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CLEMENT  Genealogy -
William CLEMENT (d. 1760) of Amelia County, Virginia - A Study of His Descendants

Moses OVERTON Family Bible Record
Partial Transcript by Bushy Hartman, 7 April 2001, posted here by permission

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  [Note: This is a partial transcript of the Overton family Bible record, 1765-1944 in the collection of The Library of Virginia.]

Family Record


Mary H. Booker and Moses Overton married on the 10 of January 1798

Mary H. Overton their first daughter married to Parchal Towne [hard to read] on 24th of Dec 1816

Nancy B. Overton their second daughter was married to Richard S. Marshall on the 1_ day of April 1818

William S. Overton their first son was married to Elizabeth E. Rudd on the 13th July 181_

Susan A. Overton was married to James M. Jeter on the 5th day January 182_

Jasc Hillsman & Lulad Watson married on Dec 21, 1892

Thomas C. Overton was Married to Martha W. White on the day of June 182_

Martha A. Overton was married to John A. Hillsman on the 17th of December 1829

Lucie J. Hillsman was married to M. Hillsman Oct 5th 1858

Ida Byrd Hillsman was married to Joseph L. Vaughan Dec 3, 1879


Moses Overton son of Moses Overton and Elizabeth Carlton his wife was born on 15th March 1772

Mary H. Overton wife of M. Overton and daughter of Isham Clements and Sarah Clements formerly Sarah Scott was born on the 22nd of Oct 1765

William S. Overton their first son, was born Oct 30th 1798

Mary H. Overton their first daughter was born August 15, 1800

Nancy B. Overton their second daughter was born 21st May 1802

Tho.s Carlton Overton 2nd son was born Dec 11th 1803

Martha F and Susanah A. Overton twins were born 18th of June 1806

Richard Jeffers Overton 3rd son born 15th June 1807

James Henry Overton 4th son born 21 January 1809

R. H. Hillsman first son of J. M. & Lucie J. Hillsman was born the 1st day of Feby 1860

Ida Byrd Hillsman was born June 18th 1861

Jas A. Hillsman was born 21st of March 1866

Wm J. Hillsman was born Jan 10th 1869

Chas F. Hillsman was born March 4th 1871

Mary L. Hillsman was born Jany 25th 1873

John E. Hillsman was born May 13th 1874

Marshal L. Hillsman was born July 10th 1876

Rosser N. Hillsman was born Apl 1st 187_


Richard J. Overton departed this life on the 27th day of January 1821 aged 13 years 7 mos. 12 days

Nancey B. Marshall formerly Overton departed this life on the 22 nd June, 1821 under strong hopes of christian faith aged 19 yrs, 1 month, 1 day

James H. Overton depared this life on the 17th of Oct 1821 Wednesday aged 12 years, 8 mo., 25 days

Mary H. Founel [?] formerly Overton depated this life on 20th Oct 1830

Susanah A. Jeter formerly Overton departed this life on the 21st March 183_

William S. Overton Departed this life May 5, 1841 aged 42 Years , 7 mo., 5 days

Thomas E. Overton departed this life January 3rd 1844 aged 40 years, and 22 days

Mrs Mary H. Overton Departed this life on the 10 of July 1847

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