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1893 Reported Deaths
Clay Co., Kansas

Name AgeDate of Death Birth Place of Death Cause of Death Burial Undertaker
Roberts, Sarah 50 2/2/1893 US Exeter Twp. carbunkle; pyaemia    
Oslund, A. G. 79y 11m 2/5/1893   Hayes Twp.     Hoover
Miller, Mrs. 82 2/26/1893 US Clay Center pneumonia   Hoover
Roach, William T. 45 2/26/1893   Bloom Twp. brain fever   Hoover
Kemp, Charley 22 2/27/1893   Clay Center accident   Hoover
Price, Margaret 34 2/28/1893   Morganville childbirth; milk fever   Hoover
Hipp, infant   2/28/1893   Hayes Twp.     Hoover
Hall, A. J. 69 2/?/1893 NY Clay Center pneumonia Clay Center Hoover
McDonough, Rosa   2/?/1893   Clay Center consumption   E. Kreeck
Godwin, John 85y7m4d 3/7/1893   Green pneumonia   O. A. Smith
Freeman, Nellie 34y4m17d 3/1/1893 SWE Clay Center, Grant Twp. double pneumonia; peritonitis German Cem. (N. of Broughton)  
-----, Twin male 4 hours 2/24/1893 Grant Twp. Grant Twp. premature birth Gatesville Cem. 2/25/1893  
-----, Twin male 6 hours 2/24/1893 Grant Twp. Grant Twp. premature birth Gatesville Cem. 2/25/1893  
Clampett, Vera 9 3/28/1893 US Morganville heart failure   Hoover
Smith, Mary A. 22 3/4/1893   Bloom Twp. pneumonia   Hoover
Walter, Leonard H. 25y3m20d 3/31/1893   Wakefield congestion of lungs Wakefield Cem. Hoover
Sturdevant, Cora 27 3/10/1893 US 2 m. S. Vining consumption Clifton E. Kreeck
Shaffer, Eliza 60 3/17/1893   Clifton peritonitis   G. P. Baker
Binks, Norman 49 1/31/1893   Vining     G. P. Baker
Sivet, ---- 1 4/1/1893   Broughton pneumonia   Hoover
Halvorson, O. 73 4/3/1893 NOR Mulberry Twp. lung fever   E. Kreeck
Buckner, infant 7 days 4/3/1893   Blaine Twp. heart failure   Hoover
North, Mabel A. 2y4m 4/4/1893   Hayes Twp. pneumonia   Hoover
Anderson, Julia 15 4/9/1893   Clay Center hip disease   Hoover
Baldwin, Alice 33 4/10/1893   Oakland Twp. obstruction of bowels Idana Hoover
Carpenter, Dudley 65 4/15/1893 US Morganville bronchitis;asthma   Hoover
Hanson, Julie 1 y 3m 4/21/1893   Garfield Twp. congestion of brain   Hoover
Carson, Robert 78y6m13d 4/28/1893 IRE Oak Hill heart failure Pleasant Valley Cem. Hoover
Brewer, Franklin 10 months 4/13/1893 US Mulberry Twp.      
Humfeldt, Simon C.   3/27/1893   Clay Center Twp. indigestion; heart failure C. C. Cem, 3/29 Chas. Rose
Anderson, John 14y4m9d 4/9/1893 US   carcinoma of hip Hayes Twp. T. Rivard
Chandler, E. A. 39y10m22d 4/22/1893 ME Clay Center valvular heart disease; nephritis C.C. cem;4/24 Chas. Rose
Tehlman, Jacob 51 5/9/1893 SWI Clay Center pulmonary tuberculosis    
Millen, Fred 82y11m20d 5/1/1893 US Hayes Twp. heart failure; old age   Hoover
Johnson, J. 65 5/3/1893   Hayes Twp. heart failure   Hoover
Gaston, Alexander 43y2m7d 5/4/1893 US Clay Center accident   Hoover
Walker, William R. M. 68 years 5/17/1893 US Clay Center Bright's disease   Hoover
Carter, William H. 56 5/17/1893   Clay Center heart failure   Hoover
Moxam, Annie 74y1m5d 5/21/1893 ENG Clay Center pneumonia C. C. cem.; 5/22 S. Rivard
Brown, Ira 10 months 4/13/1893   4 m. S. of Clifton     G. P. Baker
Young, Denton 79 years 5/21/1893   Clay Center chronic gastritis; gen. decay   Chas. Rose
Hall, Mrs. R. J.   4/7/1893   Idana heart failure   Chas. Rose
Emalie, George 39y 17d 6/1/1893 ENG   consumption    
Hafer, Sebastian 64y8m10d 6/10/1893 GER Blaine Twp. hemorrhage of lungs; cancer of limb C.C. cem.;6/12  
Tombley, Mrs.   June 1893   Clay Co. old age   E. Kreeck
Fraser, Emma 7 days 6/4/1893   Washington Co. spasms   E. Kreeck
Sauvain (Sauvine?), Evaline N. 33 6/27/1893 CAN Mulberry Twp. consumption   E. Kreeck
Rivard, Samuel 43y5m27d 6/8/1893 US Clay Center catarrh of stomach   Hoover
Wilkerson, Edward 12 days 6/12/1893   Clay Center unknown   Hoover
Swett, Carl 1y6m14d 4/1/1893   Broughton bronchitis Idana; 4/2  
Myers, Charles 76y1m9d 6/19/1893   Clay Center heart failure   Hoover
Smith, ---- 6 years 6/19/1893   Garfield Twp. drowned   Hoover
Bell, Clara May 1 year 6/22/1893   Clay Center Twp. heart failure   Hoover
Remington, Betsey S. 81 6/25/1893 US Blaine Twp. pneumonia   Hoover
Enck, child of R.   7/21/1893   Goshen Twp. stillborn   O. A. Smith
Brown, Ira 2 days 7/7/1893   south of Clifton     G. P. Baker
Ristine, Nancy J. 61y4m14d IRE Broughton cancer of the breast      
Cunningham, Lillie Annie 29y4m9d 6/22/1893 PA Clay Co. disease of the spine N. Exeter; 6/25 Chas. Rose
Blass, Hiram H. 78 7/22/1893 US Clay Center consumption   Chas. Rose
Maggs, Samuel 76y3m27d 7/27/1893 ENG Clay Center gen. debility   Hoover
Farrell, Myrtle (d/o J.E.)   7/2/1893   Clay Center stillborn   Hoover
Thompson, Mary 3 years 7/1/1893   Morganville heart failure; nephritis   Hoover
Roberts, Mary 73y 8m 8/5/1893   Green cholera morbus   O. A. Smith
Sterling, James A. Jr. 9 8/2/1893   Clay Center accidental gunshot wound to abdomen   Hoover
Blue, infant of C. N. 10 days 8/4/1893   Bloom Twp. unknown   Hoover
Mitchell, Carry M. 3 months 8/7/1893   Bloom Twp. unknown   Hoover
Cowing, Euna 10 months 8/10/1893   Clay Center erysepelas   Hoover
Dixon, William 69y3m21d 8/10/1893   Clay Center stomach and bowel trouble   Hoover
Lakin, Daisy 7 months 8/28/1893   Morganville inflammation of the bowels   Hoover
Marcant, M. 87 8/1/1893   Clay Co. old age   E. Kreeck
Asplen, William 23 years 8/11/1893   Clay Co. drowning   E. Kreeck
Hawkins, Joy 2 years 8/16/1893   Clay Co. summer complaint   E. Kreeck
Devins, A. C. 75y 3m 8/24/1893   Clay Center malarial dysentery   Chas. Rose
Houser, Mrs. Emma 26 years 8/15/1893   Goshen Twp. heart disease   Chas. Rose
Ford, Annie B. 20 years 8/13/1893   Clay Center typhoid malarial fever   Chas. Rose
Bodine, Florence 8 months 8/13/1893   Morganville cholera infantum   Chas. Rose
Southwick, Nellie E. 29y 6m 8/12/1893   Clay Center childbirth; peritonitis   Chas. Rose
Matson, Brita 84y 7m 8/11/1893   Garfield Twp. old age   Chas. Rose
Derr, Howard 2 years 8/4/1893   Chapman Twp.     Chas. Rose
Montell (Moutell?), Mike 68 7/27/1893   Clay Center liver disease   Chas. Rose
Schroeder, N. or V. 63 7/23/1893   Clay Center asthma   Chas. Rose
Williams, Elizabeth 61 7/6/1893   Clay Center chronic rheumatism; meningitis   Chas. Rose
Dugan, Eddie 9 8/9/1893 US Green organic heart disease   O. A. Smith
Gerriets (Garrett?), Albert 7 month 9/3/1893   Mulberry Twp. entero-colitis; hydrocephaloid Campbell Cem., Mulberry Twp.; 9/5 E. Kreeck
Kelly, Thomas 62 years 9/1/1893 IRE Bloom Twp. typho-malarial fever Lincoln Cem., 9/3 Chas. Rose
Ealing, Martha 78 years 9/7/1893   Hayes Twp. unknown   Hoover
Johnson, Louis 18 years 9/10/1893 US Hayes Twp. peritonitis caused by kick in stomach by ----   Hoover
Nelson, Lily Ann 9 months 9/25/1893   Goshen Twp. teething; cholera infantum   Hoover
Evans, Ronald 7 months 8/6/1893   Green cholera infantum    
Chatmers, John 55 years 9/30/1893 Madison Twp., Riley Co. inflammation of bowels     Hoover
Halvorson, Karen 76y 11m 9/11/1893 NOR Mulberry Twp. pneumonia    
Carlson, Carl Rudolph 8m 23d 10/1/1893     teething    
Johnson, Emel 1y 8m 10/5/1893   Garfield Twp.     Hoover
Tolles, Mrs. Mary 47 years 10/10/1893   Sherman Twp. heart failure   Hoover
McDonald, infant of John   10/12/1893   Clay Center stillborn   Hoover
Jackson,Albert 6m 19d 10/16/1893   Garfield Twp. stomach trouble   Hoover
Burk, Mrs. Richard 53 years 10/17/1893   Leonardville, KS heart disease   Hoover
Weddgren, C. J. 52 years 10/18/1893   Garfield Twp. heart disease   Hoover
Johnson, Robert 8 years 10/21/1893   Clay Center typhoid malaria    
Loop, J. C. 60 years 10/22/1893   Clay Center complication of diseases   Hoover
Sturdevant, Opal 1y 6m 10/21/1893   Mulberry Twp. spasms   E. Kreeck
Powell, John Wesley 31y 6m 10/23/1893 US 6 m. from Clifton heart failure   E. Kreeck
Timmons, C. W. 8m 8d 10/1893 US Clay Center spasms   Chas. Rose
Starr, Mrs. E. 35 years 10/18/1893 US Idana organic heart disease   Chas. Rose
Lykins, E. 2 years 9/10/1893   Green cholera infantum   Chas. Rose
Kibby, G. F. 53 years     Clay Center neuralgia of heart   Chas. Rose
Scott, Mary C. 35 years 11/18/1893   Morganville rupture of bowel   Hoover
Fair, Amil 83y 8m 11/22/1893   Grant Twp. cancer   Hoover
Shivers, Richard H. 68 years 11/27/1893 IN Clay Center lagrippe C.C. cem., 11/28 Hoover
Sterling, Hannah 22 years 11/27/1893   Clay Center tubercular meningitis   Hoover
Olson, Victor 2 years 11/6/1893   near Green diphtheria   O. A. Smith
Olson, Margie E. 4 years 11/8/1893   near Green diphtheria   O. A. Smith
Randquist, Emanuel 1y 3m 11/14/1893   near Green diphtheria   O. A. Smith
Downs, Lafavor 13 years 11/4/1893   Gill Twp. putrid sore throat   Chas. Rose
Sieg, Mary 8 years 11/20/1893     quinsy   Chas. Rose
Remington, Laura 18 years 11/21/1893     malarial fever   Chas. Rose
Warren, Lewis J. 43 12/4/1893 US Clay Center nephritis; pneumonia    
Ransier, D. (male)   12/14/1893 US Clay Center lagrippe   Chas. Rose
Lind, Jonas   12/20/1893 SWE Morganville typhoid fever    
Danielson, male child 2 years 12/4/1893   Morganville diphtheria    
Riley, Ella 22 years 12/27/1893   Clay Center consumption   Hoover
Martin, Gertrude 17y 11m 12/21/1893   Clay Center malarial fever   Hoover
Mack, Fannie 71 years 12/16/1893   Clay Center lagrippe   Hoover
Brett, John 46 years 12/17/1893 ENG Clay Center pneumonia   Hoover
Cooper, Evaline 36 years 12/11/1893 ENG Clay Center childbirth   Hoover
Endres, Abram 84 years 12/8/1893   Fact old age   O. A. Smith
Ewaig, John 1y 3m 12/21/1893   Ottawa Co. spinal disease; lagrippe    
Steiner, Jacob   12/1/1893   Morganville surgical shock from hernia operation    

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