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Rev. Thomas CATE Clergy

Born: c. 1725
Died: 1817, Newberry Dist., SC

Father: Captain Robert CATE

Mother: Elizabeth ?



c. 1757, NC

Elizabeth FUSSELL

Born: c. 1730, NORTNC


Father: Aaron FUSSELL

Mother: Elizabeth ?




1. Susannah CATE (b. c. 1755, ORANNC; m. Thomas DURHAM)

  1. Susannah Lucy DURHAM "Susey" (m. Joseph LEWIS)

  2. Elizabeth DURHAM (m. Samuel FAUCETT)

  3. Rebecca DURHAM (m. Richard FAUCETT Jr.)

  4. Aaron DURHAM (m1. Sally CATES; m2. Rebecca CATES)

  5. Matthew DURHAM

  6. Iley DURHAM (m. Mourning KIRK)

  7. Ezra DURHAM (m. Martha Patsy HUNTER)

  8. Thomas DURHAM (m1. Nancy HOBBS; m2. Deliah SNIPES)

  9. John DURHAM (m. Anna LATTA)

  10. Nancy DURHAM (m. Eli CHEEK)**



2. Thomas K. CATE (b. c. 1758; d. 1812, ORANNC; m. Martha SYKES (b. c. 1760, ORANNC) c. 1775, ORANNC)




3. Nancy Anne CATE (b. Mar 9, 1759, ORANNC; d. 1824, ORANNC; m1. ? Basket, m2. William Lindsay DURHAM Sr. circa 1775)


  1. Isaiah DURHAM (b. c. 1780; m. Elizabeth BURNS)

  2. Susanna DURHAM (b. 1780; m. John JOLLEY)

  3. Archibald Marion DURHAM (b. 1783; m. Peggy STROUD)

  4. Williams Lindsay DURHAM Jr. (b. Apr 21, 1787; m. Mary SNIPES)

  5. Frances DURHAM (b. 1788; m. Philemon LACY)

  6. Thomas DURHAM (b. c. 1790)

  7. Matthew DURHAM (b. c. 1794)

  8. John DURHAM (b. c. 1800, NC)

  9. Isaac DURHAM (b. c. 1783, m. Barbara BRANTLEY)



4. Robert CATE (b. c. 1760, ORANNC; d. Sep 22, 1820, NEWBSC; d. c. 1820; m. Sarah SYKES c. 1775, ORANNC)


  1. Ann CATE (b. Dec 1, 1778)

  2. Allen CATE (b. Nov 25, 1779; m. Polly AMOS)

  3. Asa CATE (b. Dec 31, 1782; m. Frances PRATT, 1808, ORANNC)

  4. Dawson CATE (b. Oct 1, 1786)

  5. Mary E. CATE (b. Jul 29, 1790)

  6. Jonathan Sykes CATE "John" (b. Sep 17, 1791)

  7. Elizabeth CATE (b. Feb 22, 1795; m. Robert COOPER)

  8. Robert Mobley CATE (b. 1798)

  9. Aaron CATE


  • Sarah was the daughter of Jonathan and Mary Sykes.


5. Ann Elizabeth CATE (b. c. 1863; m. William DUNHAM)



  • Did Ann Elizabeth marry William DURHAM?


6. Aaron CATE (b. c. 1768; d. 1816, SC)




7. Mary U. CATE (b. c. 1769; m. John FAUCETT on Aug 9, 1790)



8. Ezra CATE (b. c. 1773)



9. Isaiah CATE (b. c. 1776)



10. John CATE (b. ?)


2nd Marriage

Rev. Thomas CATE Clergy

Born: circa 1725
Died: 1817, Newberry Dist., SC
Father: Capt. Robert CATE

Mother: Elizabeth ?


Aft. 1806

Yourath (Urith?) MCMILLIAN


Father: Alexander MCMILLIAN


They had no children.
  • From an online article from "The Citizen" by Judy Fowler Kilgore:

    Robert Cates married Elizabeth Unknown, with whom he had six children: Thomas Cates, b. abt 1730, d. abt 1817, Newberry Dist., S.C.; John Cates; Richard Cates, b. abt 1732; Sarah Cates, b. abt 1734; Joseph Cates b. abt 1736 in Orange Co., N.C., d. aft 24 Dec 1793, Orange Co., N.C.; and Barnard Cates, who died after 1826 in Orange Co., N.C.

    Robert's will was dated 5 Nov. 1765 in Orange County, and lists his wife, children and one granddaughter. The will was probated in the March term of court, 1767. His sons, Thomas and Joseph were executors.

    Thomas Cate, first son of Robert and Elizabeth Cates of Orange County, was sometimes referred to as "Road Tom," because of his job as a surveyor. He was first married about 1757 in North Carolina to Elizabeth Fussell, daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth Fussell, with whom he had eight children. He married a second time, sometime after 1806, to Yourath (Urith McMillian, daughter of Alexander McMillian. Thomas died in Newberry Dist., S.C. abt 1817.

  • County/State Abbreviations:
    NEWBSC - Newberry County, SC
    NORTNC - Northampton County, NC
    ORANNC - Orange County, NC

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