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Robert and Asenath Bailey descendants included in Web Sites


These are the Web Sites which I referenced when making the composite descendant.  A future update will also include numerous additional death dates from the Social Security Death Index, Michigan Death Index, Minnesota Death Index, and California Death Index.  There will also be a few missing spouses and children extracted from the messages on  The emails for the authors of these sites are on their individual sites.


Michelle Anderson


Meg A. Baker


Craig Beeman


Lorenzo P Benjamin


James W Blankenship


Sandra Spencer, Brehm


Jenny Brisbin


William A. Brobst


Sandra Brown


Richard Brothwell


Sharon Calabrese


Callaway Family Association


Candice Cheney




Tim Conner


William W. Copeland


Scott Cummings


Thomas P. Dewey


Tim Doyle


Maria Marie Eaton


Rose Edwards


Kim Fuller




Bill Gawne


Jacqueline Gittins


David Gustner

Lynne Greening

Cathy Rose

Ken Wright


James Hamilton


Rowena Horr


Jo Henning


Raymond Hilfiger


S Hoard


Ron Hughes


Alison Kennedy




Edwin Lackey


Joyce LaPointe


Rich Mather


Allen Monroe


Nicholaus McIntosh


Peter McManus


Marlynn Monuz


Nancy Moshier


Tim Nenno


Richard Nordstrom


Steve Oler


Edward Osborne -


Ardis E. Parshall


Antonio Partigianoni


Robert Pero




C Putnam


Tim Rabideau




K Reimer


Bradley G. Rice –




Vicki Richardson


Scott L. Robinson


Norman Rogers


Bob & Peggy Ruth


Joyce Schumacher


Julia L. V. Sjöberg


Wes Skinner


Teresa Smith


Charles Snitchler


James Snow


Lucinda Stepp


Becky Thill


Joyce M. Tice


Jeffrey Tooke


Rubye Townsley -


Victor Uhlik


Dex White


michael Wilson


Gerald Wilcox




Hugh A. Zorger


Hugh Zorger