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Calvary Cemetery, San Diego, CA

(now a part of Calvary Pioneer Memorial Park, aka Pioneer Park;
aka Catholic Cemetery, aka Mission Hills Cemetery, aka Old Catholic Cemetery)
1501 Washington Place, San Diego, CA 92103

"Dedicated to the Memory of Those Interred Within This Park"

  Letter to the San Diego City Council
Alice Connolly Walsh Martin
March 8, 1961
Document No. 622653
Office of the City Clerk
San Diego, California

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Inglewood 3 California
March 8, 1961

San Diego City Council


I have been informed by a relative that you are in the process of making a beautiful park of the now deplorable condition of the Calvary Cemetery for which I am most happy as I have a precious loved one there and have been unable to care for living where I do.  So it comes as a wonderful answer to my prayers that now there will be a beautiful park where there has been terrible vandalism thanks to a future seeing Council to give to San Diego a beautiful park in a memorial so to speak to the dead.

My husband Charles F. Walsh was born in San Diego, a son of a pioneer family who came to San Diego in 1868 and who brought honor to his native city in building California's first aeroplane that was built and flown in California. He received California's first "Aviator's" License, #1. This happened in 1910-11. Also in March 1911 he took his family, wife and 2 children, on the first family aeroplane outing in the history of the world.  I believe Mrs. Clara Brisco now has a clipping and write up about it.  Also at a novice meet Oct 1910 here at Playa Del Rey, near Culver City, he won 4 cups of $500, including a cup from San Diego Chamber of Commerce for 'highest flight' which I still have and am very proud of.  We traveled all over the U.S.A., Canada, Cuba and part of Mexico giving exhibition flights and carrying passengers. If you call Mrs. Brisco I know she will be happy to show you the picture & clipping.

I do not intend to remove him. He lost his life Oct. 3, 1912 in Trenton, New Jersey and I brought him home to San Diego which he loved so much.  He was always in such great demand that we never got back to the one place he would have loved to come just to show his friends and relatives how wonderful and beautiful he was in the air - not the small flights he did when he taught himself at Imperial Beach the winter and summer of 1909-10.  We built the plane in the old Walsh home (17 & K then, its something else now) then took the parts and put them together at Imperial Beach - that was really California's first flying field. O! I could go on and on for hours but will say Thanks again for making his resting place a beautiful spot.  I remarried and am a widow again. I think C. F. Walsh should have some recognition in your plans of the park.  His son and daughter both have passed on, but he has a granddaughter here in Inglewood, Barbara Walsh, 19 years old.

Thanks again.


Mrs. Alice C. Martin
Phone OR-73433
521 Hyde Park Place
Inglewood 3 California

[Photographs of Charles F. Walsh and his airplanes have been graciously shared by Brian DeFord and are linked here by permission].

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Calvary Cemetery, San Diego, CA

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