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Calvary Cemetery, San Diego, CA

(now a part of Calvary Pioneer Memorial Park, aka Pioneer Park;
aka Catholic Cemetery, aka Mission Hills Cemetery, aka Old Catholic Cemetery)
1501 Washington Place, San Diego, CA 92103

"Dedicated to the Memory of Those Interred Within This Park"

  Veterans interred at
Calvary Cemetery

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This is a special tribute and memorial to the men interred at Calvary Cemetery who served in the military of the United States of America.

Click on the name of a veteran for details about the person and a photograph of their gravestone (if one exists).  [These pages will be further developed. Additional information about each person will be posted in the future.]

United States Military Veterans

Jose Antonio Altamirano
Jesse Wilbur 'Julian' Ames
Andrew J. Bannon
Albert Bechtold
Richard P. Bryant
Michael Buckley
Lorenzo Comacho
Cornelius Connell
James W. Connors
James Courtney
Cave Johnson Couts
Michael Donovan
Martin Dorsey
William E. Duffy
Daniel L. Flinn
Patrick Fogarty
Thomas Fogarty
James T. Gallagher
John Gallagher
John R. B. Giddings
John E. Gorney
Thomas Graham
Jesse S. Gray
William Charles Greenleaf
William Thomas Hanrahan
Thomas Hayes
Bernard Healey
Garrett Joseph Henneberry , aka Garrett Heneby
David Bancroft Hoffman
Peder Johnsen
Paul Mero Laderoot
Joseph Lenihan
M. S. Loomis
Peter Malloy
Fred Edgar Manning
John McCarthy
John McCarty
Patrick Henry McConville
James McCoy
Barney McGirl
Augustine P. McKenna
John McNamara
August Miner
John Multhaup
Cornelius Murphy
Edward Murphy
Edward New
Patrick O'Neill
Elmer Ignatius Otis
Benjamin Franklin Parsons
Jose Maria Salazar
Peter C. Shannon
William Shay
Marcus Daniel Sheedy
George A. Singer
James A. Singleton
Henry Smith
James F. Sullivan
John O. Sullivan
Bartholomew J. Henry Sweeney
Ambrose Walker
James Welsh
James Williams

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Calvary Cemetery, San Diego, CA

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