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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Deed of Trust James HAVENS to Adam CLEMENTS,
     dated 2 Feb 1770

Bedford County, VA, Deed Book 3, pages 409-410
Transcript by Marna L. Clemons, 3 October 2001

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[Note: Part of this deed is on a page where the writing along the right side of the page is not visible because of binding. The lines in this transcript are as the lines appear in the document. Words are missing in many of the lines and those lines are noted with brackets.]

This Indenture made this second Day of february in the Year of
our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and seventy Between James
Havens of Bedford County of the one part and Adam Clements of the same
County of the other part Witnesseth that the said James Havens for Di
vers good Causes and Considerations him thereto Moving but more Especi
ally for the further better more Perfect and fully security payment
to the said Adam Clements of the sum of fifty one Pounds Currency Due
by Bond Payable October Last with the Groing Interest thereon and also
the Cost of a suit in Bedford Court Now Depending upon that Bond &
for the further consideration of the sum of five Shillings in hand
paid to the said James Havens the Receipt whereof is by these presents
Confesed he the said James Havens Hath and by these presents
Doth grant Bargin sell alien enfeoff and Confirm unto the said Adam
and his heirs & c. forever one Certain track or Parcel of Land
Situate Lying and being in Bedford County Containing by estimation
Three hundred and forty five acres be the same more or less
being the land and Plantation whereon the said James Havens for
merly Lived and Doth at Present Ocupy and the same which he pur
chased from George Baskerville as may more fully and at Large ap
pear by Refering to the Records of Bedford Court also another track
or Parcel of land in same County adjoining or adjacent to the afore
said track secured to the said Havens by Entry and survey as may ap
pear by Refering to the surveyour office & also one other track of Land
joining or Laying near to the aforesaid Lands to which the said
Havens is Indebted by an Entry in the surveys fees of said County
and now confirmed to said Clements by transfer orders to the surveyor
To have and to hold the aforesaid sundry Tracks of Land with all
and singular the Premises with the appurtinances Unto the said
Adam Clements his heirs and assigns forever to the only proper
use and behoof of him the said Adam Clements his heirs & c. for
ever and the said James Havens for the Consideration aforesaid
and the further consideration of five Shillings to him in hand
paid before sealing and Delivery of these presents the Receipt
whereof he doth hereby Confess Hath and by these Presents Doth
Grant Bargain Sell and Deliver one Negro man slave named
Mingo to have and to hold the said Slave Mingo unto the said
Adam Clements
his heirs and assigns forever and the said James
Havens Doth by these presents fully Clearly and absolutely sell
and Convey unto the said Adam Clements his heirs & c. for [ ]
Estate Right title Interest Property Claim and Demand [ ]
in and to the several tracks of Land and the said Slave as well [ ]
as at Law and the said James Havens for himself his heirs & c. doth by these Presents Covenant Conclude and agree to and with the said Adam
Clements his heirs & c. that he sall and will warrant and for ever defend
the said sundry tracks of Land and Slave unto the said Adam Clements
his heirs and assigns for and free from and against the Claim and de
mand of all persons Whatsoever excepting a price Conveyance [ ]
and executed to John Thompson so far as it may Relate to the
Payment of the Consideration money Mentioned therein
much thereof as may at this time Remain fully Due to the said John
Thompson it being the true Intent and meaning of these presents
it is hereby so Declared to be that the said Adam Clements is [ ]
forth valued in and possessed of the Lawfull and Equitable Estate [ ]
and Interest of in and to the said Lands and Slave in trust [ ]
Dispose of the said Land and slave for the best paid that can [ ]
by Publick sale after giving Twenty Days notice of the [ ]
Publishing and advertising it During that time or in [ ]
such other sale or sales in such manner and form as to [ ]
Clement it seems best on failing of the fine sale and [ ]
ariving therefrom in Trust to pay and satisfy the [ ]
the sum of [a long blank space] with the lawful interest [ ]
thereon which is Justly Due to him and and further [ ]
satisfy the said Adam Clements the sum of fifty one pounds [ ]
Currency together with the Cost of the suit aforesaid [ ]
Due and to become Due till Paid and also all the [ ]
and Expences attending and arrising from this Conveyance [ ]
sale or sales made in Conveyance of these presents and [ ]
of the money arising from this Estate if any Remains [ ]
to the said James Havens his heirs or assigns In Witness whereof [ ]
the said James Havens hath set his hand and seal the Day & year above [ ]
Signd Seald & Deliverd } James Having L.S.
In the presents of }  
Robt. Cowan, B.d Gaines Pleasant Moreman Zack Morris

M at a Court held for Bedford County Feby 27th 1770
The within Deed of Trust was proved by three of the Witnesses Thereto Subscribed and ordered to be Recorded
Test Ben Howard

Marna L. Clemons

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