and I let her have a negro girl named Amy valued at five hundred Dollars toward her land also a balance of or on account not knowing what, arising from copartnership when in the iron works to be found upon Hunts books now in my possession. 8th I have given to my daughter Elizabeth J. Clement three negro Slaves, viz, Frances, Eliza and Tena for whom she has a bill of sale, also the tract of land upon which I now live containing two hundred acres lying in Linn Township Moniteau Co. Missouri at her mothers death if she should be the longest liver. also as much of the farm for cultivation as my wife Elizabeth can spare from making her own support which is worth one thousand Dollars 9th I have given to my Daughter Mary M. Clement who intermarried with Ephraim D. Harris three negro Slaves viz, Sarah, London, and Mariah for whom she holds a bill of sale which she received in her lifetime 10th I have given to my Daughter Martha M. Susanna who intermarried with Wm. P. Tucker four negro Slaves viz, Ruth, Merica , Gabriel & Poter for whom she holds a bill of sale also I have given her nine hundred & sixty seven Dollars and forty six cents as will appear on Settlement in my books in place of the land I intended to give her bearing date 1846 May 6th and signed by the parties to go in lieu of my Daughter Martha S. Tuckers land. 11th I will that my Executors Edward M. Clement & Wm. A. Lacy hold to the amount of four hundred Dollars to be placed in said Edward M. Clements hands out of my Estate also one negro girl or woman for my Grand Daughter Mary M. C. Harris which is to be delivered to her when she marries or becomes of age. I also will that my granddaughter Mary M. C. Harris Shall live with her grandmother to be Educated & supported as my own Children has been Clear of Charge. 12th I will that all of my Children who have not received one thousand Dollars in land Shall be made up to the amount of one thousand Dollars of my Estate which I may leave & if there be after making all equal any left, I will it to be equally divided among all my children and my grand Daughter Mary M. C. Harris whose share will be given to her when She marries or becomes of age 13th I institute and appoint my son Edward M. Clement and my son inlaw Wm. A. Lacy my executors to this my last will and testament. I hereunto fix my hand and seal This 17th of Nov. 1848
B. T. Hickman Johnson Clement seal
Levi Wood

State of Missouri
County of Moniteau } B. T. Hickman of the County of Cooper and State of Missouri after being duly sworn by me the undersigned Clerk of the County Court within & for the County of Moniteau aforesaid deposeth and saith that he wrote the foregoing will of Johnson Clement at the special request of said Clement and that said Clement signed his name to said will in his presence and that said Clement was in his proper mind & that he subscribed the same as a witness at said Clements request & in his presence

B. T. Hickman

Levi Wood of the County of Moniteau and State of Missouri after being by me duly sworn deposes and says that he herd Johnson Clement acknowledge the signing of his name to the foregoing will as being his last will & testament and that he was of sound and disposing mind that he signed the same as a witness at the request of said Clement and in his presence

Levi Wood

Sworn to and subscribed in the presence of the undersigned Clerk this 1st day of February AD 1849

Wm. G. Howard Clk

Filed Feb 1st 1849

Marna L. Clemons

(858) 486-6099

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