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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

"Tennessee Trailings - James Greer Was Largest Land Owner in 1800"
Excerpt byAnita Clement Collins, February 2001, posted here by permission

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Robbins, Charles D. and Shelly Scott. "Tennessee Trailings - James Greer Was Largest Land Owner in 1800." The Paris Post Intelligencer: Paris, TN, 24 July 1981: 5.

The following is a list of landowners in Henry County around 1800. This list was extracted from a Twelfth Surveyor's District list, which also included parts of what are now Carroll, Weakley and Benton Counties. In some cases, the land tabulated in the subject list overlapped into these other counties, but the overlap acreage would be small.

The deeds under the control of the University of North Carolina and Cumberland College were being held in trust to be sold through land offices. The land had been acquired by the state of North Carolina when it was not claimed by Revolutionary War vetrans or by their heirs.

The exact date effective date of the list is not known, but it would have been around 1800. The landowners were not allowed to move into the area until after the Jackson Purchase in 1818. By that time some of the deeds had been sold to other settlers, therefore some of the men on the list never moved to the Henry County area.

Each name in the list is followed by a number, which indicates first the number of deeds under that name and then the total number of acres in the deeds.

Many names are listed and among them is:

Clement, Daniel 2 - 2,834

Note: [This means that Daniel would have had 2 deeds with a total of 2,834 acres of land. However, we have only found 2 land purchases. One, a grant from Joshua Hadley for 60 acres and one from Robert James for 10 acres. He must have had more land because he sold 60 acres to Henry Jackson and 40 acres to Elisha Everett.]

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