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Calvary Cemetery, San Diego, CA

(now a part of Calvary Pioneer Memorial Park, aka Pioneer Park;
aka Catholic Cemetery, aka Mission Hills Cemetery, aka Old Catholic Cemetery)
1501 Washington Place, San Diego, CA 92103

"Dedicated to the Memory of Those Interred Within This Park"

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Stories to Tell

This page provides links to information about people buried at Calvary Cemetery with a story to tell - interesting and colorful stories of people, history, achievement and tragedy.

[This page will be further developed.
Additional information will continue to be placed and linked here.
Please check back periodically.]

Notable Achievements

William John Collard

Leon Gomez

Richard Kerren

Sir Albert Vincent Mayrhofer

Peter C. Shannon

Antonio Dominic Ubach

Charles Francis Walsh


San Diego History

Jose Antonio Altamirano

Jesse Wilbur 'Julian' Ames

Santiago Arguello

Ysidora Bandini de Couts

George Patrick Brennan

Marco Bruschi

Andrew Cassidy

James Waterman Connors

Cave Johnson Couts

William Blount Couts

Dr. David Bancroft Hoffman

George Alonzo Johnson

George Lyons

Juana de Dios Machado de Wrightington

Henry C. Magee

Charles E. May

Anton Mayrhofer

Maria Amparo Maytorena de Burton

James McCoy

Benjamin Franklin Parsons

Maria Victoria de Pedrorena de Magee

Miguel de Pedrorena

Luis Antonio Serrano

Anton Sonka

John Collins Stewart

Antonio Dominic Ubach

Maria Serafina de la Luz Valdez de Machado

Dr. Charles Carpentier Valle



Tony Barbarich

Angelo Boffelli

Leonora Casillo de Martinez

Daniel Cavanaugh, aka Daniel Cassidy

Caroline Derenbecker

Inez Estrada

Alice Gragg, aka Alice Greenwood

Anna Guglielmetti

Lottie Leidenberger Hans

William M. Kerren

Luis Lopez

Felipe San Martin

Agnes McCormick

Asunta Tonini Morris

Andrew Quinlan

William V. Trimmer

James Henry Ward


Other Interesting Stories

Hans Hugo Herman Heink

John S. Minter

William R. Moak

Timothy Ryan


Catholic Priests

D. Archibald

Henry J. Baert

Louis Alphonse Dabande

G. Heirrewegh

Patrick Honohan

Josef M. LeCerf

Henry Charles Lehrke

Patrick McGreevy

Dennis E. Meara

Joseph T. Nunan

Cornelius L. O'Brien

Cornelius O'Hanlon

Luciana Osuna

John J. Reardon

Bernard Smyth

Francis Joseph Swift

Antonio Dominic Ubach


Catholic Nuns

Sister Mary Regis Beirne

Alice Cooney, aka Sister Mary Dolores

Sister Mary Nazarene of Jesus Dean
(moved to Holy Cross Cemetery in 1919)

Mary M. Holland, aka Sister Mary

Catherine Kelleher, aka Sister Mary Teresa

Patricia McDermott, Sister Mary Teresa

Anne McDonald, aka Sister Germaine
(moved to Holy Cross Cemetery in 1919)

Catherine Monroe, aka Sister Mary Regina

Sister Mary Dolores O'Boyle

Sister Teresa Ortiz
(moved to Holy Cross Cemetery in 1919)

Mary Josephine Smith, aka Mother Mary Josephine

Catherine Sutherland

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Calvary Cemetery, San Diego, CA

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