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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Lawrence County, TN, Will Book, May 1852 - Jan 1855
Transcript by Marna L. Clemons, 1 November 2002

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Page 234 -
Nov Term 1854
A Sale Bill of Isom Clemmons deceased.
One Plough and Malock 25¢ One pair of shoe tools $1.00 one Plough & Gear $1.35 two chairs 75¢ two chairs 40¢ One Bill 10¢ One Chair 25¢ Single tree 40¢ two single trees 20¢ To one [????] 45¢ To one pair of Cart wheels $2.65 To one Sadler 75¢ To One Sadle tree 60¢ To one Saddle tree 30¢ To Gearing 95¢ One Harness $1.05 One Saddle $5.00 One Bed Stead $3.35 One Clock $5.00 One lent 25¢ One Cupboard $1.00 One Gun $12.00 To Cash Collected $3.00 To one Table 25¢ one Set Black Smith Tools $1.50 To Iron 50¢ One Mule $7.50 One hefer $6.20 one Waggon $5.50 One Bull $5.00 One Loom 50¢ in all $68.00

The above is a true list
Sworn to before me November
AB  x  Meredith
6th 1854.
G. W. Meek Clerk

Page 241 -

State of Tennessee }  
Laurence County } November the 27th day of 1854.

We the undersigned persons appointed at the last term of the County Court of said County to lay off one year sustainance for the widow Clemmons of said County she being the widow of the late Isom Clemmons deceased do agree and lay off to her the following articles, to wit, of corn fifteen Barrels, of Pork five hundred pounds, of Flour two hundred pounds, of salt two bushels and one half, of Coffee and Sugar twenty pounds each, of shoe leather three dollars worth, of molases three gallons, of pepper spice and ginger 75¢ worth, of Cotton 15 lbs picked, Wool 4 lbs., of Fadder five hundred bundles and one Cow and Calf.

Sworn to before me Dec 4th 1854
William Counce
Joseph Haynes JP
  G. W. Richards
    Wm. McCalister

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