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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Vachel CLEMENT, Declaration for a Pension, 15 Aug 1833
Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty Land      Applications, 1775-1783, file R21700
Transcript byMarna L. Clemons, 2 Apr 1999

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[Note: Vachel CLEMENT claimed service in the 2nd Virginia Regiment of the Continental Army, serving from Oct 1778 - March 1782 ]

State of Kentucky Hart County
On this 15th day of August 1833 Vachel Clement a resident citizen of said county aged 71 years last December personally appeared in the Hart Circuit Court, before the Judge of said court sitting in open court, and being first duly and solemnly sworn according to law, made the following declaration on his oath, in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions of the act of congress of the 15th day of May 1828, entitled, 'an act for the relief of certain surviveing officers and soldiers of the army of the Revolution'. That he entered the service of the United States in the army of the Revolution, under the following officers, and served as stated below. He enlisted as a regular soldier in the continental line in the army of the United States in the County of Pittsylvaniah in the state of Virginia in the month of October, he believed the first thereof in the year 1778, under Lieutenant Gilbert, shortly thereafter he was placed under the command of Lieutenant Holmes, who was also a recruiting regular officer of the United States army, and when he entered the army he was put in the company of and under the command of Captain William Horton, and served in his company until he was discharged. The company of Horton was in the Second Virginia Redgment on continental establishment, commanded by Colonel Freeman, the term of his enlistment was for and during the war, which time he served fully out and was discharged from the service not very far distant from Little York he thinks in March after the surrender at that place of the British troops to General Washington having served three years and five months to the best of his recollection. He was marched from the place of his enlistment in Virginia to Hillsborough in North Carolina, & after remaining there some time, marched with other troops to Guilford courthouse and was in that memorable engagement fought in March 1781, in which he received a wound, by having the end of his finger next his little finger on the wright hand, shot off with a musket or rifle ball. From Guilford courthouse, he marched with the other troops of the redgment to which he belonged, to the siege of Little York, in which he was engaged until the close of the siege and surrender and until March thereafter, when he was discharged near Little York, the name of the place at which, he does not reccollect. He was discharged by Captain Horton and received a written discharge from the service, and his enlistment aforesaid fully exonerating, and acquitting him from duty under God. His discharge he has long since lost, not having supposed it to be of any value. He does not now and never has received a pension of any kind from the government of the United States, and his name is not on the pension list of any agency in any state in the Union. He has no documentary evidence of his service as aforesaid, nor does he know of any witness living by whom he can prove his serving or any part thereof. He was born in Pittsylvaniah County Virginia according to the best information he has from family tradition on the 8th day of December 1762, he has no record of his age. He removed from Virginia in the year 1811 (where he lived after the war till that time) and settled in Shelby county Ky and lived there two years, thence he removed to Hart County, KY where he now resides, and has for 21 years past. He presumes his name will be found on the rolls in the offices of the Secretary of War, in the Redgment mentioned and in the company rolls of Captain William Horton. He is known to many person in his neighborhood & county who can speak as to his character for truth, & honesty, and their belief of his services as a soldier of the Revolution. He will mention the names of George T. Wood, William Allen, Jesse Craddock Esqrs & Doctor Hiraim D. Jett who he will endeavour to procurr to depose on the subject. He is now old and extremely poor, and withot diseased with the phthisic and stands in absolute need of the assistance of his country. He hereby relinquishes his claim to any other and all other to any pension or annuity from the government except the one now claimed, he could mention the names of many of the officers with whom he served General Washington, whom he frequently saw at the siege of York, Genl Morgan under whom he served at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse. Genl Green & Major Ryan and others.

Subscribed and sworn to the day & year above named.

  Vachel Clement

We William Allen & Willis Craddock citizens of Hart County Kentucky, do state on oath that we are and have been for some years past acquainted with Vachel Clement of said county who has sworn to and subscribed the above declaration for a pension, and that we know nothing prejudicial to his character as a man of truth, nor have we heard any thing that would discredit his statements on oath, and from what we know of the man we would believe, his statements on oath we also state that, he has been reputed in his neighborhood & the county of Hart to have been a soldier of the revolution, and we concur in the opinion that the report is true & that he was a soldier of the revolution & served as he here stated. we never have heard it doubted that he did serve as he has stated. sworn to & subscribed this 16th day of August 1833 in open court, in the Hart circuit.

  William Allen
  Willis Cradock

and the said Hart Circuit court doth certify that William Allen and Willis Craddock whose affidavits are sworn to & subscribed above are credible witnesses, and their statements entitled to credit and that said Court are of opinion that said Vachel Clement, was a soldier of the revolution and served as he has stated in his declaration which is ordered to be certified to the War Department of U.S. I George T Wood clerk of the said Hart circuit court do certify that the foregoing is whole of the proceedings of said court in the matter of the application of said Vachel Clement for a pension. In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and my seal of office this 17th day of August 1833

  George T Wook
  Clerk of the Hart
  Circuit Court

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