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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Marriage Register, 1789 - 1846
Campbell County, VA
Transcript by Thomas W. Almquist, 6 November 1999, posted here by permission

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[Note: I have copied the register exactly and have checked it twice for error. Anything inside '( )' appears as such in the register. Anything inside '[ ]' is a comment by me. Names are spelled and abbreviated exactly as they appear. The sequence of entry is exactly as it appears also [sometimes the date is out of order].]

Nov 26, 1811 male-Clement, Adam. Female-Alexander, Nancy. Name of males' parents [blank], name of females parents- Robert Alexander. Minister-James Kenney.

Jan 8, 1789. Clement, John. Butterworth, Jane. [no names for either parent or minister]

June 24. 1794. Clement, William. DePriest, Mary. [no names for either parent or minister]

Dec 4, 1800. Clemmons, Gasper. Caldwell, Polly. [no name for males' parents] female-John Caldwell, Minister William Flowers.

Nov 14, 1803. Clements Benj. Candler,Polly (Mary). [no name for males' parents], female-William Candler. Minister Henry Brown

Dec 17, 1827. Clement, William. Jones, Orinda [no names for either parent], minister-Frederick Kabler

Mar 9, 1831. Clement, Benj. DePriest, Sarah. [no name for male], female-John DePriest [no minister listed]

1836[no day and month listed] Clement, William. Hunter, Louisa J. [no male parents] female-Thomas Hunter. Minister William S Reid.

July 27, 1841. Clement, Geo W. Clement, Nancy. [no male parents listed] female-Adam Clement. Minister W. S. Reid.

Sept 18, 1846. Clement, Adam Jr. Cock, Nancy. [no male parents listed] female-Thos Cock Jr., Minister William Stickley.

July 23, 1846.Clement, Wm A. Perkins, Mary G. [no male parents listed] female-Richard Perkins. Minister Samuel P. Tompkins.

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