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Thomas Clark (1774-1846)

Westchester, Saratoga, Cayuga, Livingston and Allegany Counties, New York.

Fourth son of John Clark (1740-1818)

Generation Two

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Chuck Rodekohr,
descendant of Thomas Clark.

Thomas CLARK (1774-1846)
Prepared by E.C. (Chuck) Rodekohr,
Revised 06 June 2004

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6. Thomas2 CLARK (John1) was born 08 December 1774 in Westchester County, New York, probably at Bedford, as it is documented that siblings born before and after him were born in Bedford. In 1790 when Thomas was 17 years of age, he was probably living with his parents in Pound Ridge, Westchester County, New York. Before 1792, Thomas’ half brother, Ichabod CLARK (b. 1766) had removed to Ballstown , Saratoga County, New York. An Abijah CLARK, probably another half-brother, is listed in the 1790 census for “Saraghtoga” Township, Albany County, (Saratoga County by 1791), and may have preceded Ichabod and John to that place. By 1800, when Thomas was 26, his father John (b. 1740), half-brothers Abijah (b.1765) and Ichabod (b. 1766), were living in Milton, Saratoga County, New York. It is assumed that Thomas made this move with his father and brothers although there are no clear matches with any Thomas CLARK listed in the 1800 Federal Census in the State of New York.

Before 1806, at the age of about 33, he married Samantha FOWLER, when their first son was born, probably in Saratoga County New York. By 1810, the Thomas CLARK family had removed to Aurelius, Cayuga County, New York, along with his father, John (b. 1740), half-brother Ichabod (b. 1766) and Ichabod’s son Abijah.

In 1813, Thomas was dismissed from the 1st Baptist Church of Aurelius. It is not clear if this was to join the Second Baptist Church of Aurelius (later Springport) as did his father John and half-brother Ichabod, or if he removed to Freeport (Conesus by 1830), Ontario County (Livingston County by 1821) at that time.

History tells of Thomas and nephew Jotham CLARK (b. 1794) walking across Conesus Lake which had frozen over, on 19 April, 1820. Thomas, brother, Amos (b. 1768) and nephew Jotham appear in the 1820 Freeport, Ontario County Census. Thomas’ granddaughter, Emily Jane (CLARK) SQUIRES (b. 1818), wrote

“I know they first lived in Conesus . . . Thomas and Samantha moved from Otsego to Conesus . . .”
There is no evidence that Thomas lived in Otsego County prior to coming to Livingston County.

Lot Number 128, consisting of 95.99 acres in Conesus, was originally settled by Thomas CLARK but the year that he built the first log house is undetermined. Thomas and family were still living in Conesus, Livingston County in 1830.

The Cashman Jones Homestead Cabin, built circa 1815.
Original site: Rt. 256 at Jones Hill Road, Conesus.
Restored and relocated to Ricky Green Park, Conesus, Livingston County, in 1977.
This is representative of the cabin built by Thomas Clark in the 1820’s in Conesus.
Photo by Liz Cornish 09 July 2004.

Home where the Thomas Clark family lived, circa 1830-1839
and later Ezra then Jotham Clark, Jr.
Turkey Hill and Rowland Roads, Conesus, Livingston County, New York.
Photo circa 1900, provided by and in possession of Ted Jackson

Modern view of Thomas Clark house.
Turkey Hill and Rowland Roads, Conesus, Livingston County, New York.
Photo by Liz Cornish, 25 Aug 2003.
Information confirmed by Ted Jackson, 2004.

By 09 May 1839, Thomas is a resident of Town of Dansville, Steuben County, New York, as listed in a conveyance of

“ . . . a Tavern land . . . in Dansville at Arkport and Burns Roads . . . from Thomas Clark and his wife Samantha . . .”
Thomas and Samantha are living in Dansville in 1840. In April 1842, Warner LAKE purchased 40 acres of land from Thomas and Samantha CLARK, and 50 acres from Henry and Mary CLARK, in Cayuga County.

Thomas died on 23 September 1846 at age 71, and is buried at Doty’s Corners Cemetery, Town of Dansville, Steuben County, New York, next to Samantha, his wife of about 40 years.

Doty’s Corners Cemetery.
Town of Dansville, Steuben County, New York.
Photo by Liz Cornish, 03 Aug 2003.

APRIL, 20, 1845,
Sept. 23. 1846
AE. 71 Y'RS. 9
MO. 15 D's.

Thomas and Samantha (FOWLER) CLARK gravestones
Doty’s Corners Cemetery, Town of Dansville, Steuben County, New York.
Photo by Liz Cornish, 03 Aug 2003.

Jotham CLARK (b. 1794) described his Uncle Thomas as
" . . . a farmer with industrious habits and peace-making qualities. Few men lived with greater respect or died more regretted".
Samantha was born on 19 January 1788 and, at age 57, died on 20 April 1845 in Town of Dansville, Steuben County, New York. She is buried at Doty’s Corners Cemetery.

Samantha FOWLER’s parents and siblings are unknown. Reference is made to the possible origin of Samantha, to give future genealogists the benefit of research already made, in the hope that additional facts may be found.

There are only two FOWLERs listed in the 1790 census for Albany County (Saratoga County by 1791), both in Half Moon Township, that had more than one female listed, a Joseph and a William. They are again listed in the 1800 Half Moon census.

Buried in the same cemetery as Thomas and Samantha are Philander FOWLER, born 13 July 1798, died at age 84 on 2 April 1883, and his wife Sarah. It is believed that Philander and Samantha are siblings.

September 23, 1860
Apr 2 1883
Aged 84 Yrs. 8 Mo. 20 D.

Philander and Sarah Fowler gravestones.
Doty’s Corners Cemetery, Town of Dansville, Steuben County, New York.
Photo by Liz Cornish, winter 2003/04.

The earliest documentation that has been found, on whom is thought to be our Philander, is the 1830 census of Onondaga Township, Onondaga County, New York, where a Philander Fowler is listed as an adult male, 20-29; with an adult female, 15-19; and a boy and girl, both under 5. Although Philander would have been 31/32 and Sarah 20/21, the age of his daughter, Charlotte, matches. There is a boy, George FOWLER, who died 30 July 1835 at 7 years of age (birth year calculated as 1828), “Son of Philander and Sarah FOWLER” buried in the South Onondaga Cemetery, which matches the age of the other child in the 1830 census, and certainly lends credence that this is our Philander and Sarah. Their son, GeorgeMortimer was born, calculated, in 1836[], so it is quite possible that Sarah could have been pregnant with George Mortimer when the first George died in 1835, and could have been named the second in memory of the first. Also listed in the 1830 Onondaga census is an Abel FOWLER, age 40-49, and, on the same census page and one line removed from Philander, a Moses FOWLER, age 30-39.

The census profile of Moses, matches the Moses FOWLER family buried at South Onondaga Cemetery. Moses FOWLER, died 10 January 1868, 74y, 5m, 11d., born, calculated, 30 July 1793, “Husband of Elizabeth FOWLERElizabeth (PIERCE) FOWLER, died 03 March 1801, 71y, 9m, 4d, born, calculated in 1801; and children Maxwell T , Samantha, Gideon D, and Moses, Jr.. Moses, was one line removed from Philander in the census, and five years difference in age, with a daughter named Samantha, could certainly be a brother of Philander and Samantha. Historians record, for Moses FOWLER Jr.:

“. . .son of Moses and Elizabeth Fowler, was born in the town of Onondaga, Feb. 9, 1830. He was the youngest of four children, namely: Maxwell T., Samantha C., and Gideon D.”
We read of Maxwell T. FOWLER:
“He is a son of Moses Fowler, a soldier in the war of 1812, who was at Sackett's Harbor. He received a grant of 160 acres of land for his services. His father was Thomas Fowler, one of three brothers who came from Scotland and settled in Dutchess Co. Thomas settled in this town when it was all wilderness, and built a log house, where he resided until his death at the age of 40. Moses Fowler was four years of age [1797] when he came to this town with his parents. He married Elizabeth Pierce, and they had four children, Maxwell T., Samantha C., Gideon D. . . . Moses Fowler, father of our subject, was born in 1793, and settled in this town in 1797, dying Jan. 10, 1868. His wife, Elizabeth, was born March 3, 1801, in Brattleboro, Vt., and died Dec. 7, 1872."
However, they also record:
“In various parts of the town [Onondaga] the following may be mentioned as noteworthy settlers: In 1797, Moses Fowler from Connecticut, who died in 1868 . . ..”
Searching for Thomas FOWLER and his three brothers we go the 1790 Dutchess County, New York census for Fredericksontown, and we find the following FOWLERs; Caleb, Junior and Senior, William, Stephen, Moses, Moses Junior, and Thomas. Thomas is no longer found in Dutchess County in 1800, and is not yet in Onondaga County. There is, however, a Thomas FOWLER four lines removed from a Thomas CLARK in Charlton Township, Saratoga County. As stated, Thomas CLARK, his father and brothers had removed to Saratoga County my 1800. According to the census indexes, there is also an Amos, Caleb, Jeremiah, Joseph and William FOWLER in Saratoga County at that time. The census profiles of both Thomas FOWLER and ThomasCLARK of Saratoga County do not match the profiles of the Thomas’ in question. There is another Thomas FOWLER that appears in the 1800 Oneida County, New York census, in Paris Township, that may fit the profile of Thomas.

In 1800, Onondaga County, there is a Wm FOWLER of Marcellus Township; and Eliphalet, John, Justus and Levi FOWLER of Pompey Township.

According to the census index, in 1810, Thomas FOWLER is no longer in Oneida County. A Thomas FOWLER that matches our profile is now found in Onondaga County, possibly in Pompey Township, as is Justus and Luther FOWLER in Fabius Township, Wm FOWLER in Marcellus Township and Oliver FOWLER in Tully Township.

By 1820, Thomas is not in Onondaga County, but FOWLERs that appear in Onondaga Township are Benjamin, over 45; Shubel, age 16 to 25; and Abel, over 45. A Moses FOWLER is taxed $84 for 48 acres of real Estate valued at $240 in Freeport Ontario County (later Conesus, Livingston County).

As stated, in 1830, Philander, Abel and Moses FOWLER are in Onondaga County, but Shubel and Benjamin FOWLER have removed to Conesus, Livingston County, New York. In that census, Benjamin is listed on the same page and 12 lines from Thomas and Samantha (FOWLER) CLARK. Shubel isn’t listed again until the 1870 census of Amity, Allegany County, at age 77, living with his wife, Sarah, age 70. Also a resident of Amity at this time is the widow Charlotte (FOWLER) CARPENTER, daughter of Philander. Buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, Amity, Allegany County, is Charles M. CARPENTER, son of Charlotte (FOWLER) CARPENTER, Shubel and Sarah FOWLER.

By 1840, Philander was living in Town of Dansville, Steuben County as are the Thomas CLARKs. In 1850, Philander, his wife, Sarah, age 41, born, calculated, in 1809; son, (George) Mortimer, 14, born, calculated, in 1836; and daughter Adalaide, age 12, born, calculated, in 1838, was living two dwellings removed from the unmarried children of Thomas and Samantha in Dansville, their parents both deceased. Two dwellings removed on the other side was George FRITZ, father-in-law of (Elizabeth) Jane CLARK daughter of Thomas and Samantha. Philander and his family moved to Andover, Alfred Township, Allegany County, New York by 18 July 1860.

In September 1860, there was a buggy accident where a Mrs. FOWLER, was killed.


We learn that a fatal accident occurred about five miles from Canaseraga last week by which one was killed and another very badly injured. Mrs. Fritz, from Doty's Corners, and Mrs. Fowler, from Alfred, were going from Doty's Corners to Alfred Centre, and when about five miles from Canaseraga they came to a narrow bridge thirty feet long and eighteen feet above the bed of the creek. The bridge was very narrow and without any railing.-When about two thirds across the bridge, the ladies discovered some loose planks and the horse noticed them and stopped. Mrs. F. urged him with the whip, when he immediately commenced backing, and before either of the ladies could save themselves, the whole establishment including the horse, was precipitated from the bridge near the centre falling a distance of eighteen feet upon the rocks and timber below. Mrs. Fowler, who is a very heavy woman, weighing 240 lbs., was so badly injured internally that she died Sunday morning after intense suffering. She retained her senses to the last and appeared perfectly resigned to her fate. Mrs. Fritz sustained severe injuries about the thighs and shoulder, and also internally, but is now doing well and probably will recover. It was first thought that her thigh and shoulder blade were broken, but a close examination proved that such was not the case.-The horse was almost immediately killed, and the buggy rendered a perfect wreck. The bridge is in the town of Birdsall, and they should be made to pay a heavy tax for allowing so unsafe a bridge to remain in the town, and thus endangering the lives of human beings.
This is probably Sara FOWLER, wife of Philander, who died Sunday, 23 September 1860, eleven days preceding the news article. Her passenger, Mrs. FRITZ, was probably (Elizabeth) Jane (CLARK) FRITZ, daughter of Thomas and Samantha. They were traveling from Doty’s Corners, where Jane lived, to Alfred Center, where Sarah lived.

In 1870, Philander is living with his second wife, Jane, and his grandson, Charles CARPENTER, age 13, in Alfred. In 1880, Philander and Mary J (Jane) are living in the Village of Cummingsville, North Dansville, Livingston County, New York. This census shows that Philander and both his parents were born in New York.

Philander died at age 84 on 02 April 1883 and is buried at Doty’s Corners Cemetery with his first wife Sarah. His will lists his second wife, Mary Jane, his son, George Mortimer, and his daughter Charlotte CARPENTER, widow of William CARPENTER. His daughter Adelaide is not mentioned. His Executor is Wesley FRITZ “friend and relative”, husband of (Elizabeth) Jane CLARK.

As stated, George FOWLER, the first child of record for Philander and Sarah was born, calculated, 1828, died 30 July 1835 and is buried at South Onondaga Cemetery, Onondaga County, “s/o Philander and Sarah Fowler, 7 y.”

Charlotte FOWLER, born, circa 1829, married William CARPENTER, born, calculated, in 1828, in New York. In 1850, they are living in Alfred Township, Allegany County, with their daughter, Sarah, born, calculated, December 1849. Also living is Alfred at that time was Henry Mortimer CLARK (b. 1810), son of Thomas and Samantha (FOWLER) CLARK. In 1860, Charlotte and William are living at Andover Post Office, Alfred Township, Allegany County, with daughters Sarah, age 10; Olive A., age 8, born, calculated, in 1852; son, Charles, age 3, born, calculated, in 1857; daughter, Allis, age 5/12, born, calculated, May 1860; and a Michael MEAN, age 17, born in Ireland. William died on 10 November 1863, at age 36. He is buried at Rogers Cemetery, Amity, Allegany County.

George Mortimer FOWLER was born circa 1836. A Mortimer FOWLER enlisted in the 5th New York Heavy Artillery, Union Army, on 04 January, 1864, who died in Cuba (Allegany County). This may the same person as Private George M. FOWLER, Company A, 5th New York Artillery. In 1870 (George) Mortimer, a farmer, his wife, Clarisa, age 26, born, calculated, in 1844; Florence, age 8, born, calculated, in 1862; William, age 4, born, calculated, in 1866; and Jane Wilcox, a domestic, age 16, were living in Alfred, Allegany County, next to his father Philander. In 1880, Alfred Township, George (Mortimer) and wife, Clara A. are living with sons James, age 9, born, calculated, in 1871; and Daniel G., age 3, born, calculated, in 1877. A Seth Bube, age 74, is boarding with them. George (Mortimer) is not employed due to spinal disease. George Mortimer died between 06 January 1882, when he was listed in his father Philander’s will and 07 May 1883, when his widow, Clarisa, was served citation during the probate of Philander’s will.

Adelaide FOWLER was born, calculated, in 1838. In 1860, at age 21, she is living with her father and step-mother at Andover Post Office, Alfred Township, Allegany County. She is not found after this, nor is she listed in her father’s will of 06 Jan 1882.

There was a Joseph and Sarah FOWLER, of Jaytown, Essex County, New York who had nine children, all born in Jaytown. Two of their children were named Philander, born 3 July 1799, and Samantha, born 8 May 1810. Philander also named a daughter Charlotte, born in 1840 in Indiana. According to another son’s census information, Joseph was born in Rhode Island. While no family connection has, as yet, been made, the names and dates strongly suggest a relation.

Children of Thomas2 CLARK and Samantha FOWLER which were listed by name and birthdates in Thomas’ Bible Family Record, were as follows:

Copy of Family Record page from Thomas CLARK Bible.
Original owned by the Butler family, grandchildren of Lewis CLARK

They were as follows:

33 i. Thomas Fowler2 CLARK was born on 1 Jun 1806 probably at Milton, Saratoga County, New York.

His family removed to Aurelius, Cayuga County, New York by 1810 when Thomas F. was four. In 1820, at the age of 14, his parents lived in what would become Conesus, Livingston County, New York.

In 1839, Thomas F. CLARK, of Burns, Allegany County, New York, purchased 64 acres of land in Burns from Masterson URE for $192. He married Percy P. --?-- before 1840. In 1840, Thomas F. is living in Dansville, Steuben County, New York, with one male age 10 to 14, and one female, 20 to 29. The male age 10 to 14, according to his will, is his Cousin, William CLARK, who is probably the son (born 1828) of his uncle, Joel W. CLARK (b.1788), who lived in Dansville at that time. The female is Percy P., Thomas F.’s wife.

On 07 March 1841, Thomas F. CLARK and Percy P. his wife, sold 49 ½ acres of land in Dansville to Israel McCallum.

On 21 April 1841 Thomas F. CLARK bought one half acre of land,

“ . . . beginning in the centre of the highway (at what is called Doty’s corners) leading from Dansville village to Arkport . . . “
from Thomas and Samantha CLARK, of Dansville, Steuben County.

On April 23, 1841, Thomas Fowler CLARK wrote his will, leaving his

“ ... well beloved wife Percy P. during her life time ...“ his farm of 64 acres in Burns, Allegany County, New York, the furniture and livestock; and, as long as Percy remained his widow, the half acre lot and buildings on which they resided. He bequeathed “... to my cousin William CLARK who has remained with me several years...”
$160, when he turns 21. The remainder of his personal property he bequeaths to his father, Thomas CLARK or his heirs.

His will was admitted to probate 24 May 1841, upon testimony from Joel W. CLARK that Thomas F. died on 25 April 1841 in Dansville, Steuben County.

Thomas F. is buried at Doty’s Corners Cemetery, Dansville. His gravestone, incorrectly listing his date of death, as April 25. 1839:

Thomas F.
Son of
Thomas and Samantha
April 25. 1839.
Aged 35yrs.

Thomas F. Clark
Doty’s Corners Cemetery, Town of Dansville, Steuben County, New York.
Photo by Liz Cornish, 03 Aug 2003.

As no children were listed in the 1840 census or in his will, it is assumed that he left no children.

It appears that Thomas F. was suffering from a terminal illness. A rapid succession of events leads to this assumption, starting 07 March 1841 when Thomas F. sold 49 ½ acres of land to Israel McCallum; on 21 April 1841 with the purchase of one half acre of land in Dansville that Thomas F. and Percy were living on; his will dated 23 April 1941; and then his death on 25 April 1841. His cousin, William Clark (b. 1828, son of Joel W. CLARK, b. 1788), had remained with him several years, perhaps to help care for him.

Of interest is a bill submitted to the estate of Thomas F. for payment, dated 02 March 1841, “Rcd. of D. Swarthout thirty gallons of whisky at 2/p gallon when sold . . .”. In the inventory of Thomas F.’s property after his death is 22 Gallons Whisky. One can wonder if Thomas F. was engaged in the Tavern business, or did the missing 8 gallons of whisky in two months contribute to his death?

There is no trace of Percy P. CLARK after Thomas F.’s death.

34 ii. Polly Ann CLARK was born on 7 Mar 1808 probably at Milton, Saratoga County, New York. By 1810, when Polly Ann was 2, her family removed to Aurelius, Cayuga County, New York. In 1820, at the age of 12, her parents lived in what would become Conesus, Livingston County, New York.

Before 1830, she married Horatio Nelson PARKS who was born 29 June 1808 in Livonia, Livingston County, New York, the first of twelve children born to William and Fannie (HYDE) PARKS, originally of Bethlehem, Litchfield County, Connecticut. In 1830, they are living in Livonia Township, Livingston County, New York. Historical records show that she died on 9 May 1831 at age 23 and was buried at Alger Cemetery, Conesus, Livingston Co., New York. Inscribed on Polly Ann’s gravestone, as historically recorded, is:

Wife of Horatio Nelson Parks
  Dau of Thomas and Samantha Clark

"My flesh shall slumber in the ground 'til the last trumpet's joyful sound then burst the chain with sweet surprise and in my Savior’s image rise".

Polly Ann’s gravestone has not been located after several thorough searches. On 21 June 2004, Ted JACKSON visited Alger Cemetery to make another search. He e-mails:
“Today, I visited the Alger Cemetery in Conesus, NY accompanied by Shirley Mulvaney who is on the Cemetery Committee and who had a map of the cemetery. The map is in terms of family plots, not individual graves. There is no grave registration for the Alger Cemetery.

If you go east from the west fence about seven rows, a little ways in from the south, there will be a stone for Rebecca Bearss. A few feet to the north will be a stone for Patty, wife of Moses Jewet(?). In between is an empty spot. (East of it is a stone for Alexander and Sarah Clark (I don't think this is one of ours, is it?) Anyhow, this empty space is labeled "Parks" on the map. Most of the stones in that area are from the time period in which we are interested - the 1830's. On the border of the Parks plot and the Bearss plot is the foundations for a stone. No indication as to what it might have been or which plot it is in. (I doubt that this is a surveyed map.) Since the DAR records say Polly was buried in the Alger Cemetery, I think that is about the best we can do. This cemetery was established in 1810 according to the History of Conesus.”

On 08 July 2004, Liz CORNISH and Ted JACKSON returned to Alger Cemetery; Liz took the following photograph of the PARK Family plot.

Parks Family Plot
Alger Cemetery, Town of Conesus, Livingston County, New York
The vacant space in the foreground, between the standing stone
on the left and the flat stone on the right, is the Parks plot.
Photo taken 08 July 2004 by Liz Cornish.

Nelson remarried in August, 1832 to Naomi DENSMORE, born 18 July 1807 in New Baltimore, Green County, New York, to David and Nancy (BURNS) DENSMORE of Livonia.

+ 35 iii. Henry Mortimer CLARK, born 24 Feb 1810 at Aurelius, Cayuga County, New York; married Susan A. WILCOX.

+ 36 iv. Nancy Maria CLARK, born 7 Apr 1812 probably at Aurelius, Cayuga County, New York; married Amos PERRIN.

+ 37 v. Thankful CLARK, born 12 Feb 1814 probably at Aurelius, Cayuga Co., New York; married John WHITE.

+ 38 vi. Moses Fowler CLARK, born 20 Jan 1816 at Aurelius, Cayuga County or Freeport (Conesus in 1825), Ontario (Livingston in 1821) County, New York; married Jerusha A. LEMMON.

+ 39 vii. Emily CLARK, born 7 Feb 1818 at Aurelius, Cayuga County or Freeport (Conesus in 1825), Ontario (Livingston in1821) County, New York; married Simon GRISWOLD.

+ 40 viii. Joel W. CLARK, born 27 Feb 1819 at Aurelius, Cayuga County or Freeport (Conesus in 1825), Ontario (Livingston in 1821) County, New York; married Maria L. SMITH.

41 ix. William S. CLARK was born on 4 Dec 1822, after his parents removed to Conesus, Livingston County, New York by 1820. He died, aged 34 years, 3 months, 8 days, on 12 March, 1857, and is buried at Doty’s Corners Cemetery, Dansville, Steuben County, New York.

In 1830 at the age of 8, he was living with his parents in Conesus. By 1840, his parents had removed to Dansville, Steuben County, New York. His parents had both died by 1846, and n 1850, all of the unmarried siblings; Joel W., William, Lewis, John, Jane and a Mary HENRY age 18 years, are living together. He died, aged 34 years, 3 months, 8 days, on 12 March, 1857, and is buried at Doty’s Corners Cemetery, Dansville, Steuben County, New York. Nothing else is found on William S.

William S. CLARK gravestone.
Doty’s Corners Cemetery, Town of Dansville, Steuben County, New York.
Photo by Liz Cornish, 03 Aug 2003.

+ 42 x. Lewis CLARK, born 5 Feb 1824 probably at Freeport (Conesus in 1825), Livingston County, New York; married Sarah STEVENS.

+ 43 xi. John CLARK, born 28 Sep 1825 probably at Conesus, Livingston County, New York; married Mary HEALY.

+ 44 xii. Elizabeth Jane CLARK, born 6 Mar 1828 probably at Conesus, Livingston County, New York; married Wesley FRITZ.

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