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John Durham > Thomas Durham


Born: c. 1696, England
Father: John DURHAM



c. 1721, VA

Margaret LINDSEY "Peggy"

Born: c. 1700, Scotland
Died: in VA

Father: Andrew LINDSEY

Mother: Elizabeth MILLAR



1. Thomas Durham Jr. (b. c. 1722, VA or GA)


  1. Thomas Durham III (b. Aug 7, 1782)


  • Moved to Smith County, TN in 1810.


2. William Durham (b. c. 1724, VA or GA)


  • Moved to Tenn.


3. James Durham (b. c. 1726, VA)


  • Moved to Tenn.

4. Joel Durham (b. c. 1728, VA)


  • Moved to Tenn. or Kentucky.

  • Believed to have died at Valley Forge.


5. Nathanael Durham (b. c. 1730, VA; m. Annie DAVIS)


  • Moved to Tenn.


6. Joab Lindsey Durham (b. c. 1731, VA)
m. Jennie PRESCOTT (d. c. 1814, GA) on c. 1786, NC 5


  1. Margaret Durham (b. c. 1788, GA)

  2. Catherine Durham (b. c. 1790, GA)

  3. Thomas Durham (b. c. 1792, GA)
    m. Mary TAPLEY "Polly"

  4. Jephtha Durham (b. c. 1794, GA)
    m. Mary DURDEN

  5. John W. Durham (b. c. 1796, GA)
    m1. Polly YEARTY
    m2. Mathilda MASON

  6. Jane Durham (b. 1798)
    m. David Daniel NICHOLS

  7. James Durham (b. c. 1800, GA)

  8. Matthew Durham (b. c. 1804, GA)

  9. Nathanael Durham (b. c. 1806)

  10. Joab Durham Jr. (b. 1814)
    m. Bethine HUNTER

  11. Betty Durham (b. ?)


  • There is some great information on Joab Durham in the book From Kittyhawk To The Moon, The Life, Times and Heritage of a Texas Oilman by W. O. Durham.


7. John Durham Sr. (b. c. 1732, VA; d. 1821)
m. Jane EATON


  1. Robert Durham (b. 1779, NC)
    m. Agnes Nichols OWEN

  2. John Durham Jr. (b. ?; d. 1853, OH)

  3. Rev. Thomas Durham  (b. c. 1760, NC)
    Rebecca Allen


  • John Durham Sr. moved to Rowan County, NC. Later he moved to Georgia.

  • On the Thomas Durham webpage web, Descendants of Thomas Durham by Ford Bond III, it is proposed that Rev. Thomas Durham was the son of Thomas Durham and Margaret "Peggy" Lindsey.  If the dates I've seen for old Thomas' death are correct (d. 1749), then he could not have been the father. 

  • I need to verify this family. Information NOT COMPLETE!


8. Jeptha Durham ()


  • Supposedly died at Valley Forge.


9. Matthew Durham ()


  • Supposedly died at Valley Forge.

  • Mathew and Thomas Durham
    A significant Durham genealogy mystery concerns the relationship between Mathew Durham and Thomas Durham (b. 1696; m. Margaret "Peggy" Lindsey). Were they brothers? Was Mathew a son of Thomas? Their birthdates appear to be about 30 years apart.  Thomas is theorized to have been born in England. Then, the two brothers came over to America together, met the Lindsey sisters on the boat, and married them in America.  How will we ever know for sure? 

    There is, however, one certainty, thanks to new scientific techniques. Mathew and Thomas were related to each other.  This is supported by not only family genealogy paper evidence and family lore, but more importantly by DNA test results (see the Thomas/Mathew group on the Durham Surname DNA Project website web.)  On that website our group is called "Mathew/Thomas". The DNA test results also tie in a third Durham ancestor George G. DURHAM, the father of James Lindsey DURHAM

  • I am skeptical about James Lindsay Durham (b. 1761) being a son to Thomas. James' birth date is more than 30 years after John (b. 1732), but this is proving hard to uncover, especially with so many accounts that Joab was Thomas' son. I feel that it is possible that there was a father named Thomas who was born in 1696, who had a son named Thomas (who married Peggy Lindsey).    

  • From the Texas group tradition, Thomas came to America in 1721 with a ship load of young emigrants, many being young married people. James Allen Durham told his grandson George William Durham that Thomas got on that boat with a large number of other young men and women, thinking that it was a sight-seeing trip until they were too far from shore to swim back and were told that they were on their way to America. On the ship he met, courted and later married a Scotch lass named Margaret Lindsey, nicknamed "Peggy". Family tradition says that she lost her bonnet overboard and that Thomas told her he would marry her and buy her a new bonnet.

  • Found this online:
    Repository: Name: Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150

    Title: International Genealogical index
    Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    Note: Record submitted by a member of the LDS Church
    Search performed using PAF Insight on 12 Oct 2006
    Text: Margaret Lindsey; Female; Christening: 17 MAY 1702 Clackmannan, Clackmannan, Scotland; Father: Andrew Lindsey; Mother: Elizabeth Millar; Film Number: 457763 Page Number: Reference number:

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